Monday, October 31, 2011

where have you been all my life, t-sac?


I do have a few favourite tea-strainers - the good quality ones that don't break or are warped thus let all the tea leafs out in the cup and are easy to clean - but my experience is also that they aren't very dependable in the long run, they break, they get warped and very many aren't that easy to clean. But so far, I do adore my little robot guy.

Though ever since we saw and tried these nifty (biodegradable chlorine-free) tea filters for loose tea past summer I've been looking for them. In vain until now. Suddenly the loose tea drinking seems much more effortless - yes, apparently we are just that tad bit lazy... - somehow. I would like to compost them though.

Yes, overall it seems rather a waste that a household with so much teabags and vegetable peels not has a compost, I know. There was two large horrible looking plastic compost bins when we moved in here (10 years ago). I got rid of those eyesores after a few years and have been meaning to get something smaller, modern, less visible and convenient since. One of my goals for this year was actually to finally get one. I haven't. And I don't plan to start looking now, during winter.

So I'm thinking one might make a DIY project compost, something small and simple. Kind of 'for teabags only'. To begin with. Until spring. I obviously need to Google 'make your own compost'. While drinking more loose tea and throughly enjoying my new friend the t-sac.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

for the week to come


I'm looking forward to:

~ taking some more steps towards my new life (incl the revamping of my office space)

~ finishing a couple of socks and a few magical sleeping pouches

~ foot feeling better

~ meeting a new friend for fika - food - whateverish

~ possibly trying out a brand new café

~ sporting some new socks

~ baking and filling the freezer

~ welcoming a couple of small sized woollies - remember tomorrow is the last day of entry in the bobbaloo book giveaway

~ getting a big box of goodies from MOO

~ finishing another book

I'm not looking forward to:

~ the (hopefully) last root filling on Tuesday

~ the gloomy weather promised for the first week of November (winter), forecast says cloudy glum until nest Saturday. Not that I trust the forecast, but still... (Happy we made it all through October this year without snow though.)

I'm glad there are more things to look forward to than not.

So, what are you looking forward to respective not so this upcoming week?

Friday, October 28, 2011

on the last october weekend


Sadly the pink flowers will most certainly be scarce on my weekend - but briefly a week ago they were mine to admire - the blue skies probably too.

But there'll be reshuffling of furniture to make room for a brighter future (in many ways) and, what I hope is, an entertaining movie. That will do. Quite possibly inauguration of purple shoes. And baking of cakes. That's quite nice too.

Whatever you're up to this last October weekend - dear month, you've been quite a good month, I'm sad to see you leave -

I hope you'll have a lovely one!  


Thursday, October 27, 2011

post-travel reflections


It was lovely to get a bit of sun, warmth and change of scenery. It was indeed a pretty, picturesque city (more of later) with nice things to see and do, but there where also two drawbacks that make it less than likely it'll qualify for my "favourite-cities-list".

1) To say the least it lacked a lot where vegetarian food was concerned (thank you cheap Indian restaurant near the hotel, it wasn't your fault the breakfasts and lunches were far from decent).

And apart from the lovely vegetarian/vegan restaurant we went to on my birthday - thank you so so much for your kind wishes! - I found both the lack of fresh vegetables served with food (I want my carrots!) and an overall organic thinking quite observable. In this day and age, when it's so easy to get information thus make a change this leaves me sad and yes, I admit it does put a dampen on a holiday. For me.

2) Pretty much every street was cobbled. Looked lovely - one can only imagine the work once upon a time gone into this... - was hell to walk on. I'm used to walking a lot and for hours on city streets, the feet may be tired, but they're never sore. Until now. Jeez...

In my early teens I had issues with calcaneal spur on my right foot. It petered out and has never caused any major problems. Well, until now. Suddenly, major pain in right heel after having walked uphill, downhill for a day - in sensible shoes, always - forcing me to compensate with the left leg, which gave twinges of pain in my left knee which couldn't be ignored. I actually couldn't help myself but bawled my eyes out twice on the streets of an unknown city. Luckily taxi was cheap.

