Saturday, April 30, 2011

walpurgis night


Today is "Valborgsmässoafton" as we say in Sweden, or Walpurgis Night as others might say. Rather a big thing celebrated here, with bonfires and drunkeness. Not really my idea of fun or cup of tea. Not even if I wouldn't suffer from current bolster brain. And all the little animals living in those bonfire piles, hedgehogs and alikes, how many of them will have perished in flames. A feast with bitter aftertaste indeed.

So I stick to my little nearby world of what made me happy today. The discovering of all this bud promise in garden - just a short peek out there, no pottering, far too cold for that. Oh the irony, when the notoriously capricious month of April, which has been surprisingly warm this year, turns into May, then it gets chilly again. Hopefully only briefly -


When the tulips, many of them already out of bloom from one day to the other, oh how quickly nature turns, there will be lilacs,


my little cluster of King's meadow lilies (Fritillaria), nothing like the fields but sweet just the same, and the peonies.


Oh, there will be a serious feast for the eyes and the olfactory senses in a few weeks. And that, that make me happy on Walpurgis night.

Have a lovely one, enjoy, spend it wisely and kindly ~

Friday, April 29, 2011

happy weekending ~


Swoosh it said, and April was over! I had such high hopes for that month, sadly too many low points to make it a good memory in the Pia-memoires me thinks though.

Not that I'm planning to write my memoires any time soon, if ever. Other things yes, memoires no. Both last week and this past week have been emotional rollercoasters, mostly adorned by bolster brain (thus my main plan for this weekend is to get rid of that part). Today didn't begin well, it was an oh-I-want-to-stay-in-bed-nurturing/starving-the-cold-kind-of-day. But it turned out alright, I dressed the opposite of how I felt - like a summer meadow - and everything was reasonably okay. Never underestimate the power of colours.

shoe per diem april 19, 2011 - like summer meadows

I then received some weird and unexpected invitations, may or may not accept, read some interesting articles, had some great brainstorming with me alone - I do love my brain, actually I do, it may be an overanalyzing one, but it does do great jobs from time to time and when it really gets enthusiastic, it feels like there's no way stopping it.

One of (many) my favourite tunes when a teenager was Billy Ocean's "When the going gets tough" - the 80ies, the decade with the most amazing range of music there still is teamed up with the most horrific of fashion and hairdos - it strikes a chord still.

Like yesterday's middle aged men on a bench capture, I treasure moments when my brain's on pure natural high-speed. I want to channel all this passion into something good, something gainful, it really is about high darn time.

Yes, weeks of ups and downs - as have been quite visible in blog too, right now I find it difficult to get back on that informative "let me tell you about that place that"-track, most days I just feel like tiptapping down my random thoughts to blog from one possibly slightly overheated brain. I have never considered this blog to be an everyday diary web log, lately it has just become sort of a such. Random thoughts, flittering mind. Serendipity.

I expect next week, the first of May's, will be filled of good stuff and yes, its (not) fair amount of crap too. If I would play a guessing game with me and my brain alone I'd say, Monday - good, Tuesday - bad and good, Wednesday - hm, Thursday - bad, Friday - all good. It will be interesting indeed to see what it will bring.

But first, a glorious weekend, one which I will spend breath in-breath out, relaxing, relaxing and relaxing some more. Assembling perky mushrooms, cheering for the lilacs hedge, pottering in garden and drinking copious amounts of tea. Sounds like bliss. And so is this, "Suddenly", once again, Billy Ocean.

shoe per diem april 19, 2011 - with dog per diem

~ Happy caring weekending, 

the last of April, 

the first of May!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

thursday thoughts


Today's random set of thoughts -

:: The undercurrent of this whole week has been a nasty cold - hopefully nothing like tin can woman april of 2009, but still, not nice - hallo bolster brain.

:: Why is it that random people I meet and network with, think my competence background and USP (because apparently we all have that, it's kind of tiresome to think in those terms, I try not to do it too often) is fab, but HR people that matters (only in the sense of being responsible for jobs I've applied for etc etc) are so narrow-minded and ignorant? I've thought a lot about this over the years. Too many loose connections out there.

