Tuesday, July 31, 2012

farewell july


thank you for being such an overall lovely month this year! offering lots of new excitements and rekindling with old ones.

we spent the last day of july on åland, a befittingly sweet end to a sweet month.

welcome august, you wistful month, please be kind ~

stallarholmen åland

Monday, July 30, 2012

good cider, bad cider

tried three new ciders recently.

also rekindle with an old favourite, cidrae. if you haven't tried it i highly recommend you do, fresh and different.

the three new ones range from fabulous (peach melba), nice (rhubarb strawberry) to awful (passionfruit habanero).

what's your favourite cider? have you tried any new nice (or not) recently!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

mane message hair ties


Via Chelsea (Frolic)I learnt about these nifty, colourful, kind to your hair ties and hairbands from the company Mane Message. They're sold in different packages and many of them are tie-dyes in cute colour combinations. In fact there are so many sweet colours it's hard to chose just one package - especially for a colour buff like me... - so I went for a few when I placed my order.

Some of the ties I got were two of the same colour, though that does make it easier to give away a few that way. Because when they arrive you will realise that you want to keep each and every colour for yourself, even if the intention was to give away some. They are super adorable!

mane message

The hair ties can also be used as simple and sweet bracelets. 

I ordered a package of headbands too, haven't gotten around to using them, not because they're uncomfortable to wear but more because I love the idea and look of a headband on others, I just always seem to come to the conclusion that headbands just aren't very me. Still I'm easily seduced in getting them... Need to work on the me-feeling.

They are all very cute, perky (depending on the colours you choose) and unpretentious. And I can definitely see myself getting a few more. I especially love the tie dyes, the turquoise and pink ones are my favourites. Perfect and simple gifts too. Also sold on Etsy.

mane message

Friday, July 27, 2012

happy weekend, the last of july...


... hope you get to spend it just the sweet summer way you want to!

'This might be the most tiresome human slave in the whole wide world, all this kissing and squeezing all the time...'

Thursday, July 26, 2012

a little thursday post


I had written a little post in the Blogger app, did a spell check and when I returned Blogger had ruthlessly deleted the post.Which was a very upbeat, giving thanks, being grateful kind of post. I still feel those feelings, won't write them all down again just now though. This photo will have to summerize those thoughts and feelings for now.

Good feelings, thoughts, these past few days. Weeks. July even.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

moving day for åskar


Today it was time for blue boy Åskar to move to his new forever home. I can safely say it's so much easier to let them move at the 12 weeks old-date than later - and I can in this case of course only blame myself for not making a big fuss about selling them at the earlier date - because you get so much more attach to and smitten by their ways and personalities during the weeks, months that follow. The separation anxiety grows.

on the day brother årvar moved, two weeks ago...

I'm sure he'll have a great new friend - just like brother Årvar has - and a family with four children who'll appreciate his fabulous blue personality and gentle soul. But he'll be missed, by me and his playful, mischievous sisters, Ågot, Ztina and Zigne.

May you have a long and most happy,
wonderful life little sweet Åskar ~


Sunday, July 22, 2012

upon arriving home...


... i can ascertain that

~ my broadband is still not working (after a plus week and reporting the issue) thus i have to make do with iphone. not convenient for everything that need to be done. nuisance.

~ that i have a gazillion of lovely photos that need downloading and uploading. it will take forever.

~ that i still love gdansk. (even if it's a much prefered city off season due to an overwhelming amount of tourists this time of the year.)

~ that i still am deeply and utterly and forever in love with józef k.

~ that a whole lot of walking on city streets, asphalt and cobblestone for five make for very very VERY sore feet.

~ to be able to charge the iphone and free wifi access is now a big part of being on holiday.

~ that you can find el naturalista shoes in gdansk too. they even happen to be on sale sometimes.

~ that gdansk (poland?) in many vegetarian ways without a doubt outperform stockholm (sweden).

~ that bobbaloos love the beach.

~ that blogging via app is rather inconvenient when it comes to photos, links and publishing. but for now, it will have to do.


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

in gdansk

jozef k. sephora. greenway and other vegetarian places. cafes galore. sopot. a castle. walking walking walking. that's how we'll be spending the rest of the week.

lovely as gdansk is off season is much prefered. the city is busting with tourists being very touristy. which of course not include us. possibly the excited bobbaloos. but they're very small.

happy week!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

summer sunday

last week was an overall lovely one.
the weekend has been rather drab, a literally case of when ut rains it pours and not much have done or enjoyed. energy levels low and semi-hibernating called for.

now my regular internet connection doesn't work - which often is the case at downpour - so this sunday post is just a short one.

the sweetness will come in the shape of bobbaloo bums. three tiny ones.

have a happy, colourful week!

Friday, July 13, 2012

friday the 13th of july

~ frog alert on the porch again. s/ge very unamused by the presence of loaf, cat and me.

~ had a lovely soy latte - like yesterday evening. no i didn't get much sleep - THIS is how it should taste.

