Sunday, December 31, 2006

best of 2006

I think the best way to approach this is to have some different kind of categories, like niceprice, well-worn etc, since every best buy, or experience, isn't (of course) the cheapest...

Best handbag: Dark pink (no way it's lavender!) Rosemary Mulberry (yes even though it sort of fell apart a bit and I had to wait a looong time for the mending and I didn't get any compensation for it...), my dearest Rosa. Who went with me almost everywhere all Summer. So stylish, so cute, so very Pia!!

Best outdoor garment: Pinkish trenchcoat, Kapp-Ahl. For once in a blue moon, both design, fit, colour AND a nice price go hand in hand.

Best cardigan: Darkgrey lambswool bow jacket, Odd Molly. So warm, so casual, so always right.

Best dress: Greenish blue patterned jersey wrapdress, Mongul. Such a lovely colour, model and flattering shape. Not to mention a very nice price. Bought at one of my favourite boutiques in Copenhagen (one of my favorite cities of course), Bella Anna. Where one always find fashion with a twist in decent materials at more than a decent price

Best shirt: pointelle longsleeved jersey, Odd Molly, three of them, in mustard yellow, brown and dark grey with white trimmings. Always comfy and cute!

Best shoes: Camouflage sneakers, Puma, at a discount. So very, very, VERY nice for my feet and kind of cute too

Best sale: Almost everything at Noa Noa, but an extra plus for that sweeter than sweet white cotton dress shirt with embroidery and a bunch of really comfy, all-year-wearable cotton vests

Best jewellery: well, apart from all my own then, I must say Heather Wynn's lovely, simple bird earrings. I really love the delicate design of lampwork and silver (even though I admit to not being completely satisfied with the soldering and the finish of parts. I feel they could have been more polished. On the other hand beauty can certainly be in that tad imperfection)

Best beauty product: Hm, a hard one... Since I'm in a generous mood I'll pick four;
* Lisens Organics Rose-scrub;
Bettina Barty Chocolate Showergel (can't beat that smell of chocolate in the shower!);
* Kiehl's Algae Mask (yes it actually do work and leaves skin feeling soft and smooth. Not a nice price buy though...);
* Philosophy Kiss me lip balm (kissable, soft, plump, sligtly red but still natural lips. A slight minus for the sort of yukky scent...)

Best buys always: all books, all yarn, all pearls and semi-precious stones and all café-visits

Best dessert: Well, that has to be two; Ivôiredome pastry at Vetekatten and vanilla icecream with warm cherries in Lübeck...

Best coffee overall: ice latte, Baresso Copenhagen

Best coffee Sweden: caffe latte, Coffee Cup

Best drinks: Alex pavillion, Hamburg (on a hotter than hot July day overlooking the Alster lake)

Best book: Not technically from 2006, but read my yours truly during the past year. It has been a good reading year, in many ways, to name three of the truly great ones;
* Caipirinha with Death (Caiprinha med Döden), Maria Ernestam (oh what joy, what intriguing fantasy and such an enjoyable language in this well-written novel)
* A heaven for Ellott (En himmel för Elliott), Katarina Danielsson (less can really, remarkably be more)
* A widow for one year (Änka för ett år), John Irving (better late than never, it has been standing in my bookshelves for years... A huge fan of Irvings fantastic language and way of composing a truly remarkable story over and over again, I do think this book is one of his best)

Discovery of the year: those extra tiny socks you can wear even in sneakers and summer shoes without looking a complete and utter unstylish nerd (yeah, I know it isn't news for anyone else but me...)

That sort of sums up my shopping year. It was a nice one, 2006, in many aspects not only shoppingwise. Still, it would have been even better if I didn't have to say goodbye to it with the cold/flu of the century and greet 2007 with the same...

The huge, overwhelming questions this shivelling last day of 2006 are: how much snot can there be in one, tiny nose? How much cough can one throat bare? How long lasting can an ophthalmia be? And above all, how long should a normal kind of earinflammation last??


Saturday, December 30, 2006

Birthday cat Greta says Happy New Year - WCB # 82

Today is the 7th birthday for my bluetortie darling Greta, a beautiful but timid and quiet catlady in my herd of fourlegged furry ones.

That behaviour was not her usual one at catshows though. There she was always a social, cuddly kitty who used to - she's retired from that arena now - charm the judges with showing her best side.

Greta has now feasted on some special delicacy for cats, having had some birthday cuddle she's now gone back to having a nap in the wardrobe in my study. Her favorite place to be.

Before going back to sleep though, she whispered in my ear that I was going to wish everyone a really happy and prosperous new cat-year on her behalf - so


Host this last weekend of 2006 is Champaign Taste and the roundup you'll find here

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Doggy bags & tea

If your're a tea-maniac, like me, or know someone who is perhaps these cute and tasty doggy bags are something to invest in? They'll most certainly make a lovely little present to a tea- & doglover!

They come in a small range of different breeds and flavours, Punky pug is red tea flavoured with raspberry, cream, rosehip and pieces of apple.

French kiss is glamourous enough to be flavoured by champagne and roses.

I found these doggy bags at Kamari, Rörstrandsgatan 6 in Stockholm. But of course it's quite easy to make something similar yourself, and why not cat bags for that special tea- & catlover close to you?

Tuesday, December 26, 2006


This must have been the worse Christmas ever, for me, as far as I can remember. I'm just a snivelling, aching, dizzy wreck with a head full of cotton wool. A wreck with ophthalmia still.

