Friday, June 21, 2024

hello midsummer 2024


I hope your Midsummer will be lovely, however you chose to spend it!

I enjoyed this splendid vegan cream pastry at favourite bakery/cafe Bageri Passion yesterday. 

Got some sourdough bread, vegan buns.

 Then groceries. 

Picked up a book parcel.

 Sent  off a couple of sold Tradera sold garments.

Then finally got help with getting that ol’ nasty armchair to the recycling station (where it ideally should’ve been dropped a couple of years ago). So much gratitude.

In my book that counted as an excellent day.

Today I had planned to bake and make both a vegan summer cream cake and bagels, for a lovely delicious Midsummer spread.

Realised I haven’t enough flour at home.

Creamy pasta with smoked tofu will be the back up plan.

And plenty of strawberries and cherries,

That’s quite alright for Midsummer too, as far as I’m concerned.


Thursday, May 30, 2024

on the quest to find my next challenge...

Last month I posted this job search quest on LinkedIn.

—- ✨ Attention network! ✨

I am on a quest to find my next challenge and could use your help. 

I am currently seeking a senior communications position within a sustainability dedicated, change-making company/organization. 

My ideal roles include Head of Communications, Communications Manager, Director of Communications, CCO, or similar. 

However, I am open to exploring other opportunities that align with my values and expertise. 

As a proud generalist, modern renaissance woman, and lifelong learner, I am excited to bring my communication skills, legal background, and passion for kindness and sustainability to make a positive impact on the world. 

I value active listening, free thinking, curiosity, creativity, structure, strategy, and collaboration. If you share these values and are interested in connecting, let's talk! 

I am particularly interested in opportunities within the plant-based/vegan food sphere, where I believe I can make the most impact. 

While I am based in Stockholm, Sweden, I am also open to remote/hybrid positions and have extensive experience working as a fully remote resource. 

If you know of any company/organization that would benefit from my skills, please get in touch or leave a comment below. 

Your support in spreading the word (and this post) is greatly appreciated. 🙏🏻💚

Let's make the world a better place together! 



Despite a lot of support, cheering on, some leads, some suggestions, and kindness shown, I am still no step closer to my goal.

It is somewhat draining. 🤷🏻‍♀️

I may be naïve (no I am not) but I really thought April that was would offer real and positive change.

It did not. 

However I felt more positive and excited than I had for a long time, so I suppose all my efforts at least created that (limited) change.

Hoping that I at least planted some seeds for change with ’putting this out there’ (although what works and what is not on LinkedIn remains a mystery still, after all these years…).

I also got a really ridiculous, unsolicited advice (from a woman, which kind of makes it even worse) to change my profile photo to a ’professional’ one, which in her narrow-minded, limited world meant a button up shirt and suit jacket.

Jeez. It is 2024, the world doesn’t look like that anymore. And companies/organisations/people that have that view on professionalism, well it most certainly isn’t my kind of place.

I will leave this here now. And maybe the Universe that has my back will pick it up and offer that desperately seeked positive change.


Also, do not forget to vote in the EU-election! 

The planet also desperately need positive change, do not waste your voice, vote for the planet, the animals, nature, vote for a green future.


Sunday, April 14, 2024

thoughts on the summer 2024 dress and its friends

If you’ve been a rare long-term reader of this blog you know that I was a reasonably keen shopper of pretty things when I first started blogging.

And that I had that period (and quite a different financial status) with a fondness for expensive handbags. Oh the shame I feel with how ill spent that money was. And that the bags were leather bags, newly produced leather bags. I was simply a selfish idiot.

And even if I was slowly recovering from a very rough time in my professional life, and felt I was in my every right to ’treat myself’, I could have treated myself in so many better ways, given more to charity and saved more.

I’ve planned to sell most of those expensive preloved handbags (in excellent condition) for a long time now. Just haven’t gotten around to actually do it. Just do it.

But I will. 

Of course I’m not the same person now as I was when I began writing this blog. It will turn 19 years this September 2024. Which means I will soon be 19 (!!!!!) years older. How. did. that. happen?

