Friday, September 29, 2006

Autumn fair at Fiholms castle

Yes tomorrow it's finally time for the Autumn fair at Fiholms slott (Fiholms castle). Where I'll be with jewellery, knitted and croucheted items, scented candles and soaps. Of course everything is handmade - the soaps and candles not by me though.

I'm just trying to figure out the best way to present things (as seen in the picture)... Fingers crossed for a good day! Maybe I'll see you there?

Thursday, September 28, 2006

A picture says it all

This is how I feel right now, see above, and after an episode of fabulous "Love my way" plus a big cuppa tea, I'll head right down into a horisontal position in bed. And dream good dreams about selling lots and lots of things at the craft-fair this upcoming weekend...

PS Rosa, my Rosa, she'll be back in my life again soon. I realised I couldn't go on without her, so Rosa II will go back to the store - poor her, rejected by me and possibly everyone else - and Rosa, my Rosa will be mended instead... DS

A perfect day

Some days are just perfect, in different small ways they take form of different ways of perfect, just perfect for me. Yes P as in perfect, in ways of weather (mild and sunny, slightly windy), in the company of different friends, walks without blisters (one in a million these past six months), shopping (there are different ways of minor), coffeebreak/lunch/dinner, a movie or two, the chosen outfit for the day, not having such a bad hairday, chatting with perfect (!) strangers, cats & dog behaving like the perfectly behaved fourlegged familymembers they're supposed to be (please don't reveal that well-hidden secret).

The list can be made even longer, but I'll make that long list a short one and round it up with a mental picture of me looking like a post-creamlaping kitten. I promise, a very pleasant picture indeed.

Unfortunately, I'm ashamed to admit really, Rosa isn't here to share my joy over a perfect day amongst many perfect days - both gone by and to come. So shallow and shortlived was my love for her, she was traded in today for a new one, a Rosa II... Poor Rosa, it wasn't her fault, those darn rivets broke us apart - for ever and ever.

Though I discovered when at home, that this Rosa II had a very strange side to her, of not being quite as perfect as she seemed to be, with all her rivets in the right places. So now I'm just contemplating whether to make a big (?) deal about it or not... I suppose, at such a price, one ought to be sort of 110% please with the thing dangling on ones shoulder... Best to sleep on it.

As I will, perfectly soon, hope for a P night too, so please, pretty please (I do like my P:s!) dreamcatcher do your job pefectly well tonight.

PS Yes Stockholm is also as perfect as ever! DS

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The Rhubarb prince

Right now I just want to put my achy body to bed, and hope the newly discovered muscles I had no idea I had - due to a not too pleasant massage today - will feel all well tomorrow again...

But apart from that we've had the most lovely day here in Stockholm, though not an ideal weather for picturetaking, unfortunately. And why does my horizons so often tend to run over...?

The little Rhubarb prince - a k a Luddkolt's Siegfried Strawberry Hill (yes of course he's named after Siegfried Farnon!) - finally moved to his new home today - just these last few days I've had no more than 3 eager buyers of a redtabby boy, where have they all been these past few months??

I need my sleep now, because tomorrow I have to show my forte - I'm actually going to complain about my dear Rosa, the It-handbag which somehow have lost two of her rivets. And I've only had her for about 4 months - can't say I think that's acceptable for such an expensive handbag, shame on you, Mulberry!!

After having done that Anne and I are going to, at last, have real cream tea at the newly opened café Afternoon tea - yummy in my tummy!

Now my tummy-yummy will have to go to bed with me, nighty night!

In her shoes

In her shoes, both the name of a good little movie and a wish of mine, to be in, my shoes not hers I suppose. The shoes, or rather extremly stylish boots, I'm talking about are the ones in the pic. Too good looking to be true - and no they don't fit me any better than a year ago... I don't know why they fit oh so well in the shop, but not at home some months later...

A little trip to a shoemaker I guess is a good idea... But I want to wear them now, right now! And I don't want to have anymore blisters thank you very much, I had plenty of them this past, hot Summer. Is that too much to ask for? Shouldn't think so. But sometimes it's those seemingly small wishes that are the most difficult ones to get approved.

But I keep hoping that I'll be more like Cinderella than her ugly, mean stepsisters one of these days. Hope!

Sunday, September 24, 2006

The Mousetrap

Look what I found the other day in a public place in the middle of Stockholm, a different kind of mousetrap - isn't it cute?!

