Thursday, May 31, 2012

blue trio eight weeks old


Not a grump in blog sight, only kittens today. Fluffy, cuddly, adorable, soul soothing and all happy - Clever Cat Thursday it is!

Eight weeks old now, Årvar, Åskar and Ågot, they are wilder than ever - it's quite a significant difference between Ztina and Zigne when they were this age and these three - and quite a handful, but of course a delight too.

åskar at the vet's

First veterinarian visit and vaccination yesterday, not too happy but as always they behave well. They also got to run around a bit and Ågot, in her usual high-pitched screaming manner got behind an old vase, sat herself down and started meowing in her special way. Other than that, all went well. I had expected them to be exhausted from the little trip when they got home. But on the contrary, their energy level had risen, they played wilder than ever games all evening.

ågot alnwick

Adorable and fun as they are, things will undoubtedly be a bit calmer and relaxed when they move in four weeks... Or well, actually Ågot, the little girl is a keeper. This is after all the seventh generation in a straight line from my own breeding, not sure where to go from here - and I can't see myself having kittens again for at least a couple of years now - but to lose that after 19 years would be a pity. So staying she is.


Åskar is already sold - as mentioned before, to a home that bought a cat from me 14 years ago. He was a beautiful male that won a lot at cat-shows at that time and sired many fine kittens. It was so nice to very unexpectedly hear from her again! It would indeed be lovely to sell kittens to homes you already have approved, I've met lots of lovely buyers over the years but the whole thing with unknown people, presumptive buyers visiting the cats and your home it's just a bit... invasive somehow. Yes, as a breeder I've of course brought that bit on myself, still people you already know visiting and opening their homes to another cat, much much nicer... -


and I had hoped the little fluff Årvar - or Sir Plupp as we call him, since he looks just like the little bluehaired troll from an old Swedish children's book, Plupp - had a nice home waiting with open arms. But that didn't work out, so I'm looking for the perfect home still, a worthy new owner. He's just such a gem, though his new owner should enjoy grooming.

Enjoy a mix of snaps of these past few weeks, a blend of some crappy quality and some decent ones, sometimes a moment is just lost if you have to ran for the proper camera. I think the mood and moment somehow speak for themselves even if the photo quality leaves a lot to be desired ~

things you can find on my floor
things you can find on my living room floor
elk and ågot aday12
ågot and the elk (malte's squeaker toy)
åskar and waldemar
åskar and uncle/big brother waldemar
pelle and babies
daddy pelle and a couple of tiny blue ones occupying the sofa
årvar aka sir plupp, 6 weeks old
årvar and åskar
årvar and åskar catching suncats at the front door
åskar oxburgh
åskar, 7 weeks old
little loaf and two blue tykes
ågot annoying the sleeping little loaf...
åskar oxburgh
watching tv is often spent with a sleeping kitten snuggling on the shoulder,
at the neck or in the lap


Wednesday, May 30, 2012

the mock orange and i

shoe per diem - mock orange may 28, 2012

during this lovely time of the year it would indeed be (more than) nice to feel energetic, in balance and happy. but instead my disposition is grumpy, with the odd glimpse of what should be.

something - besides the obviousness of cats, kittens and loaf - that is most always a source of soul and mind soothing is the garden, gardens.

the beloved old sugar loaf fir tree was less of the tree for every season, just a dry mess. alas its time to go to the mighty tree heaven had come and last week it went down. goodbye sugar tree, you've been a fine garden friend.

i had planned to plant a white lilacs shrub in its place, like a little silly white garden (sissinghurst inspired) in a corner of the garden (ornament tree and clematis also being white), but then i found a mock orange plant at växplats nybyn. oh i've always loved to have one of my own! i have such fond childhood memories of them and i adore the scent.

home it came. planted it was. with super fertilizer rockdust. protected from paws attacks. i have to say though that with super fertalizer i had expected it to have grown at least twice its size over night. ah the disappointment.

still, things can only improve, right? like not having to be so utterly tired of being tired. the mock orange and i, a day at a time we'll grow better and better. the tiredness of being tired, be gone.

Monday, May 28, 2012

what i learnt during the weekend


It has been an eventful week. Given my current health status quite an exhausting one.

Doctor's appointment, blood samples, lung x-ray - no sign of anything abnormal, which is of course good but still, the way I feel is anything but normal and it would be nice to have something very tangible to explain it, not just "the blood samples and your blood status show an infection of some sorts". Perhaps I'm feeling a tad better, but not at all as one would like to feel after two plus months of this... Two weeks and then I'll go back to Dr Feist to check my blood status again. Until then, be nice to myself. Don't overestimate my energy level, take it easy.