Suffice to say, I have grown into a better, more insightful human being. In a world crazier than ever I connect the dots in a saner way than I used to.

And such a human being does not buy ridiculously expensive leather handbags. Or lots of colourful leather shoes/boots. Or too many new produced made to last garments. 

Even if it’s better than bad quality fast fashion, the only truly sustainable slow fashion is the one that is never made. But second hand, or repurposed from fashion that already exists, but no-one wants.

I try to be mindful with my shopping. And I wish I could only find perfect second hand clothes (like the ”prettiest 55 year old” dress). I try to go thrifting in my own wardrobe.

But yes, sometimes I do buy a dress or two. I do. And I know I will love and hopefully use it for many years to come. (Although the livable planet may change or seize to exist before that, as things look now…)

So I go for it. It’s vegan, it’s slowfashion. It’s pretty, it’s (most usually) colourful and it makes me happy to look at and wear. So I do it, a few times per year. I do. 

But I’m working to getting it down to less than that. I’ve come far in these close to 19 years, but I can definitely do better. I can. And I will.

Of course I had to give a context to the S/S dress of 2024 and its friends I recently gifted myself. And now it’s time I introduce them.

I remember writing about the Swedish tax refund years ago, and how I often used at least a portion (big, small or all) of it to get new clothes or shoes. These past few years I’ve mostly used the refund to pay bills. Most everything is more expensive these days, so however nice the tax refund is, bills are obviously a priority and the treats smaller.

This year I had a very rare opportunity to actually splash a bit and treat myself to a mindful wardrobe trio, that makes me very happy with their long-lasting quality, design and colours.

Every piece is made of organic cotton. Which is a huge plus obviously. The dress is made of my favourite crisp cotton poplin. Adorned with my favourite pattern, the Unikko (poppy) flower (which turns 60 this year!). 

I’ve been wanting a maxi dress for many years now, but not finding the perfect model for me and my body shape. This a-line shirt dress has pockets and even if it’s not quite down to my feet I still think it falls into the category maxi dress, right?

I absolutely love the vibrant colour combination of pink and orange. Isn’t it gorgeous?! 🧡🌸🩷

I inaugurated it last week, wore it with orange/peach coloured tights from Snagtights, my +10 years old Adidas sneakers (accidently vegan?) and the subdued Marimekko anorak I got in 2020 (?) with its matching Unikko print.

Turned out it was an unseasonally warm (but global warming normal) day with +18 C temperature. So it was a bit too sticky warm with tights and coat. But still loved the combo.

And I’m eagerly waiting for the next day to wear it. But without tights and summer shoes/sandals.

In autumn 2016 I bought myself a Levi’s denim skirt. It has probably been my most used piece of clothing ever since. As I haven’t used jeans for about 15-20 years now 

- I can’t be bothered to find a model that actually suits my body. And I’ve prefered skirts over trousers for the past 25 years anyway. As I find them more comfortable and liberating than I have ever felt jeans or other trousers to be -

but I would have loved to have a denim skirt instead.

It was impossible to find the perfect model (a-line) until then. And I’m sorry I didn’t get two of them when I finally found the model. As it has been discontinued since.

As I’ve been wearing it all year round, and it’s the only really neutral, versatile (with pockets) skirt I have in my wardrobe, I’ve been on the look out for a block colour, more neutral, skirt, that will also work all year round for a few years (and which I can switch the Levi’s skirt with, it needs some well deserved rest). In vain. Until now.

I’m very hopeful this navy-ish blue Marimekko (no not sponsored, but I do love the design, colours, quality and inclusive sizing) will do the job.

As you know I shy away from black and dark colours, as they don’t go well with cat hair and they’re just terribly dull, drab, depressing and void of personality, joy and sazz.

But I think this is a neutral but quite nice blue. I just hope it will be able to avoid attracting to much cat hair and lint.

As I only have one knitted cotton sweater in my wardrobe, lack a V-neck, and this one looked so lovely with that skirt on the website I went for it.

I know there’s a ’rule’ that you should always make sure you have several pieces that works well with already existing pieces in your wardrobe, before you commit to buying it. I haven’t been bery good at following that ’rule’, I have to admit.