Not much of hearing left here, so until this awful, painful ear-what-ever-it-is get the *** out of my head I really shouldn't - and don't want to - socialize at all. Since I tend to scream out what I want to say - it's always nice to hear what one says - and can't hear what other people say if they don't scream back...

So the sofa it is, with the sound on very loud, and possibly, maybe a bucket or two with luxurious ice-cream...

Feeling like this I wish I at least was as unbelievably cute as the owl woolhead to the right - I'm not.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Santa's little helper WCB # 81

This is Siri, you have met her before. These past weeks she's been so very busy with helping Santa getting ready for Christmas - or at least that's an excuse that works well this time of year if you're a CUTE cat and in the way.

So in the pictures you'll find her - apart from once being so small she looked like a little cuddly toy in a teamug - having a leg in when some baked goodies a served - a nibble is never wrong! - overseeing so Santa teddy's cap is on, that the Snowman is of the right height and built, somewhat reluctantly posing for this year VIP-Christmas cards - and then of course check those cards out so they meet that very special, very high standard of Siri.

Having done all this hard work she now thinks she deserves a whole lot of rest, looking forward to her very first Christmas ever! And she is absolutely certain that this -massy thing must include some extra special yummy food for extra dotty kitty tummies -

she wish you all a very merry Christmas with joy for every one!!

The host for this WCB is Tiggy the tiny tiger at Tiggy's blog. The roundup is here.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Christmas cards, an absolute must

Almost the only thing I hold sacred every Christmas is the Christmas-card-tradition. I have a neat "little" list for that, who deserve a really fancy, personal, handmade one or not. Who's blacklisted and who's not. It's quite an intriguing system and of course I can't share that system with you!

Anyway this year the cold had gotten me in its grip before I was able to finish off all cards - my very first year of trying a bit of scrapping in a more serious way - so actually some of them haven't been sent yet, sorry.

Maybe one of these cards as seen in the picture will find its way to you not in time for Christmas but in time for New Year's instead. Or another kind of cute card, or not at all if you happen to be on the black-list - ho ho ho!

I'm cancelling Christmas

I feel like crap. After five days of this horrible cold I'm no better. The fever comes and goes, my poor left ear and that part of the head is stuffed with cottonwool, my nose is sour along with my throat, which now is accompanied by a horrible, dry cough. And as the finishing touch I now also have a really neat ophthalmia mainly in my left eye.

I have no sense of smell and my tastebuds are no longer with me at all. I only drink applejuice and eat toast. Now and then really spicy food, like vegetables in green curry. Ah, yesterday I had an encounter with Häagen-Dazs pannacotta raspberry, as far as I could detect it was really nice, and soothing for my poor throat.

So now I only have one wish for Christmas - please, let me get my Häagen-Dazs favourite flavour Lemon cheesecake on Christmas eve! Other than that, I think I'll cancel Christmas this year...

Monday, December 18, 2006


I feel a cold coming on. Or actually it's already here. Obviously I didn't made it all season without one. I hate this sour throat thing. Trying to get rid off it with interesting American pills - all legal of course! - so far without any luck.

Misery like this sure loves company and if I might have any saying about that company, it's tea - and not that nasty, nauseating cough, headache, aching limbs, lack of taste and smell... Since I do like my tea with milk that's a bit difficult to drink with a sour throat. I usually end up drinking lots of applejuice instead.

But as long as I can have that cuppa, it might as well be with one of my favourite brands of tea - the Finnish brand Nordqvist. It can't be found in Sweden, as far as I know, so Mats always buys some packages of them when he goes on his frequent business-trips to Finland.

It comes in many different flavours in colourful packaging. Both black and green tea, flavoured or not. My favourites are still Faithful friend - and not only because the bags are decorated with cat paws... - and Cheery Rainy Day. Caribbean Sun isn't too bad either.

So if you happen to have the time and inclination to take a trip to Finland, that neighbouring country of Sweden on the other side of the Baltic sea, don't forget to bring home some packages of that lovely tea!

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Stockholm in December

Not the Stockholm in December we're used to, but still, it made a pretty picture!

Now, I'm - as usual nowadays - to tired to write something intelligent. Green December in all it's - perhaps - glory, the snow sure gives light and a cozy, snuggle-up feeling to a Scandinavian winter! And I must say that this is the only winter I've been this tired most all the time.

The rare rays of sun only make their appearance as a sort of glimpse. A glimpse here and there doesn't make a lot of good concerning the replenishment of the energy-supply Pia-wise.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

WCB # 80 - She laughs best who laughs longest

I thought I might write a few words about Prunella (aka Mini-Knut or just Mini since she's the spitting miniature image of her father, last WCB's Knut). She's an inventive, mischievous, life-enjoying oddball in redspotted fur.

From my own breeding, about two years old this neutergirl has a big appetite for life as well as food in general and ice-cream in particular - she was sold but came back home after some months with her friend and cousin above, Qlara (blacktortie). Since the buyers "had decided they were allergic to cats". If I sound bantering, it's just because it's not the fist time kitten-buyers tend to "cry wolf" with that excuse...

As you can see in the pictures above Prunella is always there when IT happens, whether it might be that lovely icecream on a warm Summer day, or that table full of shawls I'm working with or simply a suitable couch with a friendly companion. And in the end, she always ends up the best who laughs longest.