I recently read a very interesting article about this, employers complaining about a lack of competence in the people applying for positions when the lack of competence isn't with the potential employees, but in the employers and the HR-people who are too narrow-minded. They really need to broaden their views and look at the qualitative competence which can be so completely different from any degrees and on-paper-experience. Don't ask me who I am, but what I can do. The book quoted in the article (in Swedish), in case your Swedish beckons, is called "Kompetensbaserad personalstrategi: Hur du tar reda på vad organisationen behöver,  bemannar den rätt och utvecklar den inför framtiden" by Malin Lindelöw (~ Competence based personnel strategy: How to find out what your organisation needs, how to staff it right and develop it for the future).

To be able to click with such people, such recruiters would be wonderful.

:: I've had two pretty neat days with a course in strategic communication. Well, apart from my bolster brain (snivel, cough, sneez, days sadly filled with a few of my non proudest moments), there was some nifty ideas planted, business cards exchanged and who knows...

:: Talking about nifty ideas. I am so very very tired of all good ideas and talked-about-projects that are only discussed but never set into action. Where they just bad ideas, or perhaps the wrong amalgamation of people or are I/we just the too-much-talking-but-not-enough-action-kind of people? When I want to be a reasonable-amount-of-talking-then-action-kind of person.

:: There might be, ahem, some more bobbaloos catching a flight soon to join the Swedish settlement. Possibly. Like a clever woman named Julie said, there are worse addictions. And every day that might hold a bobbaloo acquisition is a good day, right? Right.

april 28, 2011 - two fellows

:: The highlight of my day might have been this picture. And here's the little story behind it. I'm a sucker for little moments that click like this. When the stars align. Now I would be even more happy if the stars would align in a more productive and gainful way. But until they are - and until I have to deal with the usual average crap we all have to deal with having to deal with people in general and not the very much forced crap by a wry political system held together by the non-common-sense people and little popes (who seem to be every where, I know...) and having to swallow, bite hard (leading to root-fillings...) said malarkey because you depend upon certain things and certain people - until they are, I cherish moments like this even more;

I love how so many stories can be told by and woven around pictures snapped in secret. Well over a year ago I spotted two middleaged men on this train station bench on my way home. Similar builds, similar dressed and similar backpacks placed beside them on bench. I found them somehow adorable. Since I didn't have the camera with me then and no cameraphone, it was a captured moment lost. I  have been waiting to spot them ever since.

Today when I passed the station and looked up I spotted one of them putting on his denim jacket, we made eye contact and I realised it was indeed those two fellas. It was very close to be too good to be true and I almost didn't remember I actually had the iPhone ready and willing to snap. When he sat down I quickly captured the moment (if only their backpacks would have sat on the bench instead of ground). And for a second I realised that there is such a thing as the stars aligning. And not only for two fellas on a bench.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

the winners of the perky mushroom giveaway


Time has come to announce the three winners of one perky psychedelic mushroom each - I was really touched by the sweet comments left in that post and in an ideal world everyone should have their own perky psychedelic mushroom, but until that's a true thing, here are the winners chosen by three trustworthy bobbaloos, Jojo, Scarlet and Rodney.

Exciting stuff...


And the winners are ~ 

Julianna, The Curious Pebble Project
Becky, Growing up "Gramma"
- oh, I will get you to stop eating pepperoni, sure I will...

Elephant's Child


If you three (hopefully lucky) winners could email me your address (my email address can be found at the "about me" page) I will have the mushrooms on their way asap.

Plus if you could tell be if you'd like the mushroom as is or in a mascot keychain.

And, last but not least, if you like, chose the colour group from the three I've made (or if you prefer it to be a *surprise*);

april 10, 2011 - perky mushrooms

Colour group A - pink, orange, applegreen


Colour group B - yellow, purple, violet


Colour group C - magenta, teal, red

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

shaved loaf, the spring 2011 version


Today only the shortest of posts, see that darn sore throat that got worse during the day (yesterday) has of course become a full-blown nasty cold with fever, cough and all sorts of blah. So today I'm desperately willing it away, since I have a two days' course Wednesday-Thursday that I really do not want to miss (have been wanting to get a spot at it for many months). So will, will, will away, please.