Probably because I love colors and patterns so/too much, and single pieces can scream my name. Rarely a full outfit.

That’s why I’ve embraced the granny toddler style so much. Which is fun and joyful, but not always what I want. 

In 2019 (I think it was) I wrote something about focusing on more block colours, not more patterns. Apart from a couple of white T-shirts I don’t think I’ve been good at that personal mini mission.

But I hope I will be better from here on, and that this skirt will be a first new step in that direction. I have lots of patterned tops I want to wear it with and that will be so much fun!

And obviously I’m very excited to do this full sweater/skirt outfit above some day soon. 

Some days you just need to rest and reset your brain with little nonsense like outfits, mindful shopping, colours and other little pockets of joy. With the world being a more violent, scary and seemingly hopeless place than probably ever before, I need that. And probably you to. 

Kindness, compassion and peace.

And pretty dresses.

Sunday, March 31, 2024

march, easter, april 2024

This will be a quick, short Easter post (or maybe I’ll continue to add to it later, haven’t decided yet).

March hasn’t been very eventful, but with the return of light (despite some snowy days) there’s hope of life after a long, dark, cold and awful winter. And that alone is cause of a little celebration I’d say. It finally feels easier to breath somehow. And for that I’m very grateful for your days, March of 2024!

Easter, which has always been my favourite holiday/long weekend (without reservation until M passed away on Easter week Wednesday in 2016, now I’ve come to appreciate it again, but it’s also a slightly bittersweet weekend for me…)

This year it has mostly been spent watching movies and TV-series (the weather hasn’t been great), drinking a lot of tea, finishing a couple of books (Easter weekend is for reading crime fiction - tradition imported from Norway ’påskekrim’ - so that’s what I’ve mainly been doing.

My goal was also to finally finish that fluffy strawberry sweater I joyfully began knitting a year ago. I ran out of the pink colour when I was about to finish the second arm last year. 

Had to come up with a creative solution, as it would be costly to send for a couple of pink skeins from Norway (the only seller) just for that. 

Then the summer heat came, no time for knitting wolly things. And then the cold autumn/winter made it impossible to use knitting needles in a comfortable way. 

So here we are. And I still haven’t picked up the needles yet. But there’s still one day left of Easter weekend…! 🍓

March also brought one last vegan semla moment of the best kind. Which made the total this year to five, consumed over three months.

With snow/ice free streets a plenty, I also had one day of wearing high heels. Which is a very rare thing after the pandemic, when sneakers (to my great surprise) truly stepped up as my new reliable shoe-friends. So wearing high heels, or medium for that matter, have become rather awkward. 

But I’m also thinking it’s a good way to use different muscles. No long walks in these obviously, but it felt like an accomplishment to do some errands in these just before the weekend. And then some extra stretching.

Long term readers might remember that these boots was a birthday gift (El Naturalista) many years ago. I still love the style, comfortable design, the pink colour, I just don’t wear them as much.

Have been toying with the idea of selling off some rarely used shoes/boots (and I already have with some, without feeling sad and nostalgic), but these and a few others are still attached to memories I’m not ready to part with. And as the shoes still fits…

The tights are Snagtights fabulous ones (I never wear any other tights than these ones, anymore), in one of my favourite colours Raspberry. Very perky and joyous it is! 🩷

Just like the plantbased Easter candies from Swedish candy maker Bubs. Surrounded by the old bunch of Easter sonny angels - and as the slogan goes ’he may bring you happiness’ 💛

The best meal this Easter weekend, that’s nearly over alas, was the plantbased cream tea with scones we had on Easter Sunday. Not sponsored (alas) by Marimekko (or any other brand obviously) but as you know by now, the love for the colourful and bold dessign in long lasting quality runs deep in me.

So the Easter table is set with a mix of old, second hand pieces and a few new ones that I will continue to enjoy for many many years. 💛🤍💜

I recall mentioning I was going to do a Maria Nila vegan colour hair pak to welcome March in style, in my last post? The colour Bright Red turned out great, and a few washes later it’s still quite visible (even if it’s slowly fading back to grey, via pink). 