WCB this time is hosted by kitchenMage and the roundup of weekenders you'll find here

Friday, December 15, 2006

Outfit Dec 15th 2006

On a day with winds so strong you thought you might be swept away to another place, perhaps somewhere over the rainbow, my outfit was as follow;

- heathercoloured vest, NoaNoa
- dark grey shirt, Odd Molly
- soft pink cardigan, Jackpot
- black nylons, Åhléns
- honeybeige cableknitted mohairish skirt, H&M
- black boots, Vagabond
- hunter green corduroy coat, Jackpot
- mustard yellow silk scarf, Gudrun Sjödén
- winter white wool shawl, old one from grandma
- china blue cap & matching mittens, Odd Molly
- oak handbag, Roxanne Mulberry

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Beauty without cruelty

Yes I do like a piece of interesting, new (for me anyway) brand when it comes to most everything. Especially cosmetics and skincare. I'm a big fan of small, ethical brands, beauty without cruelty and nature based products.

One of these I found last Summer at the small farm-shop at the Anthroposophic society in Järna (a small communtity south of Stockholm), called Lisen's Organics Rosenskrubb (Rose scrub) plus Chokladkyss (Chocolate kiss - isn't that a great name, or what?!) lip balm.

The Chocolate kisses I gave to friends - whom I hope enjoyed them... - and the Rose scrub I've been using myself and it's great! I smells delicious, has a nice scrubbing texture (salt) and also contains mineral oils for a soft skin. You don't have to use lotions or creams after the shower.

The creator behind this small brand is named Lisen Sundgren, a herbalist and homeopath based in Stockholm. The lovely graphic design of the bottles is made by Hanna Werning.

The bottle is soon finished though, so I hope to find some other Stockholmian retailers. So far I've just found some of the products at Folkart webstore, but not the scrub... They used to sell them at Rosendal but I didn't see them the last time I was there... The search continues...

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

December 13th, the day of Lucia

Today is the day of Lucia, a much loved and very typical Swedish celebration that takes place on December 13th every year. It's named after a Sicilian, medieval saint, but have not a lot to do with that poor girl's suffering nowadays.

It's mostly celebrated with a procession of girls and boys in white chemises with the girl playing Lucia wearing a crown with candles on her head leading the procession. They sing all sorts of mainly Christmas songs and it's really atmospheric and quite lovely.

If you want to know more about the Swedish Lucia-celebrating you can read in English here and in Swedish here.

And yes, I have actually been chosen to play the part of Lucia several times through the school years. If it's because my lousy singing-voice (the Lucia doesn't have to sing) or because I was usually taller than the rest of the children or some other reason, I let that be unsaid. The picture shows me and my procession one year in kindergarten. To the left I'm smiling contentedly over my saffron buns "lussekatter".

Something which I'm actually going to do in a few minutes, eat them and smile. In the sofa, under a blanket, with a cup of tea, surrounded by the fourlegged herd, watching "Corpse bride" on DVD (no fun intended).

Have a lovely Lucia out there!

Skogskyrkogården, the pictures

So here they are, the pictures of the fascinating place called the Woodland cemetery I wrote about yesterday.

When the pictures didn't feel like being uploaded. Today they're obviously in a better mood...

Tuesday, December 12, 2006


The Woodland cemetery (Skogskyrkogården) is one of Sweden's places that's inscribed on UNESCO's World Heritage List. And no wonder, it's an absolutely stunningly beautiful and very special place situated just on the southern outskirts of Stockholm.

Well worth a visit all year around. And if you have the opportunity to go on a guided tour, please do, since it's the chance to see what lies behind the architectural greatness and also how the different chapels - there are five of them - looks like inside.

In the beginning of the 1900s it became obvious that Stockholm needed a new burial ground. An international architect competition was initiated to ensure the harmony and dignity of the buildings and landscape of that new cemetery. The winners of the competition was two talented Swedish architects, Erik Gunnar Asplund and Sigurd Lewerentz.

The cemetery and the first chapel was completed in 1920. The chapel was named the Woodland chapel and it's roof is adorned with Carl Milles ' sculpture "The Angel of death" (pic above) - this area and the chapel actually makes me feel really uncomfortable and somewhat unsafe. The atmosphere there is for some reason not at all pleasant...

The second chapel, the Chapel of resurrection (pic above) was opened in 1925. It's situated in the end of the beautiful, atmospheric Path of Seven Wells (pic above). A walk that basically takes you from one end of this larger than large cemetery to the other.

The largest chapel, and the one that's most wellknown I suppose - and in my opinion the least appealing -, is in fact three chapels (and a crematorium). They go by the names Chapel of Faith, of Hope and of the Holy cross.

The wall that surrounds the cemetery was built by unemployed people of Stockholm between the years of 1923 to 1932. It's 4600 metres long (compared to the Vatican state's wall that's 3200 metres long).

Greta Garbo, the world famous Swedish actress, is since a few years buried at Skogskyrkogården.

In 1994 - better late than never... - the Woodland cemetery was inscribed to the above mentioned list. Some of the motivation being "... an outstandingly successful example of a designed cultural landscape which blend... natural vegetation with architectural features to create a landscape that is ideally suited to its purpose... The creation... established a new form of cemetery that has exerted a profound influence... all over the world."

So if you happen to have an errand or two to Stockholm, please don't miss this extraordinary experience that goes by the name of Skogskyrkogården!

