Monday, February 28, 2011

the orange armchair


Just a little show and a little tell of the fantastic looking orange armchair I found at Refurn in December. Admittedly it immediately became the cats favourite hang and is usually covered in a slipcover (cats apparently have claws, even when trimmed, who knew...).


Yes it is leather, it has been well loved and obviously well cared for. I would never ever EVER buy leather furniture as new, -

I have been known to buy leather handbags, no more, and of course, shoes, I'm thinking it would be very very nice if the leather could be of the recycled kind on them too, not only soles... -

but I have bought a few leather armchairs over the years, from charity, thrift and antique shops. They have been loved and clawed to pieces.


I'm thinking that if a poor soul have been killed a long time ago, turned into leather pieces one should at least use and reuse those pieces as much as possible, showing respect to that long time killed soul. Thus they did not die in vain, in a way. Leather pieces are not wear and tear commodities, they should be well cared for and used for many many many years. (In ways that it may not be possible to do with fabrics furniture.)


The seat is attached to a wooden frame, it's of a snazzy 1970ies lounge style and oozes good wellmadeness. Brandless such, but quality just the same.


Yes, I think it's safe to say that we all really enjoy it, whether indoors or outdoors, sleeping or playing.


Sunday, February 27, 2011

sock monkey


Which isn't a sock monkey-sock monkey but a monkey (sadly not made by me, but by Noa Noa) hanging out with socks. The two very last (for self), I swear, magical socks knitted for this season. Next winter I promise to begin wearing them a l l too. I really do. Yup.







Sock monkey.
Simple as that. Quirky as that.
Colour purple and orange-pink-red.


Saturday, February 26, 2011

the transformer goggles

new glasses

Ever since the new glasses I was in desperate need of little over a year ago -

I have to say the experience of having once again glasses with correct lens strength was such a lovely rediscovery after having used mainly contact lenses for some years, that I've used glasses instead of contacts most days since. And with those neat Polaroid sunglasses slip-ons, contacts have become kind of superfluous in my life. The nerdy academic look is most always a good thing, me firmly thinks - I've been meaning to get me another two pairs (good price for one pair, irresistible price for two).

Because having a glasses wardrobe must be considered a good good thing, clearly one needs different glasses for different moods. To perk oneself up, to make an impression, to blend in and so forth.

I'm so very uninterested in brand glasses, for me it's all about the model, quality and price. You wear them til they're worn, until you need new lens strength, until they're scratched and I've never experienced a fancy brand to last longer or to be more comfortable. Every glasswear ought to be cheap to make, it's just silly to think you pay for some extraordinary quality when you pay top dosh for your glasses.

I've also found that this low-price optician have had the best professional opticians I've ever been to, the service is quick and efficient, the assistants are very friendly, the showroom is spacious, the supply of different eyeglass models is huge. And only a few days after you've placed your order in store you get a text saying they're ready to be picked up.

So when I popped by that optician the other week, to just have a look really, I loved a particular quirky pair which I just couldn't part from and then I got a simpler pair for those inconspicuous days and then it turned out I could do with a tad stronger lenses so why not order...

I picked them up today. I'm still a bit dizzy with this extra strength, but I have to say I love the oversized crazy-professor-glasses. When I chose them we debated that one does have a lot to live up to wearing them, some days one does, others one does not. But right now I have this distinct feeling they do make wonders for a crappy shape of the day, being veritable transformer goggles.

The other pair are rather discreet, in a more subdued quirky way. Yes, I'm most pleased with my purchase for the eyes only.

shoe per diem, feb 26, 2011 - new glasses

I'm thinking it would be nice adding the other glasses to this post at a later date. Or perhaps I should see if I can find my old old glasses, some scratched silly, some fallen apart and make an installation of Pia-glasses. Ah, the mind wanders...

Friday, February 25, 2011

lustans lakejer

february 17, 2011 - lustans lakejer

Went to a concert the other week, with the Swedish 1980ies band Lustans Lakejer (The Lackeys of Desire, and apt name for that time-period, similar in music-style to Ultravox, Duran Duran and Roxy Music) which I really enjoyed back then - yes, most good music was made in the 8oies, end of discussion - which I'll try and summarize in a non lengthy post.

lustans lakejer

Not all music, not all bands age well. The jury of Pia is still out on this one. In parts I quite enjoy it still. In others it feels (quite the opposite to what I once thought as a synth-music loving teenager) immature, weak and outdated. The very appealing decadent style and music then is rather... silly now. Ah, the pros and cons of growing older, wiser...

