Friday, June 24, 2022

midsummer news 2022


Yesterday, the day before Midsummer weekend, I got information from the Swedish court of appeal (KammarrĂ€tten) that I have the trial permit to get my case heard. It’s been another anxious month waiting for that. But I’m so grateful to have it of course. 

Now it’s just a continued waiting game, as summer holidays season (after Midsummer to late August) is upon us it will most likely take time before the decision will come. One can only hope, think, wish and trust there will be wisdom, insightfulness, professionalism and common decency in this court - quite the opposite from how this surreal crazy story has panned out so far. 

Please keep sending fine and kind and just thoughts my way, internetz!

As for Midsummer, it’s been too hot to do anything today. Around +30C feels agonizing these past few years. A heatwave is another reason it’s difficult to sleep, so I’ve had the blinders down and spent the day reading and taking naps mostly. The weirdest Midsummer ever.

We’ve had such a pleasant summer until now, and the heat will be with us at least for another week. If +30C feels like this, imagine those poor souls suffering at around +50C… Oh how we have devastated this earth with our careless, selfish lifestyles. 

And oh how I miss my furbabies. Visits with 💋 and cuddles are not nearly enough, or how life should be. Please make it right again, Universe, please bring them home where they belong.

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