Monday, December 11, 2006

The One...

...who won't end up on this year's Christmas-cards... I give them TLC, food and empty their litter-boxes all year round. So the question is, why oh why can't they cooperate for this one time every year and actually pose for the camera with true Christmas spirit sparkle in their eyes...??

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Saffron, my saffron

I'm exhausted from a not very good night's sleep and running around town, not looking for Christmas gifts but running errands. For this and that. I had plans for baking my saffron buns, those typical Swedish yummy buns that's common in December called Lussekatter, today. But I'm just too tired.

I did make these fantastic, and easy to make, saffron crusts the other day though. Which I'm going to feast on in just some minutes now. And the recipe for them I'll add here tomorrow, since I'm too tired for writing that down also...

Anyway, in my opinion saffron is a fantastic spice, both in colour and in taste. Too much is toxic, but just the right amount is so very nice in different kind of dishes and bread. What a versatile little, yellow friend! Alas, unfortunately a friendship that comes with a very high price-tag...

WCB # 79 - Knut a k a Garfield

This is Knut (EC S*Luddkolt's Knut Knebworth), my red boy. Once a stud now his role is that of a consultant - even if he doesn't take that role very seriously. I think he keeps his tricks and treats for himself. But he still prefers the company of girls over boys, in general. He loves food and just lazying around. The true nature of Garfield both in personality and looks, and I do believe he thinks of himself as a bit of the only really first class cat in this household.

In the picture - which didn't come in the order I wanted... - you can se him from the tender age of 2 weeks, then 5 weeks, then 4 months, 7 months and as a full blown, very stylish Garfield-kitty at about the age of 3 years. He's now soon to be 5 years old.

The pictures at 4 months and 3 years are taken by photografer Åsa Petré.

This weekend's catblogging is hosted by Belly Timber and the roundup you'll find here.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Recipe: Creamy mushroom soup

Soup is hardly ever wrong, with some nice bread and cheese. You can make a quick one out of a tin or make a slow one from scratch - it isn't always the latter taste better though... But here comes a "slow" one which is really, really creamy and tasty.

Creamy mushroom soup, 4 portions

400 g fresh mushrooms
1 yellow (or red) onion
1 clove of garlic - or more...
6 dl vegetable boullion
1 dl white wine - can be omitted
1 dl doublecream - or choose a lighter alternative
1 dl créme fraiche
butter or oil
salt & pepper
( 3 tbs parsley)

Chop or not chop the mushrooms, that is the question. Since it'll all me mixed with a mixer or in a food processor when ready I don't think it's necessary to do that. Chop the onion and garlic instead. And fry it all in the oil/butter. Include parsley if you like. Fry until the mushrooms have absorbed all the water. Stir now and then, the mushrooms shouldn't get colour.

If you want, then add the wine, or substitute it with water. If you choose wine, let it boil until absorbed. Then add the vegetable boullion and simmer for about 20 minutes.

Then mix it all together - with handmixer or food processor - add the cream and the créme fraiche. Plus salt and pepper. Let it all come to a boil and then simmer for a few minutes.

Garnish with parsley and some fraiche/cream if you like.


Thursday, December 07, 2006

Outfit Dec 7, 2006

Today I had a really nice day with my friend Anne at the Handicraft fair. Can't say I was very impressed with the items for sale overall, a lot of cheap entertainment, in every sense. Of course with some exceptions, most of the exceptions being somewhat pricy for the wallet of the day. And who needs more stuff, really... If it's not a handbag, the pricy kind.

Anyway, home with me came some smaller things named this and that but mainly foody things. And yes, I actually bought some material for scrapping. This year I do plan to use my skills in calligraphy and top the Christmas cards off with not only superexclusive cat-pictures but also some glitter and tinsel! If my patience is with me that is...

The one thing I'm most thankful about taking home with me is my skirt though. I actually discovered it going downwards - being far down around my thighs - twice this day... I'm really grateful I'm nowadays, mostly, on good terms with my not-to-be-embarrassed-gene.

And once I found it on it's way up instead, sort of wrapping itself around my upper torso and head with its new friend the wind. At the same time as the shawls also wanted to play with that new and interesting friend, up they went - to Anne's delight. I actually managed to bring tears of joy to her eyes... Glad to be at service. Don't mention it. My next much needed investment will be a pair of braces for that naughty skirt. My question of the day must be, what on earth has the world gone to, when clothes demand new friends and accessories?

From top to bottom of the day:
- white cotton vest, Dolce & Gabbana
- brown cotton shirt, Odd Molly
- black, flowery skirt, Gudrun Sjödén (silly little, too large thing!)
- black boots, Vagabond
- green tweed jacket vintage bouclé, Noa Noa
- mustard-yellow silk-scarf, Gudrun Sjödén
- brown with white trimmings mohair shawl, Pia K Stockholm
- china blue mittens, Odd Molly
- handbag, Mulberry Roxanne
- jewellery, Heather Wynn, Pia K Stockholm, Yvone Christa (I'm so varied...)

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

In heat

I have a young lady in my kitchen - again - who desperately seeks attention from handsome young man. We got the whole show right on the kitchen-table for lunch today, no shame whatsoever... I'm the one who's embarrassed by that behaviour, and when we had guests too. What will they think? When spotted girl and spotted boy had their ways quite openly like that...

