Friday, April 30, 2010

happy walpurgis night ~


Officially Sweden celebrates the *arrival* of Spring as in Valborgsmässoafton (Walpurgis Night) - so I wish you a fine one wherever you are.

And of course, a sweet weekend as in the first of May!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

the lavender bookshelf


When I was in painting lavendar mojo - before rest of life and bronchitis got in the unfortunate way - I painted not only the moo chair (and have plans for more chairs having dates with lavender paint) but some other smallish things. This mini bookshelf being the largest of the smallish.

From drab light brown to pretty in lavender I'm quite pleased with end result.


And as usual a new-ish thing in this residence has to undergo the paw approval. Lavender bookshelf got many sweet paws up.

And obviously being the perfect poster bookshelf for the wonderful and apt saying 'Man kann im Leben auf vieles verzichten, aber nicht auf Katzen und Literatur'.


Loaf dog extraordinaire had to lend a paw to arrangement. As usual.

Thus all is well as far as books lavender bookshelf is concerned ~


Friday, April 23, 2010

world book day


I would have liked to celebrate this distinguished day of World Book Day in a more festive way (like in having afternoon tea somewhere special), but I'm still recovering from a nasty cold that striked last weekend and has yet to say goodbye so alas it's very likely I will spend the day in bed reading. Which I suppose is THE way to spend the day really.

I am however very pleased that my latest book package arrived just in time for World Book Day, huzzah! On top when I opened the parcel (the feverish anticipation then might have been cold induced but I somehow doubt it, as books most always give me fever) there was this gorgeous pink book of baked delights (I'm drooling over it and love most photos if not the printing quality which does leave a bit to be desired) with the name "Eat Me! The Stupendeous, Self-Raising World of Cupcakes & Bakes According to Cookie Girl".

Needless to say, I adore the title. And the recipes sounds overall rather fun. I might even get out of bed and bake something from said book (by Xanthe Milton) to celebrate today.


The other fine (I hope) books in parcel were -

* Härskarteknik (Master suppression techniques) by Elaine Bergqvist - I do know *a bit too much* about this from a previous work place from hell in particular. The books will hopefully be an interesting read and learning experience.

* Mistress of the Art of Death by Ariana Franklin - so many recommendations for this one, I do hope it won't be as disappoiting as 'The Historian'...

* 80 romaner för dig som har bråttom (80 novels for you in a hurry) by Henrik Lange - 80 famous books comprised in 3 comic strips each. Very entertaining.

* The World According to Bertie by Alexander McCall Smith - fourth book in the 44 Scotland Street series. Of course it will be a lovely read. And I hope there will be positive changes in the world of wee crushed strawberry dungaree wearing Bertie.

* Jag är faktiskt väldigt mjuk på magen (I am actually very soft on tummy) by Lisa Tofft - Swedish jewellery designer, silversmith, painter who makes quirky animals (in silver and on paper) and witty oneliners about life and living. Über-cute, easy to relate to and moodlifting this book makes a great gift (only in Swedish) for self or others. The name of the book comes from the mouth of a hedgehog.

* Frangipani by Célestine Hitiura Vaite - hadn't heard about this book, it just popped up as a suggestion when I ordered another one. It sounded like an entertaining read about the Tahitian matriarchy. Cute cover.

I hope you'll treat yourself to the magic that is a brand new reading experience on World Book Day, possibly combined with a sweet treat wearing pink.

Happy reading!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

red dotty bird feeder


On the how I spend my days front sadly nothing new. Draining days turn into weeks and when weekend comes I'm exhausted with frustration.

Past week was really really full, not only with bad stuff, definitely good too, but as far as social tenseness is concerned it was jackpot.

For the week to come it doesn't look better. A whole lot of meetings, a couple of birthdays and oh yes, I signed up for a creative crocheting class (which at the time some months ago sounded really great...). And now I have a sore throat and a dash of fever.

Did I happen to mention I do not get paid for all the work I do at the place I spend my days these days. This was surely not remotely what I had in my mind would be my life after all those years at university and work. I'm thinking it would be really nice (understatement of the century) to actually do get a decent pay for qualified competent work done.

