Monday, March 31, 2014

farewell march

6000 on instagram

As far as I'm concerned March was definitely a better overall month than February. I'm not sure, at this time, what lessons it taught me other than I'm in some aspects of my life desperate for changes and improvement. I'm not sure I'm completely ready for those changes just yet, but that doesn't mean I'm not wholeheartedly convinced they do need to happen. For everyone involved.

Other than that March was mostly very enjoyable, I've met a lot of people, the very good, the not so good, the bad and all the in between. And I'm certain a lot of good will come from the meeting of the good people. Which is lovely!

6001 on instagram

On the very last day of March the weather was incredibly chilly and windy, not at all as the +10C we've had lately. I had a very good lunch. There was a surprise visit in the garden. Work got done.

6000 on instagram

And hey presto, on the very last day of March I also celebrated my 6000 picture on Instagram! It's 9 months since it was number 5000, it feels like yesterday somehow. I contemplated a lot over which picture I'd chose as 6000, I ended up with the lunch. Because it's one of my favourite vegetarian places in Stockholm and I don't visit it nearly as often as I'd like to.

circus nails march/april 2014

My nails for the week were circus and if their names are anything to go by April will be fun-filled; we're in it together, sew psyched, in stitches, navigate her and cute as a button.

I'm looking forward to lighter, brighter, warmer days and sunshine.
I'm looking forward to exciting news.
I'm looking forward to changes and improvement.
I'm looking forward to happy days.
April seems like a very good month for that,
wouldn't you agree?

Sunday, March 30, 2014

what did you find?

vegetarian buffet tavernan mångkulturellt centrum

four simple questions engraved in a staircase that made me think.
a lot. and then some.

what did you loose?

what did you find?

what did you give?

what did you get?

at the end of winter season,
at the end of a month,
at the end of a week,
questions we should all ask ourselves.

do you have the answers?

Saturday, March 29, 2014

second hand thrift in your own wardrobe

Upon beginning the quest of feng shuing the bedroom (and long term a good part of my life will be treated in the same way) I also discovered gems in the wardrobes I haven't worn for years. Or possibly not at all (hrm). Like these tank-tops.

Bought in Barcelona an embarassing amount of years ago, namely 11, not worn. But I've decided that this summer is the summer they will be worn. By yours truly. Even the Adam and Eve "shut up & eat" one.

They're all fun and sweet, but my favourite is the one with the Gaudí lizard print. 11 years ago I loved the work of Gaudí (well before that of course), but I know I didn't appreciate all the possibilities of seeing and learning more about it close up when we were in Barcelona then.

I'm just a very different version of me than I was then. To engulf oneself in different experiences is just so immensely enriching. I didn't grasp that fully back then. I do now. As good a reason as any to return to different destinations and places.

Until that travel possibility appears, I can at least enjoy three quirky tank tops.

And one of these days I need to do a proper closet cleaning again, what to keep, what to give away, what to sell. What does fit, what does not and what's really not my style. Garments that will not be cleansed are the ones that hold good memories and meanings. Like three silly tank tops.

Reading tip of the topic du jour - this article with good advice for being stylish on a budget is well worth a read (even if you don't live in London).

What's the most delightful thing you've found in your closet that you'd *forgotten* about?
And what do you think about the concept of thrifting in your own wardrobe?

Friday, March 28, 2014

kind eggs

zigne and eggs

Am now a happy proprietor of a fridge filled with 24 glorious kind eggs - read all about them here - they've been properly inspected by the furries and the small sized woollies and gotten paws up.

Haven't bought store eggs for some years now - just because they're called free-range and organic doesn't mean the chickens live full lives, don't end up for slaughter when they've stopped being moneymaking egg-laying units or that it's a small scale production where they're seen as family members - and have pretty much stopped baking cakes and such that calls for egg/substitute.

kind eggs inspection

Sometimes I use bananas as substitute for eggs, I find the tang of the no-egg substitute disgusting and I have yet to try chia-seeds as an egg substitute (so far I've only had them in my soygurt breakfast and they're lovely). Experimenting with baking techniques and ingredients just isn't very high up on my priority list. Or list of interest. It's much easier to just make and bake things that calls for no eggs/substitute at all.

kind eggs inspection

But now, when I have eggs I have no ethical issues using, I'm thinking it will be lovely to bake some great cakes and cookies, like the wonderful saffron applecake or the fabulous fruit and nut cookies.