The second kind of heat today was the food I made, four kind of meze- dishes. They turned out quite well (recipes to come later). The dessert of gingerbred & lingonberry cheesecake wasn't too good though, so I'll skip that recipe - since I can't believe it's me who couldn't make it right.

And the third heatwave came with the installation of the heatpump. Can't say I'm too impressed by it... - I can't open two wardrobes now. And I'm not at all sure one can easily solve that problem in a nice looking way. Big sigh there.

Not to mention the fact you have to clean that darn heatpump every fortnight. I'm far to busy with cleaning kittylitter-boxes, I don't want anything more to clean. Unless that thing doesn't come with a cleaning lady, or rather a nice little male with a pinchfriendly-bottom - which I'm sad to say the heatpump-installation-men didn't offer.

I did find it rather amuzing that one of the men apparently suffered form cat-allergies and couldn't stay for a long time, leaving the other one working for two. They sure picked the right house then. And I must say it's a bit strange to work with such installations when one suffers from pet-allergies... And no they didn't close any doors, wide open they were and leaving me with my company absolutely on our toes looking out for any fourlegged borstal breakout.

I'm now completely exhausted, so looking forward to an early night in bed. Nighty night!

Monday, December 04, 2006

The season for Christmas fairs

From the end of November and up until the weekend before Christmas Eve, it's a big thing with Christmas fairs in Sweden. Some better than others. I used to be sort of a keen Christmas fair visitor every year, it was sort of cosy, fun and traditional. To buy this and that, and always some typical "burnt almonds" (yummy candy!).

But nowadays I rarely go, I don't see the need for even more Christmas decorations - most of them are still in boxes in the shed - and gifts - the ones I still buy Christmas presents for aren't very keen on such Christmassy items - and I don't particulary care for the crowds that roam around the fairs.

But sometimes it can be fun to visit such a fair, when it's in a place one haven't been to before. So last Sunday we went to Långängens gård, a place on the other side of town that I have been meaning to visit for a long time since they have a restaurant/café that's said to be very good.

However, the Långängen we happen to visit, where the fair was held and with the same address as the above mention Långängen was a totally different one... I have absolutely no idea how this happened! The originally Långängens gård was nowhere to be seen, it was just like it had evaporated into thin air and small manor house had taken its place. A white house made of stone, and not the red farmhouse in wood...

It wasn't much of a fair either, rather boring indeed. I only bought some - not very nice and with a sort of stale taste - almond crusts plus a couple of nice looking handpainted brass-hearts. The fair-decorations out in the open was rather nice though. A rusty sofa here, some ornaments hanging in an old, broken windowframe there, apples and onions, pumkins and rosehips.

To round off that grey, chilly, windy and wet day in the beginning of December - a white Christmas seems so unbelievably far away... - we drove to one of my favourite cafés, Café Lyran, which never ever disappoints you! I feasted on a lovely shrimpsandwich plus a piece of equally tasty Princess cake - both so typically Swedish, but not always easy to find made just right.

I wonder why it some days is so difficult to write something really inspired? Those days you just rattle off what you did that day, what you ate, what you wore, what you bought. How much fun is that och a scale from 1-10...? I actually have a bit more fun with bubblewrap, especially in manic mode. Enjoy!

Sunday, December 03, 2006

And some marmelade on top

If you like to have some marmelade or jam on your toast now and then, and preferably the homemade-kind with simple but good ingredients - well then you might like these two:

To the right rhubarb with cinnamon - unbelievably good! - from the farm Nibble gård outside the city of Enköping, about 70 kilometres west of Stockholm. Tel +46 171 870 58

To the left apple and ginger - mild and spicy at the same time, very different and good - from a small Swedish family company called Our Garden. Of which I happen to have lost the address and e-mail to... I bought it at the Autumn fair some months ago. And of course I should have bought some more, or at least kept a close eye on the product flyer. That now has flyed away...

Edit: It flyed back to me the other day, the flyer from Our garden. If you want to get in contact with them regarding their different products such as oil & vinegar, herbal salt & sugar, coffee & tea plus marmelades & ham you can either send an e-mail at or phone at +46 (0)70- 755 37 94

Saturday, December 02, 2006

WCB # 78 - The Cat's day

Every year, for some years now, the first Advent's Sunday is celebrating as the Cat's day in Sweden. With different events in pet shops, at animal-shelters, cat-shows etc. This year though it's a whole weekend, this weekend to be precise, 1-3 of December 2006. My cats are going to celebrate it with some extra nice food mainly. How are you and your cats going to celebrate this year's Cat's day?

My poster boy for this WCB is my oldest cat, sweetheart Emil (his pedigree name being Solfläckens My True Lollipop), seal colourpoint persian boy. He'll turn 16 years old this upcoming spring. He's a cuddly, cosy one who sometimes likes to cuddle up with his fourlegged friends in the couch and other times he prefers solitude or my lap.

Unfortunately he isn't very photogenique, but he has a really lovely dollface irl!

The host for this weekend's catblogging is The Hidden Paw and the roundup of furry darlings you'll find here. *Meow*

Friday, December 01, 2006

Outfit Dec 1st 2006

Oh, I'm just too tired for posting anything remotely intelligent and original here today. So I'll just show you today's outfit. With those very dark and uninspired snapshots in front of the mirror with the once-upon-a-time-kitchen-sofa-now-standing-in-the-hall-basically-acting-as-a-cat-food-stand in the background. For that extra glamour-feeling to the outfits!