Now to the weekend's Geek Girl Meetup - which surely, after the avocado debacle earlier in the week, couldn't be that bad? And of course it wasn't, I wish I could be excited, but I'm not, though it was nice, met some interesting people (some of which I knew via Twitter and Instagram) with whom I would like to have talked some more. The circumstances didn't allow that, so I hope there will be room for that at a later date, on another occasion.

A few things I take with me from the event are;

~ I don't do the group thing -

something which I already knew, but still, I much rather talk one on one with people. Too bad there's most always rarely room or time for that, we're always forced into group situations.  And there are always people in those group situations that want to dominate, that aren't the least bit interested in listening to others and interact.

~ I love it when people are passionate about what they work with or have as a hobby or special interest -

but that doesn't mean that everyone who is passionate about what they do are good speakers and great at conveying the message and their passion in a fascinating way. In fact, many are quite yawn inducing instead.

~ I really am not the least bit interested in the technical parts regarding Internet, computers and social media -

not even spending time with geek girls who are makes it rub off

~ Beautiful Data (the theme for the event) to me is something which is aesthetically pleasing to the eye and mind, good design, great colours, fonts, graphics, snazzy texts and great pictures -

obviously beautiful data is something completely different to these kind of geek girls...

Geek girls are much more open to different non 9-5 lifestyles and have an open mind towards different ways of thinking. Outside the box rocks -

but like in any group, profession, specialist area the bromos, expressions and concepts flourish and if you don't speak or think the lingo, well too bad boohoo

~ To not have to even bother with having to pre-order a vegetarian lunch since at least half of the lunch served is already vegetarian by default is just such a huge relief.

~ I do adore the fact that the name badge strings were shoe laces. Too nerdy and cool for words really. Still contemplating which shoe pair they will adorn.

geek girl meetup 2012

My intention was to attend the event both days, however I was exhausted came Saturday evening, to attend Sunday too just wasn't an option. I doubt I'll attend next year - I think this was the third annual unconference meetup - still, it was very nice to see what all the fuss is about. Even if not world-turning and wow-factorish for me personally, I'm just not that kind of geek girl.

So, what did you learn this past weekend?

Friday, May 25, 2012

happy last may weekend ~

experiencing a real heatwave here, but i'm spending my weekend at an unconference for women only, geek girls. it's in my core not to do the-group-thing, but prosit forced me to go. it might be fun and energizing! (just the fact that there's no risk of the avocado issue, there's always vegetarian food at these events...) and then i'll have a lazy monday in an hopefully sunny garden instead.

i wish you a lovely weekend, may the weather, circumstances and life treat you well ~

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

two halfs of an avocado

first rhubarb

You know the thing I mentioned about asking for a vegetarian option at one of this week's events? Fun fact of that evening: my vegetarian option turned out to be exactly two halfs of an avocado. Not a very ripe avocado at that. At first I laughed, surely it must be a joke? But no, the year 2012 someone (with a peabrain) thought that to slice an avocado in half would be the perfect vegetarian option.

I left early - the avocado issue wasn't the main reason, but it sure helped to see that this venue, this network probably isn't for me. The lack of fantasy, hopelessly outdated, the disrespectfulness, I find it quite appaling.

I could write a long long post about a lot of things regarding this, details that make it even more odd, also involving trusting your gut feeling, but at the same time struggling to separate stuff and situations I myself find awkward but that could perhaps benefit Prosit and business.

The importace of surrounding yourself with people that give you energy and inspiration, that share your core values but also challenge you to think in new ways. To chose your networks wisely, but still be curious about new venues and situations, while being true to yourself and your beliefs.

But I won't. I will only establish that there is now a very obvious phrase for things awkward, disrespectful, appalling, annoying, lazy, outdated etc etc;

two halfs of an avocado.

Feel free to use it.

Monday, May 21, 2012

random musings and a rugged case

iphone case

:: Trying to upload the 10 pictured to the Aday site really isn't easy breezy. There's something wonky and since you for some odd reason can't upload them in portions you need them all to "stick" to the site at once. It says all ten have been uploaded, but in reality there are only three visible. I know I could have tried the uploading earlier this weekend, tomorrow is the last day to do it, but I really really didn't think it would be such a time-consuming nuisance... I may stop trying now, head to bed and have a go tomorrow again. I wonder if it has been like this all week? And go figure, the support page does not work either...

:: You know the feeling that signing up for an event - or getting tickets for a show, play, concert - seems like an awfully good idea a few months ahead, when the date apporaches it doesn't feel as good anymore? More like, I could have spent my day, evening, weekend more wisely? I've got that feeling about several signed up for-things this week. A good idea at the time, now just... nah. It might be my general feeling of not being well, more than a feeling of course but it's not very obvious to anyone but those close to me thus it's tad trickier (if you want) to grump and hide in a corner, and hopefully it will turn out alright. And of course, as a free grown-up with a will of my own, if it turns out to be crap I can always leave early.

