Sunday, December 16, 2018

the fortnight diary of a tea-a-holic, part II

the tea advent calendars of 2018 (johan & nyström, tehuset java and teegschwendner) and the body shop 🎄💚☕️ -

Better late than never, here's second post of (technically obviously not) the forthnight diary-thing. But who cares. Late November- December snippets it is.

First of all, a plethora of fabulous (and not so fabulous) teas from a certifiable tea addict deserve a proper post, not just a few snaps and a brief mention, right? So despite the slightly misleading title and good intentions, I'll not write about tea now.

stockholm, sweden, december 2018 -

:: Been to the movies twice, one time definitely more enjoyable than the other. Which wasn't the movie's fault but the five teenage girls who kept disturbing the movie - Fantastic beasts, the crimes of Grindelwald - by talking, fiddling with their phones, running in and out from the cinema room during the film, and then leaving a mess on the floor with popcorn and trash. Why on earth pay 145SEK to "watch" a movie when you do anyhing but watch? Plus disturbing everyone else who actually do want to watch. Parents, teach your kids manners, please!

The tricky thing is, if it's not a full theatre with lots of people sitting nearby to react, you have to either tell the disturbers to keep shut, which they most likely won't. Then you have to go out and tell the staff to intervene. Whatever way you react/act or don't, you will have missed a lot of a movie you've paid a hefty ticket price for. Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

The other movie was "Mamma Mia, here we go again" which was very enjoyable . Not as great as its prequel, but still. It's fantastic that ABBA's music is still so catchy, clever and moving, it gets me every time. That blend of I want to dance - I want to sing - and then I cry a bit because I'm so impressed by what Björn Ulveaus and Benny Andersson have created, still create. And proud they're Swedes that have touched the whole world with their memorable music.

sergels torg, stockholm, december 1, 2018

:: Sweden is full of ugly people these days, if you know the saying "Fur is worn by beautiful animals and ugly people". Because every winter is getting worse, when it comes to these nasty hats with fur pompoms and coats with fur-trims walking the streets. Mainly worn by women. Plus they dress their babies and toddlers in fur trimmed clothes too. So many animals who suffers and die for this vanity. It's shameful, infuriating and heartbreaking. In 2018, when we really should be more enlightened as a specie in general. Instead the winter streets are overflowing with the ugliest of people.

Causes for Weltschmerz everywhere.

luddkolt’s british shorthair, dec 2018 -

:: I've had my first appointment with the physiotherapist. It was good to get some feedback. Which was of the both positive and negative kind. In parts the hand/arm is well on recovery, in others it seems to be a long way to go yet. But I got some more rehab instructions, including squeezing rubber balls - which is why I have a heart in my hand often these days.

Have another appointment in a month and hopefully the mobility and strength will have improved some more by then.

little my ☂️sweater 💜, nov 2018

:: The tangible Christmas gift to myself this year was this marvelous Little My sweater, which was worn by the proprietor in one of my favourite shops in town, and I treated myself to an early gift with my alter ego. Supercosy, organic cotton turtleneck in a versatile A-line shape. A happy sweater.

What's you Christmas gift to yourself this year?

luddkolt’s british shorthair, dec 2018 -

:: Now left on my wishlist for Christmas and 2019 - if you don't count the environmental conscious, animal friendly, gender equal, kind, vegan world that we all need - is a job that speaks to my heart, with my kind of people and a decent, regular paycheck.

:: Which clearly would not come from the completely bizarre interview I was at last week. At a world leading niched Swedish company, I'd never heard of beforehand. I just stumbled over the ad on LinkedIn and thought it sounded fun, the role was as global social media manager, within a field that interests me.

The warning bells started to chime when I got a mass-email to an interview with lots of suggestions of times. Add they wanted copies of a) my university degrees and... *drumroll* my high school degrees... Which could have been relevant many decades ago, now it's just... crazy.

However this level of weirdness peaked my curiosity for an interview, so I went.

I really shouldn't have bothered. Because it was one of the most unprofessional interviews I've ever been to - similar of sorts to the 2016 debacle, a case of clearly living in parallell worlds. I wasn't offered a glass of water, tea or coffee, simply ushered into a room where the guy - in my mother's age, who said he had worked all his life in big business and now offered his services where needed. He had never worked with HR. - showed images and talked about how amazing the company was, world leading, outstanding luxuary products, how much revenue and growth they had, how they only hired THE best (even if it took years to find them) yada yada. Not a single word about work environment, well-being and staff turnover.

