Saturday, March 30, 2019

this little blue-eyed light of mine and other march stories

ztina 💙, blue tortie colourpoint british shorthair, 7 years old, march 2019

Ztina, the epitome of a cool cat, has once again had an extensive veterinarian check-up - remember the unexpected heart scare of last May? - with odd, inconclusive and somewhat scary results. Again. But amidst it all she's a trooper, so confident and brave. Even if her facial expression is also the epitome of "How to tell if your cat is plotting to kill you".

poor baby ztina, at the vet’s, march 21, 2019 💙

To cut a longer story short. After giving her the heart medicine for some months last year I noticed she acted weirdly from it, like a healthy being getting unnecessary medication. I stopped giving it, as the vet had talked about possibly phasing it out, and watched her carefully. She did well the rest of the year. After New Year's I could tell something wasn't quite right. Little signs of various things that only I who have lived with her quirky features and strong personality for 7 plus years can tell, but which aren't obvious for anyone else.

I suspected it might be her heart issues had returned, but the heart was actually back to normal (cats are magic creatures), but the blood tests showed she was anemic and her kidneys were worn out. That. was. scary. news. We also checked her ears, which she's been extra protective with for a while, for no obvious reasons. A deep cleanse, but the tests showed no abnormalities. And her teeth need scaling.

poor baby ztina, at the vet’s, march 21, 2019 💙

There were three rough days after that vet visit, she shyed away from me, acting strange and there was zero purring (which is a tell tell sign something is seriously wrong with her. I know cats also purrs to soothe themselves when in pain and distress, but this is a very sociable cat that normally use purring as a sign of well-being). Then on Sunday she tentatively started to purr adn slowly regained her personality. But I also noticed her pupils were suddenly of different sizes. Which is quite distressing obviously.

At the vet check-up we talked about it might being neurological, a stroke, or related to her ear issue (cause unknown still). Her blood tests looked much better and she isn't anemic anymore, more tests have been taken and sent to a lab for cultivation. More medicine and a close eye kept. And hopefully there'll be a clarifying lab result in a couple of weeks to sort this out, one step at a time. Poor little blue-eyed furball.

I'm glad I have insurance, but still, veterinarian bills are expensive (and crazily enough still subject to VAT). Animals are so very important to our health and well-being, their health care should be subsidized. So much stupid and unhealthy things are subsidized in our society, while much more important things aren't. Madness.

luddkolt’s british shorthair, march 2019 -

No news on the job front yet. The latest was a friendly phone call from the recruiter last Monday wanting to know if I was still interested, and how I felt after the interview. We were now down to two potentials, with very different backgrounds apparently. But the marketing manager had been very impressed by my wide experience, which made me happy and grateful. Now it was time for an inhouse talk and then there would be a decision. Of which I'm still waiting to hear. Have contacted the recruiter again, since I obviously need to plan for my next steps whether yes or no, hopefully she'll get back to me after the weekend.

in stockholm, march 2019 🌾

What's meant to be will be. Since I had given myself until the end of the month of March to find a new path, and this job, this process felt interesting, professional and promising, I've cooled down with other efforts for some weeks. But we're now in the last shivering days of the month M (crazy how fast this month has swooshed by!), and I don't want to waste time no more on futile endevours, on my way to finding my kind of people, so fingers, toes and paws crossed for positve news/clarifications in the first week of April!

books, march 2019 -

What I will also start in April is using my Bullet Journal. I got the book on tracking my past, order my present and plan my future last week and delved into it right away. Makes so much sense, it clicks a lot with my own thoughts on various issues. It's not a light read as such, it demands a lot of thinking, so I've only read about a third of it so far. Thus the usual lists of analogue and digital kind it is still.

Anyone of you out there using the BuJo method? I still haven't met anyone (but the woman that held the workshop) who does, despite it seemingly being such a "thing".

create your dream room, workshop at ikea, sweden, march 2019

The IKEA interior design workshop "Create your dream room" wasn't very good. The staff that held it really need to work on their enthusiasm and presentation skills. They were not the least bit inspiring alas. However, to learn about the 7 simple steps to design rooms so they work for your personal needs, that was great and super helpful. So I'm glad I went anyway. It only costed a few hours of my time.

ikea sunbed 💛, march 2019

And hadn't I gone I might have missed that the excellent IKEA sunbeds are back in stock (very fashionable with the IT colour yellow this year). Carpooled back later and snatched me one. I really do hope this won't be such a devastatingly hot and frightening summer as last year, but no matter what, lounging on a sunbed in the shade with books and music is my favourite way to spend lazy summer days anyway. Even if the bright, clean yellow soon will be covered in muddy paw prints obviously...

