Wednesday, June 30, 2010

a brighter tweet


For this very last post of June I will share something that made me really happy on Twitter the other day. There was such a sweet mention from a blog reader ~

" @piaktw's blog posts are a great way to start the day. Fun projects, gorgeous photos, and a find-joy-in-the-small-things outlook on life! "

~ if that isn't a 140 characters tweet that can light up any day, then I don't know what will. So thank you kindly for it and all floppy ears, happy paws up, @EricaSuzanne!


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

the beekeeper locket


I know, not like me these days alas writing blog posts in a consecutive manner. But no reluctant but necessary rule without exceptions, so lo and behold a post today it will be.

As much as I love create and make jewellery including necklaces, for others and self, I end up not wearing necklaces a lot myself. Because A) 95% of the time all the year round I wear scarves and B) I prefer earrings before necklaces and wearing both at the same time tend to usually be a bit... too much of a good thing.

But sometimes I spot a necklace that talks to me (hey I want to come a live with you) and is too sweet to pass. Such as this wearable art brass locket (fully functional) with a tiny, dreamy beekeeper print. I'm not a honey-eater (my mother is addicted to the stuff instead) but that doesn't stop me from appreciating honey-like art involving bees. The finish of locket is delightful and the glass-like resin coating makes it kind of glowing and magic.

This limited edition (yes I'm so pleased I managed to snatch one!) locket necklace I got from the multi-talented Emily in her The Black Apple shop on Etsy. And I do believe it has brought me some luck when worn. On those 5% scarf-less days.


Monday, June 28, 2010

summer monday musings

I was looking through my blog drafts, then the photos on Flickr and realized there's a whole lot of planned issues that never will be put in blog because they are old news (as in no news?) and many of them have (sadly) with age seized to be of a must-write status.

It's probably about time that I come to terms with the fact that if I do not write something within a month or so after it happened or the thought fluttered around in my head I will most probably not write about it at all. Procrastination in all its understated glory, some things need to have a reasonable write-by-date.

I used to be so much better at almost instant blog writing, then life started to get in the way of blogging. And the planned posts piled up (much like the heap of books just not taking up so much actually space in actual room) threatening to bury me under their should-could-haveish existence.

So with not so little regret I do not think there will be any posts about ;

  • the once promised Cape Town delights (so 2007)
  • a certain feline museum in Amsterdam (also so 2007)
  • some cafés and restaurants (the shame)
  • some castles (more shame)
  • some food (fine, add more shame)
  • some perfect outings in and around Stockholm (yeah, me knows, s.h.a.m.e)
  • a certain Swedish zoo visit (very 2008 news, but the not writing thing isn't too bad because the visit itself actually mostly filled me with shame of being human)
  • more bits from our (as always) fabtastic holiday in England and Scotland 2008 (Scotty, please beam me up because I do long to be there again asap)
  • some skin care products worthy of their own posts - I will however soon make a proper nerdy essential post on beauty-products used and in use since last
  • some encounters with cows, sheep, cats, dogs, ducks and other birds, horses, goats, crazy and blissfully sane people
  • the return of the fox rescue squad and the teddy bear sanctuary (not the 2009 rescues anyway)
  • more bits on Athens, including the most fascinating cemetery (so 2009) as well as
  • the appalling situation for cats and dogs in Athens (which I ought to say a few words, but I somehow can't get to it. And even if I try to, and mostly succeed in, look at all the good and lovely things around us I am of a worrying and brooding kind. And at this time in my life I need to keep the brooding for all things not-personal-here-and-now in a tight leash. For that I humbly apologize to all heartbreakingly unfortunate cats and dogs in Athens and elsewhere)
  • some churches, some architecture appealing and some not, some art
  • some more bits from our grand summer holiday in the southernmost part of Sweden last year (even though Scania I love it is very 2009) but a few must-write exceptions there will be
  • the loaf dog swimming lessons of June 2010 (and only because the photos turned out so crappeticrap)
  • some previously shown glimpses of knitting-crocheting in progress (just because the projects have for various reasons been put on hold indefinitely. Signed, the mighty procrastinator)
  • more bits of Gdansk (so autumn 2009), however decision might be revised since it was such a lovely place and trip
  • old photo exhibits (no matter how fine, not fresh in memory they are)

What I can promise to write about in a hopefully not too far future though are;