With the hope of life-feeling that March brought, I do continue to be true to myself and hopeful that April 2024 will finally bring that hard worked for positive changes and new (plantbased communicative) opportunities. Surely it’s time to shine and change now? 

Many, grateful thanks in advance, April, your predecessor did well, now it’s up to you to carry that torch to greatness, mkay? Welcome happiest of Aprils!


Monday, March 04, 2024

thank you february, welcome march 2024

A month later life continues. Without nothing really exciting, promising, hopeful or joyful happening on a personal level.

And the world craziness with wars, violence, genocide still exist. 

Not to mention how little is done to battle climate disaster, loss of biodiversity, the tipping points. The focus is solely on weapons and mayhem.

It’s rough to be a human who believes in kindness, compassion, peaceful co-existence and animal rights in times like these. 

That said, my little pockets of joy this past month have been something like follows (Blogger/Google doesn’t allow photos to be uploaded as easy as it has been, so I made some collages instead. 

February was a very capricious and rather terrifying month weatherwise. The temperatures dropped way below zero degrees Celcius one day and went up to +7 ish the day after. Rain, melting snow, a lot of ice (and broken limbs) that made it scary to go outside (even with Icebugs). I have continued to do a lot of reading.

There have also been regularly heavy snowfalls in between the rain and ice. So in the image below you can see the change basically from a day to another during a week. It wasn’t very nice. At all.

I tried to make some hearty attempts around Valentine’s Day which basically coincided with Fat Tuesday (semla!). And we went for the best (vegan) semla in town at Bageri Passion when the weather permitted. It was amazing as usual (pictures further below not in a collage).

I had looked forward to finally make something 🩷❤️💜 fun out of those Snagtights I got a year ago. So even if the weather didn’t allow a change of footgear, I combined the tights with that vintage Marimekko dress I snatched up past autumn and a Marimekko Unikko cardi. Felt very granny toddler stylish.

And talking about Marimekko, did you know that their iconic Unikko (poppy) pattern turns 60 this year? My number one favourite pattern (obviously) and it’s celebrated with special pieces for the jubilee. I treated myself to this lovely fabric bag with the Unikko poppy looking like a pentecost lily. It looks amazing I think.

The bag of Semla tea from Tehuset Java was really great too. Not much left now alas. But I hope to have the opportunity to enjoy one more of those Best Ever-semlas before he Swedish semla-season is over this year…

The rest of the food the photos here are of the vegan meals and some fika we’ve enjoyed in February.

The only really disappointment was that plantbased Red Velvet semla I opted for at Espresso House when I waited for my mum’s dentist appointment to finish. Instead of the expected almond paste they’d put raspberry jam in the semla-bun. Which was rather yuk. I should have asked/read the sign of ingredients… 

The last treat of the month (as I’m feeling very much like the garden goyle in the picture) was a scalp massage brush, a jar of Bright Red vegan colour refresher from Maria Nila. Ideally I wanted Cherry Red but apparently that colour has been discontinued alas. From the pictures I took when I last used Bright Red (2019?) it looked alright, so I chose that. REF is a vegan styling paste that the hairdresser used and I quite liked. It’s really difficult to style the hair the way I like it. I don’t expect any miracles with this, but it should be reasonably okay.

I also enjoy the fact that all three products are of the similar size, shape and make for a very nice colour trio. The brush is just lovely. I’m doing the colouring next time I wash my hair this week. Hopefully perkier times are coming! Soon.

Just a slow fashion ootd I chose on my name day on February 22, the other week  - it was the first day this year I could actually choose some other shoes that the Icebugs boots, these vegan sneakers are also from the Icebug brand but just really great, sustainable sneakers. That alone was cause for celebrating I’d say. 

The duo tights are also from Snagtights (I really placed a large order a year ago, and I haven’t inaugurated half of them yet. It’s nice to be able to feel a little joy over the idea of chosing a new pair of tights, a new colour, without having to actually buy more of them…). They’re fun!

