Monday, July 31, 2023

farewell july, welcome august 2023


My July has been an overall slow and rather restful month - opposite to what’s happening around the globel as well as in Sweden in general I suppose - in my parts of the country I think June was the exhaustingly hot and global boiling month, July has offered relief in the shape of much welcomed rain.

So keeping this post very short, for me, I’ve spent it reading, walking, cooking - for the gazilionth year (ie at least 15) we’ve been cut off from easy commuting to the city and other parts of the county since the replacement buses have replaced the commuter trains until August 14. So instead of being angry about that I’ve accepted and decided to make this a slow slow summer. There is beauty in that too.

With only a few shivering minutes left of July, I’m just posting a few photos of thing that made me happy and grateful from the month that was. And leave it at that, okay?

This book by John Ajvide Lindqvist was fabulous, he’s gone from sublime Swedish horror to thrillers. This one is not (yet) translated into English, but do make a mental note you should read ’The writing in the water’ (or whatever it will be called) when it’s translated. You will not be disappointed. 

Hedgehogs and baby hedgehogs. The fabulastic sister duo, Ztina and Ågot. A wonderful sunny skirt. A lovely little bus outing to Sigtuna - it’s great you can actually take a bus ride from where I live, change to another bus in the middle of nowhere, arrived at Sigtuna bus station 1,5 hours later. A very poor town if you’re vegan alas, but nevertheless it was a nice change from the regular hoods. 

Managed to clear the garden quite a bit with little mum, so that’s just great!

Picked up my octagonal glasses 2023 just before the trains closed for the summer. I think they look quite nice. This also happens to be one of the very last photos of me before I get a new haircut at an actual hairdresser on August 1. Haven’t been to one since 2018. So I’m currently a mix of excited and nervous about getting a professional stranger doing the cutting. 
Wish me luck!

Women’s rights are human rights (and so are animal’s rights, we all inhabit this one and only planet. And no other animals than human animals have ravaged and poisoned it.) - I’m really pleased with my little sustainable upcycled necklace with a feminist sign made from an old yard stick, to prove it.

We should all be feminists. Crazy that that should have to be said in the summer of 2023, but there you are. 

We should also be kind and compassionate. Which shouldn’t have to be pointed out either. It’s so very basic.

Thank you July, for your general slowness and peacefulness in my little world. 

Welcome August, oh I have high so high hopes on you, for new, purposeful beginnings and growth and wonderful joyous surprises! Can we agree on that, pretty please? ❤️
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