So. It was a getaway with both sweet and sour moments, some more ignorable than others. But as always, it gave useful perspectives on my way of life, on the Swedish way of life, the good and the bad. And after all, inspiration and perspectives, that's what travelling is all about. For me.

It also brought a pair of pretty shoes. Good travelling does that too. Purple, brogue, oxfords, what's not to adore? Hopefully they will also prove to be comfortable to walk in - once feet are more their usual selves again - and then I will show and tell more. Because shoe posts are good posts, right? Right.


PS Travel literature was good too, haven't finished it yet, but will very soon DS

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

happy birthday to me ~


Last year I wrote this on my birthday. But it's not until very recently I've seen those changes coming and some comments in this post played a part in that. I am grateful for those words of comfort that made me think, and then again.

When this post gets published I'm hoping we're walking, the not so rainy, streets of a beautiful European city, doing some castle spotting, having coffee and custard pie (the local speciality) in the afternoon, a lovely vegetarian dinner in the evening. Possibly a pair of shoes/boots will be found during the day that calls my name. What more could one ask for on a birthday?

When we're back home again in a few days I'll be a busy busy bee and a very excited such, but for now, a few days away is simply a perfect way to spend that one annual day in.

One year older, one year wiser,
may next year be a good one, a wiser one.

Friday, October 21, 2011

travel literature


Picked up two new books to have as travel literature - as if the piles unread I have already wasn't enough to chose from, but there's just something irresistable with a brand new book bought for a specific purpose I think - a Swedish suspense novel that many have raved about "Döden på en blek häst" (Death on a pale horse) by Amanda Hellberg. Set in Oxford, where the author apparently lives herself.

Admittedly I am very hesistant to try out new Swedish crime novelists, because there are so many crap of them around. Bestselling, often translated too and I can't for my life understand why, but alas the yearn for rubbish literature seems endless. But the gorgeous cover alone made me intrigued, the plot too. I began reading it at the kitchen table when I got home and was immediately drawned into the story. Had to restrain myself from continuing, it is after all something I want to enjoy on a long flight. But hey, how wonderful it was, the rekindle of the feeling of not really wanting to put a book down!

I also got John Irving's latest, "Last night in Twisted River". Given I wasn't very fond of his previous one - sadly, since he is one of my favourite writers ever - it was a bit hesitantly I did so. This time I got it in Swedish, half of his books I've read in Swedish half in English, many books lose a lot of their identity in translation, but his has always been excellently translated. I hope this one will have been too.

I will probably put down a half-read book (due to the losing reading-mojo issue) in my bag too, hopefully a spark has been lit and it would be magical if I could finish an old-ish book to!

Time for packing the suitcase, we're off tomorrow - to the not so secret destination - and will land in Sweden again by the end of next week. The Internet connection at destination sin't boding to well, so the tales to tell and photos to show will have to wait until return. Cat-, dog- house-sitter is installed. The forecast for the destination shows rain, rain, rain, I bet it's just because I whined a bit about it not being a destination I had hoped for. Wanted autumn weather streets to stroll, got it. Just when I had gotten used to the idea of summerish weather and sun. Ah well, I'm sure it'll be fabulous anyway.

I hope your weekend will be lovely and
the October week to come too

and hey, don't forget to enter the my-first-book-giveaway if you feel like something joyous

Thursday, October 20, 2011

nick brandt at fotografiska

nick brandt at fotografiska

Nick Brandt have been one of my favourite photographers for some years now. The soulful beauty and sorrow his animal pictures exudes is simply stunning and mindblowing. Today we visited the Fotografiska (Photographical) museum to see his exhibition "On This Earth, A Shadow Falls". I wept my way around the room, I weep writing this.

#fotografiska nick brandt <3

For all the innocent life the egoistic mankind in complete lack of compassion so willingly extinguish. There's just something so completely and utterly wrong with a too large part of the human race. For that I weep.

nick brandt at #fotografiska if you haven't been yet, go, just go. and bring tissues.

