Monday, June 19, 2017

the cats want a dog

Remember I wrote about an unexpected phone call and a possible offer of something I hadn't thought of at this moment in time, back in the Easter post

Well, it was a little dog that needed a new home urgently due to her dog family bullying her. And it was a Pomeranian, which is a breed I've had a keen eye on for some time. Irresistably adorable, smaller than a loaf dog, quite a different sort and without herding or hunting instinct. Perfect fit for the cats. And not too difficult to carry in a bag when we take the bus or train.

I had a think overnight and in the morning I realised it would be a chance to do good and take a step forward, make a change for myself and someone in need. I called the owner/breeder - not the acquiantance that alerted me about the situation - but she didn't pick up the phone and never returned the phone call. I texted her a couple of days later. Never heard from her. I thought, despite the slightly odd facts about the case, she had suddenly simply found another new home for the dog. 

However later I learnt she decided to keep the dog despite her being so bullied by the other dogs and the situation so urgent. Since she for various reasons didn't think it would be in the dog's best interest to try another home. People are weird.

The situation however made me realise I am now very open to a new little dog in the family. I was alerted to another pom at a nearby shelter a couple of weeks ago. He was absolutely irresistable and I immediately let them know I was interested, with credentials. Two days later their website said all the little dog (it was him and four girls) already had new homes. I have absolutely no idea how they could screen the new owners properly that quickly. And yesterday, two weeks later, I got an email saying he already had a new home... Their communication and administrative routines clearly need as serious overhaul.

I'm sure they make an excellent job with all the poor dogs they take care of - the shelter in question has recently been subject of a reality show and I'm really impressed by the job they do - but my heart can't deal with getting my hopes up and then ending up being one anonymous privy in a long line of privies. So I've let people know I'm looking for a little doggie that needs a new home, a dog that can get along splendidly with cats, I think that's a better way to go. Fingers, toes and paws crossed.

And the excited Norfolk terrier in the top pic isn't Malte, it's just an adorable little girl named Berta that I met when grocery shopping the other week. Her personality was so much like little loaf's. It reminded me how sweet it was to have a dog, much more work than the cats obviously, but also rewarding in other ways.

One day the right one will cross my path. We look forward to that, the cats and I.

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