Wednesday, March 31, 2010

wild cherry tree solid perfume

I had my eyes set on some more hand cream only - because the amount needed and used since I began shuffling paper the way I have since January has been on a never before seen level - but when I stepped inside the L'Occitane shop I was of course soon enthralled by all the intoxicating fumes. I sniffed my way around shop and there was this utterly adorable pink mini tube (size of my thumb) that said wild and cherry and perfume ~


It's a solid cherry perfume turned into a stick with a covering cap hiding inside a sweet pink cardboard tube with the cutest little birds in a cherry tree painting on it that so remind me of those old Russian babushka dolls. In other words, it screamed out for me to buy.

A clever little thing to have in handbag for quick scent touch ups during the day, a naturally flowery delicate scent which lift the mood and is as far from intrusive and obvious as can be.

Simply sweetness in a pink tube.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

happy waffle day


March 25, as it is today, is a proud day in Sweden, as we celebrate the distinguished Waffle Day. 2007 we could enjoy this day in shorts and eating outdoors. Needless to say this is very much not the case alas this year.

Whether in Sweden or not, I hope you have an overall lovely day and get your waffles just the way you want them (me I prefer them to be of a more pancakey consistency rather than crispy)

~ happy Waffle Day ~


Monday, March 22, 2010

monday bits


Still feeling drained yes, that part hasn't changed oh no, but there have been some other highlights on this very sunny, yet very snowy Monday of mine. Bright things I have been able to enjoy despite my drained, uninspired current me. And for that I am truly grateful. No doubt.

There were pink tulips and a new set of absolutely irresistably deliciously scented shower gel and body butter (from Greek Kings & Queens) named Queen Elizabeth Sugar. It did speak the most wonderful words to my ever present inner queen (which isn't always a happy one but nevertheless always there) and I felt a tad more pleased after having begun my day with using them both.


I lost my OPI virginity to the hue 'Suzy says feng-shui' and I have to say I adore it. My sunny amber ring loves it too and we all feel very Swedish just now, nailpolish, ring and me. Talk to the hand of Sweden.


There was a little loaf and there were a bunch of Easter lilies. The lilies were well behaved, the loaf not. As he made a sudden food attack, which led to a bit of a skirmish, when I was taking photo evidence of the rather lovely and springish dinner - creamy spaghetti with courgette, leek and soy sausage ~


Saturday, March 20, 2010

on vernal equinox

Usually the blogging, writing part of my life is the air outlet that brings joy when other parts do not. Unfortunately the way I spend my days at the (too long) moment has left me drained, uninspired and sad. I do not see and find delight in all the things I usually do, which is unsettling.

So, very much alas, for now, I can't see the bright and light updates in blog being nearly as regular as they have been when a more desirable (at least reasonable) balance rule in the world of mine.

This too shall pass. It must. Today is vernal equinox and things will only get brighter and lighter (I do wish) from here on.

And the sweetest flight of blackbirds sing serenades in my garden.


Friday, March 12, 2010

weekend at last, she said


Major goal for weekend is to get as much sleep as possible. To be honest I would very much like to go into hibernation in awaiting better days but for various reasons that's probably not possible. Alas.

I had also hoped to read, write, knit, run errands, clean, cook, bake, an outing or two, watch movies come weekend. But with the overwhelming sense of exhaustion and sleep deprivation that will probably have to wait. Before an early Friday night I do look forward to crunchy, savoury munching of below favourite bean salad with avocado, garlic and chili though. Tastebuds already jumping in anticipation.


Happy weekending ~

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

on perky cups and blue skies


When you feel stuck, for most parts of the days, weeks you just want to scream in frustration, at least the arriving of very blue skies and a couple of perky coffee - tea cups to bright up those overwhelmingly dreary, pointless trapped-in-office-with-mindless-tasks parts of the weeks.

Now and then good stuff happens, now and then they don't. Then at least having a perky, quirky cup to drown your sorrows in tea with does come handy.

The two cups for self come from the fact that a) couldn't chose just one colour, b) my days consist of having to make do with whatever room's available - constantly moving, really not producing anything important nor using any skills I'm desperately wanting to use - , hence I need one cup in one building and one to move around with (but will they be able to live separate lives?).

I'm also gobsmacked, dumstrucked that (some) people seem to think that just because you love doing things and offer to equals you offer your time, unique knowledge, work for free. It's different when willingly helping and doing favours for friends, family, good causes, it's so not alright by any standards that random people think and act in such manners. Shameful.

So as not to be sucked into a vortex of misery, complete grump and despair, I look at the blue skies, let the early spring sun gently warm my sunstarved face, enjoy my perky ceramic friends, their contents and hold on to the thought that these gaunt times too shall pass.


Monday, March 08, 2010

on international women's day

Whether the International Women's Day is a day for celebration or not is debatable. The world is after all, after all these years, still so very far from having equal rights and equal opportunities for all no matter gender - or specie for that matter.

I read a tweet that gave food for thought on this day - "Kvinnodagen bör vara en skamdag för oss män. En påminnelse om att vi ännu inte har uppnått jämlikhet. Eller snarare tillåtit jämlikhet." which translates "Women's day should be a shameday for us men. A reminder that we have yet to reach equality. Or rather, allow equality."

Because it is and should be that simple, half the power, the whole salary, it's such a basic and healthy notion and in this day, age, century very much should not be a strange and threatening idea to anyone. Sadly it is. Still.


That said, my day as a woman, human - who hasn't reach her full potential yet, though reasons for that most probably due to other power structures and factors than gender non-equality -have been rather lovely.