the adorable marimekko blouse that wasn’t me, march 2019

Talking about colours, I had waited for a call from the Marimekko store that the wonderful green skirt on my wishlist for some months finally had arrived in store. It came last week and I was pretty excited to try it one. Looked awful on me. So not my style and fit alas. Such a pity on a gorgoeus colour and quality. The  blouse in the same colour looked fab on the other hand, so I got that green gorgeousness in another shape instead. It goes so well with at least three old skirts of mine, thus I consider it a great buy.

The staff also showed me this new delightful summer pattern collection. I'm a sucker for tops and dresses with the sweetheart neckline. Decided to go back and at least try the blouse on a few days later (I'd already dismissed the dresses, foot long dresses are not my cup of tea to wear).

It didn't wowed me, too blousy and fluffy to be flattering unfortunately. But my wallet thank me very much. It probably look better on skinny and/or flatchested women. It feels good to walk away too, after trying something on and seeing it was not my thing, to actively decide, instead of just secretly coveting something and simply staying away.

Also, the staff in the Marimekko flagship store in Stockholm, they're really very nice. And honest, if something doesn't look good on you they don't shy away from saying so. And rather losing a short term sale than a long term customer relation. We had a good long talk about all sorts of design, sales and colour related things last time I went by. Which was all sorts of great. Now I just wish they could open a Marimekko Vintage store or webshop too, I'd be happy to help!

spring has sprung, march 2019

Spring has definitely sprung here now. We've had a few days with around +10 degrees C, but mostly it keeps around +5. Which I'm cautiously grateful for, and while it's lovely with sunshine after a long, dark winter, we desperately need lots of rain to refill the water emergency plants. Every raindrop counts.

books, march 2019 -

I've been reading a few books lately - far from being the book worm I once was, but long term readers know I've been struggling with my reading mojo for many years now, for various reasons, so I'm very happy when I do get so engulfed in a book I finish it within less than a week - finishing the last book in the Me before You-trilogy by Jojo Moyes. It's bittersweet to say goodbye to a character you've followed for so many years, books, don't you think? But it was an enjoyable read.

Now I'm reading "The Little Shop of Happy Ever After" by Jenny Colgan - I'm attending a writer's talk with her and other female writers in May btw, which will be fun and inspiring I'm sure. It's lovely, not least for the wonderful Scottish setting (of which I desperately miss seeing again...).

books, march 2019 -

I also begun reading the last book in the Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children-series by Ransom Riggs, but soon realised I couldn't remember how the prequel ended, so I need to re-read that first. It was some years since I read it, and thus so many other things to remember since. But if you haven't read the series yet, I really recommend it. Very odd, inventive, scary and magical.

lucky times three plus cherry on top, march 28, 2019

I've never bought my Sonny Angels in blindpack, if you collect them and not only buy the odd one on a rare occasion it's quite costly to not know what you pay for. And the only way to be sure you get them all in a specific series is apparently to buy the series times 2, which sounds utterly ridiculous and a crazy sales gimmick. And they've brought me happiness and good times even if not in blindpack, thank you very much.

I did make an exception to the rule of no blindpack recently though, as I didn't want to miss out on the limited edition Cherry Blossom-series (and I didn't get any Valentine ones this year as they sold out in minutes for some reason). Snatched four, kept my fingers tightly crossed there would be a least three different ones... Well, instead of a cat, a bunny, a peacock, a goat or a secret Sonny, I got three goats and a secret one, a Cherry.

Not sure what to do with that result yet. Swap a couple? Or just think that being born in a year of the goat this means I'll be three times as happy and lucky with cherry on top? Time will tell.

dairy free sproud cappuccino and spicy jackfruit wrap vegan lunch at espresso house, sundbyberg, sweden, march 29, 2019

Admittedly I didn't have waffles on the Swedish Waffle day last Monday. But I did have a vegan semla on Friday, if that counts (from new favourite, Bageri Passion). Most memorable food experience of the week that was, of the less than pleasing kind though, was the above plantbased cappuccino made with the Swedish pea-based milk Sproud. It really wasn't good.