Sometimes I, obviously, have to do things for Prosit. Things the inner me would rather not. At least not some days.

:: With having general less energy to write blog at the (long) moment I don't read much blogs either. I've noticed that me reading/commenting on other blogs and getting comments here does go hand in hand. Not at all necessarily in a reciprocal way though. Funny how things work.

:: Finding out that they will serve a fish dish at one of the why-did-I-sign-up-for-events I asked if they'd have a vegetarian option. The answer was "do you eat fish?" - face palm. A) If I am vegetarian I DO NOT EAT FISH, B) If I was a pescetarian and knew about the fish dish - which I obviously did - I wouldn't ask. People never stops to... astonish me (to put it mildly). They will serve something vegetarian now though.

:: Got the new iPhone case - it's weird how difficult it is to get really protective ones which are at least reasonably pleasing to the eye too! - which turned out to be ridiculously expensive in the end as it got stuck in the customs, sigh. So far I find it nice looking - and look, I had a matching pair of nailpolish bottles at home already! - and easy to assemble, sturdy and a nice-to-hold-material. But also more than a bit bulky and inconvenient when you want to write or touch the side of the screen. Hopefully one can get used to that and learn to work it. From Case Mate.


Sunday, May 20, 2012

the long weekend that was

loaf dog and i

The Ascension weekend has come and gone, thus it has been a rather long luxurious one here in Sweden, many people having a holiday not only on Thursday but on Friday too. It has been pretty blissful, with glorius weather overall. Thoroughly enjoyed by us all I'd say.

I've also thought a lot about my energy level not being quite up to blogging, despite me, as usual, thinking about it whenever I see something especially nice and shareworthy, whenever a picture is snapped. I just don't get around to the actually downloading, uploading, writing bit of it.

And when the days, weeks, months pass the once so shareworthy seems strangely uninteresting and old. I'm thinking perhaps that, even though I love the writing of long posts, with more than one photo, maybe the very short blogpost via the app on a regular basis, perhaps even skipping that unofficial one-post-a-day at the max rule of mine, is what my life is now. When I see it, think it I blog it - and since I don't appreciate the photo uploading via app I can always return to it and tweak it for aesthetical reasons. 

For now though, a few snaps of the weekend that was.

åskar oxburgh

The little fella named Åskar has found a new owner. An unexpected blast from the past that was quite lovely. Perhaps more about that in a post of its own later when I feel inclined. He won't move until late June, so I can still completely enjoy them tiny all - well perhaps not the part when they use me as a giant human pincushion. Which happens several times a day - for a month plus still.


My nails are blue - OPI No time for the blues - and my toe have a Moomin patch. Due to a rather nasty blister. But of course Moomin patch has made it feel all better.


I was very sceptical to trying out a moo toilet seat - not being a fan of animal prints and such. Now I totally love it. It's such a moodlifter!

king's meadow lilies and bobbaloos

We visited the magical king's meadow lily field of 2012 - the bobbaloos were much happier about it than last year. More of in a later post. Hopefully.

midsumer tunic

I got me a pretty little summer tunic. The prettiest thing is actually the embroidery on the back. Another little thing for another little post.


We stumbled over a field with another kind of moos, my favourite the Highland cattle. Too far for close ups, but a delightful sight just the same. May they live long and happy lives...


There was another lovely outing with a wonderful lunch - this is my dish. A so called "health plate" with raw food salad, avocado, hoummus, pesto and fried tofu. It was very very satisfying. Both to the eye, palate and tummy. I wish more food could be like that. The restaurant also offers cooking lessons of various kinds, I've never been tempted to do one of those, but now I am. The vegetarian one sounds awfully nice, given the fabulous fresh and pretty food they serve in the restaurant.

shoe per diem may 19, 2012

The latest pair of shoes was inaugurated. They got all thumbs up for comfort and cuteness. Yay!

wax cloth 2012

The new, fine wax cloth I've been saving for a special day since last summer lasted three (3) days before it was touched by the claws of a cat. The trimmed claws, but still, touched like only a cats claws can.

banana bread

I baked a banana bread. It was a lovely banana bread. Pretty perfect if I may say so myself. Half is in the freezer, half have been enjoyed by several individuals.

agnes and the dandelions

There was pottering around garden - with a scary amount of dandelions this year too - we had to cut down the sugar loaf fir tree, for every year it has been getting drier and drier, it was time to say goodbye. I planned to plant a white lilacs shurb in its place, but I stumbled over a mock orange plant this weekend, I've always wanted one with its intoxicating scent and gorgeousness. Will clear the garden mess during the upcoming week and have a little appropriate farewell ceremony for the fir tree. It has after all served its pretty purpose for many many years as a Christmas lights delight holder, clematis hugger and much more.

