Monday, August 31, 2015

goodbye august 2015

To be honest, despite the trip to Skåne and Copenhagen and glorious summer weather all month, you have not been a good month, August.

A few sneezes on August 7 and the unexpected runny nose and tiredness from 2012 was back. I now realise it's some kind of allergic reaction to something airborne. And since I'm sceptical to doctors obviously, given that no doctor managed to do back in 2012 even with all those tests upon tests upon tests namely identify the reason for this nose nuisance, I've simply taken over-the-counter nose-sprays and pills to try and take control over it. The nose and annoying accompanying cough have become less prominent and I don't feel as tired as I initally did anymore. Brain is back. And that is a huge relief.

Unfortunately I had some weird setback last week when I suddenly experienced muscle pain, stiff neck, shoulders and headache. Kind of like with a really bad cold but at the same time not at all. To be honest it was pretty awful, a combination of painkillers, vetevärmare (wheat warmer) and fresh carrot/ginger juices made that go away after some days.

But of course, low energy levels pretty much all August have left me feeling pretty blah, uninspired and melancholic. And to be honest, once again, it was no fun at all to wake up to another sunny day - it was just difficult to breath with no rain in sight.

It was a real confirmation on how deeply I appreciate diverse weather and seasons to ever being able to live in a climate where it's pretty much the same weather day in day out all year round.

So despite being very sad to saying goodbye to the summer of 2015 - which has been lovely in general, but for the last month - I am truly glad to say bye bye to you, August. I will not be sad to see you go. And I'm hoping, wishing and finger-crossing vehemently that September will be just wonderful. And the nose nuisance and mysterious health setbacks will soon be a (unfortunately not so distant) memory. Onwards and upwards. And wonderful new adventures ohoy.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

clematis 2015

This lush beauty never seize to amaze and delight. The only thing I do to it is cutting it down fiercly every spring and this is the anything but modest reward. 

It's full of buds but hasn't bloomed so much (yet) this year. Probably due to the distinct lack of rain in August. Hopefully it'll come to full white bloom still.

Having a garden, even if you lack green fingers, it's such a blessing for the soul to have one. It's good of taking care of itself. And its humans.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

full moon august 2015

It may not be as darling as the cat and the full moon, but still, a full moon is magical.

Especially when it gets to meet the (solar) sun.

Friday, August 28, 2015

meet the magical recycling wardrobe

The thrifted wardrobe which purpose is to hold all the recycling bags - glass, tin, cardboard, paper, plastic - is now fully assembled and my hall is transformed. And there's no room for cats to jump up and inspect anymore.

I adore its new airy, quirky look - totally bobbaloo approved as you can see - and when I've put together the happy lights for the mirror it will be basically done, but for a few finishing touches.

It was sad to see the old thrifted, wooden sofa I bought and transformed when I moved to my second apartment in 1991 finally being demolished. But it was really beyond repair now - for which I blame the cats - and it had served me well for over 20 years. 

The hallway does look so much fresher and bigger without it - and a bit magical given the wardrobe's design. And to have all those recycling paper bags stored away is such a great relief.

Wardrobe from IKEA Mammut-series.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

three apple teas

Picked up these lovelies in the apple kingdom aka Kivik, Österlen in Skåne when we visited a few weeks ago. One rooibos, one organic rooibos and one green.

Green teas rarely impress me and this is no exception, barely any flavour at all.

The rooibos teas are nice though, even if not exactly packed with flavour.

Oh it has been such a lovely lovely new tea summer, from Berlin to Copenhagen and Skåne!

Have you discovered any new tea favourites this summer?

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

cultivating tomatoes

So, my neighbours have apparently decided to grow a lot of tomatoes this year. Suddenly a few weeks ago these sticks came up over our shared fence. It looks awful.

But of course I applaude the grow your own-thing - perhaps I'll do the same next year? - and eating of veggies. 

Although I seriously can't see how they think the tomatoes will grow that much higher during the few days left of summer...

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

the fields of august

I've always loved the fields of seeds this time of the year, pre-harvest. Beautiful, comforting, natural, healthy and golden magical.

They are also a great reminder of this:

We all need more magical moments in our lives - don't go over planning.

Monday, August 24, 2015

oatly vegan strawberry icecream

Excellent Swedish environmental concious, vegan brand Oatly now sells (or have been since spring) strawberry flavoured popsicles via the icecream truck Hemglass (Home Icecream), that appears in pretty much every neighbourhood all over Sweden once a week since as long as I can remember.

The Oatly icecream is one of their few products I rarely use since it contains palm oil - and it's not of the sustainable kind, if there is such a thing... - but well, it is better than cow's milk products so now and a rarely then I succumb.

This was the first time for the strawberry pops though - only tried their vanilla and chocolate in boxes before - and it was quite lovely. Very similar to an icecream that was around when I was a kid, brought back sweet memories.

And sharing is caring, kitties liked it too.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

a summer brunch

One of loveliest thing we've been able to do regularly this long, fine summer is to take the toy car to a favourite garden (summer) cafe and have brunch. 

