Sunday, June 30, 2013

goodbye june 2013

heart path

You have been an awesome month, June 2013, I will be sad to see you go but I haved loved pretty much every minute of you -

except for that accident caused by the bus driver a while back, when I fell stepping out of the bus because he closed the door on me. And hey presto, I crash landed on my knees. It wasn't, and still isn't, good at all, but the fall and crash could have been so so much worse and I bet it was you, awesome June, who made the crash landing a lot less painful than it could have been, you saved me but at the same time showed me that one should always be aware of life's unexpected less delightful elements even amidst a lot of awesomeness.

I'm also very happy that on your very last day you showed me this inspirational little thing for the garden, how to create my very own heart path. Because one can't have to many hearts in life.

And please tell your sister July that too much of the good thing is never enough.

shoe per diem june 30, 2013 - heart path

Saturday, June 29, 2013

pet shop boys in concert

pet shop boys circus sthlm

I've adored Pet Shop Boys ever since I was in my teens and they hit the music scene. Sophisticated tunes, humour, irresistable beats and lyrics to love now and then - one of few artists I grew up with and who are still going strong.

I bow my head in shame when I say that despite following them on Twitter and Facebook - obviously only with half an eye - I didn't know they were coming to Stockholm until a week ago, when a friend (the only one I knew until recently who share my love for PSB) asked me if I wanted to go. I got tickets (and was miffed about the seemingly bad seats, but which turned out to be great seats, go figure) and we had a great evening in the company of Pet Shop Boys tonight.

The iPhone snaps of course don't do the experience justice, but I loved their (as usual) clever ways with lighting and colours. I would have enjoyed it even more if they'd played more of their older tunes and not concentrated on the more... soul-less new ones. And more of the I-can't-resist-dancing-ones. But still, an evening with the fab Boys rarely disappoint as a whole.

pet shop boys circus sthlm

Of course they got bobbaloos thumbs up too.

pet shop boys circus sthlm

pet shop boys circus sthlm

Friday, June 28, 2013

five hours on a friday

My weekend kicked off in the loveliest of ways - today I had yet another one of those awesome meetings of likeminded fabulous people I seem to have had a grand string of recently (which only goes to confirm the happy place thing).

This time it was with a childhood friend, C. Last time we met was 15 years ago at a school reunion (which was a pretty bizarre thing and not something I'm the least bit interested in ever doing again) and the reason for getting in contact again was such a happy coincidence;

Two years ago my mother spotted her on TV when C, who's a talented photographer, had published a photo-book about the Swedish hiphop scene, from then to now. Since C was one of very few people from school days I would enjoy reconnect with -

oh I remember school fondly, it was a happy time, but when leaving school I was one of the few that was interested in moving on, getting out of the suburb, studying, growing, suddenly everything that connected us just because we started school together 9 years earlier wasn't there anymore, we had grown apart completely. And that reunion many years later just confirmed all that, either people hadn't grown up all or they had grown into little ol' men and grumpy women, married with children and 9-5 jobs. It was so far from where I was, the only thing that reunion established was I was very grateful for being me and where I was in life -

I googled and found her blog, left a comment and congratulated her to the book release. She was delighted to hear from me and we later connected on Facebook and Twitter etc. It was on Instagram she noticed all my fabulous vegetarian meals (I'm obviously on a constant mission to enlighten people on where to get great vegetarian/vegan food) and suggested we'd meet up for lunch. A few months later we finally met up today and had that fabulous vegetarian meal at one of my favourite vegetarian restaurants in Stockholm, Martins Gröna (Martin's Green).

Meeting old childhood friends or other people you haven't met for many years can be so awkward, weird and uncomfortable - granted if they are fellow vegetarians the risk of awkwardness must be concidered below average of course. But C and I just hit it off right from the start, the conversation was natural, we had so incredibly much in common, our attitude towards life, living, the world, people, work. It was in fact pretty amazing the things we discovered about eachother. So so so much fun, enlightening and engaging, inspiring - five hours later we said goodbye with many exciting ideas swirling in respective brain.

And once again, it feels amazing and weird how many wonderful people and matters that have come my way recently. People meet when they are meant to, things happen when they are meant to. Which by no means mean that you can sit back, relax and wait for people and things to drop in your lap, of course you have to make an effort, get ready, go after what you want and above all be open to things, people, opportunities. Because it may not happen today, tomorrow, next week, not even this year, but one day that business card you exhanged a couple of years ago will lead to something.

