Saturday, March 16, 2019

la dolce sustainable vita, bullet journaling and other cosmo geek week ingredients

årstiderna organic vegan foodbox, food ambassador, march 2019 -

Where to start? It's been such a busy week I don't know where to begin, or honestly if one post is enough if I'm going to tell everything I'd like to share. Or if I should simply keep every bit really short and if you want to know more, you can watch, listen and learn elsewhere. Here goes.

vegoforum stockholm, sweden, march 10, 2019 🌱💚

Last weekend I attended the annual Vegoforum in Stockholm. A day brimming of interesting seminars on sustainability, animal rights, health, ethics, science and politics. For you who've been following me for a while, you know I'm no great fan of fairs, festivals and big crowds. Team that with things I'm really passionate about and heartbroken over (ie how we treat our fellow earthlings), that's no place for me.

But a friend who volunteered coaxed me to go. And I'm so glad I did. Because of the various seminars I could concentrate on the practical, inspirational, important things for change rather than the matters that are painful. Thus science, plantbased food, vegan entreprenurship and politics for me.

I listened to a talk by WWF and how their One Planet Plate-project is one important piece of the sustainability puzzle.

vegoforum stockholm, sweden, march 10, 2019 🌱💚

I listened to a talk about the pros and cons for vegan entrepreneurs and business owners. From startup Nogue Foods, brilliant Oatly, crowd funding investor Kale United and vegan shoe shop Green Laces.

vegoforum stockholm, sweden, march 10, 2019 🌱💚

I listened to a talk by a professor and scientist from KTH about how crucial it is that we change (preferably yesterday) to a low meat society. Which, to be honest, most everyone knows but the politicians are still to cowardly and dependant on industry lobbyists to actually do something about.

vegoforum stockholm, sweden, march 10, 2019 🌱💚

And then a panel discussion with scientists, doctors and politicians on just that, why don't politicians act, despite all the research pointing in the same direction.

Apart from the odd bit of mansplaining here and there (sigh) it was a really enlightening and uplifting day. There are, we are, actually people who care and have the facts. Facts on which you can't argue. Well, unless you're plain ignorant, selfish or heartless.

And yes, the simple vegan food on offer in the restaurant that day was great too.

Plus all talks were filmed and are viewable on website and on YouTube. I really recommend a watch. In Swedish only.

bullet journal workshop, stockholm, march 12, 2019

Later in the week I attended a work shop in Bullet Journaling. Of which I honestly hadn't heard until last month, when I got a membership email from the bookstore in question that arranged it. But I'm big on making lists and using notebooks, so I thought it would be a neat way to learn more about productivity and structuring your life.

bullet journal workshop, stockholm, march 12, 2019

It was an inspirational evening, but not fully grasping the concept yet, I didn't dive in creating my own first bullet journal. But I've bought books to fully understand it, so any day now I will. Plus, to tell the truth, I'm not a great fan of the stickers, doodle, drawings, colouring, scrapbooking way of bullet journaling. Not my cup of tea, I prefer other types of creativity while keep my planning more focused and straight forward, as it was originally intended. But each to his/her own.

bullet journal workshop, stockholm, march 12, 2019

In this digital world, and working in it, I miss the analogue. Often. I now have my colourful, practical bullet journal to be, and my pens. So looking forward to learn and start creating my own journal!

källkritikens dag, stockholm, march 13, 2019 -

March 13 is Source Criticism Day (Källkritikens Dag) in Sweden. A day when the tabloid Metro and its Viralgranskaren (The Viral Scrutinizer, which sounds alike a superhero, which I suppose it is in a less flash way) had an open seminar on source criticism and how vital it is to question things and sources on news and rumours. Especially in this day and age when it seems fake news are more prominent than ever.

källkritikens dag, stockholm, march 13, 2019 -

The Swedish Minister of Culture and Democracy, Amanda Lind, presented the award Det gyllene förstoringsglaset (The Golden Magnifying glass) for the "Kolla källan" (Check your source) to two recipients, one person/organization and one person/organization within the educational system. Because source criticism is obviously essential for democracy.

