Sunday, November 06, 2005

Cats, handbags, jewellery, calligraphy & other essential things

I’ve been neglecting my blog these past few weeks I think. It’s been quite busy time for me, a lot of things have happened, both good and bad. But first of all, Prunella and Qlara seem to be adapting very well to their new home. Prunella more so, being of strong personality and inventive nature, and Qlara being a little more on the shy side of things. But adoring her bigger cousin and slowly following her around the house. So I hope there’ll be more improvement in that area soon to come.

Also Qlara’s sibling (litter-sister) Qrimhild has moved to a new home to test things out there. She moved to a family who bought a cat from me seven years ago. Unfortunately they had to put their other cat to sleep quite recently and now their seven year old, HUGE, brit boy lacks furry company. I thought they should try a while with little Qrimhild. Even if I believe it to be a good thing for her (and us) to move to a new home, I’m not sure how well she’ll adjust “on her own” in that environment. Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

It’s amazing how sort of quiet things have become with these three girls moving out! I still have my fair share of cats in the household, but still things have sort of calmed down lately. Perhaps due to the fact that Q’s mum was a bit tired of her daughters never leaving home…

Although I have done my best to fill the void, my darling Greta did get two kittens a couple of weeks ago (on my birthday! Happy birthday to me!!). The birth unfortunately didn’t go well all the way, but I’m happy to say that mum and her two blue-white bicolour boys are doing just fine now. Rupert and Rutger are theirs names and they’ve just opened up their baby blues and are simply adorable little balls of fur. In the picture they're one week old.

I’ve also had a jewellery-showing, which did go quite well. In fact so well that I’m finally able to actually buy that crazy-expensive handbag I’ve had my eyes on for such a long time… Yesterday I thought it was time to make the investment - guess what, the handbag in “my” colour had just been sold before I got to the boutique *eech*! Now the boutique will call me when the next shipment comes in… But will I be able to wait….

I’ve also been to an intensive course in the noble, and sadly neglected, art of calligraphy. Something I’ve been meaning to do for ages but never really gotten down to. But now I did and it was just such great fun, really relaxing and a way to concentrate on the “now”. Meditative really and inspiring. I do think this year’s Christmas cards will look extra good.

I’ve also been quite involved in setting up a brand new website for cats!! Well setting up is perhaps to say a bit too much, but writing articles, doing a bit of layout and most of all being the host of this new and, might I had, friendly, great part of a larger Internet community.

Everything is now ready and going up, now we’ll just have to work out a strategy to find as many new and interested new members as is possible. That’ll be a bit of work I suspect… Please have a look at and you're very welcome to join us! Though the website is in Swedish only....
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