Then it was time for tests, as usual completely daft personality tests, which have no real scientifical proof of relevance and is simply a lazy way of recruiting. I refuse to let anyone judge and value my competence from such tests, so I don't know why I ended up doing them. And clearly he hadn't read neither CV, application nor those *very important* copies of degrees.

When it was finally time for me to ask all my questions about the company and what they could offer, well then he just thanked me for the meeting and said bye. Seriously. At least I quickly asked how they work with CSR and sustainability - "I don't know, that's not something we've talked about during my 10 years here." I. was. gobsmacked.

That a company in Sweden 2018, which prides itself in being world-leading at that, doesn't take CSR seriously, that's just ungraspable. And totally off-putting.

So the next day I emailed them telling we weren't a good match since they clearly don't see the importance of social and environmental responsability. And a couple of useful links to start working on that. Not that they will, since obviously it's a company solely interest in monetary growth. It has been a privately owned company since start (in 1968) but they plan for introduction on the stock exchange next year. I don't think their lack of CSR work will be a positive aspect for that. Hope not.

I'm pretty sure they wouldn't find me to be a THE best persons-person anyway, but it felt good, really good to say a firm no before that happened. Staying true to myself and my path in life.

The quest continues, for my tribe.

bobbaloo brooch 💙 surprise gift, dec 2018

:: A few weeks ago a little surprise box arrived. And in the box was this wee one. A very special pretty little bobbaloo brooch that brightened the day. Welcomed to the Scandinavian Bobbaloo Settlement by Gingerbob, because it's that time of the year. Thank you again for the kindness, D, I'm so touched.

vegan food at home, december 2018 -

:: If you're looking for some special (vegan and palmoil-free) chocolate pralines for yourself or as a gift I can recommend these from that I got at the Christmas fair. These are pumpkin spice, delicious, but they have other flavours too.

vegan food at home, december 2018 -

At the fair they also co-operated with the animal rights organisation Earth for Everyone, which mainly work with rescuing stray dogs in Iran and trying to improve the complete lack of animal welfare laws there. So by chosing this chocolate you also support a much needed animal welfare work.

the tea advent calendars of 2018 (johan & nyström, tehuset java and teegschwendner) and the body shop 🎄💚☕️ - advent 3, december 16, 2018

Now, Happy Advent Third, I hope you've had, are having, will have lots of cosy moments, hygge, candles and tea, and if possible cat snuggles galore.

Monday, December 03, 2018

the vegan ring and other little fabulous christmas fair things

christmas fair with vegan corner, stockholm, sweden, december 2, 2018 -

There will be a part two of the last post, but let's pause that for a moment and contemplate the fact that finally this beautiful, handmade, silver ring (and its delightful ceramics ring holder) has moved in with me. Vegan. Because I care. A simple and self-evident statement of compassion, kindness and true environmental engagement.

I first saw the ring in the Instagram feed, by talented ceramic artist Kinga Kremer - yes there's a webshop and yes you can order worldwide - whose clay work I first spotted at one of my favourite vegan cafes Mahalo last year. Because beautifully glazed plates that states "Tofu never screams", brilliant. And I knew the ring screamed my name.

christmas fair with vegan corner, stockholm, sweden, december 2, 2018 -

When she told there'll be a Christmas fair with a vegan corner in December, and that the limited amount of rings would make their debute there I knew it was a must. Yes I was the first one in line yesterday, and yes I was the first one skip jumping up the stairs and yes I was the first one at her stall saying "hi I'm here, now I want a ring!".

