Monday, October 31, 2022

october welcome home!


October has been incredibly hectic, beautiful, colourful, unexpected and welcome. As it has left me completely exhausted, today’s end of the month post will be short and sweet, with random photos of a few of my pockets of joy.

A week ago I turned very very very old - like I’m nearly almost twins with Julia Roberts-old. It was a sweet simple day, as we decided to do something more soecial when things have calmed down, and it started with a vegan breakfast at favourite cafe/bakery Bageri Passion.

I got some lovely sourdough bread. And did some grocery shopping. 

I finally got to use the crisp new Marimekko Unikko sheets in organic cotton, I got as a birthday gift for myself some months ago. It clearly teams up very very well with the plush second hand blanket I got earlier this year. And yes, I’ve slept like a queen.

There have been plenty opportunities for perky shoe per diem snaps in October. The simplest little pocket of joy.

Yes they are indeed home where they belong again. When the verdict finally came from the court of appeal it was indeed very serendipitous. The syncronicity was rather magic.

The main reason for October being so hectic this year is that we decided that little mum will move in with me, and we’ll sell her apartment asap. After two unsuccessful eye operations this past year her eye sight is very poor. She lives two storeys up and there’s no lift. That in combination with the stress over the crazy cat situation, the overall madness of the world we’re living in etc etc etc, I think a move here is a good way to heal and calm down. 

She’ll have security and easy access outside with living in a ground floor only house. We’ll save money together in these volatile times we exist in. It’ll be very cosy I’m sure - I mean, we lived together for the first 20 years of my life, reasonably friction free, of course we can make this work beautifully.  

It has been rather hellish, and awfully hard work to pack, save, sell, give away, throw a whole life from a three bedroom apartment to one bedroom and part of a house. It has been emotional, and completely exhausting. As well as cathartic. Marie Kondo does have some points.

But only minimalists can thoroughly enjoy moving.

We will spend the coming winter months settling in, more selling, giving away as well as throwing. And that will indeed include my stuff. Even if I’ve already made a mini-cleanse I totally realise I need much more done. 

It’ll be cosy, and more cathartic to come. It will be wistful but also release much needed new energy I’m certain of.

I think we both feel much lighter, and more hopeful already.

Which brings me back to the Ztina and Ågot-situation and syncronicity. As the big moving day was coming up the day after my birthday on the 25th we basically needed to move them back home on the 24th already. So they were all packed in their carriers late afternoon. I then opened my email and there was finally the court of appeal’s verdict - I got my babies back and the crazy animal ban was lifted.

How about that for serendipity?!? Best. birthday. gift. ever.

Ztina loved being home right away. It took about two days before Ågot got her groove back fully. But they’re back and loving it fully (even if it’s rather annoying with the moving boxes mess currently). And now they have two hoomans to pamper and cuddle at their respective paw. 

Hopefully we can finally welcome a little, shaggy adopted pup in the not too far future also.

Nothing could beat this as a birthday gift. Pure magic. Pure happiness. Home at last.

On the b-day I decided to inaugurate the Snagstights duo tights Bottled Delight. Aren’t they fabulous?! 

I also ordered a big bunch of their tights in various autumnal colours, as I’ve been so happy with both the chubrubs and the tights, the quality and the fit really is extraordinary. They finally arrived today, October 31. I haven’t opened the bags yet, will save that for daylight tomorrow on World Vegan Day. 

Ztina is not only happy to be home where she belong. She also takes her snoopervising duties very seriously. And she loves the vacuum on full blast, so much so she gives it kisses. Still a little weirdo. Much much loved weirdo. And a poster girl for cats NOT afraid of vacuum cleaners.

As is visible here, my birthday week (yes becoming this old, and leaving a particular rough year behind me, means a while week should be celebrated in the little pockets of joy way) has centered around the beloved Unikko flower in various colours and shapes. Because I’m worth it. And I refuse to scold myself for not being 100% frugal during times like these. Nobody is perfect, but I am pretty perfect in other ways. 

October 2022 was also the month when I discovered the complete joy of making (silken) tofu pancakes. I love my banana pancakes, but I do believe these are equally good and very moreish. I’ll share the recipe later.

The only birthday card I got this year, I suppose I’m now so old people have forgotten I even exist…, was this lovely surprise card from someone kind and thoughtful in England. Love it!

The pink towel is another fine second hand find that arrived almost in time for the b-day. Lucky me.

October, you were a blast. I seriously digged you. Thank you so much for all your gifts, dearest month of mine. Another year older, another year wiser. And greyer, more tired. It would be a miracle if I was not given the rest of the prior months (pre-pandemic and all…).

Hi there, November, it’s still the Scorpio season, I do hope and wish you will continue on this path of kindness, joy and fine surprises that October paved the way for. Thank you too.

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