And with brunch I don't mean buffet style, because I don't do that and I'm not a big breakfast eater. But simply a very late breakfast consisting of tea with a good sandwich or pie plus a good bun or cake in a blissfull garden setting.

Like at Alsta Trädgårdar (gardens).

Bobs always enjoys it immensely too. Climbing grapevines, playing hide and seek in flowers and watching little fishies in ponds are all very exciting activities when you're a small sized woolly.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

when bobbaloos go shopping

They finally got their own perfect bobbaloo sized shopping cart!

And for their first shopping spree they filled it with shiny, red edibles. Who knows, quite possibly the last strawberries of this season alas.

The problem is though, how do you get all those strawberries in to the car? Clearly there is a glitch.

Friday, August 21, 2015

the red vespa

No it isn't mine. But the one who bought it is happy with it. And I think the colour choice is excellent. 

One day I would love to have a Vespa myself but for that to happen these criterias have to be met: a) I need a driver's licence and b) it needs to run on solar power, biofuel or alike.

I see neither happen in a foreseeable future. Still, adore the design. And colour.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

the weather stone

Since weather men/women are as reliable as your average politician, why not get your forecast from a brilliant stone instead?

Simple. Reliable. Free.

Weather awesomeness.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

on the importance of colour coordinated shopping

My preferred things to souvenir-y shop these days seem to be

a) tea
b) nailpolish

And most of all, lovely tea in pretty tins make be really very happy. Did it in Berlin, now done it in Copenhagen.

This time I bought tea from the Danish tea merchant A.C Perch - adore the design of the tins! They come in many colours and I would have loved to have them all, but of course that would have been silly so I opted for the two must haves; pastel pink and green. Filled them with green rooibos pear ginger and rooibos rhubarb. Both very nice, if not as flavour packed as Løv tea. Lovely old tea shop, which also have a tea room that serves afternoon tea (next time).

The three OPI polishes are Suzi has a Swede tooth (pink), Berlin there done that (grey/beige, obviously I wanted to get this one in Berlin, but I didn't find it) and My gecko does tricks. The reason for splashing out on three bottles was that it was a 2 for 3 deal, with an additional discount for tourists. Ie impossible to say no to obviously,

The tiny, adorable cup with a wee dormouse is from Danish design house Bloomingville.

All items have been paw approved.

And I think circus nails in all three colours turned out rather nice in a fun yet polished (no pun intended) way.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

prosit day gothenburg

Wake up: 3.45 am
At commuter train station: 4.58
At Stockholm central station: 5.35

On a train to Gothenburg: 6.06

Enjoying my breakfast in a very quiet train with the very early late summer morning rushing by outside.

Arriving Gothenburg: 8.55

A full day in a very sunny city of walking, talking, planning, deciding, preparing the next step on one lovely collaboration. And yes, the obligatory waffle stop.

Departing Gothenburg: 4.45 (15 minutes late)

Arriving Stockholm: 7.35 (on time!)
Putting key in front door: 8.25

A fine, intense, inspiring day.

Monday, August 17, 2015

what if you fly?

I saw this quote on LinkedIn recently, attached to an uninspiring picture. Loved the quote, which obviously deserved a much nicer frame.

Like little winged bobs. They always frame things nicely.

Lots of dreams to catch! High time to try those wings of yours, wouldn't you agree? 

Edit: As someone pointed out, the person behind the quote is poet Erin Hanson ie e.h - the quote I read on LinkedIn simply said e.h and it seems like she is refered to that at least as much as her full name. I had never heard of her before, but she does have a lot of lovely, inspiring work out there!

Sunday, August 16, 2015

oh darling courgette

Bought three gorgeous organic courgettes at Växplats Nybyn today. But I'm in such a can't be bothered to cook mood so they will not be turned into anything fancy like courgette cake and such.

Still, tasty woks are good too.

What's your favourite
(easy to make) courgette dish?

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Friday, August 14, 2015

nicecream copenhagen, vegan icecream of the best kind

During this week spent in Skåne and Copenhagen - as a sweet round off to this year's summer holidays. Of course there's at least a few weeks left of the summer, but work mode and preparing for work autumn will also begin next week - I've had the uttermost pleasure to eat a lot of fantastic vegan food (and some hyped I wasn't that impressed by). Of everything great though I think that the best thing has been the fantastic vegan icecream from newcomer Nicecream in Copenhagen. 

That a tiny hole in the wall icecream shop with a very limited menu and very unassuming vegan icecreams can create such flavoursome melt-in-your-mouth magic is pretty awesome. 

Yet one more proof that there's absolutely no reason one needs dairy to produce top quality icecreams. No need to use, abuse and kill all those millions of poor cows and calfs in the dairy industry, but instead enjoy a kind, healthy and delicious plant- and fruitbased nicecream. Which also is organic.

First visit: one pops with toffee strawberry, one with raspberry liquorice. Both were really very good, but I loved the toffee strawberry which tasted fantastic of both flavours and with nice chips of toffee.

