Tuesday, November 01, 2022

happy world vegan day 2022 ~


November 1st = World Vegan Day.

With the plethora of information out there, for everyone not living under a rock, there are exactly zero excuses not to, for the animals, for the planet, for your health, to go vegan.

Personally I have no wish whatsoever to willingly and knowingly contribute to any more suffering in this world, which is what this world’s addiction to eating animals - the willingness to ignore. The immense pain and suffering of others, your (unhealthy) lifestyle causes. And the devastation it also causes the planet. It’s the ugly truth. Simple as that.

Living your values. Being kind. And compassionate. That’s what it’s all about really.

On the topic of wonderful vegan (organic) food, my days as a food ambassador at Årstiderna vegan food box Instagram account are over. We parted ways in October for reasons in line with these chaotic times we’re living in.

As sad at that feels, as immensely grateful I am for the opportunity to learn so much about plantbased cooking, odd and delicious combinations of ingredients, spices, the importance of organic food, and making fantastic meals every other week since autumn 2017. It has been brilliant. 

(And one of these days I will continue to share the organic vegan food inspiration posts I have left, I will…)

Finding my kind of people, my kind of company is still on top of my agenda. It has taken years and I can’t believe I’m still not there, but it is what it is. Trusting the process and all that.

Now I’m obviously even more keen to work with vegan food and communication. Be it as an employee, consultant, freelance, part time, full time (but hybrid/remote of course) I’m open and I’m so game!

My LinkedIn profile and I are here http://linkedin.com/in/piaktw to help, please get in contact if you have something fabulous and sustainability dedicated up your sleeve for a proud generalist!

Now, please let me know, what did will your vegan meals consist of on this special day, on the start of a special month?

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