The evening was filmed, and can be watched online. Partly in Swedish, partly in English.

ancient glasses get a new life, march 2019

I handed in five very very old of glasses of mine, to my optician, which no longer are of any use to me and my eyes, but can still change someone else in need's life. Recycling at its best. It's interesting to see how either my taste in glasses design has changed over the years (I think these pairs are about 10-15 years old) or what's on offer in way of design is much richer now than it was then.

Might have ordered another pair from their brand new collection. Possibly. Think I need to get some sort of snazzy shelf for the glasses I currently use, so I can have a clear view (no pun, promise) of my morning choices.

vi är vad vi köper - we are what we buy 💛, march 2019

On the subject of shopping. And identity. I've finished this book "Vi är vad vi köper" (We are what we buy), written by two Swedish professors. The book is about Homo Consumericus and consumerism. It's a both entertaining, enlightening and infuriating, sad read I'd say. Mass consumption is one of the imminent threats to our planet and yet there's no quick, viable solution to the problem since consumerism is such a huge part of society and our lives. How do we consume smarter, less, healthier and more sustainably?

Next week I'm having fika with one of the authors. We've been talking a lot on social media and realized we also share the love for Marimekko. Which is such a fun coincidence. Thus of course we had to have a Marimekko clad meetup, over coffee and talk about the most likely system breakdown we're facing plus other interesting cultural and anthropological observations.

bullet journal workshop, stockholm, march 12, 2019

And on the topic of glasses. On my way to doing the above drop-off of the old glasses I was waiting for the bus, when I noticed an elderly woman who looked so stylish, with red hair, green scarf and cool glasses. I thought to myself I should compliment her for her brilliant style. But instead when we got on the bus she sat down next to me and said I had super-cool glasses that suited me perfectly. How funny and brilliant wasn't that!

So of course I said the same to her and we got chatting on style and design, and how boring and uninspiring too many people dress. If more people dared to use colour, patterns and fun accessories, the world would be a happier place for it. It's so very nice when you just spot a stranger person who you're instantly drawn to because of their personal style. And it's mutual. Awesome. Plus age is just a number, style is eternal.

la dolce sustainable vita event, stockholm, sweden, march 14, 2019 -

We're getting close to the end of the week now, promise. (And if you're getting exhausting by reading about all of this, think of how tired, but inspired, I am, as an intro/ambivert, experience it live...). And time for the annual sustainability forum arranged by Konsumentföreningen Stockholm (Stockholm Consumer Cooperative Society). Its name was La Dolce Vita, the evening was once again filmed, and should be up soon on YouTube. The sweet life as in how do we live the sustainable sweet life.

There was a wide and interesting range of people on stage, some better and more relevant than others, but all in all, a great, hopeful evening. The talks all revolved how we can work to reach the Agenda2030 sustainability goals, both as a society and as private citizens as in the Good Life Goals.

Participants were the former Secretary General for Naturskyddsföreningen (The Swedish society for Nature Conservation), now at Fossilfritt Sverige (Fossil-free Sweden), a vegan food blogger, the sustainability manager at CocaCola (if that's not a paradox, I don't know what is...) and the same at Coop, the Secretary General of ViSkogen (agroforestry) and WeEffect, the founder of CHOOOSE, the sustainability manager at Max burgers and the chief strategist at Futerra.

The one quote that stuck with me the most was "You can't chose where you're born, but you can chose whether you close your eyes or engage yourself." Are you the person you want to be today, on the right side of tomorrow?

vegan semla, semla tea and zigne, march 8, 2019

Rounded the week off with an appointment with the physiotherapist, who said the mobility in arm looked great for a complicated fracture 7 months down the line. Unless I felt I needed support she didn't want to see me until a whole year had passed since the accident for review on the status and options. I should just remember not to lift anything heavier than 0,5 kilos until then... Which I obviously have already, a lot. Kitty litter and cat-food bags, there's no escaping. But at least it isn't like regular weight lifting at the gym and such.

bullet journal workshop, stockholm, march 12, 2019

Then I rushed to what was the third interview for the communication position I applied to a few weeks back. (No matter what will come form this, I have to say that it has been a very efficient and pleasant recruitment process.) As the company's headquarters are neatly situated in my suburb, I had thought it would take me about 5-10 minutes with bus and walk to get there. Sadly I was mistaken. The newly built industrial area it's located in, is poorly designed for people without cars and I had to walk about 2,5 x 2 kilometres in pouring rain. (There is apparently a bus, but it's not my regular bus a few yards away, and it only runs twice per hour.)