When stars align, when the time is right.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

dare to compliment

heart knees

I'm a firm believer of giving compliments to people as often as possible, obviously only heartfelt ones and not just because one *should* or trying to flatter someone's ego for personal gain. Because giving and getting compliments is such a simple winwin situation which only costs a few words but boost someone's day and life. Happiness, however seemingly minor, rubs off.

Unexpected compliments from strangers or people you barely know is of course quite lovely, affirming and happiness instigating too. But a compliment from a friend who sees and knows the inner you, well that's sweetness on another level wouldn't you agree?

Today was a day when I got one of the sweetest compliments ever, from such a friend. Being in a happy place as I am right now I'm feeling relaxed and quite exuberant in a feelgood way whilst this friend didn't yesterday. We spent a good few hours talking and parted in good moods I think. She later texted me and said she felt much better today, that life once again felt full of promise and that my infectious joy of living had rubbed off. I was so touched, such a darling thing to say!

Wouldn't that be a lovely thing to be/do, make a living off, just being infectiously inspiring and joy instigating? There are so many people whose life paths cross with mine who I would so like to shake and say 'is this really the way you want your life to be until you retire??', they look and behave so jaded, unhappy, stressed, tired and wary. And many of them are great people with lots of competence, skills and qualities which could be used in so many better ways. If they could just take the time (which is a tricky thing when you're in the middle of chaos, I know) to do some soul searching and shift focus.

And that even if life isn't fair (because we all know that by now, right?) one can't keep blaming the surrounding circumstances and other people for the situation and life one's living, they won't care, they won't change, they don't hold a solution. And even if it's a cliché, well technically two clichés, the only one you can be sure of you can change is yourself, your attitude and 'be the change you want to see'.

As it happens, one of the projects I'm working on (with a partner) currently holds elements regarding compliments and joy. When autumn comes - after a couple of long, glorious summer months still! - it'll be ready to be revealed. Which I feel is both exciting and joy instigating. Giving happiness will lead to getting happiness, in one way or another.

Are you good at giving compliments?
To family, friends and strangers?
Are you good at recieving compliments

or do you still struggle to say thank you
and by that devalue the kind words?

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

i wish my brain had a map...


On a wall a purple painting with a quote that made me think.
Does it make you think?

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

the impi dress

shoe per diem june 25, 2013 -

Been oogling a rather fabulous dress all spring. At a rather ridiculous original price. So I've been biding my time until the summer sales. Which is now. Dress bought. Dress worn. And oh it's such a lovely splash of colour, pattern and summer ease and unpretentiousness. And still quite stylish and, depending on accessories, elegant in a way. The timeless Impi dress from Marimekko will be a grand companion this summer (and many more to come I hope). Great with a summer tan, but I think it will be perfect with a t-shirt come autumn too.

And it has pockets. Every garment with pockets gets a gold star in my book.

impi marimekko dress

Monday, June 24, 2013

bad karma

bad karma

Almost three years ago now I lost my reading mojo for the second time - and as reading has always always been such a big part of me and my life it has been a constant sorrow since then. Obviously. Anyone who loves to be wrapped up in a good book at pretty much any given time knows just exactly how much that means. - but finally, fingers crossed, I think I'm slowly getting there again.

Because it *only* took me two months to finish "Bad karma" by David Safier. Granted it was a rather entertaining read, but a bit more chicklit-ish and shallow than I had thought and hoped. My initial views remain and I don't think it can all be blamed on a bad translation (German - English). A great idea for a book, not very well carried out but not a complete waste of reading time. That about sums it up for me.

Still, the concept of karma intrigues me on many levels and after reading this book I will never ever look at ants and anthills the same way again.

I'm now on a mission to finish a small heap of books I have only a few chapters left in and then, then I will give you a glorious book post with very short reviews because guess what, the books I finished just before I reached the state of lost reading mojo is still in a pile to be reviewed. I may not remember them in detail the way I would have liked now, but I remember the feeling, the things I loved or disliked and as sharing is caring I can at least give you a hint of their readworthiness on a 1-5 scale.

I've decided that weather allowed, when not working or otrherwise engaged, I will spend a good portion of my time on a blanket in garden, finishing ol' books. I think it is my happy place calling.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

dare to be remarkable

dare to

Sometimes you read a sentence, a few words only and they immediately speak to your heart, you simply  embrace it completely. A quote that strike a special cord that resonates deep within.

And then when those words, those quotes come on anything wearable resisting is futile.

When I a while back first saw the "be a lamp, lifeboat or ladder" on one of Swoondimples earrings I just completely got it. (And this was the first I had heard of the poet/mystic Rumi.)