  • a few perfect summer outings in Sweden (some old, some new, some revisited)
  • the other two local waterholes in my lush and rural suburban hood
  • some seasonal Swedish chocolate
  • a café that stole my heart from the very moment I opened the door and stepped inside (Poland 2009)
  • even more magic socks (but not until autumn is upon us again)
  • the must-write exceptions from the not-write-about-last-year's-Scanian-holiday
  • a few vegetarian cookbooks
  • a whole lot of read books backlogged (because I'm OCD like that)
  • some fine bakeries in the Stockholm area
  • some cafés (of course, just as long as the experience isn't too old)
  • afternoon teas (but not until autumn)
  • some food (as long as the mouthfuls are more in the here and now)
  • more upcycling, repainting, re-dressing, sprucing of tired old furniture
  • shopping finds
  • Etsy must-haves (oh do I have some things I'm totally excited to share!)
  • some more recent met cows, cats, dogs, birds and possibly humans worthy of a musing or two

And needless to say of course;

  • some loaf dog (and yet another hedgehog has bitten the dust) including great walks near and far
  • some cats (because they are very much in the here and now always)
  • some bright moments
  • some shoes (probably)
  • some yarn, some crochet, some knit
  • some thoughts, some life, some photos



Thursday, June 24, 2010

the perky turquoise stool

Yes, this will mainly be a post about a once very worn but now very perky old stool, but in order to get there I'll start with something else;


With some old things there's just no options than with a sigh say goodbye, no coat of paint that will make them come back to life and put a smile on your face. Goodbye I finally and well overdue had to say to ol' computer, for a long time reasonably reliable (as reliable as a computer will ever be...) but no longer keeping up with the amount of photos, info or demands I have (which are by no means unreasonable but for oldies they apparently are).

A little netbook named Selma might be a blessing and useful on-the-go-and-travel, but for daily business (and the lack of a decent screen) it's just not very practical or ergonomic. The new one has a lot of nifty things up its imaginary sleeve (that one has to get used to), it gladly accepts a whole lot of more photos and says yes to demands. It's clean, smells nice and new, I hope it will keep out of trouble, be faithful and make the life of me much easier.

This is the first blog-post it writes. May it be a good one and may there be many more to come.

Now for the things that can come to new life with some upcycling, some stroke of paints, a bit of yarn, love and time. A stool that was, beneath the perky paint still is, an old, to say the least, shabby looking one full of drill holes (as my father used it as a work- and drill surface). But it was, still is, a sturdy and uncomplaining being. As well as of a good size and comfortable height. Beyond its rugged looks hid something worth saving and transforming. From then to now, here's the short story of the perky turquoise stool ~


Before makeover begun


After a few coats of paint (hue was tad lighter and brighter than planned, but its Caribbean bright and perky looks makes me all happy and smiley)


The transformation would not stop at a coat of paint, oh no. The happy vibey granny squares I made earlier (before I even planned the revamping the stool) would indeed make a perfect cover and the crocheted cherry on the turquoise sundae.


The stool got its cover, the granny squares their stool. And all is well in the world of paint, yarn and blessed snappy new computers.

~~ Oh, and a happy midsummer to you too! ~~


Monday, June 21, 2010

summer solstice


That old, worn but oh so true cliché 'time flies' is most certainly apt for describing today's Summer solstice. Because after a long, hard, grim and cold winter spring never had a chance to establish itself before summer took over. And hey presto, here's solstice and where did that time go?

Ah but this early summertime in Sweden is such a sheer, green, grassy and gorgeous time of the year, the nights are long and light (love it!) and the mornings rise early (in general not loving it since I'm a night owl that likes my morning sleep-ins when possible and then I like to be slept in the dark. Even if, granted, sheer summer mornings are quite irresistable before any summer heat strikes the chord for the day...), and oh the scent of wild flowers...


I hope you're having -
had - will have
a lovely Summer solstice
wherever you are ~

Thursday, June 17, 2010

twelve year old of the day


My special sweetie, cream of my heart, Eulalia has just turned 12. Happy birthday li'l darling and oh so many more to come ~

Care to read and see more photos about and of this special character dressed in soft cuddly cream fur, then check older posts here - here - here - here - here - here


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

bright yellow moments


Lots and lots of inspired thoughts, ideas, things and moments to share but not really the time nor inclination to sit down and write a long post of it. But all in all, things look bit brighter in general, it might be summer, it might be the way my days changed, the mood du jour, the comforting sound of snoring cats and little loaf, finished colourful projects, a dash of creative Etsy shopping, good people, lovely books, the sun and the rain, it might be everything and nothing. It just is.

So for now, three yellow moments that have made me feel happy as lately.