There was Spring and noonday thaw in air past Friday. It still is. So Women's Day or not, celebrated in stripes today was. For me and loaf.


As usual loafie is such a (reasonably) good sport when it comes to stripes. Not sure which one of us that looked most beguiling really.


The broccoli pie I had planned to make turned out really lovely, crispy, chewy, crunchy, fresh and springy all at once.


Then I had an eager (now de-striped) loaf helping me chose the right recipe for dessert - to be honest helper is more fascinated by the fabulous kitchen buffet than the perfect recipe/book, so I went with my own ideas instead. And then I had to sample one of these banana bran muffins (with peanutbutter and sunflowerseeds too) to see if they tasted good enough to serve without shame. Oh yes they did, they certainly did. Garnished four just for fun and spring prettiness. And of course in celebration of a rather pleasant day for the woman undersigned.

Happy day ~

Friday, March 05, 2010

friday friends and coconut tops


Today there was definitely spring in the air! Sun shining, bright blue skies, birds singing and snow melting, happy vibes. So when I got home there was an distinct urge to make, bake something springy and sweet in celebration.


Coconut tops. Easy to make, look sweet and perky, though, personally, texture- and flavourwise I prefer Sniff's coconut cookies.

As is probably very obvious by now, I most always have a very keen loaf shaped photo assistant. Today I was most fortunate and got two, as redhead decided it was time for seasonal snow exploring.


For some precious moments life was perfect (and herd free). In snow. With spring in air. And Friday furry friends.

Happy weekend ~

Thursday, March 04, 2010

clever cat thursday - crowded

I have this baby chair - of a rather clever multi-purpose design - that was mine when I was a wee one. It recently moved in with the intention of being used as a free-standing flower pot.

But as with all things moving in that are possibly roomy enough to host a cat, that it soon did. Oh do they love to snuggle in it with a cosy blanket. A blanket that the loaf master huffs and puffs over and drag down most every evening (or when he thinks he doesn't get enough attention) to in perfectly reasonable loaf order claim as his. That done he mostly go lies on an old cofa cushion instead, soon snoring contently.

At night, from bedroom, you can hear him struggling with the dragging down of blanket from high chair. Yes there might possibly be a cat sleeping in it while said dragging is ongoing. In the morning chair can be found standing in weird places. Always without blanket.

The chair is quite small and has room for only the reasonably small - well, as small as a rotundly shaped british shorthair can be said to be... - cat. Or so I thought.


Because when I got home the other day,
I found not one but two dotty tummy types in it.


And as much as those two love to share a cushion
the sharing of high chair wasn't feasible.


Or wanted.
Help, please


This time age went before beauty,
and littlest dotty was forced to jump down
while mother dot (very pleased with herself) claimed her right.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

alice in wonderland

'Alice in Wonderland' ticked many of my boxes. Like in every Tim Burton movie I just adored the costumes, make-up and scenography.

Johnny Depp rocked in the role as the Mad Hatter - oh the make-up alone... - so did Helena Bonham-Carter as the Red Queen and Matt Lucas as Tweedledee and Tweedledum.

If it was possible to fall in love with a blue caterpillar oracle with a voice like Alan Rickman's I would - because as far as I'm concerned his voice must be the most beautiful male voice known to humankind, ah sigh... - and the girl who played Alice did it well.

And as always I can't stand the affected and poor performances of Anne Hathaway. The only detail of the White Queen I liked was the wearing of black nail polish in all her otherwise whiteness.

We watched the film in 3D, but far from sure that was a good choice. The movie was literally very dark and the glasses made it even darker. Personally I didn't find the 3D effects stunning enough to compensate that darkness.

I loved the wee and quirky sidekicks like pigs, hedgehogs, mouses, toads, dogs and such. And of course the ingratiating Cheshire cat. I adore that character.

I also appreciated the fact that the movie's Alice was a young woman, instead of a girl, with spunk and self-esteem.

On a scale of 1-5 I give 'Alice in Wonderland' a 4/5. It was rather frabjous.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

smart dog tuesday - in snow


First dig.
And sniff.
Then roll around ecstatically.
Just showing some snow love.


Monday, March 01, 2010

monday bits


Despite it being officially early days of spring as in March, I have to say, thank you for snowing. Because I really can't stand the snow slush galore that was the weekend. And when weather decide to go melt, pretty please melt in grace and little by little. Please, please and more please.


The weekend that was - far too short, alas as most times these days - consisted of some fine things, such as precious cuddly times.


The knitting of woolly collar for what I hope will be a happy recipient. I had every intention of making one for self too. That was before I realised it made me look completely neckless. Clearly not a flattering shape for me.


However I did discover that the shape of woolly collar was rather perfect as a hat-ish thing. Its shape reminding me of ' Bright Star '. So I just might do some tweaking and make a hat of it for me instead.


Said bye bye to old tulips (which showed such beauty in decay)...


... and hallo to new ones.


Have had a persistent urge for turquoise nailpolish for some time now, haven't been able to find the right hue. Still not sure if this is it, but at least it looks bright and perky and makes one wanna dance in snow (at least for a second or two). And yes I know, I have to practise my once were nail painting skills, the paint should be on nails only. Or so I've heard.


Saw a simple recipe for chickpea soup with rosemary in newspaper DN (Dagens Nyheter, that's The Daily News), made it today (but as raw onion, olive oil or rosemary twigs aren't my idea of edible garnish I changed that for soy sausage, edamame and radish) and it was ridiculously simple to make and quite delicious.

Now I wish for happy week to come, that's all ~

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