24 fantastic eggs at my disposal, the choices are endless...

kind eggs inspection

Thursday, March 27, 2014

easter lilies, tulips and such

easter lilies and tulips

it is the time of easter lilies and tulips. and  of course flowers on the office window sill is a perfect way to surround oneself with beauty and inspiration at work. 

easter lilies and tulips

i think the organic parrot tulips are exceptionally gorgeous, wouldn't you agree? especially so with a complimentary liquorice cat of course.

easter lilies and tulips

and bright, colourful flowers are perfect to play with in the coloursplash app. if you haven't tried it is indeed great fun. and a lovely way to create personal profile pictures with a bit of oomf. since a bit of oomf is never out of place.

easter lilies and tulips

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

unexpectedly much

unexpectedly much

Watching television continues to be a tricky business in this residence. The most eager of eager TV-watchers even have favourite commercials, like prefering Mercedes over Peugeot (reasons unknown).

And if what's shown on TV is dull you can always find a good spot to sleep in front of it. And who cares about blocking the remote control signals, not my problem. It will most certainly do you good, human, to lift your heine from the sofa anyway.

Today's lesson in Swedish; oväntat mycket = unexpectedly much. Like sometimes there can be too much of the cat thing.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

happy waffle day!


March 25, Waffle Day in Sweden again. But to be honest I don't think I'm up to making waffles for dinner today. It's been a lovely day though including a very sunny soup for lunch. An eating experience is so much better with pretty looking plate, wouldn't you agree?

sunny soup at gro restaurant

This year's March 25 was also the premiere of the first Swedish vegan food magazine. How awesome is that?! I snatched a copy of course and it looks grand and full of interesting things including wonderful photos. And it's indeed a relief not having to sort through flesh recipes and nasty adverts for things I'd never eat. Fresh, fun, colourful and mouthwatering, can't wait to try something out.

Edit: given I can find vegan food items not containing palm oil, not a mean feat...

premiere - sweden's first vegan food magazine!

Hope you get all the waffles you deserve today!

Monday, March 24, 2014

the littlest horse in the whole wide world

the littlest horse

As I was trying to find a good spot to snap a picture of the daily juice I saw a tiny piece of what I thought was rubbish, paint, soil enhancer or something like that. Not something I wanted in the picture. When removing it it seemed like it had an odd, familiar shape. And upon further inspection in turned out to be the most miniscule horse I've ever seen!

This was the day when I found a calcified, tiny, green horsie in my flower bed. It must have lied there forever and what are the chances it would be found? As miniscule as the horse itself. A magic mystery if you ask me. With hidden meanings perhaps.

Unfortunately I broke one of its front legs when removing the calcification. But both its hindlegs are halved already. Hopefully it's more pleased about being found than having four proper legs.

And it has already played photo prop of the miniature kind.

What's the most magical thing that happened to you today?

the littlest horse

Sunday, March 23, 2014

spring feelings

finishing the eternity shawl before spring hits

It's been a rather quiet weekend. Given the hectic and productive last week it was probably a good thing. I've spent it enjoying the sun - the lawn is covered in scillas soon in tiny, perfect bloom, everything comes so quickly once it has begun, the thing called spring! The seasonal inspection of the lilacs has taken place too -

tiny lilacs inspector

cleaning - it's been well, well overdue, the feng shui-ing of the bedroom, I've probably done 2/3 of it now. It feels lovely and spacious and I've vowed to never keep clothes on rails and piles in there again. A fresh, clutter free bedroom is the new me -

oat cookies

cooking from things available in fridge and freezer - decluttering the fridge one might say - and baking sunshine cookies.

a pug named malte

Having had a distinguished pug visit.

finishing the eternity shawl before spring hits

Continuing the work on the eternetity shawl - I'm adamant to finish it soon. Only two hanks left. Keep focusing, Pia. It will be a lovely thing to inaugurate come winter 2014-15 - under due inspection.

prosit april 2013

Now I'm finishing some work in order to be ready for the week to come. Looking forward to it. It's actually the last one of March. Another month that just said swoosh and went by. But it has been an overall good one. So far. Let's keep it that way and finish it with a fabulous bang!