But the big drawback was the concert venue, I'm way to ol... discerning to enjoy the standing all evening with people constantly shuffling around and pushing with beer and wine-glasses threatening to spill. Not my idea of fun, no matter how good the music is. I like a seat, I like to stand when I feel like it, dance when I want and no I'm not fond of getting spilled on.

So, in the end we had some nice drinks and sat talking in the bar instead. Which was really lovely. All and all that was actually the best thing about the evening, good company, not the music.

Plus, earlier that evening, a spur of the moment thing, I finally got around to ordering two pair of new glasses. Which I'm pretty excited about since one pair are very overzied-crazy-professor-like (the other pair more subdued). More of them later, needless to say.

lustans lakejer

--- More information on Lustans Lakejer here and on Facebook and of course some of their old and new songs are on YouTube. ---

Thursday, February 24, 2011

toy dogs

february 8, 2011 - silly friends

Because some days a couple of silly cute toy dogs (and such) in a window display is THE thing to lift the spirits, to put a smile on face.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

creamy vegetable curry

I was amazed at exactly how delicious this curry became. It had been ages since I made something with coconut milk. Now I will definitely make a habit of using it more regularly. This is such a versatile dish, use your favorite veggies or what you have in the fridge, if your not inclined to shop. I usually use these veggies for a very, very satisfying meal. Once the chopping is done it's also very quick to make. Serves about 4 people.

Recipe in Swedish here - edit link doesn't work anymore unfortunately


Creamy vegetable curry

3 carrots
1 small broccoli
1 small cauliflower
1 yellow paprika/bell pepper
1/2-1 courgette/zucchini
100 g mini-corn or shredded white cabbage
sunflower oil
1 red chili, finely chopped
1 solo garlic
1 tin (400 g) coconut milk
1 tsp cumin (caraway)
2 tbsp curry
black pepper, salt

serve with: wholegrain noodles or rice
Rinse, peel, shred the vegetables. Carrots, cauliflower, broccoli needs a bit more frying than the rest so begin frying them in a big wok pan with sunflower oil for a couple of minutes. Pour in the rest of the vegetables, stir and fry a short while.
Add the pressed garlic, chopped chili and cumin, stir. Add the coconut milk, stir some more. Let simmer for a while. Until the vegetables have a consistency that appeals to you. Season more with salt and black pepper.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

on the name day


Another year has passed, another name day (Swedish namnsdag) has come. February 22nd, Pia-day. Although one never needs an excuse to get tulips of course.

Last year's namnsdag wasn't a good one. I may be in a more pleasing mood this year, though instead alas I've managed to sprain my ankle. It could be worse, but still it's swollen and aches and being name day and all, I think I will pity myself a bit extra still. While enjoying orange tulip gorgeousness.

These are locally cultivated by company Alverbäcks, grown without pesticides in greenhouses run on biofuel. Read more about their work here (in Swedish only).


Monday, February 21, 2011

the heather hues shawl


Finally, the wool project I began crocheting about two months ago is finally finished. It hasn't been a complicated thing, but reasonably much work for little growth and no it hasn't been a priority project at all. Just a convenient something I've returned to when I've felt like nothing else was on the yarny agenda.

Plus, it was said the shawl called for 3 fairly large skeins, but in the end, to make it a reasonable size for a grown-up human I had to use 7, it felt like one constantly had to pop by yarn-shop for a refill (and once there of course one couldn't buy just that skein...).


But now finished, gift receiver is very pleased with result. I am too, especially with the cute rim and most of all, of which I obviously can't take any credit whatsoever, how fantastic the heather colours of the yarn looks when coming to life in a bigger piece like this. Wouldn't you agree?


Sunday, February 20, 2011



The week before Christmas last year we visited a Christmas fair/Refurn open warehouse at Stjärnhov in December 2010.


The idea behind ReFurn (which is a clever little name) is reduce-reuse-recycle. They have a store in a Stockholm suburb (so far haven't visited there) as well as this huge warehouse a couple of hours drive south of Stockholm, an old barn situated at the manor named Stjärnhov (stjärna = star, hov = court or hoof). ReFurn has apparently been around since 1994, but I only heard about it last year or so. They've also won environmental prices for their work.