But for that little inconvenient, time-consuming snag, I felt the interview went well. Interesting company, where no doubt there would be a lot of work and structure to put in place, but also a lot of room for creativity, possibilities to achieve great things together and for personal development. They'll now chose from the three people left, will know more in a couple of weeks. Fingers crossed.

vegan semla, semla tea and zigne, march 8, 2019

After this extraordinarily full week I totally deserved the vegan semla above. Teamed up with semla tea. And a snoopervising semla to cuddle.

Looking forward to a less hectic week, and time to collect my thoughts (in a bullet journal perhaps!) some more, and plan on my next steps. I do however have a little interior design workshop at IKEA of all places, by the end of the week, which will be fun I'm sure.

Other than that, March, keep impressing me, you've done such a great job so far! xox

Friday, March 08, 2019

bold by nature and other march snippets

marimekko bold by nature, fashion night march 7, 2019

The month of March has had a flying start - on the first I got a call back for a second interview already. It took place mid week and it felt great, so even more fingers crossed for a third one. Of course, like most always, afterwards the brain starts questioning should I have talked less about this, more about that, been more this, less that. Which is obviously a waste of energy, what is meant to be will be and I went to the interview with hope and good, honest intentions. And yes, it still sounds like a great position where we could thrive and grow together. Will know more late next week.

liljevalchs vårsalong 2019, march 4 -

The Liljevalchs spring art salon was a disappointment this year alas. Looking back at the photos I snapped I see there were some lovely pieces, like this monkey and chicken painting. But the overall impression was a lot, to put it mildly, naive art. Or not so mildly, toddler's daub. In other words, a vast difference from last years wonderful, high quality and very varied exhibition.

liljevalchs vårsalong 2019, march 4 -

These guys weren't impressed either. A sad void of good places to watch and pose, when you're tiny. I think the best thing about the visit was that I inaugurated my Palava sheep o'hoy dress.

slow fashion outfit selfies, march 2019 -

Hello there. Although no full length mirrors to be seen, so even though it really really deserved a proper sort of glamourous selfie there was only a toilet mirror available. Sorry, sheep dress, there will never be a chance for a new inauguraton day photo, but hopefully we will have many fun and sort of glamourous days together from here on anyway.

vegan burger and sweet potato fries, mahalo stockholm, sweden, march 4, 2019

Afterwards we had a vegan burger and sweet potato fries at favourite place Mahalo, that never disappoints.

tiny angels in stockholm, sweden, march 6, 2019

The weather continue to be scary. Lots of snow one day, heavy rain the next, -10 degrees C one day, +5 the next. Which obviously have led to icy streets here and there. I hope it will only rain from here on. And that the temperatures can keep around zero C. Climate change in your every day life is incredibly energy draining.

Not really visible in this picture, but the snow is falling again, the winds are icy and on the ground of this cemetery are patches of tiny, yellow flowers sprung and eagerly waiting for spring to come and stay.

sunrise, stockholm suburbs, sweden, march 6, 2019

I was up way too early for comfort, basically half asleep still, for a breakfast seminar on inbound marketing (it was great and unpretentious) earlier this week, when this gorgeous sunrise appeared. The way my house and garden are built I never get to see these amazing sunrises or sunsets when I'm home. So it's a rare treat when the weather conditions are perfect and I happen to be in the right place.

slow fashion outfit selfies, march 2019 -

Something else extraordinary happened this week too. I found a pair of trousers that actually look half decent and are wearable. For most of you that sounds pretty trite I suspect. But if you haven't found any trousers that fit for the last 10 or so years, I can assure you it's close to a miracle.