On top of the world

View from The vault of Heaven, a lovely day in late September 2006.

Stockholm really is amazing!!

Heaven on earth

The other day I had a lovely little day on the town, did some minor - everything is relative... - shopping and then had lunch on top of the Observatorielunden (ie The Observatory grove) in the very middle of the busy cityarea of Stockholm. Way up there is a little oasis with a Summercafé called something as poetic as The Vault of Heaven (Himlavalvet). Open everyday in the Summers, on weekends the rest of the year.

It was absolutely fantastic to be able to enjoy the lunch outside in a mild sunny weather late in September! And the lunch was just fine too, I had some vegetarian pie with tapenade. They serve waffles with different kinds of toppings, my mum had something called Skagen-mix (seafood) and then we shared a lovely cinnamon bun with homemade lemonade of elderberry *summer in a glass*. All of which can be seen in the pics above.

We did quite a bit of walking too, and of course I ended up with some new kind of blisters, this time UNDER my feet... Soothing footbath with blueberries, lovely salt scrub from The Sanctuary and some rest, still doesn't feel too good though. Poor feet...

So that kept me from enjoying a day out today, unfortunately. Perhaps the last weekend of summery weather for this year. Ah well, we have had a really amazing hot, sunny Summer here in Sweden and the rest of Europe. Shouldn't dwell and complain about that too much I guess...

Thursday, September 21, 2006

All fall down

Look what I found in the treetop today... Just a little shake and they all fall down like mellow apples, slightly too hairy for eating. And of course, they do land safely in the green and flowery hammock created by the clematis.

Perhaps they were celebrating the new Swedish government and got a bit overwhelmed with excitement, who knows.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Knut Knebworth, fabulously fantastic fourlegged prime minister of Sweden

Most certainly the Answer to a lot of corruption and bad leadership-problems in Swedish government and politics, don't you think? And such a stylish Answer too!

Picture taken by Åsa Petré.

Election day

Yes the time has passed over midnight here in Sweden, and September 17th in the year 2006 is Election day. I usually pre-vote at the postoffice, but since I got that darn cold I didn't have the time for that. So I just have to drag myself to the polling station early tomorrow (or today) morning... Such a fuss, I could be without really, but I do think it's both a right and obligation as a citizen to make one's voice heard with a vote on election day. As futile as it may seem... Well, I suppose we've got the politicians we deserve...

My personal opionion in the matter of politicians nowadays is - unfortunately and sadly - that they each is as bad as the other, with few exceptions. They seem to spend most of their time complaning about and tarring the opponents politics, blame everyone else but themselves for their own mistakes - why on earth does it seem so very difficult for people inlc politicians to take responsability for ones own mistakes...?!

Wouldn't it be a tiny bit better to put the energy into explaining one's own politics instead of tarring the opponents...? Just a simple thought on the matter... And actually, just because your opponents arguments on a topic sinks to yet another low-watermark, you don't have to follow on that path...

Having said all that - sorry Anne, maybe you feel like striking me with Flora filled with bricks now... - I do hope there'll be a change in government as September 17th turns to 18th. It's another unfortunate fact in the matter of politics and being in power of something, that power corrupts.

And that's certainly, and sadly, being a fact when it comes to the social democratic party leading Sweden for a very, very long time now. Only being in opposition for nine years of the the last 73 years, they do take a lot of things for granted...

And the ruling of nepotism and scare-tactics, benefit-dependence and somewhat strange taxes sometimes - though I do believe the taxation-system basically is a decent and good thing, IF the money coming in through taxation also is spent wisely by the public sector that is... Which it more seldom than often is, unfortunately. And belive you me, I've seen far too much of that with my own eyes...

Talking about eyes, yes, see, another aspect of no-one taking responsability and blaming others and the "system"- the mantra being "just as long as I get my pay-check through the system every month..."

Anyway, having said all this, I'm off thinking a bit more about the newly opened, wonderful movie I saw last evening - of which I'll write more some other day - and leave you with a picture of our new and very gifted, charming prime minister in the fantastic fourlegged government - adorable Knut Knebworth! More about him and his cabinet of equally charming ministers you can find at (of course) Katter iFokus.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Little Voice

Yes on the mend, to a new, better, smarter, posher, finer in every way Pia... Ah well, at least not a sniveling Pia. The voice is still another's though, I have yet to find a way to really make the most of this kind of voice - maybe a voice suitable for Sweden's next Pop-Idol? Yes why not, why not get rid of all boundaries and insight of my own pros and cons, my own limits, and my non-talents, as well as talent, and just appear there and make a total fool of myself? Instead of cultivating the talents I most probably have in other areas...