Since my left hand is still swollen on and off I didn't want to get a non adjustable ring for that, so opted for the right ring finger. But apparently that hand was also swollen that day, since the ring is much too big now. However it now fits the left hand middle finger instead. But luckily all fingers are vegan so that's fine by me. Also a perfect finger to make a certain gesture with I suppose.

christmas fair with vegan corner, stockholm, sweden, december 2, 2018 -

When M was alive we used to visit 3-4 Christmas fairs every year, not really for shopping, more for the ambiance. I don't think I've been to a single fair these last few years, no need for ambiance, no urge for shopping and the best ones always seem to time-consuming to get to by public transport. I'm glad this wasn't and I'm glad I went. Not only because of the ring, but also because it was so nice to meet people I follow/following me on Instagram and have a chat. As well as meet new vegan businesses to support and follow.

christmas fair with vegan corner, stockholm, sweden, december 2, 2018 -

I got some vegan candles - perfect for the Advent candlestick of course - nail oil and delicious vegan chocolate pralines (where the surplus goes to homeless dogs in Iran). I'll show and tell more about those companies and kind Christmas gifts in a later post soon. If you want handmade, caring, cruelty-free, environmental-friendly, useful gifts and support small business owners you might find something interesting there.

christmas fair with vegan corner, stockholm, sweden, december 2, 2018 -

The cafe at the fair had also been taken over by vegans, which was an extra treat. I really enjoyed the spicy Persian saffron tea, and the grilled sandwich was unpretentiously nice but the saffron bun just dry and boring alas. Which made me think it's high time to bake this year's first batch of plantbased lussebullar...

advent 1 and zigne, dec 3, 2018

All and all it was the perfect way to spend the Advent first Sunday - early arrival at the fair, spending a couple of hours there, coming home early, being happy about the fine finds, having a reasonably slow rest of Sunday, planning the week, drinking the daily cups of the tea calendar teas and watching movies under heaps of cats.

And obviously, making good use of the new vegan candles. With the usual fire mezmerized snoopervisor, Zigne. If a cat could be an arsonist, I'm pretty sure she would be, little fluffster. Her behaviour always makes me think of this song -

Which I love, not always in the mood for, but every time I hear it this powerful paragraph sticks

"All you have is your fire
And the place you need to reach 
Don't you ever tame your demons
But always keep 'em on a leash"

It may not be a theme song, but words to live by. 

So thank you, November, you were lovely (despite the lack of sun).
Welcome, December, I wish for kindness, sparkles, lights and awe (and the arm to heal and improve well), I hope you can deliver. 
Thank you ever so much in advance.

the tea advent calendars of 2018 and the body shop 🎄💚☕️

Monday, November 26, 2018

the fortnight diary of a tea-a-holic, part I

tea tea tea, nov 2018 -

gone are the days of daily blogging. seemingly even weekly blogging. welcome to the fortnightly recap of one swedish tea-addict. part one, mind you, since i have a lot to get of my sausage dog cardigan clad chest. more than i think is right for one blog post alone.

organic cotton sausage dog cardigan (palava) ans wristwarmers, nov 2018

:: the rehab of broken arm/wrist is going slowly. especially the hand has been continously swollen for the last three weeks but i'm finally seeing improvement. i fear the wrist will never be back to its original shape - no chance whatsoever the watch will fit on it again if i don't adjust the wristband about 4 cm... - since the bone has taken on a new position.

touch wood i don't experience pain as such, only when i try to lift something too heavy or have done a lot of rehab, then the muscles are really sore obviously. it's just very awkward not being able to use it as much as i want, am used to, and it's not obviously visible on the outside why i can't.

i got a tip about a couple of great physiotherapists, the prefered one didn't have any time until january 2 (!) but i snatched that time and have booked one with her colleague the week after next too. i really want to know how much progress i've made and what i can improve on/change. and if it's "normal" to be where i am right now.

sausage dog cardigan from palava, october 2018 💚

:: as you can see, the return of sausage dog cardigan (organic cotton, from palava) in a better size has happened. and naturally with a bit of a mess from the notoriously expensive and lack of customer service swedish postal "service" PostNord. that you can always count on. but it got here eventually. and it's a better fit, still roomier than intended - it's suppose to be a rather snug, vintage fit but i'm not a great fan of that for myself - but just what i wanted. and it's adorable. and very well made in the uk.

vegan shoes (and zigne), el naturalista, november 2018

:: i've also managed to treat myself to a pair of fabulous vegan oxfords (from el naturalista of course). before the marimekko sneakers early past summer i haven't bought any new shoes for a few years. and even if i'd like to go all vegan on the shoe-front too, it's more sustainable to care for and wear your already owned and loved leather shoes until they're worn out beyond repair. same goes for wool and silk garments of course.

they're very comfy and with the perfect heel. it's a pity that the vegan range of el naturalista shoes are so bland, beige, brown, black. i do miss their usual options of great colours, but at the same time, this colour was most certainly not something i remotely owned before. and they'll match with any colour.