Part of the exhibition was also a fine little filmed interview with Nick Brandt, where he talked about his work, the African animals, the human overexploitation and poaching. In 2010 he founded the Big Life Foundation dedicated to the preservation of African wildlife and ecosystems. You can donate money, buy prints and there's also a gorgeous signed photo book (I would love to get for Christmas) to support this more than worthy cause.

calcified bat. nick brandt at #fotografiska

nick brandt at #fotografiska

nick brandt at #fotografiska

nick brandt at fotografiska

The exhibition "On This Earth, A Shadow Falls" with overpowering photos by Nick Brandt is on at Fotografiska - a wonderful museum with a lovely café on the top floor, with a stunning water view over Stockholm, and a nice gift shop, very much worth a visit when in Stockholm - from October 6 to January 8, 2012. Go see. Bring tissues. And donate.

nick brandt at fotografiska

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

scarves ~ one finished, one in progress


Sock knitting season hasn't quite begun yet and I'm trying to take it easy with the crocheting - to not work that apparently now sensitive thumb grip too much... - but I finally put the last details to one scarf (which still needs to be stretched properly) I begun knitting last summer. Tie-dyed cotton yarn in fab subdued apricot-beige hues.

And for some reason the Scandinavian bobbaloo settlement always have some eager colour matching beings up for photo posing, no matter colour of yarn. Not quite decided if that's a good or bad thing. Or simply a natural side-effect of yarn and bobbaloo addiction fondness.


The work in progress is my first attempt at the ripple pattern. I don't know what took me so long, it's so easy and make for such a lovely result in any project, big or small. This is of course also a scarf - yes, I am guilty to an addiction fondness for scarves too. Apart from shoes and handbags, the perfect scarf will lift any outfit, possibly even any day - nearly done, some essential details and finishing touches, then it's ready for spring wearing 2012. Pretty in pink, mint-green and violet cotton.

Now what yarn project to begin next...

How's your yarn projects for autumn coming along? Anything finished yet? For yourself or others?


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

win a signed copy of my first book : food and drink with bobbaloos


My own copies of my first book arrived much earlier than estimated. In fact I have been marvelling over it for over a week now. My. First. Book. It's quite adorable, if I may say so myself, very giggle- and awww-instigating. The are also some things I'd like to tweak and make different with the next book, but all and all, not bad for a first go.

The bobbaloos are excited - like always, but perhaps a tad bit more now being immortalized in a  b o o k - I'm excited and hopefully you will be too by the prospect of being a lucky (oh yes) winner of one signed copy of "food and drinks with bobbaloos".

All you have to do to enter the October giveaway is this;
leave a comment in this post and tell me why you'd enjoy having a signed bobbaloo book in your hand. Last day of entry is October 31st.

Book is of course also available in the Blurb bookshop -
just follow the link badge in the right margin --->
A pretty cute gift to self or others who need a bit of bobbaloo jolliness in their lives - and seriously, who doesn't? Printed on demand, this Staff Picks wee feelgood book is just a click away!

Monday, October 17, 2011

eating out - la mano verde, berlin


Exactly three months ago - on a day when I climbed an golden angle and thus fulfilled a little dream of mine - I had one of the best, if not THE best, meals I've ever had. And it was vegan.

Admittedly, my experience of vegan food up until that moment have not been all that good, from presentation to texture to flavours, I have not been impressed. My experience have been that vegetarian food is just that much easier to add that little extra something something to. Yes, I have had reasonably decent vegan meal, but they have always lacked that special thing that makes one's tastebuds sing. And often been quite heavy, greasy and with a surprising lack of fresh vegetables. Until that moment in July 2011, in Berlin.