~ picked up the horrificness called my passport. it's just so studiously crap i had to laugh, you can't tell it's me. i'm glad i have my id-card to compare with.

~ met a lion.

~ had a fabulous lunch with a fabulous view. yes it is alright to be green with envy.

~ inaugurated the prettiest umbrella.

~ had a long walk through a somewhat unfamiliar part of stockholm city. it was lovely, summery and blissful.

~ picked up the new sandals. pretty awesome if you ask me.

all and all, once again, friday the 13th has proven to be a sweet kind of day.

happy weekend one and all!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

currently grateful about...

threesome and one suri-cat

~ That I might possibly call myself a breeder of suri-cats, not only mere cats. (Not that there's anything "mere" about a cat of course!)

~ My little weird and very wonderful rainbow family of cats.

~ More good days in a row than bad ones, though the dripping nose, the cough and the tiredness lingering on. Still, more good days, a little more energy and inspiration, little by little.

~ In less than a week we'll be walking the summer street of Gdansk, having fabulous vegetarian food and visit Jozef K - I'm so excited! And so are the bobbaloos (although it's not quite decided which get to come along yet...)

~ That I was able to actually go ahead and get me a new pair of sandals. Although I didn't end up getting the white/orange/yellow ones, but a pair of three nuances of green ones. For various reasons. That will be explained at a later date.

~ My little red grater. The amount of fresh garlic in our meals have risen to new and interesting heights.

~ That M starts his holiday soon and we'll be able to go for nice daytrips with or without toy car.

~ That I will get to see a good friend I haven't seen for far too long tomorrow, we'll have dinner and then head to a Hawaiian Tropic Party - including goodie bags and tropical drinks. Sweet.

~ That the kittens I've had and sold over the years have been so well-adjusted, well-loved and appreciated family members in many homes. And that their well-adjustedness and funky personalities might have a lot to do with the fact that I am who I am, love and care for them dearly and am very particular about who to get to call themselves their new owners human slaves - thank you Kim for reminding me yesterday.

åskar and i

What are you grateful about today?

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

july tuesday thoughts

upside down

Just a few random thoughts from my  my brain today;

~ the anxiety and loss you feel when a kitten move to a new forever home - yes I'm a softie like that, if you haven't guessed by now... - is rarely met by the kitten's feelings.

Plupp aka Årvar moved yesterday. It was rather heartbreaking, the little tiny fluff picked up and put in a transportation all alone. Later in the evening I learnt that it only took him an hour upon arrival in his new home to having eaten, done the potty and begun playing with his new friend (who is a Ragdoll called Mozart and funnily enough born on April 4th this year too!). This morning we talked (owner and I) and Årvar had then sniffed the dog (a sheltie). And was playing like crazy with his new friend. He apparently couldn't care less about moving from his sister and brother, I am the one finding this quite an ordeal. Which I suppose, any sane and caring human being should.

Ågot and Åskar doesn't seem to care either. They love to run around in the garden, playing with Zigne and Ztina. They eat a lot and continue to be mischiveous. And in a couple of weeks it is time for Åskar to move to his forever new home. I hope I will be brave and grownup about that.

~ you can't have too many cardigans, right? Right.

~ getting emails about final shoe-sales is treacherous and seductive. Isn't another summer sandal a good idea?

~ deciding which clothes to pack when going on a trip is really a breeze compared to which bobbaloos.

~ having a new bathtub in your living room is really recommended as a fun and entertaining cat playground. (Bathtub is destined for bathroom, whenever I get in the mood for making it presentable enough to welcome new bathtub. Then it's bye bye old, worn bathtub.)

~ I really really enjoy the "River Cottage Veg Everyday" television series. Although, as always, I do find it quite sad that so many people think that you haven't had a proper meal if there's not a piece of a dead body on the plate. And then I'm moved with the stories of three generations of vegetarians, families and societies where being a vegetarian is mainstream.

I'm contemplating how lovely it would be to grow veggies myself. But for all sorts of reason I don't think it would be doable for me. Others do it better, I might as well encourage them with my purchases instead.

~ It is time to pick up the nastiness named my new passport. Also known as the gateway to hell actually. I'm sure that the poor passportinspectors looking at that nasty passport of mine will turn into pillars of salt or something similar.

It will be quite an ordeal picking it up. I need something extraordinarily cheerful to ease the pain afterwards, I'm sure.

~ I'm always most most pleased and happy about blog comments left. Even if I'm not always able, for this and that reason, to reciprocate or say a personal thank you. But you already knew that, right? Right.

shoe per diem july 8, 2012 -

Monday, July 09, 2012

rhubarb green nails

rhubarb leaf green nails

Apparently it's simply impossible for me to buy only one bottle of nailpolish these days. And with every new one I get I covet another colour too. Colours and me, we really do have a complicated relationship. They make my world go around, but they are also very addictive apparently.

green polish

It's also apparently impossible for me to paint my fingernails in only one colour now. So when it was time to say byebye to the latest circus nails - left hand lasted without chipping for a week, right hand only a couple of days. I can't be bothered with base coat and top coat, still more than a couple of days would be nice... - I went for the green. Obviously the one colour I would chose would leave its companion miserable, so I went for both.

rhubarb leaf green nails

Funnily enough it turned out that they are like the two sides of a rhubarb leaf. Plus they match a particular skirt. Go figure and a lot of sweetness.