Anyway, when the temperature just seems to rise and head for up to + 15 C - weird beyond words, and rather alarming... - I opt for layers - as usual I guess...

- sort of darkish pink cotton vest, Noa Noa
- brown, shortsleeved chiffon blouse, Noa Noa
- grey wool cardigan, Odd Molly
- jeans, Levi's
- black boots, Vagabond
- yellow lace knitted wool scarf, Tiger
- hunter green corduroy coat, Jackpot
- china blue mittens, Odd Molly
- jewellery, Heather Wynn, Pia K Stockholm, Yvone Christa

Off to an early bed for me now! A good night's sleep is essential if one wants to celebrate the Cat's day which always is celebrated in Sweden on the first Advent's Sunday - this year it'll actually be a whole weekend celebrating the wonderful Cat!

How are you going to celebrate the cat(s) in your life this weekend?

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Me & mushrooms

This is what I ate yesterday, grilled halloumi - a favourite thing of mine! - mushrooms, squash and paprika. Quick and easy and good foor both mind and body! It was so incredibly good that I had begun eating before I took the picture... Although my tummy didn't agree with the food somehow, I actually spent quite a bit of time in the loo afterwards... I totally blame the mushrooms - mostly I can eat them fine, and I do like them a lot. But when they don't agree with me, they totally disagree big time...

They were also to blame for one of my most - so far - humiliating moments in life, well I must say I acted really well considering the circumstances, but still, the mushrooms had hit again. It's years and years ago now, but somehow it's a vivid memory, ready to pop out whenever I think of mushrooms.

Imagine one really cold and snowy winter evening in the 1980ies, I were off to an aerobics class with a friend. The class would take place in a high-school in the city, I had to walk to the subway-station from home, take the subway for about 30 minutes and then walk some more. Before I left home my mum had made me an omelette with cheese and... mushrooms.

Sitting on the subway I felt the tummy acting up a bit, no worries, there'll be a toilet when I'll get there. Soon. But somehow we didn't manage to get there that soon, apparently we were a bit unsure of the way there, that cold, cold, winter evening with lots and lots of snow everywhere. I felt more and more desperate, badly in need of a toilet. Really, really, REALLY in need of one - now!!

And so the mushrooms had their ways with me, there and then, on that cold, cold, evening, in the snow. Just before we actually found the right high-school where the aerobics-class would take place. There they were, some very unwelcomed guests in my pants. A toilet with a big sink, please! I somehow manage to hide my predicament, slipped into the toilet - yes, a sink! - and began the washing up a k a drowning my unwelcomed visitors. As well as that could be done by hand, without detergents, in a toilet with a not so big sink...

The BIG question afterwards though was, what am I to wear when getting home, on that cold, cold evening with heaps of snow everywhere...? I only had the clothes I was to have worn at the aerobics class with me, mainly a pair of sportsocks and a pair of shorts. I couldn't very well get into those now wet and not very clean jeans again...

So my wardrobe back home had to be those knee-high sportsocks in my boots plus the shorts. On that cold, cold, evening. Teamed up with a long coat - thanks to that late 80ies fashion of really long coats with impressive shoulderpads - I actually manage to get myself home. Very litterally freezing my bottom off I might add.

So my longterm relationship with mushrooms is a bit split, but mainly good. When it doesn't come to cold, cold winter evenings.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Dare to fly

Sometimes, now and then, I still get that feeling of a tight knot in my tummy, a knot of tension and anxiety. The feeling that I really should pull myself together and get out there and get a proper job again, and earn some real money.

Forget those dreams, forget all this time that has past when I've actually had the time in midst of it sad, hurtful all to realize that the best way to live one's life is to follow one's dreams. When one has realized what those dreams are... And that really can take some time of soul-searching...

And still, I think I've grown as a person these past few years, dare I say, become a better person. Inside and out. I've become better in following my intuition and gut-feeling - trying to NOT getting a lots of knots there - become better in just being me, the better me. Trying not to carry all that weltschmertz om my shoulders, just living and loving in my own little world.

Chosing to mainly socialize with people that I really like and love, that I feel makes me grow and develop in new layers. That I can derive benefit and happiness from and not just exhaustion and sadness. And then of course the other way around too, that I can give them something in return, whether that is some hours of amateur shrinking, philosophy discussions or something more practical - all matters are relative - like a lunch, a goodie-bag, a necklace or two.

I heard of a motto in life that is: To have everything under control and still enjoy life
Perhaps it's just as easy, and hard. To both dare to fly and feel the wind beneath your wings and still keep an eye on the world down below. And not be afraid to land now and then. To be in contact with both worlds, maybe that's what it's all about? Both earth and sky. In harmony. Just dare to fly.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Dallmayr chocolate

061127 004

New favourite chocolate is milk chocolate from German brand Dallmayr, in Munich. A simply melt in your mouth creating a taste bud sensation and caressing the palate in the most sensuous way-kind of chocolate.

Unfortunately the one and only chocolate bar I got is now just a sweet lingering memory. I've searched for someone who sells Dallmayr in Sweden or over the Internet. So far without any luck... Can anyone help me and my poor longing taste buds??