Now I know how vegan food (that goes for any food, not only vegan of course) can taste, should taste and I absolutely adore it. Alas it will probably be a long long time until I'll have the uttermost pleasure of trying such amazing vegan food again, but on the other hand would this type of gourmet food (vegan or not) be an everyday meal kind of thing I would not appreciate and savour it in memory as much as I now do. Because such is human nature, along with its tastebuds.

One thing I keep going on about is the appaling lack of classy vegetarian/vegan eating in Stockholm, sure you can get decent vegetarian options at gourmet restaurants here, but they're not inventive and made by someone who solely care and cater for vegetarians. The food you get at the vegetarian/vegan restaurants can be lovely, but the presentation most often is slovenly and the milieu of the lieu lacks a lot to be desired, if you don't fall into the category of happy hippie (which I don't, at least not everyday).

If vegetarian/vegan restaurants themselves so obviously lack in respect of vegetarianism as a lifestyle, then why should the rest of the society take it seriously? To be able to convince the sad majority of non-vegetarians/vegans about the one decent and obvious way to meet the future one need to parcel the message and food with class.

Of course this hasn't, or shouldn't, be the case of the everyday vegetarian/vegan meal. But at least there must be fine dining options, places that know how to cater for both the eye as well as the palate in both vegetarians as well as non-vegetarians. In 2008 I had a rather lovely overall experience with this at David Bann vegetarian restaurant in Edinburgh.

Last summer I had quite a few nice vegan experiences in Berlin. But none that came even remotely close to lifting my spirits to the palate chanting heights that our dinner at La Mano Verde this past summer did. In fact, I don't think my palate has sung like this since that day we stumbled over an Indian restaurant with a Michelin star in England in the early 90ies (oh how time flies).

La Mano Verde is an organic vegan and gourmet restaurant - the only one in Europe if my information is correct - that offers both raw food as well as regular vegan dishes. I'm sure you can make appetizing raw food main courses, but neither of us were that keen on trying that this time around. Thus we both opted for different pasta dishes. Due to poor lighting conditions the photos leave a lot to be desired, but still, I think they give a general idea of the wonderfulness of this dinner.

I have to admit though, that after having my first bite of food, which made me borderline delirious with its deliciousness I forget about most of the ingredients. Today I simply can't recall most of the ones mentioned in the menu, other than that they played together oh so well, those textures and flavours, the delight of rarely eaten perfectness.

My choice was the spagetti plate in the picture above, I think some of the ingredients were cashewnuts, sundried tomatoes, ruccola, mushrooms, garlic and possibly asparagus. It was wonderful and strong in flavours. I can't stand neither sundried tomatoes or ruccola in general, but here we obviously had high quality ingredients and then suddenly they did their perfect part in the dish.

july 15, 2011 II - la mano verde

M chose this ravioli style dish and I got to taste it. Doing that I immediately realised I'd chosen the wrong dish. This was pure heaven. Heaven. I think it was stuffed with pureed pumpkin and sage, served in a light sauce with oil, possibly garlic and poppyseed. I have never tasted anything so seemingly simple, yet so elaborate and just perfect. In every little flavour and texture way. Every forkful in my mouth was an utter delight and when the plate was empty (too soon) I think I was as near shedding a tear as I'll ever be over a plate of eaten food.


M's dessert consisted of a rhubarb vanilla strawberry compote which was superb in most every detail - if one could fault this dish in some way it would be the shortcrust biscuits that filled no obvious purpose in the dish, other than looking pretty on the plate.


I went with the La Mano Verde raw cheesecake. Made with cashewnuts and fruit served on a strawberry coulis. My first raw food experience and it was - you've guessed it! - nothing less than divine. Loved every spoonful, I could have licked the plate afterwards. But no I didn't. I was just starry-eyed, completely satisfied and full, without having that bloated feeling one often get after an ordinary meal. This was however no ordinary meal, far from, it was a meal and an overall experience that left me energized - and of course saddened by the thought that it wasn't an experience one would return to anytime soon - and utterly happy.

