Friday, October 31, 2014

colourful halloween

If one doesn't carve one's own pumpkin one can take pictures of other people's pretty lanterns.

If one isn't in the mood for cooking, one can eat other people's awesome vegetarian meals.

If one really doesn't need more yarn one can always swoon over, take pictures of and add to the wishlist all that beauty.

If one is lucky enough to have the cutest redhead in the whole wide world living under your roof, by all means cuddles galore.

Have a lovely, colourful 
Halloween weekend ~

Thursday, October 30, 2014

do you take almond milk, honey or a cat with your tea?

tea related

For some reason I haven't gotten around to trying plant based milk in my tea since I stopped using dairy. I went straight for honey (or sometimes nothing at all) and have stayed there. I've feared that plant based milk would interfer with the natural tea flavour, whilst honey simply enhance it.

I got a tip about a certain coconut milk that would be lovely in tea, but since I haven't found it in Sweden I've just let go of the idea somehow. But then someone recently tweeted about a certain tea in combination with almond milk. And it sounded great, "pear glow" and almond milk, surely that would taste awesome together?

So I bought the tea - that didn't smell anything in tea shop but I thought it was because I'd just had the facial with rather strong herbal scents and I didn't smell a thing but those herbs and lotions - and the almond milk I use and looked forward to a new flavour sensation.

Brewed the tea, which turned out to neither smell nor taste anything at all, to be honest I think the shop sold me old tea. Which is a shame, even if it's a measly amount of money per se I'm certainly not tempted to buy more tea from them. But with the almond milk it was actually quite a drinkable cup of tea anyway.

Just a very faint flavour of almond, not overpowering at all. I do believe almond milk will be my new almost-best friend for a decent cuppa. With a better tea with stronger taste of course.

Honey or almond milk, them cats doesn't care much which, they just know that when I cuddle up in the corner of the sofa with a cup there's also time for a cat cuddle, as far as they are concerned. They know me too well.

tea related

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

red rosy beanie and red boots

rosy beanie

Behold the pretty wonderful beanie I go for myself as a birthday gift. It was another case of almosst-sold-ot-but-I-managed-to-snatch-one. And every time this happens with colourful clothes I wonder who buys them, but me, because I never see those colourful items being worn by other people. At least not in Sweden. Perhaps clever, colourful tourists buy them?

It's from Swedish brand Gudrun Sjödén and made from organic cotton with a dash of mulesing-free merino wool - I'm glad they actually made a thing of the wool being mulesing-free as I never buy merino because of its often immense cruelty in production - thin and perfect for chilly but not very cold autumn/winter days. But most of all it's a lovely rosy, colourful piece perfect for the long, dark and glum season.

And no it's meant to be worn on a human head, not used as a supersized sleeping baf for small sized woollies. Despite what the picture might suggest.

The boots that match the beanie very well is from the same brand - also a case of  sold-out-but-we'll-refill-the-stock-so-please-order - but not mine, but my mother's. Not my cup of tea in style, but I love the bright red colour called 'cranberry'. I'm sure she'll look great in them for many winter seasons to come!

red boots

How about you, 
something old or something new 
on head and feet this winter season?

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

the magic granny square cardigan to be

Looking forward to finally see these 72 granny squares turned into a cardigan. Can't say I'm looking forward to the tying the loose ends and sewing them together though. 

At least it's a Sisyphean task with and end. If there ever was one. 

It will certainly be a cardigan of many colours. A magic one. I'm sure.

pia k stockholm

Monday, October 27, 2014

dermalogica ultracalming skincare

dermalogica ultracalming

Better late than never, I've just begun using Dermalogica skincare. Hopefully it'll be the perfect companion for dry, dull winter skin.

When I had a facial last week - and got told I had a really great skin that didn't need such facials. Oh dear, I had to mention that again, didn't I? - I was, as usual, curious about the products used. And since my Kiehl's Skin rescuer bottle is nearly empty (and it wasn't a successful match for me during the colder time of the year. Neither was the Kiehl's centella recovery skin salve. Time for a new brand) I was open to new suggestions to try.

The beauty therapist used this Dermalogica kit of four on me during the facial and it felt like a good option with natural ingredients only. So far I've only used the serum under the above mentioned skin rescuer. And only a couple of times so I can't really tell if I find it good or not. I'm also crap at keeping strict and regular skin regimes, some days I do that, other days I do this and some days neither this nor that.

The skin did feel lovely after the facial though. And I haven't experienced the usual dry patches this time of the year recently. I will update this post when I've used the products more thoroughly. It would be lovely if I could then say it's one great product (or two, three, four).

But for now, but favourite facial product is still bareMinerals original foundation. It has been very very kind to my skin for five months now. I hope it'll be good during the harsher, cold months too.