Since my early twenties I've always preferred skirts and dresses, for so many years I've found trousers to be very limiting and unflattering and skirts/dresses liberating. Now and then I still wore the odd pair of trousers back then. But with age the body changes and to be honest, when you find you look like a tall version of the Astrid Lindgren character Karlsson-on-the-Roof, when you still live in hope and sometimes actually go into a changing room to try them on, that's just dispiriting and not empowering at all. Unlike the magic that happens when you try on a really great dress.

But then something miraculous happen when I put this pair on, I'd never ever contemplating trying this type of model on before. I'm not sure what changed my mind. But I'm really glad I did. They were on sale and I wish I'd gotten a second pair, but they're all sold out now. And I have to be grateful I at least got one pair. Maybe they'll produce the same model for autumn again.

The blouse is from Marimekko. It's a tricky model to match so I'm happy to see it actually goes well with the trousers.

marimekko bold by nature, fashion night march 7, 2019

On the subject of Marimekko. And clothes. (Of which we should all buy less, even if it's sustainably made, of course. Not quite there yet. Obviously. Work in progress.) As is pretty obvious by now I adore their designs, patterns and colours, especially the Unikko flower (over the years, hello dresses, pencils, notepads, shower curtain, umbrellas, bag, vest, once upon a time iPhone cover, sneakers, anorak...).

And trying the dress visible in the top photo on the other day I was rather smitten. Even though I would have preferred brighter colours it's not like anything else I have in my wardrobe and I've found it's the type of model that fits me. Today there was a little fashion event in store which I attended and after trying it on again, and again getting so many compliments for it it's a bit embarrassing, but also empowering, I decided to get it. The dress is a blend of bold, classy and playful and will look great with red shoes and accessories/red lipstick.

marimekko bold by nature, fashion night march 7, 2019

Given the fact a lot of guests tried the pattern on in various models, I fear there will be a lot of women clad in navy blue Unikko pattern-clothes strolling the streets of Stockholm this spring through. Or maybe it will be a happy change from all the drab, black clad people of Sweden. The new flower power army hits the streets. Oh the joy.

I just couldn't resist taking a picture of a sales girl and a customer wearing the same Unikko kaftan dress, aren't they adorable? The Marimekko theme for spring and summer is Bold by nature. A statement which naturally appeals to me, not sure how bold the average Swede will be though, mixing patterns and colours like this.

marimekko bold by nature, fashion night march 7, 2019

But it does look great, so I hope I'm wrong in my assumptions of un-boldness.

The pretty flower cookies on Marimekko offer were vegan and natural superfood cookies, another tick in the Pia boxes of approval.

vegan semla 💛, fettisdagen, march 5, 2019

For Fat Tuesday this year I neither bought a dairyfree semla at a bakery, nor baked my own. Instead I bought ready made semla buns at the grocery store, and they were of a surprisingly lovely quality, whipped soy cream and made my own almond paste. Then assembled them and sprinkled powder sugar on top. They turned out really very tasty.

vegan semla 💛, fettisdagen, march 5, 2019

And so thought the cats and their tiny tongues too. I love how they also embrace plantbased milks and cream. Dairy is scary. Cow's milk is for baby cows. And that's that.

On the subject of that, this weekend I'll most likely attend a vegan forum, with various interesting and important talks. And then I'm all set for another exciting March week. Have lot of great things and workshops booked for the evenings so it will be a busy one.

Cheers and thanks, March, keep on bringing the good stuff!

marimekko bold by nature, fashion night march 7, 2019

Thursday, February 28, 2019

the name day and other weekly nuggets

salvador dali sculpture in stockholm, february 2019 -

It was a long time since I had had a facial when I finally had a much needed appointment the other day. At least five years. And it was a dreaded appointment, as my skin condition has been another issue these past few years and I've been working hard on improving it since 2017. It's definitely better, but not good. And this was the first time I was worried the beautician would be shocked at its condition. Which obviously is ridiculous, that's what they're there for, help people get better skin, not condemning them for whatever reason they're not having great skin days already.