Coffee made with oat milk or soy milk (soy milk does need a great barista to taste lovely though) are vastly superior. And as much as I enjoy various peas in food, I'm not too keen on it in milk. But at least I've tried it now. Once, but never again.

odenplan, stockholm, sweden, march 2019

Last but not least, thank you from the bottom of my heart, March, you've been pretty amazing (mind you, minus the Ztina experience). Brimming with interesting talks, information overload and great learning experiences, colours, sunshine, fresh air, good people and mostly good food.

Welcome, April, I do hope you follow kind, brilliant and inspiring suit. I'll start your first week with picking up new and very special glasses, and two spiritizing breakfast talks (one on planning train holidays, which I'm so excited about hearing more of, as flying certainly isn't on the agenda anymore if you care about sustainability and climate change). I'm counting on you and I to have so much fun and laughter together, okey?

Saturday, March 23, 2019

three years later

super full moon - worm moon - vernal equinox, march 20, 2019 (sweden)

It's three years ago today, since M passed away. Suddenly and unexpectedly. Since then so much has happened. I've grown so much. Yet so little has changed, and I feel I've accomplished so little. I'm not yet where I want to be, but I acknowledge this is also part of the journey called life. Every experience is an opportunity to learn new things. And grow as a human being, into a better version of yourself.

If I would say that with M's death I've lost many people that I used to call friends and acquaintances. That would be true. As if death in itself is contagious. I guess they were neither friends nor acquaintances. Or people worth trust and time.

If I would say that after his death I've welcomed new as well as rekindled with old friends and acquaintances. That would be equally true. And my life is richer for it, not poorer for the people lost.

Even if my inner compass will most likely forever remember this time of the year as unexpectedly sorrowful, I also know it will get better year after year. And that life will be filled with magical things, rich and rewarding (as long as there is a livable planet of course) as well as more sorrow and pain, because that's life too.

This was a simple post of reflection, on how quickly life can change drastically and have to be rebuilt, and how you always have to create meaning and purpose in your own life, not depend on others to do it for you. Sometimes that's needed too, amidst all this cosmo geeking.

What's meant to be will be. But we can always make an effort and nudge it, in the direction we hope will be the very best one for us, at this very time in life.

Saturday, March 16, 2019

la dolce sustainable vita, bullet journaling and other cosmo geek week ingredients

Ă„rstiderna organic vegan foodbox, food ambassador, march 2019 -

Where to start? It's been such a busy week I don't know where to begin, or honestly if one post is enough if I'm going to tell everything I'd like to share. Or if I should simply keep every bit really short and if you want to know more, you can watch, listen and learn elsewhere. Here goes.

vegoforum stockholm, sweden, march 10, 2019 đŸŒ±đŸ’š

Last weekend I attended the annual Vegoforum in Stockholm. A day brimming of interesting seminars on sustainability, animal rights, health, ethics, science and politics. For you who've been following me for a while, you know I'm no great fan of fairs, festivals and big crowds. Team that with things I'm really passionate about and heartbroken over (ie how we treat our fellow earthlings), that's no place for me.

But a friend who volunteered coaxed me to go. And I'm so glad I did. Because of the various seminars I could concentrate on the practical, inspirational, important things for change rather than the matters that are painful. Thus science, plantbased food, vegan entreprenurship and politics for me.

I listened to a talk by WWF and how their One Planet Plate-project is one important piece of the sustainability puzzle.

vegoforum stockholm, sweden, march 10, 2019 đŸŒ±đŸ’š

I listened to a talk about the pros and cons for vegan entrepreneurs and business owners. From startup Nogue Foods, brilliant Oatly, crowd funding investor Kale United and vegan shoe shop Green Laces.

vegoforum stockholm, sweden, march 10, 2019 đŸŒ±đŸ’š

I listened to a talk by a professor and scientist from KTH about how crucial it is that we change (preferably yesterday) to a low meat society. Which, to be honest, most everyone knows but the politicians are still to cowardly and dependant on industry lobbyists to actually do something about.

vegoforum stockholm, sweden, march 10, 2019 đŸŒ±đŸ’š

And then a panel discussion with scientists, doctors and politicians on just that, why don't politicians act, despite all the research pointing in the same direction.

Apart from the odd bit of mansplaining here and there (sigh) it was a really enlightening and uplifting day. There are, we are, actually people who care and have the facts. Facts on which you can't argue. Well, unless you're plain ignorant, selfish or heartless.

And yes, the simple vegan food on offer in the restaurant that day was great too.

