Friday, November 30, 2012

the arrival of nelly and carrotboy

granted there have been a few bobbaloos joining the swedish settlement since last - insert link here still impossible since my internet access via computer still doesn't work, 2,5 weeks later, thank you very much... - and they haven't been properly introduced in post/s of their own. for all sorts of reasons.

today's arrivals will get an instant post of their own. unfortunately the pictures will not, as usual, be uploaded as intended, thus any clever image text can't be attached. so for now i'll just say, lovie dovie welcome committee soon showed its true nature.

playing in snow can involve close encounters with swedish snow wolf. especially since snow wolf little loaf also is known by his carrot loving name carrot cap chap - carrot and carrotboy, samesamebutdifferent.

if this is life in the swedish bobbaloo settlement, where is the return ticket??

Thursday, November 29, 2012

sheepish sweater

not sure what i think about this fluffy fake fur sweater i spotted last week.

on the one hand i'm not a great fan of fake fur in clothes and interior design.

on the other hand i think fake fur vests etc can be quite cute.

i would never pay the sum stated on the pricetag of this sheepish sweater, neither design, material or work is worth it, i am however rather inspired to create and sew something similar myself. yes, i do think my overall impression of it is; quite cute. what's your opinion on it?

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

happy name day, malte ~

not that we celebrate name days per se, but they are a rather sweet excuse to do something nice. especially, of course, if the name day boy is named malte.

happy name day malte, november 28!

on the nails

i've never ever seen the use for base and/or top coat, a good quality nailpolish lasts at least a week and after a week i'm usually tired of the colour and want to try something new anyway.

but then i spotted a special box with essie all in one base - good to go top coat - and a polish (burgundy) for a special nice price.

felt weird to put that amount of time and work just to paint the nails. not sure i enjoyed the super glossy finish.

but after a few days the look grew on me. and no sign of chipping whatsoever.

until one of the nails suddenly fell of (colour, not actual nail of course). so much for the usefulness of base/top coat...

- a week and a half later all but two of the other nails remain unharmed though -

i then painted the 'lost' nail with just polish, as usual. six hours later it looked like this.

yes, of course nails are clean and dry when i paint them, so why this particular nail reacts in an odd way, to both with base/top coat and without, still remains a mystery.

ah even silly luxuary problems are problems.

a week later, i couldn't help myself, i splurged on two very perky polish, to beat the winter gloom. colours colours can do that. bright blue 'butler please' and bright orange 'snap happy' (which of course is VERY me!). they may play a part in an un-seasonal circus nail display soon, very soon. with or without base/top coat remains to be seen.

ps still no working broadband, seems so long ago i actually used a life-sized computer and its easier, no fuss internet access. nuisance indeed.

not only when blogging of course, but it is messy with the posts date/publishing and the ugly way in which the photos get published. me nor like. yes, possibly a luxuary issue too, in parts at least... ds

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

monday misery

last week was busy and pretty darn great overall. on sunday evening there was a feeling of a sore throat and a cold arrivng. on monday it was fullblown. on top of the issues i've had these past 10 months... in other words, it has been a miserable monday.

one utterly miserable day is more than enough -

isn't it crazy how completely overwhelmingly detached from reality a cold can get you? everything revolves around the sore throat, the cough, the runny/clogged nose. it's impossible to think straight. add sore muscles, fever and a lack of taste (in food) and you're just a bundle of pure human joy -

i'm willing it away. with a little help of tea, apple juice, anything lemon and a bit of spicy food.

Monday, November 26, 2012

christmas market sunday

i wrote a longer post here. the blogger app refused to publish, then deleted it. since my broadband still doesn't work i can't be bothered to try and write the post again in the app. i'll just give you the frames of sunday and save the words for later...

Friday, November 23, 2012

friday meet cute

went on a walk and talk, first in ages, lovely weather, good talks and then this. cows galore. meet cute love.

happy birthday, sigrid ~

now the oldest of the cat gang, sigrid turns 10 today (november 22, 2012). she may not be the brightest of the bunch (for sure) but she is a fabulous carer for others, a blacktortiespotted british shorthair, a great mother (even if she haven't had kittens of her own for five years) of anyone who likes to snuggle. yes, her love of snuggling is probably her main feature really. with her daughters and grand daughters. quite an endearing feature in my book.

behold a snuggle bonanza below.

happy birthday, sigrid!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

doing the malte walk

that kind of day, when there were two malte out for a walk. love was in the air. heart.

and when we returned home there was another meet cute of smallsized dogs. awesomeness.

when the hungry finally get fed and other short stories

a typical scene when they fiiiinally get wet food - remember yesterday's face of tragedy -

and strangely enough they always seem to have mysteriously multiplied in numbers when there's food on the table.

myself i spent monday with new blood samples - oh how i long for the day when this kid is alright, no more samples showing little annoying anomalies one has to keep an eye on, no more regular doctor's appointments... -

followed by a special offer facial - thought it would take the usual ~1 hour 15 minutes. it took 2+ hours... granted it was really lovely and thoroughly done, i got lots of compliments for my skin (soaking that up!) and the algar mask was a treat.

but it also made me 45 minutes late for a fika date. how utterly embarrassing that was! but when i finally arrived it turned out to be a very pleasant couple of hours in inspirational company. kind forgiving company.

how have you spent your tuesday?

Monday, November 19, 2012

monday musings

on a day when there are news like this (will fix the links when i get to the computer) -

climate change worse than ever before (as if we didn't already know...)

and blatant animal abuse for the sake of a movie (the hobbit, boycott!)

to name a few, it just seems more trivial than ever to write a little something on nailpolish. thus i won't, save it for another day. (a day when i will shy away from the news and the internets.)

on the homefront, the saddest news is that we are apparently housing the hungriest cats in the whole wide world under this roof. behold picture proof below.

when chocolate meets vanilla

store bought sticky chocolate cake teamed with vegan vanilla icecream (surprisingly good compared to anything i've *enjoyed* before) - this is our new weekend treat.

what's yours?

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