Edit - since this post was written in 2006 Dallmayr has a website, more information and online shop to be found here

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Sleeping sickness & cheese doodle weekend

It must have been something in this boring, grey - I wonder how many times I've written grey when describing the weather this autumn/winter... - rainy, windy and mild in temperature. Because I have just been so sleepy, so drowsy, so lacking of energy and eating boring stuff, and not very healthy things apart from all the usual carrots, for two days now.

I wonder if all these carrots somehow neutralize the cheese doodles, chocolate and muffins (yes, functional food-muffins from the Muffin Bakery, but nevertheless muffins...) that were my food of choice this weekend?

Mind you, I don't eat crisps, I hate crisps, so the ones in the pic aren't mine. Cheese doodles - and they have to be the originals from OLW, nothing else will do! - combine with crunchy carrots though, that's my kind of snack!

Although I now somehow feel a bit sick... Don't think I'll have anymore cheesy snack this side of New year... Think I'll just have some carrots the next time I don't feel like cooking. Or some crispy broccoli. Not with Barbara though, preferably with Daniel Dumbo in that case. In Venice.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

WCB # 77 - Birthday cat Sigrid

My blacktortiespotted british shorthair Sigrid (a k a Int Ch Coccolami's Blossom) turned 4 years old last Wednesday, so I think it's just about right she'll be the postergirl for my WCB this time around.

And I just know she'll love all the treats this weekend's hosts at Cats'n'mom have set the table with over at the roundup. One of her favourite things to do is eat, if not THE favourite thing... When she doesn't snuggle up with a furry friend of more in the couch for a cosy nap, or take care of a kitten or two (being the mom to among others my WCB- cat # 74, Siri). A laidback kitty, a supermom with a big appetite, that's Sigrid!

The picture isn't taken by me, but the fab Norweigan photographer at

Shaken not stirred

Wow, I think it was a really good movie-experience, Casino Royale. The best Bond-movie I've seen actually. More human, more stylish, excellent stunts and special-effects - far from Lord of the rings... - and not at all in the Bond-genre of bed-as-many-women-as-possible-and-fiddle-with-at-least-as-many-corny-gadgets-as-possible.

The black-and-white-intro, the stylish pretext, costumes - that sixties-feeling was great - and yes, I do think Craig was perfect in the role, even with his Dumbo-ears.

I can't help but ponder over if Danes are suppose to be the new evils of this (movie)world and if so, why?

Friday, November 24, 2006

Casino Royale

Tonight's the opening night - for us ordinary mortals that is - for the latest Bond-movie "Casino Royale" with English actor Daniel Craig as agent 007 with a licence to kill. A competent actor I haven't been too impressed with in other movies, perhaps due to the moves rather than his acting skills...

But he sure has the rugged, sort of handsome looks to make it as mr Bond, a man without noticable depths and layers I suppose. And the ever cool Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen as the villain. I think that'll be a very nice and lightly entertaining couple of hours!

In the picture to your left it isn't the Casino Royale of Stockholm, unfortunately perhaps, but the old head-office of the Postal Service. A beautiful and magnificent building anyway!

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Spinach for Popeyes (recipe)

Even if it might be hard to believe sometimes - or perhaps it's just a vicious rumour - I do spend my time with other things than shopping. One thing I've learned the hard way - perhaps the only way to really learn some things? - is that you have to treat youreself on a regular basis, not only with shopping of course, but also spending time with people that give you good vibes, intelligent discussions and a comfy feeling, eat well, sleep well and so on.

And one of those good things is spinach. Not only if you want to grow up to be a Popeye and save Olivia-damsels in distress. With spinach you hardly never go wrong. And this time of year a soup is a simple and tasty thing to make. With spinach it's actually really healthy comfort food!

So here comes my favourite recipe for spinach soup. Actually originated from an old Weight Watcher's recipe, but who cares, both lean cuisine AND tasty, yes please another piece of cake after that!

Spinach soup
(per person you need as follow)

½ yellow onion (or more if you like)
100 g spinach leaves
2,5 dl vegetable boullion
½ dl milk (can be excluded)
oil, salt, pepper & cayennepepper

Serve with 1 hard boiled egg - or not

Fry the finely chopped onion soft in the oil. Add the spinach and the boullion. Let it boil and then simmer for a few minutes. Add the milk if you like and salt, pepper plus a touch of the cayennepepper.

Serve with egg-halves if you want and some nice bread, butter and cheese. Enjoy immensly!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Tip of(f) the day (2)

Treat yourself with a relaxing and pampering facial, massage, pedicure, manicure, aromatherapy-treatment or perhaps a whole spa-day.

Can be experienced in different ways depending on the size and content of your wallet:

A) at a beautysaloon/beauty therapist extravaganza. Hopefully you'll get what you pay for and the full luxuary treatment from head to toe!

B) at a beauty therapist-school, at reduced prices. In Stockholm for example at the Private School for Skincare and Spa. Well worth a visit now and then I think.

C) Create your own home spa with your favourite hair treatments, scrubs, bathbubbles, lotions, facial-masks, footpolisher, oils, relaxing music. Light a few candles and refuse to be disturbed by the telephone or other utterly unimportant matters.

And yes, you can switch off the mobile-phone, the world can actually go on without you for some hours now and then...

And then, by all means, treat yourself with a drink extravaganza too, perhaps an invigorating fruit-smoothie or maybe a tropical melon daiquiri - the recipe you'll find in the picture to your left!

Wonder of Wonders

Nothing much on the agenda for today, a doctor's appointment on the other side of town, having lunch with my mum, that was about it. A nice-little blogging about the lunch-food was to be today's topic.