while i definitely know we all need to shop way less, for new stuff - and i can't begin to say how much i hate the excessive consumerism concepts of black friday, cyper monday, christmas shopping et al - a friend said something wise when i talked about feeling bad for buying anything else than consumables or sensible replacements for broken, worn old things. "but pia, it's not the way you carefully think through your purchases and support small business owners or companies with healthy, sustainable values that needs to stop first and foremost. it's the cheap chain store-shopping, where there's a high price being paid by the environment and the underpaid workers in a remote country, the excessive shopping, the wear and tear culture, that needs to stop NOW."

food for thought.

which doesn't mean i'll return to my old once ways of shopping (shudder), just because i can use that as an excuse. but maybe i don't have to feel all that guilty when i chose to buy something nice and kind, that support my green values. and by doing so i hopefully inspire others to think and chose more carefully too.

vegan food stockholm, november 2018 -

:: when on the subject overconsumption, the scary void of analytical, connecting the dots the news and newspapers (in this case the swedish ines, but i know it's the same problem all over the world) talk about climate change is absurd. currently the annual non-news of "this year the swedish christmas shopping will reach new record sales" and "perhaps you're more keen on taking your family on a christmas holiday, fly away to a warmer climate, here are the best destinations!".

how is it that we exist on the same planet and yet too many people think it's same business as usual, after this devastating summer, after more forrest fires, earth quakes, draughts, floodings than ever? why hasn't everyone become vegan, stopped over-using their cars, stopped flying already? because, as i've said before, we are all eachother's someone else and we need to take responsability for our actions, non-actions and choices. clearly the politicians are too cowardly to make those impopular decisions that should have been taken a long time ago.

and obviously you only have to look at the toddlers of the swedish parliament who aren't grown-up enough to form a left-right government and work against climate change together. the only thing we need to base every decision on from now on, the planet doesn't care if you're left-wing or right-wing. global warming is upon us and the growth is exponential, everything is happening much faster than people in general seem to understand. denial rules.

i read an interesting piece a while back, about how humans are made up of basically two types. one type wants to be entertained, the other one wants to contribute. one doesn't see past its own needs, the other one sees itself as a part of a larger picture. and, no surprise, the former is predominantly made up of men, while the latter is of women. i'll see if i can find it again, it was really enlightening. and to be honest, simplifying things isn't always a bad thing. quite the opposite.

body shop advent calendar 2018 & snoopervisor zigne 😍😘

:: you know how much i've enjoyed my krÀnku tea calendars for three years, but this year i decided to do it differently. i decided to go big or go home. or rather go big and sit at home drinking an inordinate amount of tea december 1 to 24. i went with three other lovely tea calendars this year, and non of them krÀnku.

tea tea tea, nov 2018 -

first there's the johan & nyström tea calendar - from one of my favourite cafes, coffee roaster & tea merchant.

tea tea tea, nov 2018 -

and then i saw this cute house-shaped tea calendar from lovely teahouse tehuset java. plus i've eyed the german teegschwender one for years - i'll write a bit more about their disappointing procedure in regards to not selling their amazing organic ice tea abroad in the part II blog post...

this is also my first year ever for a delightful skincare calendar. i got the sweet the body shop one from my mother. the cats obviously think is a waste of money to get things that aren't feline compatible from an edible point of view.

i see my december as consuming gallons of tea, a lot of peeing, having really soft skin and smelling fabulous. not that anyone but myself and the unimpressed cats will notice the latter since i'll be unable to leave the house because of the former. but it will be marvellous!

and of course, three tea advent calendars isn't enough to be a tea-a-holic, i have done a lot more investing in amazing teas of all sorts. but more of that in the next blog post too. i am now not a not-so-crazy-cat-lady but a certifiably crazy tea lady. (with dreams of becoming a tea sommelier one day.)

body shop advent calendar 2018 & snoopervisor zigne 😍😘

:: currently listening to this song by Passenger a lot. still think the singer has a creepy manchild voice, but i like the lyrics, music and feel of the song.