Yes, I admit *please don't hit me* I have been looking at most of the episodes of the Swedish Idol-series since the very start now nearly three years ago. And I'm totally, completely dumbstrucked by how many, frankly, untalented idiots Sweden is able to produce for this...

If it had only been the first year, when noone really knew what it was about, but now, oh now, I'm just so ashamed on their behalf - those poor idiots who apparently have been told by friends and family how talented they are when what comes out of their mouths sounds just, simply awful, awful, awful - imagine that the fools we see on TV are just a handful of the ones appearing in front of the jury...
Self-confidence for all it's worth, to me it's just so completely sad with a total lack of self-critical self-knowledge. If one has some kind, even the smallest hint, of self-esteem, then one would really try and explore where ones talents REALLY lies instead of persevere like a fool. There are so many dreams out there, just waiting to be found!

Why not catch one of them and follow that true dream instead, a dream-path for which you do have talent enough to persevere upon...

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I promised you some desserts, didn't I?

Since I have no sense of taste or smell right now - which I suppose is as good a reason as any not to take a shower or eat, imagine what wonders that would do to both my social life and my wasteline! - I thought I might at least enjoy pictures of yummy desserts. And share them with you of course, what kind of hostess would I be otherwise?

So from top to bottom, some of the desserts I or friends and family (yes, actually) during this long, warm Summer;

1. that simpe, but enjoyable Swedish waffle, served with whipped cream and your favourite kind of jam (mostly strawberry), at Café Fridhem (translates something like Café Peaceful Home), close to smalltown Flen, Sweden.

2. cardemom panacotta in applesoup with cranberries and a almondbiscuit, at Blidösunds värdshus, Norrtälje archipelago, Sweden.

3. a huge, perfect in taste and ingredients (spongecake, whipped cream, raspberry-jam, vanilla-cream and a topping of green marzipan) slice of the Swedish Prinsess-tårta (Princess-cake) at Café Lyran, Bredäng, a suburb of Stockholm. In fact the place where I spent the most of my childhood years, well not at the café, but in Bredäng.

4. a simple, but tasty sort of carrot-cake at Ekolsunds slotts värdshus summer café (boy, that was a long word for Ekolsunds Castle inn's summer café), Ekolsund, just beside the road between Enköping and Bålsta, Sweden.

5. the most amazing tasting, and simple, dessert of vanilla ice-cream and hot cherry sauce in a café in Lübeck - a pure spoonful of heaven!

Something to at least dream about, while I drink my applejuice and ponder about what's no use to try and eat right now...

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Process chart of a cold

Sitting here, sniffling and coughing all over the computer - yes it's me in the picture on the right, in my little red fur looking all sad and miserable, and very cute! - can't help but thinking about how foreseeable a cold in Pia's world is.

With some rare exceptions - and what would the world be without exceptions? - the cold always run after at process chart. As follow:
  1. sore throat *oh no, not again, why didn't I see this coming?!*
  2. even more sore throat *full of self-pity*
  3. sniffle, sniffle and still a sore throat *even MORE self-pity*
  4. sniffle, sore throat AND a terrible cough which makes me throw up (which isn't particulary nice when one has anything to actually throw up, even less so when there isn't anything to fill the toilet with...) *oh yes, EVEN MORE self-pity, someone please kill me*
  5. add fever, headache and aching limbs (and all sorts of psychedelic dreams)
  6. the sore throat has vacation for a while, the coughing has excelled and now the throat starts making some weird noises of its own *give me an A, an I, an L...*
  7. oh no, my senses of smell and taste are gone *I just continue drinking that applejuice and eating hot, hot food, when I can get it, preferably vegetables in green curry*
  8. coughing excells even more, from a dry cough to a wet, slimey one *just as yummy as it sounds... Poor windpipes!*
  9. tastebuds and nose are back in business *you really ought to take a shower now...*
  10. my voice won't be back completely for yet some weeks *let's make the most of this sexy, hoarse voice*

If I'm lucky this scheme takes about 1,5 weeks to get through, if I'm not at all lucky it takes up until a month. Right now I'm in the stages 5-7 anyway. I somehow, in my good moments see a way out of this. The light in the end of a long, coughing tunnel one might say.