I hope your weekend has been of a joyous kind.
Have a good week, one and all!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

wherever you go...

wherever you go...

... go with all your heart.

Yes I do enjoy a bit of wisdom on a tea-bag. Again.

Friday, March 21, 2014

sunny, springy friday

good news magazine

From a very snowy yesterday and vernal equinox to this. Sunshine, snow melting, bare grounds, +10C and positive vibes in the air. Glorious spring! Good news!

From a very productive and fun morning meeting,
to another lead that has every potential to become something fantastic -
too bad I'm not the one who has the final say, to the one who has;
please be enthusiastic and happy about this great opportunity! 
Please don't fret, stress, imagine only work and problems.
Please see the greater picture of awesomeness.

It is time to shine and be inspired!

important messaged

spring feelings

To actually being able to take a chair and sit down in a sunny spot in (a snow free!) garden, having a good read while enjoying a bottle of the best smoothie in the whole wide world. Admittedly it is *rather* difficult to read while a mini-me demands attention and good cuddles. Behold the face of "I'm being neglected".

spring feelings

Happy weekend one and all!
May it be a joyous sunny one!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

happy day ~ vernal equinox

vernal equinox fun

Apparently today is Happy Day according to the United Nations - I've done my best to feel and be happy all day. Generally it's not a struggle (I'm happy to say). And the day has held mostly lovely things. Two glitches, one professional (not okey behaviour and not without complications) and one is certainly the weather. Snow slush.

snow slush vernal equinox

The other one was the snow slush. Heavy snowfall during the night, thawing within hours, add drizzling rain and hey presto slush. I think tomorrow will bring temperaturse up to +10C and sunshine. Hopefully the snow will melt and can we please say bye bye winter then? Because today is after all also vernal equinox. Spring is here for real. Or at least it should be.

snow slush vernal equinox

Last year's vernal equinox was also a very wintery one, so all is not lost for a great rest of the year weatherwise. I suppose.

vernal equinox fun

The really good things of today then? Well,
* a great big glass of fresh juice (carrot, apple and ginger).
* a really delightful movie (a very exclusive work related preview as the movie will not open until September) based on a great Swedish children's book writer's work. I am now in love with the Cucumber brothers.
* good work related things and finished assignments
* a celebratory pastry. It was lovely.

budapest pastry

Happy Day,
Happy Vernal Equinox!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

all the pretty windows

spring windows
while winter decided on a comeback the other day one can at least feast the eyes on all the pretty, perky, inspiring spring window displays. 

above from one of my favourite shops, bric-a-brac. not interested in purchasing but i get inspired to rummage through my own (extensive) wardrobe to put something similar together. i read an article about that today. second hand in your own wardrobe, the things you don't remember having.

spring windows
spotted ART shoes in a shoe shop that has left me cold before. suddenly i'm warming, getting spring feelings!

spring windows
you can always rely on lush displays getting you in a good mood. very eastery and fun!

spring windows
the dress i had no idea i needed until i saw it - the squirrel dress! 

well, not too keen on the model or the finish (the shop in question makes the dresses/shirts/vests and the quality of sewing leaves a bit to be desired) but i adore the fabric! i would love to make a simple skirt of it. that would be squirellicious, wouldn't you agree?

seen any fabulous springy
window displays recently?

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

how creative people behave, part II

whatever happened to spring?

I blogged How creative people behave, part I two weeks ago, it's about time I wrote part II. Based on the second great article on the subject - 10 creative rituals you should steal. This post is about my personal views on the 10 things mentioned.