pug named baron, nov 2018

:: since i lost little loaf too soon, in 2013, i've been contemplating back and forth if it's time or not for a new dog in my home. ideally a small shelter dog or re-homed dog small enough to fit in my re-kÄnken backpack when on public transport. but i do like the size of small terriers like malte. and even if i would never support the breeding of pugs - because of its obvious unhealthiness - i've never met a pug which isn't totally lovable and super-friendly, with that special ugly-cute charm and style. and they usually get along fabulously with cats.

so when i stumbled over a little pug that was up for adoption at dog shelter hundstallet the other week i decided to apply. his described cat-friendly, cuddly and energetic personality would fit in so perfectly with me and the cats. sadly i haven't heard anything from the shelter, and i guess half of stockholm was charmed by the little fella too. so it wasn't meant to be.

but i did have the good fortune to meet another little pug last weekend. and even if he has a home already it's never a bad thing to get a bit of cute dog, pug oxytocin refill, right? right.

next post will be about not only more tea, but also work (including the still ongoing quest of finding my kind of people. the seemingly never-ending story...), books, movies, ill-behaved kids, moomin, friendship apps for women, muesli, fur, faux fur, documentaries and more. now, how fun in a mixed bag does that sound?

luddkolt’s british shorthair, nov 2018 -

Sunday, November 11, 2018

organic vegan food inspiration, part 6

Ă„rstiderna organic vegan food box ambassador, october 2018 - pasta with butternut pumpkin cream, spinach and hazelnuts

Welcome to another part of plantbased food inspiration. It has been a crazy three months already since the latest.

The above dish, with someone swooning over its deliciousness is a pasta with butternut pumpkin cream, spinach and hazelnuts. Pumpkin cream really is THE most amazing thing to have as a pasta sauce.

Ă„rstiderna vegan food box, food ambassador, sweden,august - september 2018 -

Falafel-wrap with salad and hummus. Sometimes there's a pre-made falafel-mix etc in the box. I'm not a great fan, I do prefer to make falafel from scratch now, the texture is so much nicer and crisp.

 Ă„rstiderna vegan food box, food ambassador, sweden,august - september 2018 -

Hummus with fried aubergine and tabbouleh. Apart from the pre-made hummus - my own is so much nicer - ths was a lovely dish. An fresh coriander seeds was great in the tabbouleh.

Ă„rstiderna vegan food box, food ambassador, sweden,august - september 2018 -

Not a great fan of bowls, and this was no exception, very average. Quinoa bowl with fried portobello mushroom (too little), corn, avocado almonds.

Ă„rstiderna vegan food box, food ambassador, sweden,august - september 2018 -

Onepot pasta caponata, lovely. I love making onepots. You cook the sauce and pasta together, which makes the flavour and textures so much better. And you save water and energy too obviously. This one was with aubergine, capers (which I've only come to appreciate with this food ambassador gig), squash, garlic, onion, parsley, tomato sauce, chili and that all imoortant nutritional yeast that makes vegan dishes cheesy. - Also great for making pesto.

Ă„rstiderna vegan food box, food ambassador, sweden,august - september 2018 -

Seitan hotdogs in buns served with red cabbage salad, mushy peas and pickled cucumber. I love the simple hotdog dishes with add-ons that make the dish sing.

Ă„rstiderna vegan food box, food ambassador, sweden,august - september 2018 -

Fried tofu with wholegrain noodles and fried vegetables (red onion, garlic, carrot, squash, red cabbage, chili, sesame seeds, lime and tamari sauce). Lovely.

Ă„rstiderna organic vegan food box, food ambassador, september 2018 - rainbow bowl

Another dull bowl as far as I'm concerned - rainbow bowl with millet, avocado, tomato, corn and mungbeans.

Ă„rstiderna vegan food box, food ambassador, sweden,august - september 2018 -

Pasta with romescosauce and grilled vegetables. Delicious. The sauce is made with garlic, onion, red paprika, tomatoes and roasted almonds which is mixed in a blender after cooking. Aubergine and squash is grilled and added to the sauce together with the pasta.

Ă„rstiderna vegan food box, food ambassador, sweden,august - september 2018 -

Close up of one of the most amazing and simple dishes so far - tarte flambeé with onions served with a crispy salad. It's basically a miniature pizza with a delicious spread made of soy cream and nutritional yeast. Perfection. The dough was ready made and I'm not keen on making my own, so if I can find a ready made pizza dough without palmoil I want to try this again asap. The simple spread really melts and tastes like cheese and to only mix red and yellow onions on top was perfection.