Sadly those earrings were already sold. But another pair caught my eye, with another life lesson we all have to remind ourselves of from time to time "dare to be remarkable". Oh, I may not be an earrings addict anymore, but I admit to be a sucker for good, wearable quotes - thus earrings and a "be a lamp,  lifeboat or ladder" pendant sailed over the ocean to come live with me. 

Haven't decided what kind of necklace I'll make for the pendant but I'm leaning towards keeping it really, very simple. Since pendant itself speaks volumes.

Be a lamp, or a lifeboat, or a ladder. 
Help someone's soul heal. 
Walk out of your house like a shepherd.

Follow the links in this post for more jewellery from Swoondimples

Saturday, June 22, 2013

the littlest radish red

the other day i met what might have been the littlest radish in the world. it got inspected by another redhead. and then alas its littlest life ended. but in that it made a human very happy with its red, summery, peppery style.

Friday, June 21, 2013

midsummer eve ~


Midsummer Eve,
however you chose to spend it I hope it will be filled with
love, summer, good food and good company
and a dreamy long, light night ~



Thursday, June 20, 2013

birdwatching sisters


Up in the tree are birds that tease. The birdwatching sisters have yet to figure out exactly how to reach those teasers. Which I am truly grateful for.

I am also truly grateful for having those sisters in my life, they are such a delight. Mischiveously so.

That was garden then, this is now.
Little Red and Little Snow.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

a box for random crap

a box for random crap

Spotted this pretty little tin in a shop recently, it screamed my name but alas I think it was too pricey. But I love the design and notion. And isn't it strange how most of us can never have too many boxes and tins for random crap (and treasures!) from here and there?

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

my 5000th instagram photo

summer stockholm

My views on photo editing in Instagram has certainly changed since this post two years ago. Why not make a good motif looking its best?

I haven't been to another Instawalk, but the Instagram app and social media definitely remains one of my favourite medias.

Today I posted my 5000th picture on it - I'm glad it was a capture of a glorious, sunny, summer day in Stockholm that made number 5000 (sans bobbaloos, but they got a pastry anyway). The photo above.

Like with most anything I capture, edit and publish in whatever way, I want my Instagram-feed to be inspiring, showing a slice of my life, being my portfolio, many tiny little photographical paintings to be enjoyed.

Do you use Instagram?
Do you enjoy it and use it regularly
or is it just another app/media?

Monday, June 17, 2013

being in a happy place, part III

shoe per diem

Some other changes I've done recently which I truly believe have had an impact on my mood, health, focus and attitude are;

:: As a vegetarian I've obviously never eaten Omega3, but when I looked into causes for high blood pressure, the insufficent levels of potassium etc and lack of that can be a major reason. So I began looking for vegan options - and isn't it great that you can always always find great, natural, healthy options to using/killing animals for food and supplements! - and found linseed oil capsules (in some rare cases one has to take algae supplements too).

And I have to say it has made such a difference in so many ways like not having sore muscles and joints anymore, something I've especially experienced this past year (something which I haven't complained a lot about, but which have been constant companions).

My complexion is brighter, my hair feels great - more great than bad hair days, huzzah! - my mind is clearer, my ideas more, my energy levels are higher, I sleep better, there's no constant undercurrent of tired-to-the-boneness, in general I feel more in tune with the here and now and the world somehow.

:: I also find it easier to accept that some days I'm not really in tune with people and the world outside my own little haven at all, I simply embrace my inner introvert. Because I know that the next day, next week I meet some awesome and inspirational being and both ingredients, solitude and social activities, are necessary to make me thrive.

:: I've also rekindle with my old iPod - and the pink speaker - and on it is music I have so many good memories of which instantly put me in a good and inspired mood. And I turn up the volume to the max and dance regularly to old tunes. Pink office is so darn awesome for many things!

:: And as mentioned before there are several exciting projects in the works, which are madly inspiring and we laugh a lot while working. Having fun is probably so so much more essential than one ever thought. Because there will always come bleak and awful days, to fill the rest of the time with laughter and fun is important. And realising that it doesn't make you less of a professional, less competent really is key.

I love embracing my Jill of all trades-personality. And interact with people who think alike but also compliment my skills with their awesome skills and competences, of which I know very little or nothing. One doesn't have to know or master everything, just use and master the things one love well.