Now behold, from a very shaggy, matted, messy li'l loaf to one newly shaved.


As said before, my dog-shaving-skills aren't top-notch, but at least they get the job done and little loaf having a fresher, lighter look for summer. Although I do prefer when the fur has grown a bit, this is like having a completely new dog in da house. A little sweet but rather strange puppy.

Last year there was a greenie bone for loaf and cake for people in celebration of spring/summer shave. This year wasn't nearly as fancy, just a little chewy treat for loaf for being a well-behaved and patient shavee.


Monday, April 25, 2011

easter weekend 2011


Weatherwise it has been a truly blessed Easter weekend. And overall a pretty lovely one - if I don't count the annoying fact that today I woke up with a painfully sore throat that has only gotten worse during the day. Darn. That. Ever so much. - here are a few highlights from it (apart from a violet pair of shoes) ~


There have been Easter eggs, there has been Swedish vegetarian suitable candy.


There have been quite a few hours spent clearing the garden, one of my clematis is really very large, beautiful white gorgeousness when in bloom, nastiness when having to be cleared next spring. There were two little helpers, Panda and Chubs, obviously they made a great job! *or not, they simply made encouraging sounds while I worked hard*

There has also been the planting of a very large amount of pansies in window boxes and pots. *so far without photo proof* And the discovery of a most promising amount of lilacs sprouts. Any day, any week now, sun permitted...

april 23, 2011 - breakfast at aunty violet

There was a wonderful Easter Eve breakfast at one favourite café, Tant Gredelin - where Kismet and Plumlord tagged along and had a blast with a huge berry pie.


There was strolling of park, also with Kismet and Plumlord - who were sad to see the tulips already out of bloom, but cheerful when I told them our own in garden haven't even begun to bloom yet.


There have been great food at home and great food outdoors. There has been a first day of not wearing any socks at all. And there have been glittering waters.

on the road with chubs and leonard

There has been the first toy car outing of this season (oh it was glorious) and came along did Chubs and Leonard.


There has been the crocheting of some more perky mushrooms - and yes there has been the drawing of the giveaway. Winners finally to be announced later this week - and there was the spring shave of little loaf. There's now a brand new dog in da house. More of later.


And there might have been more candy. Possibly. Maybe.

I hope your Easter weekend has been a fine energy-boosting one!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

welcome knut, rodney, scarlet and chubs


They have all already played different parts in blog, it's about high time they got a proper introduction like the other bobbaloos. So, time to proudly present the foursome - they've already been up to all sorts of exciting adventures, really, there's no telling what whims and fancies these li'l fellas get! But more of that later, now only a presentation;


Knut, a snappy jacabunny in a petrol blue smart suit. Kit told me "he enjoys lounging in the soft glow of a computer monitor after a long day in the garden, has cravings for tea and crumpets, and adores squidgee squeezles."

Since he couldn't/shouldn't travel alone he was soon accompanied by a wee fella (made up from my notions on which kind of bob I'd like, as I felt it was pretty my impossible to chose just one in particular...) called Rodney. According to Kit he was a "congenial and socially gregarious ursabob who enjoys crispy winter mornings with the squeak of snow under his feet, steamy hot tea with a side of biscotti and jam, and squidgee squeezles. But also an unruly sort, given to fiddling with his food rather than breakfast eating. Terrible at chores and teases the others." - but really, from the moment he arrived here he has been only bouncy cuteness.


And it was soon obvious that he has a major sweet tooth.


Scarlet simply happened to appear in shop before the guys had left Minnesota for Sweden and who can resist anyone in red? Like Knut she enjoys the soft glow of a computer monitor and cuddles, but her favourite food is chocolate and raspberries (my kind of gal!).

scarlet, rodney, knut and the easter bunny

The three of them arrived on April 11, the same day as the Easter bunny made an early appearance.

knut, rodney and scarlet meets the furry knut

They had a quick browse around the garden, catched some fresh Swedish air after a long trip, said a quick hallo to the red, furry Knut and then went to be in their magical sleeping pouches (which had already been prepared for them).