Nailpolish: Essie Mojito Madness and Navigate Her

Sunday, July 08, 2012

frog and hedgehog year 2012


One thing I love about this time of the year is the fact that you get to see old friends in garden. Or possibly new ones, I'm admittedly not too good at identifying the adorable subjects. Be as that may, I love having a garden that apparently is a nice place for all sorts of earthlings, not only kitties and a loaf dog.

first frog 2012

A couple of weeks back first frog of the year appeared. Kitties too intrigued. I wonder how many of them that live under the porch. And if it's the same bunch that return. It would probably be nice to make a little pond for them in garden. Not sure where to put it though. And if they'd be left alone by said kitties.

Hedgehog 2012 has returned for some more food too. Don't think, alas, we'll be as fortunate with a lot of prickly guests as last summer  - six of them at one time! - but still, lots of love for every distinguished one that decideds this is a good place to be.

As I'm writing this I can hear him/her rattling the bowl for a refill outside, better do as s/he likes...

Do you have any extra special summer visitors in your garden?

hedgehog 2012

Saturday, July 07, 2012

the bestest skirt of mine


Ten plus years ago I fell head over heels for this amazing two-sided cotton skirt with raw edges and lots of fabulous handmade details. Over the years I've gotten lots of compliments for it, but I think it's the type of quirky style/skirt you either love or hate.


Sadly Noa Noa hasn't produced any skirts similar to this since - and of course I only got one back then - and it's only in theory that it would be easy to recreate something like it. It would take a lot of time, the sewing and embroidering, I'm sure. I don't have the patience for it. I would love to get one or two more in the exact same style though.

This one has been an eager summer traveller, Florida, South Africa, all over Europe, it does show, the button holes are much larger than the buttons now - I really need to fix that... -, the raw edges are rawer than ever, but still, for a ten plus years frequently used skirt it's definitely still going strong! And I adore the effortlessness of raw edges.


What's your favourite garment/s? And why?
Do you still wear it frequently?

Friday, July 06, 2012

Thursday, July 05, 2012

the blue boys and their sister


I know, three cat posts in one week - at the vet's and inspirational - but Thursdays are designated cat posts, kind of, and today was the day that it actually looks like both boys will soon move to good forever homes. Thus cats it is.

As most always a bittersweet feeling and when I look how much fun and sweetness they enjoy together it adds to the heartache...



... the feeling of "I put them into this world and I am the one separating them from eachother" - not a nice one. But I also know that I've been through this lots of times before;

~ the previously sold kittens have been happy and content in their new forever homes.

~ Many individuals need a push and new surroundings, inputs to really blossom into the personalities they're intended to be - that goes for every being.

~ Some siblings definitely have stronger personalities than others and with moving to different/new homes they get to evolve as individuals instead of someone continue to overpowering the more timid sibling.


Both blue boys will get new cat buddies - and both are ragdolls curiously enough - and Årvar will even get a dog friend, a sheltie. Årvar, the fluff, will move on Monday already, Åskar in two weeks.



And left with her mum, dad, half-sister, cousins and the rest will be Ågot. Oh I'm sure everything will be fine, just fine, but still, bittersweet is the lingering feeling du jour...


Wednesday, July 04, 2012

a bobbaloo's summer day in stockholm

bobbaloos at ulriksdal garden

No outing without bobbaloos du jour tagging along in their very own travel cabin of course. It's a tough job but some smallsized wollies have to do it.

mozzarella pesto sandwich

Yesterday they got to lunch munch on a mozzarella pesto sandwich.

choc nutty cake

Followed by a nutty chocolate cake - which was lovely but too rich to finish completely, even for bobbaloos famous for their ability to devour any cake no matter size.

They insisted I get that birdfeeder above, but I thought it was too expensive so I said no to that. Bobbaloos are notoriously not good with nos and became rather grumpy hence refuse to leave travel cabin until they were treated to a lovely glass of ice tea a few hours later.

ice tea and bobbaloos

Currently the gaggle is bickering about who will get to come along to Gdansk in a few weeks. I will carefully review the bobbaloo album and see who has already travelled abroad and who has not. I'm contemplating if a naked bobbaloo is appropriate to take along or not. And guess what, there will soon be the arrival of a tiny special trio who might have been infected by the travel bug. Decisions, descisions and I just know there will be disappointment and more grumpiness. They may look tiny and adorable, but oh my, they're quite demanding.

So, what have your bobbaloos been up to lately?
And how do you deal with their demanding ways?
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