Unfortunately I got stuck in that horrible train barrier that day (because my mum moved to slowly) and it struck really hard on my left hand (the bruise is visible on my left hand in the first image). That bruise is still there two weeks later, and the hand is sore. 

That was definitely something I could’ve done without on my Name Day… I didn’t even find any organic tulips to get for myself. All I got was this bruise. And that awful Red Velvet semla.

Anyway, a few days in to March, which is concidered the first month of spring in Sweden, but winter can still come back with a vengeance, life feels a bit lighter. And the days are somewhat brighter. We’ve even had glorious sunshine for a few days this past week.

I’m still really tired, and naps are plenty. It has been a rough winter. A rough couple of years, and before that a couple of rough covid years. And before that my whole life changed when M passed away, I had to reinvent and find myself again. (And I’m not fully found yet 🤷🏻‍♀️) So I suppose this fatigue of sorts isn’t in any way surprising. Just exhausting.

With March arriving my plan is to get back to the morning walks, which haven’t really been a regulat thing since I got sick back in October. Hopefully that will help with the depleted energy levels too.

I’m still waiting for my dream project/client/job to appear. 2024, it is high time now! I hope you’ll show me the prosperous, kind way, March. 💚

Thank you February, you didn’t offer much fun or exciting change, but I did finish that UX-writing course, I had time to read a lot, to think, to dream, to plan meals and to take naps. Sometimes that will have to be good enough. So thank you for that, February 2024. 🩷

Friday, February 02, 2024

bye veganuary, hello february 2024


Veganuary 2024 has been a seemingly endless cold, icy and rough month. With temperatures going up and down between -20C to +7C on these latitudes (further up north in Sweden it has been temperatures around -40C…).

The month began with snow storms and heaps of snow. It ended with a couple of weeks with rain turning into the most awful amount of ice and making it pretty much impossible to go outside without being in danger of broken bones (even if wearing Icebugs). 

As I’m not forced to go to a 9-5 work in an office (grateful), I’ve mostly spent that time reading, taking naps, cooking and finishing my UX-writing course. (Haven’t gotten any feedback on the three assignments yet, so I can only hope I passed the course.)

Climate change is very much upon us.

And electrical bills are soaring.

The best things about the month that we’re finally saying goodbye to have been a) all the vegan food (mostly cooked at home, and mostly tofu in various shapes and forms) and the fact that I’ve already finished 5 books and 8 audio novellas.

Now let’s take a random walk through some of my things that were during the month that was -

I finally baked saffron buns a week ago. My first (and only) ones for winter season 2023/24). They turned out great straight from the oven. After been in the freezer they’re disappointingly heavy and not very nice alas. Won’t be using that new recipe ever again.

Occupying the ’best’ hot water bottle has been a constant battle between Ztina and Ågot this freezing time of the year. They do have one each, but unless it’s placed in the same place, where ever they currently deem is THE place to be, this happens. One very satisfied, one grumpy beyond words.

Yes, crisp white snow is gorgeous. But dropping temperatures like this, and rising energy prices means (for many) that you can’t casually have the same indoor temperatures one has basically always been accustomed to. 

Below photo was taken around 3 pm a couple of weeks ago. I think it was around -15C at the time.

I added saffron to the vegan American pancakes made with silken tofu I regularly make, it was lovely. If I ever get round to it, I’ll share the recipe. Even if I’ve become notoriously bad at sharing recipes I do have the intention of doing it. Every single time I say so.

This has basically been the January garden look until it started raining a couple of weeks ago. Now it’s mostly thawed and brownish grass showing. It’s suppose to snow again next week, but I’m desperately longing for spring and being able to wear normal shoes again without being terrified of slipping and breaking something.

I got myself a few wolly turtlenecks from Marimekko this season. They have been wonderful. I know, as a saintly vegan I shouldn’t buy anything new produce made from animals incl wool. But this is mostly made from recycled materials, will last for many years, and well, maybe I’m not that saintly. 

Sometimes you can, should make other/better choices, and yet…

This was my first plantbased semla of 2024. And so far basically my only one. It was delicious. And ridiculously expensive I realised afterwards. On February 13 it’s Fat Tuesday, and then we’ll hopefully have a couple of proper bakery perfect ones at my favourite Bageri Passion.