On the wee bright side I stumbled over the cutest bird feeder ever yesterday. It came home with us and is now hanging in tree. It has cheered my garden up, if not all of my sad self. For that there is alas need for far more extensive and restructural changes than a sweet dotty bird feeder.


Sunday, April 11, 2010

recent bits in text and images

Is the way I spend my days still a struggle and a nuiscance? Unfortunately the answer to that is yes, yes and some more yes. Sigh.

I have applied for several jobs - have you heard that one before - that all sound really great in their very own ways. Still awaiting the said last day of application.

I constantly pull at strings here and there and everywhere that I hope might lead to something good.

Most days there's not much energy left when I get home. Others there's a reasonably reserve of it still there and I'm able to do the musts, shoulds, possibly a bit of craft and fun and even enjoy the bits and pieces of beauty around me.

The bits and pieces of beauty in shape of blogs I'd like to read, comment on and enjoy but can't muster the energy to really, really do has left me with a very full reader. I don't have the heart or the wish to mark all as read just like that, so hopefully one of these days I will pop by again and say a few words. Just like that.

But for now. A few words here, a few photos of things I've hearted. In my world. As lately.


The sun shone, som raindrops fell and the snow melted quicker than one would have expected. The garden still suffers from one loaf's little... visits past winter, but when everything has dried it will be reasonably easy peasy to make the whole of garden presentable, walkable and totally enjoyable again.


For now I settle with hearting the snowdrops, followed by a multitude of tulips and grape hyacinths buds and the lovely sight of


the first signs of rhubarb already (March 29)!


I celebrated Easter week with wearing yellow nailpolish. Even if the fantastic blue hue was more my kind of polish I think it kind of rocked that week (even without a tan). And as yellow is one of few colours that very much do not work for me in garments I'm no stranger in opting to wear it any other way but close to complexion.

Yellow is after all, in a very obvious way such a happy, sunny, moodlifting colour and I have been trying, consciously as well as sub-, to surround me with a lot of it lately.


I also celebrated Easter (my favourite holiday) with something of a personal newish tradition, a new kitchen table waxcloth. I love the colours of all the butterflies!


There was one particular food thing during the yellow holiday of Easter that made me (and my palate) especially happy, the homemade, rustic and sunny peach cream cake at 'the in-laws'. Simple and perfect in one peachy spoonful.


I think it's about high time I clean out my kitchen cupboards for real and give away more than I possibly bring home. But one always need happy mugs. Pretty mugs. And therefore I decided it prudent to invest in three more perky ones just like the two I have at-the-place-I-spend-my-days-at-the-moment. Meet apple green, lavendar and crushed strawberry.


Yes I have a thing for lavendar too right now - close to the last endevour, but I've decided not quite the same... - and have been nurturing a newish found passion, the repainting of bits and pieces of furniture (which I do plan to write and show more later). The charity shop chair (aka moo chair) has been transformed into a lovely pale lavendar piece. Through brush strokes by yours truly.

As usual paw approved.


Finally I managed to finish the very last magical socks, for self and others, now I'm officially all socked out for the season (more of that later too). Moving on to lighter projects. Other projects. As painting furniture and such.


Despite me now and then being able to see the finer things in life in a sunnier light, now and then again, there are undercurrents of melancholy more often than I would like. I share that feeling with this bird pair of sorrow. I adore these hairpins and thank the creator for making them...

I will however end this post on a lighter non-melancholy note. That being the moodlifting combination of new shoes (a yellow simply swoonworthy gift), loaf and the seasons first pansies. I heart them all so very, very much, on different levels of course. But they are all highly loveable. In their very own ways ~


Wednesday, April 07, 2010

four year old of the day


Today is the 4th birthday of the bestest dotty tummy gal with the sunniest of disposition, Siri. There have been some outdoor activities in recently de-snow covered garden, there will be treats on a plate later and I do suspect the evening will be rounded off with an obligatory session of this ~

happy birthday furry sweetie!

Friday, April 02, 2010

~ happy easter ~


easter, my favourite holiday, due to its unpretentious long, lazy weekendness and sunny promisingness of new beginnings.

little birdie named nils, his eggs and i hope you get to spend its yellowness just the way you want, wish and hope ~

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