Dermalogica seems like a company with strong ethics when it comes to animal testing and most of their products are suitable for vegans. I also really appreciate that they have a foundation that supports and empowers women and communities all over the world. Like all the best companies have (best as in the ones that produce/sell ethical products, not the ones that use philantropy as an alibi for their unethical or unhealthy product).

For now, I'm pretty certain my head won't fall off from using the ultracalming range. And if it does at least I can join the bobbaloo deity and spread the word of kindness while soaring.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

reflections on the birthday week that was

With another birthday just behind me I felt a little reflection on the week behind it is in place. As it has been a crazy hectic one. A fun one. Inspiring, interesting, learning, confirming. Very weather glum, tad annoying bits, very weather glum, sadly little sleep. But the good parts certainly made up for the not so good ones.

Let's start with the Sting-tones to set you in the right mood to read a selection of me, myself and Prosit bits - promise, you will absolutely love this 

There was a pair of pretty awesome shoes. With soles so fabtastic I broke my fine rule of no black shoes. Green heels, swoonworthy El Naturalista Octopus. They turned out to be pretty comfortable too, the thick sole is lovely.

And then there was a day's event of talks about social media, communication, humour and marketing (with that sweet lunch company in feathers). And the first coaching session of four to reach personal job related goals. 

There was business speed dating. And a B2B fair (which was a waste of time). I had a facial - and learnt I had really great skin which make such facials superfluous. Well, how about that?! - a got me some new skin products suitable for harsh winter weather which I hope will be goodness galore.

I went to one of my favourite museums, Fotografiska, looked at inconcievable photo art and some wonderful too. Had a great pumpkin lunch and went to a really interesting coffee event about agroforestry, sustainability, organic, fairtrade and bird friendly coffee. 

There was not only one but two soy lattes (which I haven't enjoyed for several weeks) and endless cups of teas of course. The freezer has been filled with sourdough bread for oh so many great breakfasts to come.

There was a sweet blue dress (from Noa Noa) which I'm sure I'll enjoy wearing for many years to come. And a little perfect knitted cap with roses red for days chilly but not very cold.

And lots and lots and lots of copywriting.

Now I'm looking forward to my week with more time for reflection and work in the pink office. And for your week to come, just to get you into a really good mood, why not start a dance party on your train commute? This video will get you all happy and inspired to just do it!

Happy last week of October, 
one and all ~

Saturday, October 25, 2014

happy birthday to me

And what better day to celebrate a birthday in style than with afternoon tea? Same procedure as last year, Sigtuna stadshotell. Vegetarian delights with an autumn view.

Same Pia, only a year wiser, new gaggle of pastry eating bobbaloos.

For the next year in life I hope for health, happiness and love. Good food, new sights and sweet success. And for Prosit to play its part in making this world a kinder, better, healthier place for all earthlings.

Friday, October 24, 2014

pumpkin season

I'm so glad pumpkins aren't are sight in Sweden anymore. But it's pretty much only since about ten years back they're easy to come by here. Yes really.

I don't find them an easy ingredient to cook with, so I sadly rarely do. But love eating pumpkin dishes whenever I get the chance.

Today I had an awesome one for lunch. Pumpkin puree (heavenly), barley, roasted pumpkin and pickled red onions. 

The Scandinavian darkness and glum this time of the year might be a complete drag, but the fantastic seasonal ingredients are certainly not!

Even a bobbaloo deity of kindness does agree.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

freezing stockholm

i can't believe how cold the weather has become lately. though it is after all november any day now. but it feels like summer was only last week somehow. i'm just not ready for this.

today was the day when both boots and the fabulous happy coat got the seasonal first wear. and it wasn't a bad decision. which make me both sad and happy at the same time. when cold winds blow in stockholm.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

my religion is kindness said the soaring bobbaloo

There was such a surprise in the mailbox today. A truly kind blog reader - you're a Starr! - sent a wee pink gift. A bob without a body. It could have been a gruesome sight, but turned out to be a bit magic instead. Like things and sights with bobs most often are.

It's like a genie appearing. A very pink one. The non-bodyless bobs were a mesmerized by the soaring sight. In fact this might be the bobbaloo equivalent to a deity. It is pink. And its name is Kindness. Middle name Sweetness. Last name... what do you think?

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

the tiny lunch company

lunch company

At the day conference lunch break I decided to enjoy my lunch outside today. On my own. Or so I thought. Because as soon as I sat down I was excitedly greeted and surrounded by a huge flock of house sparrows. All fluffy and pleading, with the odd occasion of fluttering up and down to get my attention it was like having a tiny hoard of hungry cats or loaf dogs at your feet.

