Saturday, January 14, 2017

caturday is for oxytocin

Ever since I started my own business, 5 years ago now, I haven't made much distinction between weekdays vs weekends. Because I've felt so very fortunate being able to be quite flexible of when and where I work. Tuesdays and Wednesdays can be just as much weekend as Saturday and Sundays. And vice versa. The freedom of it all is as much holiday as 5 weeks scheduled summer holidays. 

However this past year I've come to treasure my weekends and especially my Caturdays. I've made them my obligatory one day per week when I make sure not to think too much, just be. No worrying, just lazying. Reading, knitting, watching TV, cooking, eating and most of all cuddling. 

The main part of the day is in fact spent stretched out in sofa with cats on my tummy, lap and legs, wrapped around my neck, sitting on the sofa table eagerly patting me on the arm for more cuddles.

I love my Caturdays. They are for filling up of oxytocin. Gratitude and love from a not so crazy cat lady.

1 comment:

Poppy Q said...

What a good idea miss pia. I have put my Caturday aside to spend with friends, going to the movies or library or just watching a movie at home.

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