Little pockets of joy have never ever been more important than now. And I’m really trying to be kinder to myself for not being perfect, as I would ideally be more an activist than I am today. 

And yes the blatant genocide happening in Gaza, with most of the western world’s politicians turning a blind eye (or even aiding it) is just sickening and one of the reason it’s really hard to believe there’s in any way a peaceful, livable future on this planet. And really, does the human race even deserve its place on it?

The Swedish government is equally sickening. On so many levels. And mainly their stance on climate action. And biodiversity. The so called environmental minister is an ill-qualified joke, a liberal in a leach led by the extreme far right.

Swedish democracy has effectively been disassembled by conservative clowns. The focus is on rearmament, Nato, fossil fuel, new nuclear plants, eradicate wildlife (killing of wolf, lynx, bear) and it’s really very difficult to grasp that this is Sweden, this is happening and how do we make it stop. 

The scene for Weltschmerz has just gotten very much wider as well as closer. 

I’m ever so grateful for these fluffy tykes, showing me there are other things that can ease the pain of a world going completely bonkers - and then I haven’t even mentioned the madness of COP28, the craziness of the war in Ukraine, the drug criminality in Sweden, with its frequent bombings and shootings (yes really), hacker attacks, corruption spreading its vicious tentacles through our society etc etc etc. Armageddon has never felt this imminent. And yet most people act like it’s business as usual. Which is a mindboggingly weirdness all on its own imho.

Or maybe it’s a way to deny, reject that something is truly wrong with this world. If we act that everything is normal as it used to be, and not the new unpredictable normal, maybe things will be alright. And maybe I can just go on living like I’ve always done - eat meat, fly, drive, shop yeah. Our minds are weird, and not always in a wonderful way.

A couple of years ago I got this second hand amigurumi cat signed Marimekko. I’ve been wanting a little friend ever since. Lost an auction on a dog from the same crocheted toys series last spring. But at the very end of 2023 I saw this preloved bunny, and on January 1 I won the auction. When it arrived in the mailbox it turned out it looked exactly the same as the kitty, just in red-white stripes. And now I can’t figure out if they’re suppose to be cats or bunnies? The face is definitely cat, the ears and tails are definitely bunny-like. I guess it doesn’t really matter as they do look happy to be together. 

It’s difficult to grasp the fact that eating out used to be a very regular thing for me. These days, ever since the pandemic really, it’s a rare treat. And this hearty vegan salad with Oumph at a local cafe, in the beginning of Veganuary, really was a Treat with capital T. It was so very good. And pretty.

I’ve come to realise this Marimekko coat (2019 I think?) and wolly layers under, has been the best thing to wear when it has been this cold. It’s very effective when it comes to freezing winds, in a whole other way than the coats and jackets that are suppose to be winter garments.

And as 2024 is the 60 year anniversary for Marimekko’s most iconic print Unikko (which I adore, needless to say) it’s even more fun sporting it whenever I can.

Now and then the German grocery store chain Lidl (which I have never been a fan of but for the kitty litter) has vegan weeks, and then there are special weeks with very good prices on the best tofu around, Yipin. Made locally in Stockholm suburbs by a Chinese family. Then a visit and stocking up on tofu is a must! 

After having experimented with tofu textures for about a year now, I’ve come to the conclusion that thawing frozen tofu is one great thing to get good texture. As is airfrying. not impressed by the tofu-press though. Which is disappointing as it took forever to find one, and it was fairly expensive. Ah well, live and learn, live and learn…

Started the new year, and Veganuary, with the best kind of breakfast - premium tea, sourdough with hummus and a great book.

Apart from warmer weather and ice free streets I am now so very ready for new exciting beginnings, new clients, a new job, new possibilities to make this world a better place. Hello out there, world, can you hear me?!?

Thank you Veganuary, for all your lessons, and slow quiet days, welcome February, amidst the chaos that is this current world status, can we get this purposeful party started that makes my heart sing and magic things happen, please!?!