These past few weeks I've also begun a new skincare regime, with some new Dermalogica products for sensitive and dry skin which I think has helped too. Gone are the days of keeping facial things simple obviously. Or gone are the days when it was even possible to keep them simple.

new glasses, february 2019

Happy to report things weren't nearly as bad as I had thought, in fact they were much better. The general skin condition was great, supple and soft, the sensitivity, areas prone to redness and surface dryness are my issues. Still. But as you can see, after that facial I'm glowing. Or it could be the fact I'm wearing one of my pair of new glasses. That come with a really nifty sunglass clip-ons. Or it could be the sun, the lovely sun and a brisk walk.

new glasses, february 2019

Unseasonable global warming weather, so I find that most every day these days comes with a bad aftertaste of climate change angst. But amidst that, I'm really grateful for the non-icy streets. There are reports of both snow and rain in the weeks to come, if that happens at least I have both my Icebugs and ice grippers so I'll be alright. Touch wood.

The sun has been out a lot these past weeks, and that's glorious, but the winds are still chilly and harsh - so hats and mittens are still required. And here are the clip-ons. And obviously in some weather, some angles, some lights, my hair is a lot more grey than I like to admit.

But more often than not I think it's super cool to embrace they greyness. I've begun to follow the account @Grombre on Instagram, and there's a lot of inspiration and empowerment coming from it. Hooray for all the gorgeous women who stop dying their hair and show their true amazing selves!

årstiderna organic vegan foodbox, food ambassador, february 2019 -

On the subject of hair and unruly wisps, after I did a blunt cut on myself last month - oh I'm a renassaince woman indeed - I decided to invest in a fancy modern flat iron. Not because I want to flat-iron my hair regularly, or at all, but it's easier to get a sleek, glossy look with it. Plus I admit, I adore flat iron curls.

Well, to adore them in theory and to actually being able to achieve them, there's an ocean of skills between them. Because a) I find a really hot flat iron incredibly scary to try and master, b) no matter how many YouTube tutorials you watch to master them yourself, it takes eons of practice apparently. Not to mention loads of hair products, so you don't damage the hair. I'm not a fan of loads of hair products. But I suppose, that with my type of hair it's the same as with the skin, gone are the days of being able to keep it simple.

So far I've mostly made some weird granny glamour curls instead of the carefree beach curls I was after. And being able to get the perfect flat iron curl flick with hair as frizzy as mine, that's no mean feat. I guess, a little practice on a regular basis will make reasonable perfect one day. Although, how on earth do people get those snazzy curls on the back of their heads without burning the scalp?

Every day you learn something new, but you also get a gazillion new questions about the world and people's behaviours. Sometimes it can be such superficial things as how to master the skill of making the perfect flatiron curls.

new glasses, february 2019

And here are the glasses number two. I think they're very caramelly, fun and perky, not looking like anything else I have or have had before. Also, when I picked them up at the optician the other frames were back in stock so I decided to be really very kind to myself and my eyes and get them too. Because clearly, a range that's called New Business and a model called Creative, does call my name. They're red, big, round and very cute too.

salvador dali sculpture in stockholm, february 2019 -

Something else that's reasonably round, quirky and very charming is the authentic Salvador Dali sculpture above. It's called The Nobility of Time and was one of three large sculptures brought to Stockholm for the antique fair earlier this month. I had so looked forward to seeing them all but alas I completely missed they would only be here very briefly and to be removed last weekend already, so I missed the other two. Which is so very disappointing.

salvador dali sculpture in stockholm, february 2019 -

Something artsy I'll definitely not miss is the annual spring art salon at Liljevalchs. Which I'm sure won't be as amazing as last year's, but still much worth a visit I'm sure. Plan to go next week.

catfood and public transport, stockholm, february 2019

In the category things I'm on the other hand hope to avoid as much as possible, is catfood shopping and lugging it home on public transport. Usually I'm able to car-pool with some kind soul. But last week it was alas unavoidable and jeez that was hard work (even if you feel pretty satisfied once you've made it home). The shopping cart couldn't take two bags, and besides it would have been to heavy even if there'd been room. So my right arm got a lot of exercise that day. While my left arm did the sympathetic huff'n and puff'n.

