Monday, November 01, 2021

welcome november and world vegan month 2021

Happy World Vegan Day! And Vegan Month! 

And keep on keeping sentient beings off your plate, m’kay?!

Vegan food is delicious, healthy and sustainable - if done properly with decent ingredients of course. Preferably organic. But if I was forced to chose organic or vegan I’d chose vegan any day. 

Because violence breeds violence and as long as we (the majority of humanity) chose to continue use, abuse and treat other animals as commodities we will never restore this world and planet into what it can be, should be - a happy, healthy, equal, prosperous, shared place for us all. Period.

I have A LOT of new organic, vegan food inspiration posts to share, but for now here are a few, random home-cooked plantbased dishes I’ve enjoyed lately - 

Pasta with chickpea-rosemary sauce. 

Spicy bean-carrot bowl with guacamole, tomatoes, nachos or tortilla and coriander.

The pretty great vegan cream cake I made for but after my birthday. Cake from recipe in the fabulous Swedish bake book (wrote about that in a post a year ago) - which will be released in English in March 2022, under the name Vegan Baking Bible (same cover design all pink/red as the original Swedish one, google and you’ll find it. Highly recommend it!).

The simple filling/topping is with clementines and Oatly’s custard. Oatly whipped oat cream, raspberries and grated, vegan white chocolate (Swedish brand GreenStar, it’s the best ever!) and not parmesan.

Next time I’ll make more of an effort with the filling. This time I’m just happy I finally got a cream cake for my birthday again.

And then there’s hummus. There’s always room for hummus. I usually cook a lot of dried chickpeas and then I freeze them all and just have them easily available for anything chickpea. 

It’s difficult to grasp that we find ourselves in November already, October really went swoosh and it was sadly one of the worst I’ve experienced during this 1,5 pandemic year. Losing Zigne was really really rough. Even if the raw feeling of sorrow has subsided three weeks later, the thorn in my heart and the extra layer of pain will always be a part of me. As any loss of a deeply loved one is. Melancholy continue to be my constant companion.

Tonight I will change to the fresh Marimekko leopard bed sheets in memory of her. And I do hope and wish for a much better November. I desperately need it.

—- If you have the opportunity to watch ’After Life’ with and by Ricky Gervaise, on Netflix, I really recommend it. It’s lovely, life, death, grief, quily (understatement) characters, tears, laughter and hope. Very relatable. And the comfort of a four-legged companion. —-

Had a job interview today for a very interesting position. I think it went reasonably well, but I’m sure there are loads of good candidates and who knows what the company will prioritize on their wishlist in the end. I’m just pleased I got an interview, now it’s out of my hands what will happen next.

I also applied for another intriguing job. A very rare and well-fitting opportunity. But as usual, what I find to be a great match is far from always looked upon in the same delightful way from the opposite side. I can only hope. And at least I have nudged the great Universe into what I want (and need).

Welcome, November, only joy, laughter, energy and kindness, please.

Yours sincerely with gratitude and hope, Pia (a year older, a year wiser a year infinitely more tired alas)

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