Ă„rstiderna organic vegan food box ambassador, september 2018 -

Ă„rstiderna organic vegan food box ambassador, september 2018 -

Falafel and barley salad with baked vegetables and pumpkin seeds. But for the pre-made falafel mix this was good.

Ă„rstiderna organic vegan food box ambassador, september 2018 -

Another one pot pasta with tomatoes, paprika and chili. Good stuff.

Ă„rstiderna organic vegan food box ambassador, september 2018 -

Creamy polenta with corn, squash and spinach. Lovely comfort food. This was also my last dish before I broke my arm. For the next weeks I had help with the peeling, chipping, dicing, slicing and eating. Now I'm slowly working my way back to doing all that stuff myself again.

Ă„rstiderna organic vegan food box ambassador, september 2018 -

Bimbimbap with tofu, mushroom, carrots, squash and fried garlic. Deliciousness.

Ă„rstiderna organic vegan food box ambassador, september 2018 -

Samosas with spicy potatoes, pak choy and peas. The salad is made of potatoes, finey chopped kale and roasted sunflower seeds.

Ă„rstiderna organic vegan food box ambassador, september 2018 -

And another (dull) bowl with durra, black beans, tomatoes, green beans, salad and sesame seeds.

Ă„rstiderna organic vegan food box ambassador, september 2018 -

Tikka daal with sweetpotato, carrots and green beans. Lovely comfort food again.

As usual the recipes (in Swedish) can be found at Ă…rstiderna website (or in the app). If you're keen on a translation of a specific recipe, or have any questions, please let me know in the comments.

Ă„rstiderna organic vegan food box ambassador, september 2018 -

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Sunday, November 04, 2018

another year older, another year wiser - the 2018 edition

sausage dog cardigan from palava, october 2018 💚

so, what did happen during my last week as a xx year old, followed by my first week as a xx year old, a year wiser?

:: i decided that when the purrfect dress wasn't meant to be, surely a sausage dog cardigan in organic cotton would be the perfect birthday gift to self instead? from palava (same source as the delightful budgie skirt). i spent a lot of time figuring out the best size (ordering online when you don't know a brand well is tricky, no matter careful measuring). talking to the customer service too.

decided to go up an extra 1-2 sizes, wanted it roomy. it arrived gorgeous but also way too big. so had to be returned (add hefty trackable postage) for another one smaller. opted for one size smaller, so i hope it'll be roomy, but not that oversized.

and as the swedish postal "service" is notoriously crappy it was quite the kerfuffle at the post office since it turned out they didn't have the means to print the waybill *insert rolling eyes* so i had to pop over to the library to pay for a print of it.

i can see it landed in england yesterday, so hopefully i'll get my new cardi later this week. fingers crossed it'll be a purrfect fit.

even if some think it's pure treason to dress in dog prints obviously.

sausage dog cardigan from palava, october 2018 💚

stainless steel frying pan (teflon is evil), october 2018

:: watched the powerful documentary "the devil we know" the other week (still available on svt play in sweden) about teflon and C8. and how it has been poisoning the world since the 1940ies, and continue doing so because of greed alone. the company DuPont and its spin-off company Chemours certainly are the epitome of dirty, evil, greedy and powerful big business. i knew teflon was unhealthy, but had no idea about the extent of it, how basically noone can escape its consequenses.

just another proof that humans don't deserve this earth.

first thing i did next day was to buy a stainless steel frying pan (pots i already have). trying to figure out where i can get rid of the teflon pans in a sustainable way.

didn't feel very sensual (despite its name) buying the pan at ikea. but it has been great (and comes with a 25 year guarantee). noticed that at least 95% of the pots and pans at ikea are teflon coated though. and much cheaper that the few stainless steel ones.

so much cheap stuff that have been poisiing and littering our planet for decades. heartbreaking and infuriating.

stainless steel frying pan (teflon is evil), october 2018

:: "sÄ mycket bÀttre" (so much better) is a swedish reality show with that has been aired for 9 years now. the premise is that 7 swedish artists meet up on gotland where they each have one day where the other artists interpret one song each from the hosting artist's repertoire.

admittedly i've never watched the series until now, not very interested in watching "the club of mutual admiration society"ish reality shows. plus none of the previous artists have been favourites of mine. but this year eric gadd participates. and i used to love his music, especially in the 80ies and 90ies.