Had to go back for more the next day: one pops with chocolate peanutbutter, one cookie sandwich triple chocolate chai. Again, both really very good but as far as I'm concerned: the crunchy peanutbutter, h e a v e n l y.

So glad I got to visit not only a great once but a glorious twice. And such a pity one doesn't live closer. Or not.

If you're in Copenhagen, don't miss this gem of a tiny, kind icecream heaven!

Elmegade 30

Thursday, August 13, 2015

the prettiest bicycle

I bet this Copenhagen woman didn't wake up this morning thinking she'd end up in some Stockholm woman's blog riding her bike. 

But here she is! And the reason for that is that she rides what is probably the prettiest bicycle I've ever seen. It's not only of a very pleasing design in the best colour combination in the whole wide world - pink and green - with what seems like an über comfortable, wide saddle it also has a fabulous cherry print all over.

Dear Unknown in Copenhagen, I only snapped this to remember how a truly gorgeous bike looks like. And now the internets know it too. 

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

raw chocolate smoothie

This is the remains of one of the most delicious smoothies I've ever had. 

It's raw, it's vegan, it's healthy and oh so tasty.

It only contains 4 ingredients (if you count ice as in frozen water as one) -

raw cocoa nibs

Served at lovely rawfood cafe 42Raw in Copenhagen (read my old Yelp review for my full impression of the place. And yes, it's good.) I'm so making this at home soon!

It's even better than the raw banana chocolate icecream I use to make. This is just SO much chocolate for both body and soul.

Though I need to get a really powerful blender first, my current very old one even hates frozen little raspberries alas. But then, oh...

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

parents, we have a problem

Had the pleasure of a rare visit (since it's in the county of Skåne) to the lovely Friden Gårdskrog restaurant today. The garden, the magic and quirkiness of the place, the food and service was excellent as usual.

This sight of this sign was not. And it's absolutely awful that they have to put it up, because too many (Swedish) parents can't keep their children under control and teach them respect, values and manners.

"Parents! Because of a lot of damage the children's visits at Friden are under your supervision. That means, amongst under things:

Stones remain on ground - not thrown in fountain, on animals or windows.
Vegetable and flower beds should not be walked on."

Seriously, what's wrong with people these days?! If you decide to have children you have a huge responsibility to both them and the world. And with love, attention, responsibility and common sense teach them good values, decent manners, compassion, rules, respect for other living beings and also other people's property. Set boundaries.

That is YOUR duty as a parent of YOUR child. That selfish slacker behaviour too many (Swedish) parents show these days (and it has only gotten worse these past 10-15 years) is appalling. 

And forget the *argument* 'you don't have children so you can't POSSIBLY understand!' - there are many aspects of child rearing I probably can't understand, but the lack of parenting, attentiveness and supervision is very obvious to a parent or not alike. 

Plus we've all been children ourselves and most of us have spent time with friends and families with children where the lack of boundaries, respect and supervision aren't issues. Not to mention that selfishness, laziness and prestige are understandable to everyone. With half a brain cell.

What I find extra sad in the case of Friden restaurant is that it's a farm with an apple orchard and garden with cats and free roaming chickens that the family also live on. Ie it's someones' home as well as business. That they invite you to come and eat there, spend time, enjoy and relax is pretty darn amazing. 

And I can see it must be a wonderful place to bring your children to, for a nice meal, exploring and playing in the vast garden (and there are areas for that too). But that you would even consider them doing that without the supervision of a grown up - that is disgraceful. 

What could be a really lovely visit, for you, your family and all the other guests, turns into a havoc for everyone else involved just simply because you are selfish and lazy when it comes to your responsibilities as a parent of your children.

Behave towards others like you want others to behave towards you. Simple as that really. And please teach your children the same, they and the world will be a much better world for it.

Monday, August 10, 2015

flying birds mural

These birds were painted on the wall where we parked the car in Örebro when we visited Open Art the other week.

Not part of the exhibition they looked right at home, perfect and gorgeous on that wall. Oh I love such well thought through murals with great attention to details!

Sunday, August 09, 2015

ask more questions

A little reminder of a very important thing: by questioning and asking questions in order to clarify, learn the truth and being able to make a better decision or job you will grow. Both as a person and a professional.

So what's your question?

Saturday, August 08, 2015

vegan ice latte

On a hot summer day recently I opted for an iced version of the oat milk latte (at Johan & Nyström). No syrup or sweetener added of course, just good coffee, oat milk and ice.

And I have to say that it was even better than the regular warm oat milk latte. Lots of coffee flavour, no tang and very refreshing. I will certainly have that again soon!

And as usual: no coffee for small sized wollies, they only colour matching pose the good stuff.

Friday, August 07, 2015

cats at cat alley

certainly my favourite street name in stockholm: kattgränd ie cat alley. 

which that particular day showed its name is true. not only one but two cats - which was numero uno was quite obvious. 

and that the *new* black is a cat we already knew, right? right.

myself i would never ever let my cats roam around by themselves in the city with such heavy traffic around the corner. i do not consider this responsible or caring cat 'ownership'. but for just a few minutes that day, kitty meet cute.
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