Plus all talks were filmed and are viewable on website and on YouTube. I really recommend a watch. In Swedish only.

bullet journal workshop, stockholm, march 12, 2019

Later in the week I attended a work shop in Bullet Journaling. Of which I honestly hadn't heard until last month, when I got a membership email from the bookstore in question that arranged it. But I'm big on making lists and using notebooks, so I thought it would be a neat way to learn more about productivity and structuring your life.

bullet journal workshop, stockholm, march 12, 2019

It was an inspirational evening, but not fully grasping the concept yet, I didn't dive in creating my own first bullet journal. But I've bought books to fully understand it, so any day now I will. Plus, to tell the truth, I'm not a great fan of the stickers, doodle, drawings, colouring, scrapbooking way of bullet journaling. Not my cup of tea, I prefer other types of creativity while keep my planning more focused and straight forward, as it was originally intended. But each to his/her own.

bullet journal workshop, stockholm, march 12, 2019

In this digital world, and working in it, I miss the analogue. Often. I now have my colourful, practical bullet journal to be, and my pens. So looking forward to learn and start creating my own journal!

kÀllkritikens dag, stockholm, march 13, 2019 -

March 13 is Source Criticism Day (KĂ€llkritikens Dag) in Sweden. A day when the tabloid Metro and its Viralgranskaren (The Viral Scrutinizer, which sounds alike a superhero, which I suppose it is in a less flash way) had an open seminar on source criticism and how vital it is to question things and sources on news and rumours. Especially in this day and age when it seems fake news are more prominent than ever.

kÀllkritikens dag, stockholm, march 13, 2019 -

The Swedish Minister of Culture and Democracy, Amanda Lind, presented the award Det gyllene förstoringsglaset (The Golden Magnifying glass) for the "Kolla kÀllan" (Check your source) to two recipients, one person/organization and one person/organization within the educational system. Because source criticism is obviously essential for democracy.

The evening was filmed, and can be watched online. Partly in Swedish, partly in English.

ancient glasses get a new life, march 2019

I handed in five very very old of glasses of mine, to my optician, which no longer are of any use to me and my eyes, but can still change someone else in need's life. Recycling at its best. It's interesting to see how either my taste in glasses design has changed over the years (I think these pairs are about 10-15 years old) or what's on offer in way of design is much richer now than it was then.

Might have ordered another pair from their brand new collection. Possibly. Think I need to get some sort of snazzy shelf for the glasses I currently use, so I can have a clear view (no pun, promise) of my morning choices.

vi Ă€r vad vi köper - we are what we buy 💛, march 2019

On the subject of shopping. And identity. I've finished this book "Vi Àr vad vi köper" (We are what we buy), written by two Swedish professors. The book is about Homo Consumericus and consumerism. It's a both entertaining, enlightening and infuriating, sad read I'd say. Mass consumption is one of the imminent threats to our planet and yet there's no quick, viable solution to the problem since consumerism is such a huge part of society and our lives. How do we consume smarter, less, healthier and more sustainably?

Next week I'm having fika with one of the authors. We've been talking a lot on social media and realized we also share the love for Marimekko. Which is such a fun coincidence. Thus of course we had to have a Marimekko clad meetup, over coffee and talk about the most likely system breakdown we're facing plus other interesting cultural and anthropological observations.

bullet journal workshop, stockholm, march 12, 2019

And on the topic of glasses. On my way to doing the above drop-off of the old glasses I was waiting for the bus, when I noticed an elderly woman who looked so stylish, with red hair, green scarf and cool glasses. I thought to myself I should compliment her for her brilliant style. But instead when we got on the bus she sat down next to me and said I had super-cool glasses that suited me perfectly. How funny and brilliant wasn't that!

So of course I said the same to her and we got chatting on style and design, and how boring and uninspiring too many people dress. If more people dared to use colour, patterns and fun accessories, the world would be a happier place for it. It's so very nice when you just spot a stranger person who you're instantly drawn to because of their personal style. And it's mutual. Awesome. Plus age is just a number, style is eternal.

la dolce sustainable vita event, stockholm, sweden, march 14, 2019 -

We're getting close to the end of the week now, promise. (And if you're getting exhausting by reading about all of this, think of how tired, but inspired, I am, as an intro/ambivert, experience it live...). And time for the annual sustainability forum arranged by Konsumentföreningen Stockholm (Stockholm Consumer Cooperative Society). Its name was La Dolce Vita, the evening was once again filmed, and should be up soon on YouTube. The sweet life as in how do we live the sustainable sweet life.