Yes I have looked into home deliveries from pet stores, unfortunately I'm then unable to use my discounts and no I won't pay more than necessary for already expensive cat food, to get it delivered home. Well, at least it'll be good for my biceps.

smarter than your phone, lunch inspiration, akademibokhandel stockholm, february 21, 2019

I've also attended a great little lunch talk by the author, a psychologist, of this book "Smarter than your phone" on how too many of us need to start using our smartphones instead of letting them use us. My best trick is to NOT have your notifications on, which is something that the book also talks about. I've never had that, it's so unnecessary and will just add stress. And to be honest I find it incredibly rude when other people constantly check their notifications in the company of others. People desperately need to be more present.

vegan food stockholm and suburbs, february 2019 -

On the Pia-day, always February 22 in Sweden, I got tulips, sunshine, vegan candy at IKEA - who knew they'd be good for that?? - and a lovely soup lunch. Oh, and a much awaited pocket edition of Jojo Moyes "Still me".
vegan food at home, february 2019 -
The interview the other week alas didn't lead to anything, obviously they looked for someone with another set of skills. I'm okey with that. What I really don't appreciate is the fact that the recruiter didn't have the decency to call, despite having promised to, and tell me so herself. I only found out because I contacted her to get news on what was happening. It's just lazy and rude recruiting not to get back to the selected few you interview, but that's a too common thing in HR alas.

stockholm, sweden, february 2019 -

I have had another first interview, for an interesting communications job in the circular economy industry. The little extra unexpected and rare plus is that the headquarters is situated in my suburb, which means it would take me 5 minutes by bus to and from work. Such glorious time-saving prospects. Fingers crossed.

vegan food at home, february 2019 -

Currently thinking about the old saying amongst salespersons "For every 10 no there will be a yes", it's probably the same when it comes to job searching. I've given myself March to find that elusive perfect job, with hopefully my kind of people and an organisaton where one can thrive and be happy. After that I possibly need to re-evaluate my strategy.

For now I'm taking various courses, going to talks and seminars to better myself and my skillset. Now is the time for that.

the deer shirt, bric a brac stockholm, february 2019 💚

I've also said yes to not only a couple of dresses since New Year's - still need to be much better at saying no - but also a dear deer shirt. Which happened to have been completely paid by the cash refund slip I got when I sold second hand clothes at the Bric a Brac shop last year. So more clothes out than in at least. And look how very well it teams up with the cute squirrel and acorn necklace from Palava. Going all woodland this spring.

stockholm, sweden, february 2019 -

And on the very last day of February I took the the wee ones to rekindle with what's still the best mural in Stockholm, the Millenium-trilogy inspired colourful piece of art by Brazilian street art brothers Os Gemeos, painted in 2017.

new glasses, february 2019

As well as picked up the third pair of glasses -

and did the contact lens screening. Turns out some people can actually wear contacts with different strengths in the left respectively right eye, thus being able to both read and see far without having to add reading glasses. From the tests I did today it looks like I'm one of those. That would indeed be a relief. I'm getting lenses sent home to try out and then go back for check-up. -

so now I'm just super psyched for a new month. New glasses, New Business, here we go, March, let's make this happen! I bring the glasses for every occasion, you bring the business, okey? Many grateful thanks in advance.