1. Take quarterly vacations - would love to, if it was financially possible. I don't think it is for very many of us. But I think the "get off the grid" and relax always is a good thing to do regularly. Staycations with that aim are the not so rich people's version.

2. Regularly hold retrospectives - super important I think. Not only if you work in a group or on projects. As a small business owner you need to do it with yourself regularly, what went well, what went less well, why and how can I improve things for next time. And remember to treat yourself to something special when you've done something really good.

3. Write every day - duh. Absolutely essential for your creativity and well-being! You work so much things, issues, problems through that way. Everything, really, becomes clear with putting the pen to the paper or, as most of us do, tapping the keyboard. You'll find your clarity. And the best thing is that the more you write the more you want to write and the more ideas you get. Heart.

4. Meet interesting people-fund - I can only concur. Going to events where interesting people talk (like TEDx and such) and be inspired. Do lunch with interesting people regularly. Twitter is actually a great source for that. Suggest lunch or coffee and find that most people are delighted to meet up and they're often just as great in irl as online. If you find mindless and forced mingling awkward and unappealing, find a business speeddating event in your area. You never ever know what great things those meetups might lead to... Things rarely happen overnight, but keep you eyes and mind open for people and opportunities and they WILL appear, I'm sure.

5. Surround yourself with inspiring things - well of course! The importance of beauty and inspiration. Creating mood boards is a simple way to do it.

6. Take a nap every day - I never do. Because I know I will not be able to sleep at night that way. And I never really feel like a nap, I'm either wide awake or ready to sleep for many hours, there's no in between for me. To be honest I did take naps daily when I worked at really horrible workplaces, because I was so tired to the bone. It never did any good for me, my creativity, productivity or well-being and I will forever associate the need for daily naps with bad work environment.

7. Envision what you will be remembered for - I find this to be a really good advice! It's another way to set goals, visualize and put your dreams into words. I find that I talk a lot about my dreams and goals these days (have far from always been very clear with that), but I'm not as good on writing them down. Will do that now.

8. Brainstorm in the cafe - spot on! The article mention "bar" and not cafe, but I totally believe in the inspirational and creative buzz you get in a good cafe. I don't do bars. But cafes are some of my happy places.

9. Get out and about - to clear your mind and be inspired when the ideas run dry, take a walk, change the scenery, do people watching, try something new, it's energizing and good for both mind and body.

10. "Morphological synthetis" - hadn't heard about the concept before, but reading about it it makes good sense. Good advice on a creative mindtool.

What did you think about the article?
Are there things there you already practice?
Did you get some good advice to

boost your creativity?

Monday, March 17, 2014

hey winter, what happened to spring?

whatever happened to spring?

Not a sight I expected or rejoiced over this morning.
Back to bundling up in hats, big scarves and mittens.
Looking forward to times with no snowy surprises!

whatever happened to spring?

Sunday, March 16, 2014

when yelp stockholm turns two

the flying elk - yelp stockholm 2 years celebration

Time flies, it's now two years already since Yelp was launched in Stockholm. And I was there from the start, being a city scout was my first assignment for Prosit. It was a lovely first assignment and I learnt a lot, had lots of fun both then and since.

the flying elk - yelp stockholm 2 years celebration

From Yelp Scout to Yelp Elite I've had the opportunity to meet great people, been to fun events (like tropical partyice cream tasting, Day Spa, Nobis breakfast, Dill, movie night and not to mention played a part in a lovely one myself.) and I still, a year later hold the Queen of Stockholm title.

It started with a tweet, I got an assignment, two years later it's been a great ride and definitely continue to be so.

the flying elk - yelp stockholm 2 years celebration

Today we had a celebratory lunch at gastro pub The Flying Elk (my vegetarian option was broccoli & chips, pretty good but the type of food that, to be honest, is too greasy to agree with me, gastro or not), a selected few of the Yelp Elite. It was awesome, unpretentious and loads of fun. Including a great organic cider.

Happy 2 years birthday,
dear Yelp Stockholm,
and many more to come!!

the flying elk - yelp stockholm 2 years celebration
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