Does anyone know why it's so completely uninteresting to hear about other people's illnesses but so fascinating to talk, tell and dwell on and about ones own?

Monday, September 11, 2006

Pia, the rednosed

I feel like crap, sour throat - on the mend - runny nose, headache, aching muscles, fever, aching tummy, and a cough - life just couldn't be better... So this is about all I manage to write today, poor me. Right now I just feel like curling up in a mattrass and go to sleep. And oh, I wish I would wake up feeling like Tinkerbelle, full of energy, full of ideas, full of fun and playfullness. Oh sweet imagination.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Happy 1 year, dear blog!

Oh I just nearly, nearly forgot - Happy 1 year to you, bloggy blog! Have a piece of yummy raspberry pastry everyone!

Under the duvet

Oh, it feels like I'm going to wake up with a sour throat tomorrow, hope not... I better go and make yet another cup of tea and watch a movie, maybe with a catfur on my chest (yes of course it's a live one) before I head under the duvet.

Today has been a slow day for me - not at Katter iFokus though, yet another record has been broken concerning the activity-index... It's silly really, because that index doesn't show the quality of the discussions or the atmosphere in the community, but still when it's rising this fast one can't help being amazed and proud.

Tomorrow we plan for this season's last outing in the cab - hope the weather will be ok for that! And some summer-cafés still open. Then I ought to start making some seasonal jewellery for the upcoming fairs too, and I should, should, should... All these shoulds and ought-tos, which more often than rarely is a hindrance than a thing that makes you go forward in life I think... And with that food for thought I once again bid you goodnight, from a chilly Autumn Stockholm, clear skies all the way.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Orange, the colour of Autumn

A wooden box with some lovely orangecoloured plants (with an, to me, unknown name) at more-than-well-worth-a-visit Norrvikens Trädgårdar (Norrviken's Gardens, Båstad). A place of tranquility, reflections and inspiration. In parts due to the fact that it's Tage Andersen who is now "the man in charge" of the gardens. And yes I think he has succeded in making the place Tage-Andersenish in that very special way that moves you into the worlds of a film by Peter Greenaway and Sally Potter's "Orlando".

Thursday, September 07, 2006

The Big Sleep

A really, really good night's sleep after a tough massage-session yesterday. Maybe the long sleep had something to do with the fact that I didn't get much of that the night before. All due to the fact that one of the cats - Pelle - had run away - or perhaps not. It actually turned out, when we found him late at night, that he knew all too well his way in the neighbourhood. He really had to point that out to us in a very self-important way when he returned home with us watching...

He had also managed to get friendly with another cat, a black cat (gender unknown, but to me he looks tomcatish) who sometimes sits on the neighbour's shed-roof and contemplate the going- ons with the rainbow-coloured herd in my garden. Malte has really made a big deal of him really not belonging to this household, not even close to here, not to be visible at all, thank you very much.

But apparently this cat has somehow gotten the message through to Pelle (the only cat ever acting like this and finding his way out of the garden of Cat-Eden) that there is a whole new, exciting world out there, behind the paradise gates of Pia's garden. Where life sure isn't as sweet and comfortable and safe, but full of adventures waiting to happen! For the right guy in the right company, carefully chosen of course.

I really don't know what to do next about this. I don't want my cats to roam freely in a densely populated area, it's not safe for many reasons and it's not nice to the neighbours either. And him being fertile and a part of my breeding-plan - this sure is a problem to ponder over...

Talking about fertile, today I finally neutered those two sweet girls I've written about before, Prunella and Qlara. Everything went well and now they have to spend the next 10 days with a "thinking cap" on, ie a funnel. Two of those walking around here, I wonder how that'll go...

But it's good to have that thing over and done with, the spaying, at least I don't have to worry about Pelle getting himself another wife and another (unwelcomed) family. He has his planned life as a Casanova well set out for him, or at least I have those plans for him. He sure has enough females around here to keep him happy when that time comes!

Så far, and yet some, my day - in a rainy Stockholm - has been a busy one, at least when it comes to writing and spending time doing that at the computer-site. An all time high (until now) activity-index has been set at Katter iFokus - I'm still amazed myself! I've also been writing letters and this and that. My BIG plans of cleaning out the wardrobes and giving away clothes in heaps today have been, once again, postponed to a later date... Some words, syllables, letters came in the way of that. But I have been filling the washing machine three times + the dishwasher once anyway. Great inventions that'll do the job for you!