Friday, February 22, 2019

eating out - vegan brunch at radisson blu royal park hotel stockholm

vegan brunch at radisson blu royal park hotel, solna, stockholm, sweden, february 17, 2019 🌱💚 -

Finally, as mentioned, I too have tried the plant powered Sunday brunch at Radisson Blu Royal Park Hotel (near Hagaparken in Solna, Stockholm). And it was overall a great experience. There's textures and flavours for every tastebud.

vegan brunch at radisson blu royal park hotel, solna, stockholm, sweden, february 17, 2019 🌱💚 -

As I most likely have written before, eating buffets isn't my thing, mainly because I can't eat that much thus I feel it's a waste of money. I much rather pay for exactly what I eat. Also the amount of food waste from buffets, which is vast I'd say, is also a serious concern. Of course it's not nearly as heartbreaking as it is when animals have died to end up on somone's unnecessary plate and then is just thrown in the trash anyway, when it's plantbased. But still, wastefulness with food bothers me. A lot.

vegan brunch at radisson blu royal park hotel, solna, stockholm, sweden, february 17, 2019 🌱💚 -

That said, this was a brunch I've been wanting to visit since they made it a regular weekly thing, I think about a year ago. It's simply brilliant that a well-known big hotel go all in plantbased for brunch, kudos galore. So, every Sunday between noon and 4 pm you feast your eyes and fill your tummy on a fantastic spread of vegan delights.

vegan brunch at radisson blu royal park hotel, solna, stockholm, sweden, february 17, 2019 🌱💚 -

Just the fact that you can eat everything (if you have no specific food allergies) without making sure there's no sneaky animal derived ingredients in any dishes, or not losing your appetite because you still have to see dead animals displayed on non-vegan plates, that's a much welcome relief and bliss in itself.

vegan brunch at radisson blu royal park hotel, solna, stockholm, sweden, february 17, 2019 🌱💚 -

There was such a variety of food it wasn't even physically possible to sample everything, and then there were stuff that I never eat like cold cuts and such. But most every thing I put on my plates were very enjoyable.

vegan brunch at radisson blu royal park hotel, solna, stockholm, sweden, february 17, 2019 🌱💚 -

Freshly baked bread with cashew cheese, parsnip soup with coriander, chia pudding with banana and almonds, strudel with spinach and onion, miniature seitan burgers, pickled red onions (favourite garnish of mine) and other pickles, coleslaw, root vegetable gratin, chili, springrolls, American pancakes, cookies, chocolate balls, pannacotta, freshly squeezed orange juice, sticky cinnamon buns...

vegan brunch at radisson blu royal park hotel, solna, stockholm, sweden, february 17, 2019 🌱💚 -

What I missed on the buffet were carrot-heavy salads, fresh fruit salads plus a better tea selection. And miniature pizza slices and pies would have been nice. But it's not at all as I was leaving hungry or not satisfied...

vegan brunch at radisson blu royal park hotel, solna, stockholm, sweden, february 17, 2019 🌱💚 -

The few food items that wasn't up to the overall excellent quality were these -
- the croissants, too heavy and tasted of yeast, inedible really
- the pannacotta with liquorice, too much sugar and liquid
- the burger buns were dry

vegan brunch at radisson blu royal park hotel, solna, stockholm, sweden, february 17, 2019 🌱💚 - spirulina popcorn

This was by far the weirdest dish/snack - spirulina popcorn. Not too bad, but not something I'll crave again either.

vegan brunch at radisson blu royal park hotel, solna, stockholm, sweden, february 17, 2019 🌱💚 -

I wish I would have been able to eat more than one American pancake. It was a lovely one. With whipped soy cream, raspberry jam, chocolate sauce and a dollop of the most delightful crunchy peanutbutter. And I wish I hadn't been too full to try the icecream.

vegan brunch at radisson blu royal park hotel, solna, stockholm, sweden, february 17, 2019 🌱💚 -

I'm thinking of treating little mum to the brunch on her birthday in April, during Easter this year, but she isn't a big eater either so maybe it would be better with another type of celebratory meal. Although it is a pretty special experience. Did I mention there was a little live jazz trio playing too?

vegan brunch at radisson blu royal park hotel, solna, stockholm, sweden, february 17, 2019 🌱💚 -

Radisson Blu Royal Park Hotel
Frösundaviks allé 15, Solna, Stockholm
Tel +46 8 624 55 60

Food - 4/5
Service - 3/5
Ambiance - 3/5 
Value for money - 4/5
Sunday plantpowered brunch price -
395 SEK pp, children 6-12 195 SEK, children < 6 eat for free
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