The barn (which very much still looked and smelled like one, it was all very authentic and quite charming, despite the bitter cold) was absolutely brimming with fantastic stuff. And not so fantastic too of course. But why buy new furniture when there's a goldmine of recycled things that look awesome as they are and things that would look great with a coat of paint or some other nifty upcycling?

refurn sofa
love this sofa,
cats would destroy it without
a moments of fur-hesitation

refurn barn

refurn stairway

refurn analog
once upon an analog time...

refurn barn


There was a shoe per diem moment. There was the shopping of a red lampshade, books for bookcrossing and there was an armchair, a fabulous armchair that will have its own post tomorrow-ish. Yes it was all very enlightening and lovely. Definitely also a place to (re)visit or donate one's old furniture and stuff too.


Ulvsundavägen 151, Bromma (Stockholm)
Stjärnhovs Säteri, Gnesta
how to get there

Saturday, February 19, 2011

moo-cards february 2011 edition


With the beginnings of new things in my life, I contemplated the various details and information I have on different MOO-cards and realized I did need (as if such an excuse should be necessary to get them, ahem...) some new business cards. Different people, different situations do call for different contact information. Some people I want to share more information with (websites), other just the basics (name, occupations, email and telephone).


Instead of the usual perky info-side I chose grey this time, easier in case I'd like to add some with a pen. I also chose the wee robot as the reverse-side pic, thinking he sends structurized yet humorous vibes and complementing the (mostly) colourful obverse.

I spent this day, my Saturday, on a job-related assembly, which was kind of mind-blowing and very touching in parts. Surprisingly so. It was lovely, gave loads of food for thoughts. Will tell more later, it's all about acting glocally, interesting, important, to challenge accustomed perspectives and approaches. And yes, some of these new cards have found their way to new contacts.

The more I'm familiar with which kind of photos work well with the green (recycled) MOO-cards and their way of cropping, the better the end result is. I'm very very pleased with these. They're oozing bouncy, happy, optimistic, creative, multilayered playfulness - or maybe that's just me thinking like this these days. Be as that may, delighted am I.


Friday, February 18, 2011

first week

It's been a bewildering first week at new place. Overall really very good, office being fresh, nice and airy (next week I'll so have a session in that high-tech massage armchair), people friendly and helpful, seemingly very much appreciate me being there.

I've had lots and lots of interesting inputs and heard of many fascinating projects (the things we do not know, the dynamic work being done clandestinely, wow, wow, wow...). The tasks in themselves, well, not really me, rather unqualified, non-creative and unstructured, but the things and people around this, overall, surprisingly, giving off really very positive vibes.

This will not be forever, this will be a good stepping stone for what I do want, soon, that true calling.

Until then I do have the most adorable painting visible from my day-desk. See what I see ~

february 14, 2011 - precious

Thursday, February 17, 2011

the little perky psychedelic mushroom


This is a very short story about a little, kind and perky psychedelic mushroom, very much child- and adultproof.

Got an order for a little mascot for a child's backpack, I suggested a fly agaric, 'oh cute, but perhaps not sending child-proof vibes?'. So instead the mascot became a little crazy, happy mushroom, green, pink and orange (three of my most loved colours).

waldemar and mushroom

Finished off one evening (from order, to idea, to assembling), inspected by Waldemar (it's a difficult task, but someone's gotta do it), and delivered the next day.


I'm hoping it will live a long and mood-lifting life (still waiting for an update on how it's doing its job as a perky mascot). Also planning to make more of them - the colour combinations are endless... - in other shapes as well, then list in Etsy shop as "made to order".

Just for the fun of it, as I'm of the firm belief that one should pay a reasonable price for carefully handmade things I'm under no illusion that I'll sell many (if any), but still, for the fun of it, a listing it will be.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

the granny pot

february 3, 2011 - quirky pot

As previously mentioned (here and there) my granny (mother's side) was a wiz with yarn and fabrics, weaving and knitting, but with clay and painting, not so much.

Which this weird glazed clay pot shows. But I love it just the same, or perhaps more so because of that. It's a constant kitchen window reminder, a life lesson, to always keep in mind: everything in life does not have to be perfect to be worth loving.

Or rather, the imperfections are what makes things, beings complete, unique and therefore truly lovable.


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

smart dog tuesday - mind one's loafie step


Oh noes, when one is a little loaf post-snowstorm weather is really tricky. One is always best guided by the tongue, even more so in this weather.


Before some has shoveled garden, one is forced to pee on veranda. That is of course very obvious.



And after the shovelling, one is quickly forced to deem it very insufficient and unsatisfying from a loaf dog's point of view. You there, someone, it really wouldn't do you any harm working that body a bit more, you know. Keep on shovelling.


I mean, there's just a limited amount
of guiding work a loafie tongue can do.


So, where can we put in a serious complaint about all this,
liquorice nose, tongue and I?
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