I received a nice reply yesterday too, that my sort of application for selling things at lovely Zetas Finsmakarens Trädgård (Zeta's, the epicure's garden - Autumn fair Oct 7-8 was approved. So I'm happy about that, it'll be great fun I think - an autumnal harvest festival with apple-testing, roses and handicraft! Two fair-weekends in a row, I hope I'll sell more than just one aroma-candle or two... I better start knitting some more shawls - right now, in front of the TV with another episode of "Love my way" on before I take another big sleep.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Sweet Dahlia

The uploading of pictures through Blogger once again doesn't want to co-operate with me, anyone else having the same problem??

Anyway, here's my beautiful companion which I'm hopefully going to share that cosy box with in the garden shed during winter. Isn't she just gorgeous?! So perfect in an almost unreal way. Like so many things in nature, when we take the time to have a closer look, which we, in general, of course rarely do.

It's dawn here right now, looks like it's going to be a windy and cloudy day, for busy bees and not so busy friends.

I just realised this blog here is just about to turn 1 year old! Amazing. And I wonder what I'll do to celebrate that, maybe change the name once again - since I never seem to get it just right - or just serve some picture perfect cakes, for the eyes only to enjoy. I'm not sure. I still have some days to ponder upon that. I with my almost unreal friend Dahlia, who might have some ideas.

Sunday Blues

I need those vitamin pills now, right now! I can't believe how tired I feel nowadays. Perhaps it also has something to do with the fact I feel I have a million things to do, but no real energy to do them all... Ah, pull yourself together, why don't you! Easier said than done those days it's overwhelming to just put the kettle on or fill the washing machine - not to mention hanging the washed clothes up to dry... - help, somebody please clean the litter-boxes since I can't lift the litter-box's spade.

So instead of ponder over the fact that I'm just so tired and in desperate need of something to pick me up - maybe I sould go and make myself a yummy smoothie in the blender? And now we're talking a really yummy, healthy Swedish smoothie full of fruit and yoghurt and not those absolutely disgusting artificial ones you get in the States - I can dwell upon all the things I've planned for this week.

Monday: it's election time in Sweden soon, September 17th, and now you can pre-vote at different places already. I think I'll go and do that tomorrow. And mail some long due letters + parcels to my friend R in Canada (if you read this you know something is on its way!) and my friend K in Berlin (who recently got a baby boy). I do have some treats for friends in Australia and Poland too, but I haven't gotten around to writing those silly late letter as yet... I have a parcel myself to pick up at the Post office too, although I have to pay for it so perhaps that'll have to wait a bit.

Tuesday: Hairdresser-time, what will I do with my hair this time, I want a makeover, something fabulously chic and sophisticated plus low-maintenace. I want to walk out of the salon a new me, a brighter me from inside and out - ah, a girl can dream can't she?

After getting that fab new haircut I'll have some nice lunch/coffee on the town with my mum I think. Do som errands, maybe (hopefully) find some winterboots that actually fit me. WINTER-boots, a scary and unfamiliar word I think...

Wednesday: Oh, ah, oh, finally a booked massage-time, that'll be heavenly for my aching neck, shoulders and hollow. And probably some more aching places I didn't know existed or ached until the masseur touches them... Can't wait to be laying at the table! After that massage I bet I'll just be sailing through air at the streets of Stockholm.

Thursday: Prunella and Qlara (which I wrote about in November, they had just moved to their new home, but it didn't work out well and they were returend to me some months later...) is going to be spayed. To the vet's in the morning and home again in the evening.

Those are my plans so far. I hope I won't fall asleep while carrying them out.

In the pic my beautiful deep-red Dahlia, which I hope to be able to hibernate until next season. When those long dark months now coming will be over and the brighter, sunny days will be back with us again - oh I feel like hibernating myself! Can I please share the paper-box in the garden-shed with you, sweet Dahlia?

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Stinky, lazy day

The room (guest-room) where I have the computer stinks from all the aromacandles and soaps I have bunkered. I suppose the more correct word is that the room is full of fragrance and the scents of wellbeing, since it's a rather pleasant smell - but since it's quite overwhelming I say stinky smelly...