The premises - situated a stone's throw from Kurfürstendamm - were of understated, relaxed elegance, the service excellent - if I could fault it it would be for the lack of a pitcher with ice water, which I feel is essential in any meal without the dinner guests having to ask for it - the prices given the quality of the food were very reasonable I think.

We had a most pleasant chat with the General Manager, talking about vegan, vegetarian food and the lack of really good restaurants serving that. We got to thank the (female) chef - I can only imagine how much talent, ingenuity and fingerspitzengefühl that's gone into the creating of these dishes - for one of the best meals we've ever had  - yes, I am pleased to say that even M, not even a vegetarian, thought the vegan food experience at La Mano Verde was one of the best food encounters he'd had too -, then left feeling pampered, satiated and blissful.

So when in Berlin, a dinner experience at La Mano Verde, being a vegan or not, is simply a must. A must.

Food - 5/5
Service - 4/5
Ambiance - 4/5
Value for money - 5/5

La Mano Verde,
Kempinski Plaza, Uhlandstrasse 181-183

D-106 23 Berlin, Germany
contact (at)
nb website unfortunately not available in English

Sunday, October 16, 2011

random sunday reflections


Some recent snippets of thoughts in a random row;

~ A week from now I will be walking the streets of another capital in Europe. It's time for the very much treasured little birthday-getaway we've had since 2007. I'm not interested in getting regular gifts - since I can't say I need more stuff really... - but I love if we can find cheap tickets to a nice city for some exploring during a few days in october.

The best trip by far, so far, was the one to Gdansk in 2009. Loved that place. So I had hoped this year would bring some days of walking the autumnal streets of some eastern European city with beautiful  architecture, cultural ambiance (preferably without any real shopping temptations but many good cafés).

Yes, I had planned the packing, my mind was set. See, I had told M to keep the destination a secret until at the airport. That secret slipped yesterday - when talking about vegetarian restaurants, "this one is said to be the best in xxx"... oh dear - and even if this certainly is a city I've had on my want-to-visit-list it is not;

:: an eastern European one reaches with a couple of hours flight - I hate long flights if you desperately lack room to stretch legs properly 
:: an autumnal city as we now it in Scandinavia, in fact the temperatures are rather summery indeed and now I have to revise my packing - oh my
:: a place lacking of ample shopping temptations -
:: a place where there's a need for a red tassel cap

I know, know, know, all this is such a luxuary problem indeed, but I fear I am a tad disappointed about the lack of autumnal-eastern-european-street-walking a week from now... At the same time as I know it will be a fabulous trip - minus the long flight... - with ample photo opportunities (but probably a lack of easy and free/affordable Internet connection) and yes, a castle in the city.

Now, two important matters to ponder; which shoes to bring and which bobbaloos will be chosen for an abroad adventure...

Feel free to guess the city, from the clues above plus it's in Europe, in close proximity to water, it's the capital of a country I've been to twice before (but never to this city).

~ Got an email last week saying the Shakin' Stevens concert next Friday is cancelled (reason unknown). As disappointing as that in itself is, I have to say that I'm really most happy about getting my money back since I do need to put in quite an order at MOO this week. I hope he'll return to Sweden another time and that I'm able to get tickets then instead.

~ I've written about the recurring disappointment coming from the discussions with friends and acquaintances about starting up projects and businesses, that in the end just ends up in nothing. A lot more talk than action (which certainly is not something I need more of, the prior that is). But as disappointing as those matters are, just as relieved I am about others projects not becoming a reality.

The case being you have obviously misjudged people, since suddenly they show rather an appaling lack of perspective and more than a tad bit patronizing behaviour. I know, one will sadly never stop being surprised and sometimes appaled by human behaviour, but I confess, sometimes I really believe some people I meet are more caring, more knowledgeable about the surrounding world, more grown-up if you like. In those cases I'm simply dumstruck by their childish and petty behaviour, when it shows its ridiculous head. And then I'm grateful for another project simply having petered out into nothingness.