As is obvious, their behinds are one
majorly cute feature of them bobbaloos...

chubs in raspberry

A few days later I saw this precious raspberry red coloured one on Flickr, who also loved chocolate and raspberries, but she was sadly snatched before I made it over to Etsy. Some beings does make a lasting impression and I was more than a tad sad I had missed her (yes, that much of a deal is the appeal of the bobbaloos). Cherub, Chubs was not to be mine.

Or so I thought. Because last week, on one of those not so good day, a package arrived in my letter box, from an anonymous blog stalker aka the Easter bunny and wrapped in that box was Chubs! It was a touching moment and she really was even more sweet irl with that large head (which, as someone said, clearly makes her one exceptionally clever bunny) and her beautiful red hue. What a wonderful, fantastic, precious gift from some very kind unknown. Thank you. Again.

chubs and malte

She had a bit of fresh air and caught some rays of sun, sniffed a quick hallo to loaf dog and then joined the others in their basket. I do believe especially Rodney was quite taken with her. Although when she saw the others and the size of their heads she has been a bit worried about the size of her own. As luck would have it, a few days later a little panda made his way here and talking to him made her realise that size of head (or any other body part) doesn't matter, what matters only is the size of a kind heart. And that, that is even bigger than her head. Heart.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

violet easter walking

Oh I could see us travelling around the world in style with these, says Rodney excitingly to Scarlet

Let me introduce you a tad further to the shoes, only fit for kind Easter witches, that one lucky bunny as in undersigned saw herself get the other day. As mirthlessly mentioned most of the days past week, many things are not at all good in the life of mine at the moment, so I'm really aiming at squeezing the most fun and good out of this glorious long weekend called Easter. And pretty (and comfortable) shoes is something I can get really very merry about.


So, behold the purple-violet prettiness, that goes by a fancy name; El Naturalista Dome Mihumo Desert Violeta-Lila.

Purple is actually one of my least favourite colours - the last endeavour and all that - but this two-toned beauty, needless to say, was hard to resist.

Slightly higher heels than I prefer in general - I can't see myself walking for long days or many miles in them - but despite that they're really comfortable due to the shock-absorbing features. As is probably pretty obvious by now, I love my Mary Janes (and my Oxfords) always, the way the back comes up over the ankle/heel is very pleasing, the chunky rubber heel and outsoles adds an extra dimension and really, the applegreen seams around the outsoles... cuteness.

It was a perfect day for inauguration today, Easter Eve, lots of generous sun, with a nice outing, a fabulastic breakfast at a favourite café (which is called Aunty Violet in English), some flowers with equal fabulastic qualities purchased. And yes, I got compliments from a stranger on the Violeta-Lilas on my feet. It was a good day. I'm in the Easter process of gathering these for the rainy days to come.


Friday, April 22, 2011

little miss piglet


From pink parts only, she's now finally been assembled and even moved to her new home with Little Heart Bunny - Little Miss Piglet in a flowery skirt and a matching summery psychedelic mushroom.


Evert was sad to see her go, they are kind of related as you can see, but I have plans for a same-size good friend of another sort for him to come and stay forever.


But for now, bye bye Little Miss Piglet, have a happy, fulfilled and long life shared with Little Heart Bunny boy.

maundy thursday musings


Unlike the previous days this week I think I can safely say that today has been an all good day. And oh my, was I in badly need of one... Some of its happy content as follows;

:: I am so touched my the lovely, thoughtful and sweet comments left in yesterday's post, it was truly a crappy day and kind, caring comments more than ever much, much appreciated.
T h a n k   y o u.

:: Another day with glorious sun (yesterday there was none), today the temperatures reached at least +20 degrees C. The issue one might have with spring these past few years is that it has been far too short, hallo, goodbye, here is summer already. And I, personally, would appreciate to be able to wear some spring appropriate clothes and socks before that. Just sayin'.