I got a whole bunch of lovely pics in the mail from a kitten-buyer today, the cat is now 8 years old and has a really cuddly look full of stylish personality. Her sister, Eulalia, which I kept is as cute as a button, a real dollfaced cat, but in a smaller format.

The sold sister, Eggletina, is rather big though, well more than rather, she takes after her mum (who has just turned 10 years old, still going strong and a b i g mama) and looks more like a big male than a female. Which I think is quite nice, especially when it comes to British shorthairs who unfortunately nowadays tend to be more on the slim side of things than the bigboned, cobby cats they ought to be.

Other than that I've written some future articles, letters, done some housework and then just crashed in the sofa in front of the TV today. I can't seem to muster up much energy as lately, I'm beginning to think it must have something to do with the fact I ran out of my prescriptive vitamine pills (extra dose of B12) during the Summer. At first I apparently manage to get along with just an abundance of sunshine - now I'm tired again. A trip to the doctor soon is probably in place.

Some days my head just seems to be full of cotton - this has been such a day. I think the only solution to this right now is to get under the duvet and try and go to sleep earlier than usual. So I bid you all farewell and goodnight - sweet dreams!

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Talk to the hand(bag)

Sometimes a live discussion face to face, or perhaps even more so when it's a written one, just makes me want to say "talk to the hand(bag)" because the reactions and answers are so unbelievably stupid and ignorant it's difficult to realize it's a grown up who has uttered those words...

Maybe that's one (subconcious) of the reasons I give names to and talk to my handbags, because they often answer back in much more clever and intelligent ways than people?

They don't take up a lot of space, never waste my time or disappoint me, can be filled with everything a girl needs, look their best everyday, are the envy of every handbag-crazista in town, always agree with me and follow me everywhere. The only thing I can think of they don't fill my need of - well, I can think of something else, but hey, now we are talking about house-broken matters - is cuddling with something soft and furry. But for that I have fourlegged creatures in different shapes and sizes hanging around at home.

Now to a totally different topic, the day that have passed. Woke up with an aching tummy, again, and cancelled the meeting with the potters. Turned out one of them had already cancelled too, so yes I did feel bad for the girl who was left to spend the day in Stockholm on her own... After having dozed off for some hours I woke up to find the mail with the bill for water/sewer being cut down to zero! Since I had apparently been paying to much for water/sewer this past year, it'll be cut down the next period too.

In the afternoon I got around to order some really lovely handmade earrings from a jewellerymaker in the States who makes these amazing, personal and inspirational pieces, I'm so looking forward to recieving them in some weeks!

Later I somehow got all the right answers in an Internet film quiz (10 questions) in no time at all and won a DVD of my own choice. So now I'm trying to figure out if I want an old goodie or a new one I haven't seen as yet...

Tomorrow - or, oops, today it is when I look at the watch... - we'll get in the cab (the little BMW Z3 which looks like a true toy-car and is quite lovely to drive around in, as long as you don't feel the need of an elegant and ladylike exit from it...) - for perhaps the last time this season. Head up to a part of Sweden called Bergslagen. There we'll pick up some orders of gorgeous, handmade aromacandles and soaps. Of which I'll hopefully sell some at the handicraft-fair in about a month at the Fiholm Castle - read more about it here:

Please feel free to stop by if you're passing, there'll be lots of different handicrafts on display plus special food-items. Apart from the candles and soaps, I'll of course be showing and selling my one-off-pieces of jewellery and mohair shawls. Those shawls you just can't be without this Autumn/Winter season. Or if you have such bad judgement that think you can - talk to the hand(bag)!

Friday, September 01, 2006

Officially Autumn

In a few minutes it's officially Autumn here in Sweden - September 1st. I've just planted the asters in my flowerbed today and I do hope they'll bring colour and joy for quite some time still this year...

I'm just off to bed, I have the energy to stay awake for some more hours, but I think it's a good idea to at least get into a horisontal position under a duvet and try and get some rest, since I'm going to meet up with some acquaintances tomorrow and talk about the brochure we plan together (me a jewellerymaker and they potterymakers - or is it potters?). And it's sort of nice to be more than 25 % awake when doing that I suppose...

So which little darling will accompany me tomorrow, Rosa, Milda or Lill-Tindra - life is just full of difficult choices! Sometimes it would just be easier to be a furry, cute, carefree (?) little bumblebee buzzing around collecting nectar and pollen from flowers - and always looking good in a photo too!
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