~ It's really well about time to do a bit of renovating and sprucing of the room that was meant to be my office space when I moved here - ten years ago come December! Yes it has bookshelves filled with books on important matters, an imposing desk - inherited from my father - but admittedly it has mostly been a room for dumping stuff I'm not sure what to do with at the moment (weeks, months, years...).

For a long time I've felt that the huge, imposing oak-tree desk with matching dark bookshelves have dampened my creativity, it's not a room I've enjoyed (even when clutter-free) spending time in, no matter light walls and a big window, those dark, heavy furnitures really aren't my cup of tea. I've just felt reluctant getting rid of the desk since it was after all my father's and I remember him spending a lot of time at it. But it really isn't what I want. And I would never ever contemplate getting such a desk myself - and the bookshelves I only bought dark to match the desk.

So time has come to say goodbye to my father's desk, I'm sure someone will have good use of it, it's a well-made, no fuss, heavy and imposing kind of desk. Myself I just want something airy and simple, a large white tabletop supported by trestles.

I'm also seriously thinking about painting the walls, the wallpaper works, but it's old and boring and it's really time I put some stamp of my own on the walls in this house. I've already decided on the colour, not I just have to find the perfect hue.

I've already three new bookshelves lined up to take the dark, drab ones place. If there's one thing I like about IKEA it's the Billy bookshelves. And these where of a limited edition, rather fabulous style at a reduced price. They have been patiently waiting for many months to be assembled.

Months ago I also got a lovely Emma-armchair from my favourite charity shop. It looked to be recently upholstered and was irresistable (as well as ridiculously cheap). That chair awaits its perfect place in my new office space too. It's a room off limits for cats (no space for hairs and claws) so the sweet velvet piece will have nothing to fear residing in there.

I then have all sorts of small painting and upcycling projects to get more creative and quirky storage space in that rather large room. Yes I'm rather excited about this (and a tad overwhelmed by the work getting there, or perhaps I'm just exaggerating the actual amount of work needed). When it's all finished I promise to show pictures (hopefully this time of New Year's).

~ Since this decision, I've felt more in balance than I think I've felt for a long long time. It has been a good few weeks, filled with both creativity and must-dos. I've spent them talking, talking, talking to people, emailing, writing, thinking, reading useful books (not the kind where you need a reading mojo), going to seminars and information meetings. I have some more things lined up for this week, then it's time for the little getaway with mindful relaxation, before one (ie me) has to really start working with the things I mean to do. In my own business. Finally.

As I've reached a place in my life where I have no other viable choices than to go ahead with this, there's no turning back and there's just no other outcome for this venture than success. It may of course not be a roaring such from day one, neither week nor month (touch wood), but it really has every chance to be given some time. I'm not talking financial success - even if I know what monthly income would make me happy, it's a goal and quite far from a millionaire's notion, being able to pay my bills, buy the not so odd pair of shoes, travel now and then and give more to worthy causes than I'm able to do today, then I'm well chuffed - but just the thought of being my own boss, having the overall controll and responsability of my work and days, doing what I do best, combining my creativity with my legal, formal background - I have to say, I am quite fond of my USP - that makes me so happy.

Here's to more balance in life and happiness in the week to come!

Friday, October 14, 2011

and a red tassel on top

red tassel on top

Just so you know, cool gals sport caps with red tassels on top this autumn season.
Yes it is suddenly that chilly here, certain days a cap is just what the head and ears need.
And there's no reason whatsoever of course why it shouldn't be a fine one.

Have a grand kind of weekend
(with a tassle on top for best effect) ~

Thursday, October 13, 2011

the blue stripey dust-coat dress


For some reason I've always had a soft garment spot for dust-coats and shirt dresses. Admittedly I try my very best to dust as little as possible, so the appeal of the dust-coatish dresses must be the overall unpretentiousness of flattering design I think (like the lotsa pocket dress ).

Admission number two; over the years I've rarely ever found the perfect dust-coat that fits and flatters. It's just a little dream of mine.