But wonders of all wonders, when I went into H&M close to the doctor's to have a look around for those turquoise sweatpants that were sold out in town, and then a pair of cute red knee socks happened to find their way down in my shopping bag - which is actually closed for the season! - and then I was heading over to the cashier...

But what is THIS?! That Viktor & Rolf pale peachcoloured silkblouse I really wanted, but more REALLY didn't want to queue for, and that trench and some other V&R items as well. Was it really true or just a hallucination??

Since black is basically a no-no in my home (the amount of cat-hairs plus the costs of sand is basically the only negative aspects of sharing your home with the furry darlings, the hair being a thing that for me excludes clothes in black...) there wasn't much more of interest to me on that rack.

But I tried these to on, the trench being in a very weird shape, too bad, but the silk blouse was a true find. So home with me it came. Congratulations to me! And to the blouse of course, being a part of the very distinguished wardrobe of Pia.

And having continued to talk about clothes and shopping, I might as well continue with sharing this day's outfit with you. A bit too much clothes really for a mild - very untypical weather for the season... - winter day. But what is a winter day without a nice little wool cardigan to snuggle up in, not a day worth mentioning I'd say!

From inside out, top to bottom:
  • lavender cotton vest, Indiska
  • greyish blue cotton shirt, Jackpot
  • grey wool cardigan, Odd Molly
  • grey cotton leggings, Lindex (and yes, there is something called a size or two too big...)
  • black/flowery skirt, Gudrun Sjödén (see above...)
  • black boots, Vagabond
  • hunter green corduroy coat, Jackpot
  • violet mohairshawl, Pia K Stockholm

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

A woman of mental substance

I'm so very satisfied with my buys of today, mid November! Mood-lifting on a day when the rain and wind played oh so happily together and the mood couldn't be anything other than grey and low. At least to begin with.

A meeting with the career coach in the morning - guess what, as of today I somehow suffer from a great fear of bosses. A problem that I probably should "work on". Agh, shouldn't think so, an incompetent boss is always an incompetent boss. Idiots will be idiots, a pity they happen to be in the position of being boss now and then!

But apart from that remark - nominated to the stupidest remark of the day perhaps... - I think it was once again a positive and fun meeting. Now I have about two weeks to work with some tasks before we'll meet again. More about that later...

Now to the simpler things, but oh so fun, things in life, shopping really nice, totally necessary items! Ill-willed people would put an un- in front of that word, little do they know...

The picture doesn't show the things I came home with today, but the things that absolutely screamed in a very demanding way to come home with me last Saturday. And them being:

My search for a red jacket/coat this winter seems to be totally futile. So in order to still keep the economic wheels of Stockholm, Sweden rolling I really had to find a sort of option... Of some sort. Which happened to be a lovely, beautiful jacket in medium blue winter velvet, at one of my favourite boutiques, Noa Noa (Danish fashion rules!).

And then a nice "little" bottle of awardwinning ultrarich shampoo, shower gel & bubblebath Melon Daiquiri from Philosophy *mmmm*

And for the really basic things in life one (being me) might head to a high street store like Lindex and pick up some washingbags (which always seem to tear while washing), a pair of grey leggings (or longjohns like Lindex like to call them. Where's the sence of fashion there?) plus a really nice pair of dark brown and patterned over knee long socks (for a day when I really feel like wearing a skirt without jeans again...).

So now, we have come up to date with today's shopping. Since I somehow to my great surprise seem to have some money left over this month I thought I might as well treat myself. A bit. Big department store Åhléns has 20% off any one chosen item this week for members only.

An opportunity which o b v i o u s l y can't be missed - so hey, home with me came yet another Odd Molly cardigan, this time a supercute grey lambswool bow jacket. And a red cotton-vest on sale.

Åhléns nowadays also sell Origins great beauty-without-cruelty products, that range of cocoa products, and lavender-vanilla, ginger, a perfect world, mmm, just too much to chose from all those must-haves. I'll be back...

After having a nice lunch at Texas smoke house (the only thing I can eat there is the veggie burger with portobellu mushroom and it's soo tasty!) we headed down to Noa Noa once again, where I got a really cute, short-sleeved brown chiffon blouse plus a sort of lavender coloured cotton vest to go with that.

On the way back a grande latte at my favourite place for good coffee in Stockholm, Coffee Cup. For the train-ride back home I really think I deserved a good magazine, Damernas värld once again. Unfortunately such an investment more often than seldom makes me all starry eyed an eager to shop again...

But since I am a woman of mental substance and integrity of course I won't fall for such cheap tricks! My must-have-buys for this season is over and done with! Yes indeed. Over and out.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Wellbeing for the soul

In Swedish there's an expression I like very much, always good when you want to somehow defend (why on earth that should be "necessary" is a whole other topic, in these days of obesity vs anorexia...) eating chocolate or cakes;

Hälsa för själen i e Health for the soul, but I think Wellbeing for the soul sounds better.

And here comes some wellmeaning chocolate for the soul then: clockwise from left

  • green tea
  • cardamom
  • basil
  • ginger
  • gingerbread
  • blueberry (the middle one)

My favourites of these were... green tea and cardamom, I think. But the prettiest one was blueberry! All from the Pralinhuset (House of pralines), made their way to me from my friend Anne. Now they are no more, departed down into my tummy. Yum!

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