and i adore linnea henriksson's version of his song, "the right way".

here's gadd's original version.

and albin lee meldau's version. his vibrato voice is so cool. a touch of antony and the johnsons.

william morris exhibition, millesgÄrden, october 25, 2018

:: on the bday, which was a wonderful, sunny and crisp october day, we visited millesgÄrden, art museum and sculpture park (one of the true gems of stockholm you shouldn't miss), for the william morris exhibition. i didn't know that he besides being an amazingly talented artist, architect and designer also was a radical political activist. an overall very impressive, inspiring human being.

william morris exhibition, millesgÄrden, october 25, 2018

william morris exhibition, millesgÄrden, october 25, 2018

vegan food stockholm, october 2018 -

:: the museum visit was followed with a lovely vegan lunch at the new place VeganHouse. tasty butter bean and black rice burgers with fries and delicious chipotle mayo.

vegan food at home, october 2018 -

i did of course have the obligatory piece of plantbased cream cake later that week. (from bagar'n hornstull, my old childhoods.)

office dog maya 😍, norrtĂ€lje, oct 2018

:: in my first week as a xx year old i visited my accountant for the second annual meeting. after a worrisome year - mainly thanks to the dodgy client and unreliable team mates, and myself for being to trusting of people that clearly had other motifs - i knew i'd already manage to save my business, with a last minute solution which i'm ever so very grateful for, but it was still a rather uncomfortable visit. but being greeted with a long bark of excitement, followed by a good lick and cuddle by the cuteheart office dog maya was the best kind of start.

office dog maya 😍, norrtĂ€lje, oct 2018

norrtÀlje, sweden, october 29, 2018

turned out to be a lovely day. minus the 3 x 2 hours of public transportation to norrtÀlje. plus me forgetting to bring bread for the ducks and getting a good disgruntled quack by the city ducks of norrtÀlje.

last day of plaster, last day of october 2018 💙

:: then on world vegan day the arm was finally relieved of the plaster. rejoice!

off with the plaster! nov 1, 2018

i had expected the left arm to be thin and weak. instead it turned out to be thicker and the hand swollen, and weak. an ugly sight. and there'll be a lot of work with physiotherapy at home. the muscles are shorter, the broken, cured bones rigid and un-cooperative. i'm basically still the one-armed cat vomit slip woman. but i'm working on it. and it's such a relief to take a decent shower and not having to worry about getting the plaster wet.

Ă„rstiderna vegan organic food box ambassador, october 2018 -

:: world vegan day, a reminder that as long as we continue to eat the flesh of innocent beings the world will continue to be a violent place. meat eating is of course not only violent and unhealthy, but also one of the largest contributors to climate change. and yet it continues to be the elephant in the room that politicians and individuals alike refuse to seriously address.

make the connection, please.

lush treats for hands and body, nov 2018

:: the arm in freedom needs a lot of TLC, apart from physio, so i got it some handscrub and handcream at lush. and look, the amazing snow fairy scent is now available in body spray too. swoon.

maria nila vegan haircare awesomeness, november 2018

:: and for world vegan day there was also a special price on fabulous, swedish, vegan haircare brand maria nila and as i've almost worked my way through all my old haircare products it was a perfect time to get some.

with the buying came the option of getting it delivered, included in price, instead of having to pick it up at the post office. and with the one hand issue i thought that would be good. turned out to be not merely a good, but a great solution. the company budbee home delivers between 5pm and 10pm, with an estimaated delivery time. after 5pm you get updates in real time and you can follow the driver's progress on a map on the phone. with moments of "oh no, you should have turned left there!".

how many of us haven't wasted days waiting for deliveries from the old, giant delivery companies that obviously don't really care about customer service "we'll be there sometime between 8 am and 5 pm"?

maria nila vegan haircare awesomeness, november 2018

if budbee follows labour laws and has decent salaries - of which don't know, but start-ups can be notorious for not heeding to that... - i think they have a great and highly service-minded idea.

and as sharing is caring someone loved the box the products came in too.

maria nila vegan haircare awesomeness, november 2018

dear november, if you could please continue to be just as great as you've started, i would be ever so grateful and happy.

william morris exhibition, millesgÄrden, october 25, 2018
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