There was a wide and interesting range of people on stage, some better and more relevant than others, but all in all, a great, hopeful evening. The talks all revolved how we can work to reach the Agenda2030 sustainability goals, both as a society and as private citizens as in the Good Life Goals.

Participants were the former Secretary General for Naturskyddsföreningen (The Swedish society for Nature Conservation), now at Fossilfritt Sverige (Fossil-free Sweden), a vegan food blogger, the sustainability manager at CocaCola (if that's not a paradox, I don't know what is...) and the same at Coop, the Secretary General of ViSkogen (agroforestry) and WeEffect, the founder of CHOOOSE, the sustainability manager at Max burgers and the chief strategist at Futerra.

The one quote that stuck with me the most was "You can't chose where you're born, but you can chose whether you close your eyes or engage yourself." Are you the person you want to be today, on the right side of tomorrow?

vegan semla, semla tea and zigne, march 8, 2019

Rounded the week off with an appointment with the physiotherapist, who said the mobility in arm looked great for a complicated fracture 7 months down the line. Unless I felt I needed support she didn't want to see me until a whole year had passed since the accident for review on the status and options. I should just remember not to lift anything heavier than 0,5 kilos until then... Which I obviously have already, a lot. Kitty litter and cat-food bags, there's no escaping. But at least it isn't like regular weight lifting at the gym and such.

bullet journal workshop, stockholm, march 12, 2019

Then I rushed to what was the third interview for the communication position I applied to a few weeks back. (No matter what will come form this, I have to say that it has been a very efficient and pleasant recruitment process.) As the company's headquarters are neatly situated in my suburb, I had thought it would take me about 5-10 minutes with bus and walk to get there. Sadly I was mistaken. The newly built industrial area it's located in, is poorly designed for people without cars and I had to walk about 2,5 x 2 kilometres in pouring rain. (There is apparently a bus, but it's not my regular bus a few yards away, and it only runs twice per hour.)

But for that little inconvenient, time-consuming snag, I felt the interview went well. Interesting company, where no doubt there would be a lot of work and structure to put in place, but also a lot of room for creativity, possibilities to achieve great things together and for personal development. They'll now chose from the three people left, will know more in a couple of weeks. Fingers crossed.

vegan semla, semla tea and zigne, march 8, 2019

After this extraordinarily full week I totally deserved the vegan semla above. Teamed up with semla tea. And a snoopervising semla to cuddle.

Looking forward to a less hectic week, and time to collect my thoughts (in a bullet journal perhaps!) some more, and plan on my next steps. I do however have a little interior design workshop at IKEA of all places, by the end of the week, which will be fun I'm sure.

Other than that, March, keep impressing me, you've done such a great job so far! xox

Friday, March 08, 2019

bold by nature and other march snippets

marimekko bold by nature, fashion night march 7, 2019

The month of March has had a flying start - on the first I got a call back for a second interview already. It took place mid week and it felt great, so even more fingers crossed for a third one. Of course, like most always, afterwards the brain starts questioning should I have talked less about this, more about that, been more this, less that. Which is obviously a waste of energy, what is meant to be will be and I went to the interview with hope and good, honest intentions. And yes, it still sounds like a great position where we could thrive and grow together. Will know more late next week.

liljevalchs vÄrsalong 2019, march 4 -

The Liljevalchs spring art salon was a disappointment this year alas. Looking back at the photos I snapped I see there were some lovely pieces, like this monkey and chicken painting. But the overall impression was a lot, to put it mildly, naive art. Or not so mildly, toddler's daub. In other words, a vast difference from last years wonderful, high quality and very varied exhibition.

liljevalchs vÄrsalong 2019, march 4 -

These guys weren't impressed either. A sad void of good places to watch and pose, when you're tiny. I think the best thing about the visit was that I inaugurated my Palava sheep o'hoy dress.

slow fashion outfit selfies, march 2019 -

Hello there. Although no full length mirrors to be seen, so even though it really really deserved a proper sort of glamourous selfie there was only a toilet mirror available. Sorry, sheep dress, there will never be a chance for a new inauguraton day photo, but hopefully we will have many fun and sort of glamourous days together from here on anyway.

vegan burger and sweet potato fries, mahalo stockholm, sweden, march 4, 2019

Afterwards we had a vegan burger and sweet potato fries at favourite place Mahalo, that never disappoints.

tiny angels in stockholm, sweden, march 6, 2019

The weather continue to be scary. Lots of snow one day, heavy rain the next, -10 degrees C one day, +5 the next. Which obviously have led to icy streets here and there. I hope it will only rain from here on. And that the temperatures can keep around zero C. Climate change in your every day life is incredibly energy draining.

