Monday, May 31, 2010

the granny square scarf


A year or so ago I revisited the making of granny squares.

As I said back then I really loath the tying of all the seemingly endless loose ends on said squares - technically not a Sisyphean task, but it sure do feels like an endless, mindnumbing one nevertheless - so when finished enough squares the various projects often are put on hold until I can muster enough energy to do the boring bits to complete the work.


A year later the squares have been put together and shaped into a very long scarf (because that's probably my very favourite accessory, a long scarf. One really can't have too many of those. Period.)


I enjoy the way the squares came together, the colours, the rustic yet delicate look. I'm sure we'll be quite happy together for a long time to come.

With this post I will round off the month of May - isn't it astonishing how quickly it swished by? - and I know hope the month of June and all summer will hold many golden moments of happiness and perfectness ~


Thursday, May 27, 2010

first rhubarb and its furry king


First rhubarb has been harvested. Tomorrow it will be simply awesome rhubarb cream for dinner. Oh the delight. Recipe revisited here. Summer in a bowl.

I'm also very pleased that as far as rhubarb kings are concerned, the bestest best and cutest cute lives with me ~


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

good may day

I had another what I thought pointless and stupid meeting this morning. Instead I was blown away by all the positivity, energy, free thinking, efficiency, caring humour and good will buzzing. After two hours of talking, thinking, absorbing I had loads of stuff to do and think through. It felt fantastic to actually for once be on the same wavelength as someone who could really matter and make a difference. Sadly one rarely stumble over such human gems. I'm definitely going to make the most of this one. And make a change.

This week will be my last at the place that's really not me. Suddenly things feel dash lighter. And it feels fine to spend some more days there finishing things off. Just because I want and chose to make a decent round off not because I have to.

It's not the people in general at the place that's not me that gets me down, but the place and tasks (obviously). No matter how many well-meaning, unpretentious, fun, kind and competent people that one come across at a workplace, they sadly do not change an overall bureaucratic, unwieldy organisation with protectionist phalanges.

I had begun working with some interesting tasks, but as it is difficult to do a really good job when the customer is rather clueless on what they really want and need - add to that get high quality competence for free - I will pass it on to someone, anyone, whenever-one. And move myself on.

And hope (fingers crossed, touch wood, please bless) that a time for real, good and proper change has come. Not a day too soon I will walk my walk, talk my talk and do my creative thing. Still hoping.


Sunday, May 23, 2010

the 2010 king's meadow lily field


Saturday offered simply glorious weather - although I find it rather disturbing how summer arrived before spring had a real chance to settle in these parts - and it was finally time for the season inauguration of toy car - the car that magically usually blows all the troubles and miseries away. If only for a while it is welcome. Yes, so very much more than welcome these days - which was lovely in itself.


What made the trip even finer was the destination. The destination was a not known by many field with the sweet king's meadow lily (kungsängslilja aka fritillaria). Despite inside information to the magic place it took a while to locate. But once found, oh sweetness galore, a flowery sight for sore eyes.

And the lilies shared the field with wood anemones, cowslips, dandelions and others. Just beautiful.


I hope the sight and time spent in the field of such delight will help make another gruesome week feel tad bit better - yes, it's been five months and I still hope things will change the way I want sooner than soon. My constant companion called melancholy need a very long holiday. Better yet, a new best friend -

Here some glimpses of one day in May, a secret field in Sweden ~

If smitten as I am by this flowery beauty, see older posts on the king's meadow lily below ~


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Sunday, May 16, 2010

all heart garland


One wee - or not so wee as it took a lot longer to actually assemble if not crochet - project I've actually managed to both begin and complete as lately. What begun with a wee single heart...


Turned into lots of tiny hearts with many loose ends...


The loose ends got tied and turned into...


... the heart garland.


Ever since I saw the sweet idea and pattern at cute Yvestown blog past Valentine's Day I've been meaning to make one myself. As the heart is one pattern-symbol-shape I adore (much like acorns...).


Even if the pink-red colour palette is my favourite I wanted to make this tad more summery and fresh, with a feel of green grass and blue skies with woolly white clouds. So I went with turquoise, apple-green, teal and off-white instead. I am pleased with end result and yes there will possibly be more such hearty garlands made by me (ah the colour combinations are endless and alluring...).


For now though this summery garland will adorn my kitchen window with its hearty, summery and hopefully brimming with good vibes appearance.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

människohamn ~ human guise

I have just finished reading the second to latest book by brilliant Swedish writer John Ajvide Lindqvist "Människohamn" or "Human guise" ("Human harbour" and "Harbour" some other titles I've come across when it comes to translation. The former being the exact translation from Swedish) if you want to read it in English. Because read it you really should.

Though beware of having to sleep with the lights on and yes possibly even sleepless nights because of all the incredibly frightening and icy shivers inducing things that take place in the common and seemingly safe environments we live in.

Ajvide Lindqvist has so far published five books, of which one is the great book "Låt den rätte komma in" (Let the right one in) which was turned into a multi-award winning good movie a couple of years ago. Sidenote, can't say I enjoy the idea or implementation of an American remake of said movie...

"Människohamn" takes place in the Roslagen archipelago (near the main town of Norrtälje) and like his previous books it is a sterling, well-composed, multi-layered, social realistic and thought-provoking fusion tale of scary proportions. The story revolves around childhood, bullying and revenge, the love for and loss of a child, magic, unholy alliances, the threatening forces beyond our imagination that dwells in the ocean and water. The littleness of humans when nature calls.

This was yet another fantastic and upsetting read by a more sophisticated, far less crude horror writer than Stephen King but no less scary. No less at all.

I say goodbye to the book with a distinct feeling that I now know why I have always been afraid of deep waters and travelling by sea. The fear is subconscious and well-founded it seems.

Much older posts about Ajvide Lindqvist's books can be found here and here .
And more information about the man behind the books can be found here

So, now at least one of the 10-12 read books I'd like to write a few or more words about have been turned into a finished post in blog...

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

smart dog tuesday - spring has sprung


After months of draining days and a couple of weeks of hallo, my name is bronchitis, it's good to have the not so small blessing of being able to enjoy the odd splendid lush day of spring with one loaf dog extraordinaire who's always ALWAYS a.l.w.a.y.s happy, eager and game.

So when I got home today we had a long, good, sunny, exhausting and relaxing walk in the nearby woods. Life overall still is far from great, but days like this at least make things feel, if for the moment and day alone, not so tad better.


Along our walk there were lots and lots of pretty patches of wood anemones. Some were generously watered by loaf extraordinaire on spring duty.


When we had a rest at the viewpoint overlooking the nearby lake there was generous display of blue skies, fluffy white clouds and pink loaf dog tongue.


Then there was adamant drinking of water at a place that left a whole lot to be desired as far as trash is concerned - why oh why is the world populated with far too many nasty and inconsiderate people -


and as a round off there was first loaf bath of the year. The only reason for that being the chasing of mouldy bread thrown in water for the birds. Result: loaf 3 - seagulls 4. They gulls loudly protested about unfairness of result. Loaf too felt it was a highly unfair outcome.


As if the long walk in all its (loaf dog) glory wasn't enough.

When we got home the two-legged beings had tea and some simply divine oats-fruit-bran-nut cookies (tweaked recipe from 'Eat me!'). And I swear, something that flippin' amazingly tasty has to be good for every fibre of body and soul and life. Surely.

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