Wednesday, November 01, 2023

happy world vegan day and world vegan month 2023


November 1 ie World Vegan Day marks the beginning of World Vegan Month. And it has never ever been easier to become part of the solution and joining the kind force for good. For the planet, for the animals and for your health.

There are lovely vegan food for literally every taste bud and for every wallet size, whether you like to cook yourself or eating out. 

Going vegan is never ever a sacrifice, just pure joy.

I didn’t do any fancy celebratory cooking to mark the day, just a simple, quick plantbased chili served with brown rice. But it’s one of my favourite go to dishes that always makes me full and happy, so that’s alright. And with still not having fully recovered from the hellish flu, I do like to keep everything incl. food simple.

Go vegan! And marvel over the wonderful colours of autumn!

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