Above, not many drinks can compete with the flavour, look and blissfull feel of freshly squeezed, sweet orange juice.


the rapeseed fields on a sunny day
with bright blue skies and
toy car wind in my hair


inspector red cat
(every home should have one)
inspecting yellow food


the creamy banana quorn casserole with cashewnuts
is a realiable, flavourful, nourishing, favourite dish
that never disappoint the eater.
Such dishes please me,
such people I adore,
such days I love.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

the lavendar chairs


Time has come to reveal the two arm chairs in all their lavendar glory - the one formerly known as the moo chair has been glimpsed before. And the lavendar paint has found its way to covering some smaller projects here and there, such as the bookshelf and a couple of wee shelves.


Now, behold the moo chair a few months after repainting. Pleased with it in all its simplicity am I.


And here is moo chair's adirondack friend, thought it would be neat to paint it stripey. From bland in plain pine to lavendar - violet awesomeness, just seeing it in living room makes me happy.

Completing these two chair-projects I've found myself very much in painting mojo. Seeing old worn, torn, drab furniture turning into fab colourfulness makes me feeling very accomplished somehow. And it is relaxing. As well as addictive.

Am now working on a few stools and chairs - some of them will have the most gorgeous new covers too, which make me all giddy just thinking about - and have plans for old, dark bookshelves which I hope to turn into apple green loveliness during summer holidays.

I'm even seriously thinking about repainting the kitchen. Because I should be able to do that myself. Reasonably accomplished in painting as I am when I decide to put that colourful brush forward.

Monday, June 07, 2010

shaved with cake


The National Day was spent in a lovely lazy way which involved the summer shave of Little Loaf - which he wasn't particularly happy about but stoically endured - painting of chairs (more of which later), pottering in sunny, hot garden, writing, crocheting (oh so much more later) and baking cake. All those little details that together make for a pretty darn perfect day as far as I'm concerned.


As non-happy as Little Loaf was with the actual shaving, as super-pleased he was with post-shave treat - greenie bone. The only drawback being it was far too tiny a bone for all that unpleasant time of shaving. Strangely enough the bones are always too tiny. Why is that?


Smelled so good, chewed so well. And then it was gone, all gone.


Shavers promised I would feel less warm and bothered properly shaved for the season. Not sure about that. I would have thought there would be more treats and cuddles followed with such unpleasantness. One greenie only and some licking of plates. Life's terribly unfair for little loafs.

Interested in seeing previous seasonal poor-me-shavings have a look here -
autumn 2005 - spring 2007 - spring 2008 - spring 2009 - autumn 2009


The cake we enjoyed in the afternoon was first attempt on making a classic Swedish meringuey cream cake called "Budapestrulle" (Budapest roll). Traditionally filled with mandarines I went with raspberries instead. It was de-lovely and nutty. Quite the perfect round-off to a rather fine weekend ~


Sunday, June 06, 2010

national day sweden ~


June 6, Sweden's National Day -
have a lovely one celebrating the,
despite many things not so fine,
beauty around you in this
blue and yellow country
called ours ~


Saturday, June 05, 2010

world environment day


June 5, 2010, World Environment Day, with the theme 'Many Species. One Planet. One Future'. Have a frabjous day and do something special for the planet today ~

Thursday, June 03, 2010

moo cows galore


The Ascension weekend is traditionally the weekend Swedish farmers let their cows out on green pastures after many months of indoors life. The reason/s for that indoor life only during winters on days with good weather to me seem to be sadly more for the convenience of farmers than the welfare of cows.

The spring cow release (as in "kosläpp") has for some years now been a well-visited arrangement at the farms that open up for visitors on that day. Frisky, prancing cows running out into the green fields really is a sight for sore eyes and I've been meaning to attend such a release for years.

Even though I do find the double-standards of most people attending such arrangements quite appalling. On the one hand there's a lot of oohing and how-sweet-ahing, on the other hand they have no problems with the slaugthering of said cows and eating of meat. Thus attending such venues do fill me with very mixed emotions and the ever-present undercurrent of sadness. As cows must be one of the most used and abused species on this planet. Who give us so much from and of their lives.

That said I did attend my first cow release some weeks ago. And yes, it filled me with all those miscellaneous feelings, but the cows (about 60 of them) were of course just adorable, loveable and sweet. Here are some glimpses from that day (more photos as usual in Flickr-album set) ~

still waiting for the cows...
the first two happy gals
the latecomer
very obviously dairy cow
well hallo moo to you too
the need for a friendly butt
ain't you just the prettiest not so little thing...
... and you too
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