Needless to say, but I will anyway,
I hope your weekend has been a fine one -
what did you do, anything special? -
and that the week will treat you well ~

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

aday 12


I'm participating in the Swedish non-profit photo-project Aday initiated by the foundation Expressions of  Humankind - open to participants all over the world, where anyone inclined today on May 15th 2012 was to snap pictures of their lives, their surroundings. Real people taking real pictures of real lives, and they don't have to be fancy schmancy, love the idea!

Did you take any photos and participated? The photos must be taken on May 15th, but you can upload them to the website until May 22nd. I've created an account but I still have to sort out which pictures to chose, 10 is the limit.

Our main event of the day was removing Malte's stitches, one stitch on his tummy looked a bit infected so he'll get some penicillin for that, but the plastic funnel have been removed - a Norfolk terrier's body type doesn't allow the licking of private parts, that seem to be the issue with many male dogs - and after the vet-visit we went to a dog café were he had a little feast and we had lunch/coffee.

black pudding for dogs

Yes a little missus at the café tried to snatch the loafie's treat - quelle horreur! - but luckily the plate escaped her jaws.


Certainly a face that deserves some black pudding, right?

It was a lovely sunny day - oh the promise of summer in the air is so very tangible! - and right across from the dog café is this park with a fountain and people of all ages enjoying th weather. I snapped a few photos, uploaded via Instagram - which I still adore, despite the Facebook-thing - and via Twitter it found its way to the Washington Post's aday-gallery. Which I think is a nice little thing. (Not sure if the link lands exactly on my photo, but browse away and you'll find.)

Hope your may 15 was a lovely one too!


Sunday, May 13, 2012

the weekend that was

the ornament tree in bloom

It has been a lazy weekend. There have been rain, there have been sun. For a few glorious days the ornament tree is in bloom.

~ I have finished the latest course of medicine now, I'd lie if I'd say I'm miraculously feeling better, but perhaps at least on the right track. I will await this week - Ascension week, a short working week for most office working Swedes - and if things aren't better by next weekend I will have to have a talk with Dr Feist what to do next. Sigh. I hate feeling like this, the constant, yet not really tangible inbetween of being completely well and feeling competely crap. End of whine for today.


~ We've planted pansies. They've been inspected. I love that I found new boxes for them this year. Bright apple green ones.


~ There have been kitten and cat cuddles galore. And yes, the match my robe, ain't that nifty!


~ The lilacs show great promise this year...

breakfast at tuna trädgård

~ We had fika at a *new* place, a lovely garden, nursery, summer café that I'm sure we'll return to and have a closer look at all the fabulous plants they had.

shoe per diem may 13, 2012 - no socks

~ It was a no socks-day!

a good hairday

~ And yay, it was a good hair day! It doesn't happen often, but when it does it somehow calls for a celebration - I'll save that for later this week. I'm thinking it will be a good one. I have a few nice lunches and meetings booked, the loaf dog will have his stitches removed - and the plastic funnel will finally be history - and they've promised a plethora of sunshine. Somehow life and matter seem a lot brighter and lighter when sunshine and blue skies.

I hope your weekend was sweet and that your week will be a lovely one,
possibly include the cuddle of a little cat or two ~


Thursday, May 10, 2012

the blue trio five weeks old

"please keep calm and behave yourself, little sister/cousin"

A week plus later, I do not remember British Shorthair kittens being this advanced and active in general, and I certainly do not remember Ztina and Zigne being that at this age. Especially Ågot - formerly known as Ågaton, before she revealed she was actually a girl - who a few days ago showed she is a veritable escape artist, there's a whole wide world out there outside the kitten box and I want to explore! Before she found a way to climb out of it  herself she screamed in a high pitch like only kittens can to be picked up and let out.


I've always had the kittens and their box in a separate room, with these two latest litters I decided it was best to have them in the living room, the place were we mostly are, the TV, action and the kitchen nearby. It has proven to be the best way to socialise them - but oh my, tiny as they are they do take up a lot of "space"...

ågot and siri

In the most adorable way of course. And with me being at home, mostly resting and trying to get back to my usual self still it's very comforting, the company I have.

the cutest trio

I'm constantly amazed about how not only are they too cute for their own good - I know, they do look painted, but they are seriously looking like little huggable creatures from a fairytale - , they are also very inventive, advanced, curious, social and snuggly. They love a good snuggle, especially Ågot.


The way Ztina in particular both play with and try and keep her little siblings/cousins in order is fantastically entertaining and endearing.



Yes, Årvar is most probably a longhair. He is amazingly adorable, a tiny fluff and not all as big as all that fluff would suggest.



Åskar is just a perfect little British Blue boy, chubby, plush and stylish.



And Ågot, well she is just very obviously a girl, not a boy, with a lot of personality, gumption and go. Heart. A whole lot of heart.
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