More about being in a happy place, part I
and part II

Sunday, June 16, 2013

red summer in a heart bowl

strawberry heart

two litres of fresh strawberries were our sunday dinner.
i got to use my favourite strawberry thingie, the stem gem.
every, single little strawberry in the boxes was perfect, red, juicy, sweet.
they were supposedly swedish strawberries.

strawberry heart

the cleansed strawberries were inspected and paw approved.
honestly one of the best dinners i've had recently.

summer in a heart bowl.

strawberry heart

Saturday, June 15, 2013

toy car summer day

passing dream house

With weather, health, other commitments not permitting the toy car inauguration until this weekend it was such a bliss to finally be there. We took a long drive, to a destination with a lovely cafe, had a stroll  around the picturesque smalltown, browsed a few shops before heading home again. and while the destination, as usual, is of the sweet kind it was the journey itself which was the major treat.

Riding in a cab on a summer day really is blissful, everything so close, the sky, the ground, air, sounds, scents, light, sights, nature - like a 3D experience compared to a drive in a usual car which can be described as 2D - life. Liberating and life affirming. Heart.

Friday, June 14, 2013

three frog princes

surely this must be one of the luckiest threesome ever, three frog princes.

i hope your weekend will be of the luckiest kind,
filled with joy and laughter,
the best of company and the loveliest of food,

happy weekend!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

a wall of books

a wall of books

Adore this wallpaper I spotted at a thrift shop/café the other week. Awesome in every little detail and very uplifting.

PS Yes, yesterday's wordless post was about me trying pottery, at my friend's studio, when I returned the pots with knobs. It was great fun and I wasn't too shabby at it (yes the three little things incl the bowl was my work) but as it is rather hard on your hands I don't think I'll be a great fan of it. Although I would love making amalgamation of photography and pottery, there are som many fun ways of doing it these days! DS

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

innocent and quiet


Needless to say really I'm absolutely chuffed about these two books of different kinds.

A) Because anyone who've read this blog for some time know of my love of the brand Innocent - and this smoothies book (it's a mystery really why I haven't looked for it earlier) is just as lovely, from its matte finish and unpretentious look, to gorgeous pictures, simple and mouthwatering recipes, clever writing and and fine words of wisdom regarding our one planet.

B) Ever since I saw the TED-talk with Susan Cain and the power of introverts I've been wanting to read her book on the subject. I've fully acknowledge my own introvert since then, it's good to finally have a word for all those feelings one has had for oh so many years. And yes, I truly believe it's one of the reasons I'm more in tune and in a happy place these days. All those little pieces of the puzzle... Now I'll read the book too.


Monday, June 10, 2013

a vegetarian chinese lunch

vegetarian chinese lunch

At the latest Walk & Talk I walked and talked with a woman who has a pretty awesome business, she is originally from China and offers cooking classes in Chinese cooking but also Qigong, spa for smaller groups and organic skincare. Since I'd love to learn more about cooking tofu we talked a lot about that and then I was lucky enough to get an invitation for lunch.

And it was truly lovely! Pretty much as far as you can get from the greasy, deep fried, bland, too salty, curry or sweetsour food you get a every Chinese restaurant in Sweden. These dishes where simply flavoursome, fresh, fragrant and so tasty. The dishes were a blend of vegan and vegetarian.

Hopefully I'll be able to reasonably recreate them myself, tofu is a tricky ingredient to make justice of I think.

vegetarian chinese lunch
cold tofu salad with lots of coriander -
apparently you either love or hate coriander,
i'm glad to say i loved it. this was probably my favourite dish.

vegetarian chinese lunch
fried egg and fresh tomato with spring onions -
marinated tofu, black mushrooms and celery
(which i'm not fond of, but in this dish it was lovely) with chili and garlic.

vegetarian chinese lunch
i also got to taste the zongzi sticky rice dumplings (in celebrations of the duanwu festival),
the texture and flavour reminded me of the rice pudding we had in school,
but then served with a delicious apricot sauce.
to be honest, i think these dumplings would have benefitted from a fruit sauce.

vegetarian chinese lunch

The dessert was something not exactly Chinese, but really lovely just the same, home-made strawberry cheesecake icecream.

Water and green tea was the beverages of choice and a little sweet cracker jampacked with sesame seeds rounded off this more than excellent meal.

If you're interested in more information about Xia's business,
have a look at her business relaXia's website (only in Swedish) 

Sunday, June 09, 2013

a fine way to spend a sunday...



... visiting a favourite cafe,
having a little kind of brunch,
getting a seat in the greenhouse before the thunder,
rain and lightning struck.



Me concluding that the rhubarb pie
was the best thing I ate during this day,
M feeling the same about his cardamom bun.



Some weekends are just very very slow,
the perfect way to spend them when
the week has been a busy sort of one.
Us introverts treasure that.


And summers, glorious summers
open up to so many more possibilities
of simple yet wonderful pleasures.
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