Browsing a Red Cross charity shop last summer I happened upon a row of dresses with a sign saying "Party dresses 75 sek, other dresses 60 sek" (~11 usd resp 9 usd). The so called party dresses where definitely not suitable for any party I'd like to attend (to put it politely), but then this "other dresses" blue stripey piece in sturdy cotton caught my eye.


It was one of this sticky hot summer days and trying on clothes in a poky fitting room was not high on the agenda. But somehow the dress felt special, well made in a home-sewn style, crisp in that just washed way, probably never worn, in a style reminding me of a shop assistant in a 1930-40ies shop. So I tried it on. And it was lovely. I'm pretty sure not everyone would agree on its perfectness, but I really really enjoy the understated style, the sturdy cotton, the slight puff sleeves, worn unrolled or not, the tad oversizedness which will look great both with and without a belt.

The full row of buttons allowing you to wear it like a dress or a coat. Teamed up with a great pair of  stockings (I do enjoy these lace ones which have served me well, violet walking or not) or socks, a fabulous pair of shoes, jewellery and possibly a hat I think it'll look quirky swell.


How's your relationship with dust-coats?
Good, bad, indifferent?

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

three random things on my kitchen table


And they colour match, go figure! My kitchen table has obviously moved a long way from that crafty kitchen table it was at Christmas time. Now and then I clean up, make an open space of the table, but it never take a long time before it's clutter heaven again. But I always hold my head high - but rarely have lots of guests at home - and remember the wise words of someone unknown "any kind of idiot can live in order, only a true genius master chaos".

This cleaning time around I found three random items and was indeed very pleased that they even matched, lime and lavender - a purple bramble scent soap
(yes the lime ribbon was sitting in a flower pot full of trinkets right beside it), li'l Hoptimist and a lime nailpolish. They all apparently have their natural place on the kitchen table according to the life of me.

If you found three random things on your kitchen table, what would they be?
And would they colour match?

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

a rhubarb pie baking kind of day


I've been meaning to bake a rhubarb mascobado crumble for some months now, but never really felt like baking - oh dear, many of my mojos have gone on extended holidays... - in fact I haven't baked anything since that red currant cake/pie in June.


But today was a baking kind of day, and there were lots of rhubarb in freezer that needed to be made into something. The mascobado sugar - fairtrade from the Philippines - was really very nice in flavour, much kinder, rounder in taste than refined white sugar (I may have a sweet tooth but I simply don't enjoy the too much sweetness white sugar often brings to the sweet stuff) and even a tad less sweet than the other muscovado sugars I've had before.


The simple crumble recipe called for sprinkling of the sugar on top of the pie, I'll skip that next time since even if it doesn't taste burnt the pie surface looks too dark for my preference. Another option could of course be to cover the tin with foil. Anyhow. The mascobado was really enjoyable and I'm sure whenever I feel like baking from now on, it'll be a regularly used sugar in this residence. Bobbaloo approved and all.


The family pet Burble Blue really is a most mischiveous kind. And hungry. Always. His behaviour kind of remind me of one loaf dog extraordinaire's. Human pet, bobbaloo pet, same same and not so different.

Monday, October 10, 2011

three books etc


Pretty much exactly a year ago my weary mind lost its reading mojo again - in my world it's always a bad sign to loose the reading (or writing) mojo, because it's something so essential me, the devouring of books, words and thoughts. And the last time I lost it I was in a very dark place, so when I found my way back to reading again then I knew life and things were on the right track finally - and since then I've only managed to read a page here a page there, the lack of gusto has so very obvious not been there.

I have a little pile of books I finished reading 1-2 years ago that I've been meaning to write a few words on, needless to say my views on the respective book aren't fresh in mind anymore, but I remember the liking or not so I think I'll write a few words one day soon anyway. Seems like a little planned project it would be nice to finally get done; a blogpost with "recent" book likes and dislikes.