Sunday, December 31, 2023

happy, hopeful, healthy sparkly new year 2024

As we are saying farewell to 2023, for many of us a sadly disappointing and dispiriting year for various reasons, I also like to remember it as a year full of lessons and growth. Because what else can we take with us from a year as draining as this one?

I had such high hopes for a truly great year, after the chaos of 2022, but those hopes were firmly put to shame. Of course there were regular pockets of joy, those tiny glimmers of fun and awesomeness that help us survive the general bleakness. But at the end of 2023 I alas don’t feel I’m nearly where I had planned to be at the beginning of the year.

So for 2024 I really do hope things will get back on track, that I find my kind of people, and my purpose, more joy than only pockets of it, less worry and disappointment, more hope and happy times. 

And so much more kindness, compassion and decency for the world and its sentient beings. 

The future is vegan, so let 2024 finally be the year of healthy, insightful, kind, sustainable, peaceful choices by more people. 

Thank you for the lessons 2023, welcome 2024, let’s bring peace and purpose to this world, let us make it a much better place to live and prosper in!


Sunday, December 24, 2023

have yourselves a lovely little christmas 2023 ~


Hoping for a warm, kind and compassionate Christmas for most every sentient being on this planet - I know 2023 certainly hasn’t shown an abundance of human behaviour that deserves such care and concideration, but to hope most of us cling still. And other innocent animals deserve it, always.

Myself I’m alas feeling poorly again, with odd symptoms of weird things, so I might just have to find a doctor’s appointment when this weekend is over to hopefully sort it out. I’m so so so tired of feeling slightly off since the long flu in October… It will be a very low key weekend and lots of sleeping here.

As I haven’t been able to post a reply to the sweetest comment on the previous post, I will give my gratitude to and joy over it here instead, so dear That reader/writer I hope your holidays are/will be bright and beautiful.

Be kind, stay safe and warm ~ 

Sunday, December 03, 2023

thank you november, welcome december 2023


And happy Advent 1st!

This could lead to another lengthy post, but I like to keep it short and focus on three things I concider the highlights this past month, of late November and early December.

This was fun, being interviewed by and on the November 2022 cover of this online magazine. If you’re an old reader here, you most likely now my story already, but I have to say that pondering my way through the answers was actually a bit of an eye opener for myself too. If you want to read the article in full, just follow this link

Winter suddenly appeared with a very heavy snowfall on these Stockholm and suburbs latitudes a week ago. It’s beautiful and light, but it also brings poor or non existing snow ploughing, issues and delays in public transport (as if things weren’t bad enough prior to the usual Swedish winter weather…) and colder temperatures. Outdoors as well as indoors with increased energy prices. Again. 

I try to look at it as beautiful and seasonally appropriate, as well as remembering how much fun it was as a child, to spend many hours in the snow playing. Not feeling very playful in the snow at this time in my life, but I’m ever so grateful for my Icebugs BU-Grips boots doing their job during yet another snowy, icy season winter season. 

It’s really difficult to imagine having survived all scary, icy streets prior to these boots. They really are life saviours. Now available in vegan versions too, so when these companions have been worn to pieces they will be vegan all the way for me too. 

Just this Friday I gave myself an early Christmas gift - a hair cut. It was exactly four months since my last one. At a salon. (And prior to that about five years since I last went to a hairdresser instead of DIY:in it.)

Could obviously have saved money for more important things, but I felt rather desperately blah (post October flu blues?) and treated myself to this. I’m happy I did. Somewhat shorter than last time. And the short bangs makes me look like my five year old self (with grey hair). 

Mysteriously the hair cut that aimed to focus on my curls and my natural messy look, have during the weekend turned into something more sleek and polished. I guess that transformation comes from having a professional giving attention to the details - as opposed to me being creative with the scissors.

Looking forward to washing it and have a go with my own styling products. As someone said, I like it to be effortlessly chic. Fingers crossed for that.

And December being a light, bright, joyous month with good vibes and happy news only.

Thanks November, for paving the way for that! 

(See, three things as promised.) 🤍❄️🕯️

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