:: I've spotted a few lovely spring manifestos here and there in the blogosphere and I'm thinking I should make my own too. Perhaps this weekend will be the perfect time for it. Until I jot it down though, I have one thing that I'm having on constant mental repeat - wear new socks every day.

Because really, I most always seem to pick up lovely socks on sales and yes, elsewhere too, but I tend to use only a few pairs, wear, wash, dry, wear, wash, dry until they're full of holes and it's time to say goodbye. Many socks remain unworn and with their potentials still unused. So now, new socks or at least change socks every day (when/if I enter the world outside my own door).

Perky shoes and great socks, that is my motto for this spring (and autumn to follow in a future far far away). Yes, I get all giddy at the thought of the endless colour combinations here...

a day with socks like this must be a good day

Today was the spring version of the wicked witch of the east. It was a fine, perky pair indeed. And the perfect day for inauguration.

:: Hairdresser's day - it was lovely to be pampered and chit-chat about the good, the bad, the ugly and the pretty. Plus getting a fab wee makeover as usual.

shoe per diem april 21, 2011 - hairdresser and ms piggy

There was a fine kind of shoe per diem moment and a little piggy moved to her new home, she'll be joining little heart bunny and they'll have a perky tea-party kind of life together forever and ever.

:: Nice lunch on the town, ran a few errands, picked up a few things. Which may or may not include a snazzy pair of shoes. As the Brocken is calling it called for new shoes. Since obviously, all kind, just a little bit naughty, witches like to show off their fab shoes at such gatherings.

:: M was back from his long business trip to China. He clearly have picked up a few hints on what to buy or not over the years. Really didn't need most of the stuff, but I was spoilt, it was nice to be treated to a bit of sweet things.

I will now try and be really, very good in relaxing my mind, body and soul over these wonderful all free Easter days. There will be the planting of pansies, the knitting of tulip sweater - no I haven't found the pattern, I will try and freestyling it - the finishing of this and that other projects in yarn, a very exciting drawing of psychedelic mushroom winners, tea and cake at favourite place, writing and thinking - good thoughts, good thoughts, good thoughts - a couple of unpretentious birthday celebrations, some painting of ol' furniture - it has been a long, sadly paint-free winter - and just lazy days of glory with things I love to do. In zingy shoes. And, oh I declare, in fab socks.

shoe per diem II april 21, 2011 - purple catch of the day

Have a wonderful Easter weekend,
spent in any way you love ~

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

wednesday contemplation


I think I can safely say that this has been a week of incredible low points. I would really love to write something witty and nice here in blog, muse about colours and yarn and bobbaloos and Stockholm, Sweden questions and perky giveaways. And shoes and castles, cats and dogs, good food and really fantastically good news.

But for now I just can't, things that happened today - people that have such dull, pathetic, futile, unfullfilled lives of their own that they rejoice in talking a lot of rubbish behind others' back, assuming one person is telling the truth without having even made an effort to hear the other person's version and spread rumours that are so far from the truth, I feel nothing but the uttermost contempt for those people - have left me drained, jaded, tired. Angry and sad. Such stupidity and inability to distinguish right from wrong and instead simply relish the talking of utter crap. Ah, the problem with common sense is that it's far too uncommon.

Life just seems a bit too lopsided right now.

And I desperately cling to the really good stuff, like the fact that there are inspiring, kind people when and possibly where you least expect it. That there are actually anonymous blog stalkers dressed as Easter bunnies who send unexpected and most precious of gifts (above, more of raspberry preciousness later). That's seriously sweetness and I can't say thank you enough. Really. Really. Very much.

That there are lovely blog readers who take time and consideration to leave the dearest of comments. That I often smile in delight when I do the comment moderation on train in the mornings. A most pleasant way to start commuting mornings.

And that I, very unexpectedly, the other day stumbled over that yellow submarine tea-strainer I've been wanting to find for so long. Shadows, gloom and doom may be lurking. But the power of a good tea-strainer (and good tea) should never ever be underestimated.

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