Not really visible in this picture, but the snow is falling again, the winds are icy and on the ground of this cemetery are patches of tiny, yellow flowers sprung and eagerly waiting for spring to come and stay.

sunrise, stockholm suburbs, sweden, march 6, 2019

I was up way too early for comfort, basically half asleep still, for a breakfast seminar on inbound marketing (it was great and unpretentious) earlier this week, when this gorgeous sunrise appeared. The way my house and garden are built I never get to see these amazing sunrises or sunsets when I'm home. So it's a rare treat when the weather conditions are perfect and I happen to be in the right place.

slow fashion outfit selfies, march 2019 -

Something else extraordinary happened this week too. I found a pair of trousers that actually look half decent and are wearable. For most of you that sounds pretty trite I suspect. But if you haven't found any trousers that fit for the last 10 or so years, I can assure you it's close to a miracle.

Since my early twenties I've always preferred skirts and dresses, for so many years I've found trousers to be very limiting and unflattering and skirts/dresses liberating. Now and then I still wore the odd pair of trousers back then. But with age the body changes and to be honest, when you find you look like a tall version of the Astrid Lindgren character Karlsson-on-the-Roof, when you still live in hope and sometimes actually go into a changing room to try them on, that's just dispiriting and not empowering at all. Unlike the magic that happens when you try on a really great dress.

But then something miraculous happen when I put this pair on, I'd never ever contemplating trying this type of model on before. I'm not sure what changed my mind. But I'm really glad I did. They were on sale and I wish I'd gotten a second pair, but they're all sold out now. And I have to be grateful I at least got one pair. Maybe they'll produce the same model for autumn again.

The blouse is from Marimekko. It's a tricky model to match so I'm happy to see it actually goes well with the trousers.

marimekko bold by nature, fashion night march 7, 2019

On the subject of Marimekko. And clothes. (Of which we should all buy less, even if it's sustainably made, of course. Not quite there yet. Obviously. Work in progress.) As is pretty obvious by now I adore their designs, patterns and colours, especially the Unikko flower (over the years, hello dresses, pencils, notepads, shower curtain, umbrellas, bag, vest, once upon a time iPhone cover, sneakers, anorak...).

And trying the dress visible in the top photo on the other day I was rather smitten. Even though I would have preferred brighter colours it's not like anything else I have in my wardrobe and I've found it's the type of model that fits me. Today there was a little fashion event in store which I attended and after trying it on again, and again getting so many compliments for it it's a bit embarrassing, but also empowering, I decided to get it. The dress is a blend of bold, classy and playful and will look great with red shoes and accessories/red lipstick.

marimekko bold by nature, fashion night march 7, 2019

Given the fact a lot of guests tried the pattern on in various models, I fear there will be a lot of women clad in navy blue Unikko pattern-clothes strolling the streets of Stockholm this spring through. Or maybe it will be a happy change from all the drab, black clad people of Sweden. The new flower power army hits the streets. Oh the joy.

I just couldn't resist taking a picture of a sales girl and a customer wearing the same Unikko kaftan dress, aren't they adorable? The Marimekko theme for spring and summer is Bold by nature. A statement which naturally appeals to me, not sure how bold the average Swede will be though, mixing patterns and colours like this.

marimekko bold by nature, fashion night march 7, 2019

But it does look great, so I hope I'm wrong in my assumptions of un-boldness.

The pretty flower cookies on Marimekko offer were vegan and natural superfood cookies, another tick in the Pia boxes of approval.

vegan semla 💛, fettisdagen, march 5, 2019

For Fat Tuesday this year I neither bought a dairyfree semla at a bakery, nor baked my own. Instead I bought ready made semla buns at the grocery store, and they were of a surprisingly lovely quality, whipped soy cream and made my own almond paste. Then assembled them and sprinkled powder sugar on top. They turned out really very tasty.

vegan semla 💛, fettisdagen, march 5, 2019

And so thought the cats and their tiny tongues too. I love how they also embrace plantbased milks and cream. Dairy is scary. Cow's milk is for baby cows. And that's that.

On the subject of that, this weekend I'll most likely attend a vegan forum, with various interesting and important talks. And then I'm all set for another exciting March week. Have lot of great things and workshops booked for the evenings so it will be a busy one.

Cheers and thanks, March, keep on bringing the good stuff!

marimekko bold by nature, fashion night march 7, 2019
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