This summer I did finish a wee book - in every sense - it was a lovely little read, but sadly it didn't do anything for my general reading mojo.

When I was still in my natural habit of devouring book I also couldn't help myself with the buying of new books, the piles of books beside my bed were evergrowing. But since a year ago I've only picked up the odd charity shop book, not bought anything new. Most of those charity shop books have of course not been for my own (lost) reading pleasure but for the Bookcrossing commitment. Which I thoroughly enjoy and if you haven't tried it yet you really should.

The non-read books in piles no longer reside in bedroom, but in drawers and bookshelves. One day (soon!) I hope to be devouring them as they should be devoured again. I want to look a bookshelf and feel utter happiness about the fact that I've actually read and enjoyed reading those books standing in a row there. It doesn't even have to be a snazzy lavender bookshelf.

The three books above are recent purchases. Two of them, by Barbara Ehrenreich, are mainly for inspiration for own projects - but admittedly I'm just not in that place in my life right now when I'm able to commit to such writing projects. For peace of mind and balance I need sweet, harmless feelgood writing in the style of bobbaloos...  - The Gargoyle by Andrew Davidson is an old recommendation, I hope it'll be a good read. A mojo arousing one. Gargoyles really ought to be good for that purpose too.

~ Do you ever lose your reading mojo?
~ If so, do you have any special methods to get it back or do you just wait?
~ Perhaps any special books that you know always help you back on the reading track again?
~ And even if I'm far from back on that track again, when I am, do you have any recently read books, or old favourites for that matter, that you recommend?

Sunday, October 09, 2011

and the winners of the 6th blogoversary giveaway are...


The littlest bobbaloos were chosen for this special task - and the new family pet, Burble Blue, although granted he was more interested in playing silly in the autumn leafs - , the drawing of the three blogoversary giveaway winners. As is obvious they were, as usual, enthusiastic in a way that only bobbaloos know how to be.


The three winners chosen, by the quickest bobbaloos - Wifflesteinborgen, Kinklewort and Miffwinkle, who all of course proudly wanted to pose with their winners, lens louse bobbaloos as they are - were;


~ Katie ~

~ Sienna ~


If you email me your adresses (you'll find my email at the 'about me' page) I'll have your respective postcard/bookmark set in the mail asap.

And again, thank you all so so much for all kind comments left in that blogoversary post, in any post really. Always appreciated. Lots.


Friday, October 07, 2011

happy weekending ~


I hope you get to spend your weekend in that perfect,
special way you want, whether snuggle indoors or
outdoorsy in crisp autumn air,
have a sweet one!

shoe per diem oct 6, 2011 -

Thursday, October 06, 2011

fudges flatbreads etc


I stumbled over these flatbreads from Fudges at a factory bread shop, when we did a bit of driving around Dalecarlia the day after the awesome Bryan Ferry concert, in late August. I'm really not a fan of crackers and cheese notion in general, but I liked the packaging and well, we had skipped lunch and I was desperate for something to eat there and then.

Turned out these were lovely, the cheese & black pepper flatbreads, even more so with a dollop of butter on top. Not really a cheese flavour at all, but a nice after-taste of black pepper for sure. I found them at my local supermarket too, the munching on them is therefore within easy reach. Should one wish.

Bobbaloo approved by Kinklewort and family pet Burble too. I wonder if Fudges will pick up on such splendid news for a marketing campaign, bobbaloo approved food, obviously that doesn't happen to just any kind of food and drink.


Wednesday, October 05, 2011

wicked witch of the east bookmark


Briefly mentioned last week, but really deserving a little post of its own, this is indeed a rather awesome bookmark. When I saw it on Etsy I of course immediately knew I had to have it, stripey stockings, red shoes, wicked witch of the east.

I think it's an ingenious and lovely quirky idea, even though I'll have it more as an inspiration piece than as a bookmark. From HoneyCase on Etsy.

And it doesn't hurt that it's also quite possibly the most photogenic bookmark I've ever had. (And paw approved too.)




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