In fact I felt a bit like Snow White or Cinderella with all my bird friends. Because obviously the other lunch eaters on other benches weren't at all as interesting as me. When they finally got some bread to share they became a fluffy ball of squeakers and the large pigeons who also came for food didn't dare snatch any bread from the tiny ones.

An overall good and interesting day, but this was certainly the meet cute highlight of it. Heart.

Monday, October 20, 2014

it's an m

it's an M

One of the most clever and entertaining moments I've enjoyed in a movie recently was when Johnny Depp as Barnabas the vampire in Dark Shadows exclaimed "Mephistopheles!" when he saw the McDonalds sign for the first time. Spot on!

Can't say I enjoyed the movie much as a whole, apart from the gorgeous scenography, costumes and make-up, but this scene. Hilarious.

And as you can see, Litte Miss Paw Inspector agrees. 

Sunday, October 19, 2014

sunday snuggles

Because this hibernation thing is really cool. And especially during weekends snuggling up in sofa with cats, tea and TV is as close to hibernation as you can possibly come. 

When in the company of cats, sharing is certainly caring.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

first woolly project of autumn 2014

pia k stockholm

say hallo to the first knitting of autumn season 2014 - a pair of orange wristwarmers. made to order. as luck would have it it hasn't been cold enough for wristwarmers yet (at least not that i've noticed) so these will hopefully be handed over (no pun intended) just in time for the owner to get snuggly warm with them.

and obviously the knitting is done much more quickly with an orange trio if eager bobbaloo helpers.

Friday, October 17, 2014

first lucia bun 2014

It's madness, I know, but today I had (and enjoyed) the first lucia bun (lussekatt) of this winter season 2014/15. At least a month too early I'd say. Ack, what is happening to the world.

For some reason I thought about baking lussekatter the other week already. But I don't want to get tired of them before Christmas already.

Then today I had one anyway. Sorry world. But it was lovely.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

dear autumn, where is the sun?

zigne and i

Yes you are pretty with all your burning colours. Yes you are the time for new beginnings. Yes you are the perfect time of the year for an overload of cups of tea, book reading and cat cuddles.

book and cat

 old town stockholm


But to be honest, I do wish you could show your sunny side. Because these constant grey skies and rainy days... Believe it or not, there's only so much colours, pretty socks, happy shoes and bobbaloos can do for the mood under such circumstances.


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

once upon a time i painted pots

pia k stockholm painted pot

Those painting pots days seem awfully far away. I don't feel the least bit inclined to do such painting now. Back then I used to paint, sell and give pots in different sizes as gifts. I loved coming up with colour combinations (obviously) and details. The odd pot I kept for myself. One of my favourites from those days is still this one for kitchen utensils.

pia k stockholm painted pot

Though the impression of the pot clearly improves with a feline inspector posing with it.

pia k stockholm painted pot

pia k stockholm painted pot

pia k stockholm

Another favourite is the vegetables pot. It's been used and worn with time. But with a motive that still rocks my vegetarian boat.

pia k stockholm

pia k stockholm

pia k stockholm

And of course the old carrot pot!

A while back I discovered a couple of pots with a style that felt similar to mine. Turned out it was indeed my painting. I had forgotten about that lingonberry and apple pair. A rather sweet pair me thinks. After all these years.

flower pots

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

the prosit sisters proudly present laptop skin and case

laptop skin

The new laptop has now been dressed in what can most likely be described as the most awesome skin ever. The Prosit sisters as kittens.

The customized skin was ordered at Schtickers and I'm very pleased with the quality in general. But there are two details that glitch. 

A) The fact that you have to rely on eye measurement when you change the uploaded size of the photo. It looked fine on screen but irl it is visible (to me) that the sisters' heads are a bit too flat and squeezed together compared to the actual photo. The sizing procedure should be more accurate.

B) The second glitch is that the sizing of the corners of the skin isn't perfect. They need a bit of a trim. I thought I measured the flat surface perfectly, not sure it's my fault or not. And I suppose it's reasonably easy to trim myself.

That apart, a very high degree of adorable loveliness indeed.

P.A.P cases

The new laptop has also received a proper case. Or you could also say, little sister iPad case (made from recycled PET-bottles and wool) has now a big sister. 

For weird and unknown reasons the Swedish company P.A.P's laptop cases has been adjusted to MACs only. By which they obviously miss a huge potential in customers.

I'm just pleased my laptop apparently is of the perfect case size despite being a happy non-MAC. So the 15" size is a perfect fit. I love its simplicity, design and material.

Both skin and case have been paw inspected and approved. By both Prosit sisters. Apparently the cases are great scratching cases for cats too. Who knew.

P.A.P cases
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