Sunday, March 31, 2013

easter sunday three

on the very last day of march some of the things i've enjoyed have been

a wonderful new mug (which i'm going to use for pencils in pink office)

sun and blue skies

flowery skirt and blue boots (always)

welcome april,
please be kind and sweet ~

Saturday, March 30, 2013

easter 2013 ~

i hope you're having a glorious easter weekend. remember to truly savour the sweet things -

and it doesn't have to be cupcakes the size of yourself, even if calvin thinks it's a fabulous idea.

to simply marvel over the awesomeness (at least if you're very small) of a car wash is a sweet thing too.

Friday, March 29, 2013

good friday hands, good friday feet

i hope the friday is/has/will be good to you!

as both the blogger app and blogger in iphone completely refuses to cooperate with photo uploading the photos for this post will be (hopefully) published tomorrow instead.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

cute as a button

seems like button and button-shapes are everywhere these days. the button stool (which i'm still very pleased over having.)

and now button fridge magnets and a peace pendant. both the latter are in fact great diy projects! something to spend some time potter with during this long, glorious easter weekend perhaps?

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

the duties of a bobbaloo

one might think that a bobbaloo's pretty much only task in life is going for fika and eating pastries. granted that might be its favourite past-time but just like everyone smallsized in this household they like to inspect and approve (or disapprove) things.

like the car wash

and architecture - 22 years ago i lived in an apartment in the house to the left. 22 years, that's a scary long time past...

and then, after tiredome duties, pastry is called for of course. or at least a bun.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

the importance of beauty and inspiration

when i cleaned out, painted and revamped the pink office i was adamant that apart from obviously work-related stuff i would not surround me with anything other than beautiful and inspiring things in that room - one room at a time, better than no room at all.

i've been good at not bringing non-pleasing things into the pink office, i've been very less than good at tweaking all my ideas on office interior details and upcycling into reality so far.

i know i promised pictures of said office when the paint was dry (over a year ago) and furnitured. keep putting that off since i want all the little this and that details to be perfect. at least the things that need a coat of paint. but soon, very soon. when weather allows painting to be done outdoors.

until then. ranuncula, three pretty pots on the window sill makes for inspiration and happiness.

Monday, March 25, 2013

happy waffle day ~


It's been a lovely Waffle Day, but so far sans waffles for me (I know, shocking!). In fact I haven't had any waffles since this rather splendid one in Gdansk last summer, Belgian waffle stylee rather than the one we usually have in Sweden. I hope your day has been a waffle eating kind of day, celebrated in style.

Weather today has been sunny, blue skies, around +5C but rather chilly winds. If you'd like to compared weathers on previous waffle days I suggest you read last year's post. If not, that's alright, have an extra waffle instead!

waffles in gdansk

Sunday, March 24, 2013

the weekend that was

sunshine, blue skies, cold winds
easterish nails
good food, tea, coffee,
pastry and a divine smoothie
not enough sleep
kitty cuddles
yellow tulips, more ranunculas

and a complete easter surprise;
the peace scarf. heart.
(i'm still making my own summer version)

Saturday, March 23, 2013

cat ad, dog ad

cutest ad campaign here right now, as far as i'm concerned. for läkerol cough drops. just as calming, soft and sweet for your throat as a kitten or puppy - pretty silly and far-fetched, but really adorable just the same.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Thursday, March 21, 2013

little fat red cat

It's been a long, hard winter in so many ways. No sign of it being over yet, despite spring being official now. But granted we've been enjoying quite a bit of sunlight lately - and who better to remind one of making the most of every moment, every glimpse of sun, than a little fat red cat?

I'm far from always good at follow that inspirational kitty carpe diem behaviour, but love it neverless.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

happy vernal equinox ~

so apparently spring is suppose to be here now. looking out of the window it's very very obvious it's not, very less so than this day last year.

this year however i've got something lovely i haven't been able to find for ages, a perky, pretty ranuncula. granted upon arrival in my home it looked a bit sad and under the weather but i hope it'll pick up after proper paw inspection and some tlc.

any day now,
happy spring for sure!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


pia k stockholm

I adore Danish television-series, and obviously many movies too, I'm always amazed at how multilayered, emotional, intelligent, intriguing, stylish (well, not too surprised about that bit I guess) and overall fantastic they are. (And yes, I know, I've seen some really lousy Danish series/movies too, but I so prefer to dwell on the really good ones.)

We're now fully enjoying the third season of the stunning "Forbrydelsen" (The Crime/Brottet in Swedish) - nb, should not be mistaken for the crappy, poor Swedish and American imitations of the same - here, with its usual mesmerizing soundtrack that draws you right into the story.

If you haven't seen this series, do asap. Top quality, great actors, chilling stories, fabulous settings, clever TV. Season one - Season two

Other Danish television series not to be missed are;

Borgen - about the life of a female Danish prime minister

Livvagterne - (The Bodyguards), about the Danish national police branch involved in personal protection

Örnen - (The Eagle) about a Danish task force helping to solve internation crimes

Nikolaj & Julie - a romantic drama from 2002-03

Lykke - a comedy about the public relations at a pharmaceutical company, much more entertaining that it sounds

My perfect Sunday evenings right now are spent like above, 9 pm, in front of the TV, a cup of tea and a knitting watching "Forbrydelsen III".

What's your perfect TV evening these days?

Monday, March 18, 2013

one month later


Another week, the first month has passed.
There is something so essential missing in my life,
yet this is life as it is.

This is probably my favourite post of Little Loaf.
Forever in my heart.

malte feb 17, 2013

Sunday, March 17, 2013

sunday quadruplet

finally a long night's sleep.
another day of blue skies
and breakfast on the town.
good coffee,
bobbaloo company,
kitten cuddles.

it's been such an energizing weekend.
the pills have been nothing short of miraculous (touch wood).

Friday, March 15, 2013

friday thoughts

~ feeling a tad bit better than yesterday. or maybe a bit more than a tad since i haven't had a painkiller for ten hours now without crying. thank you for well wishes. treasured.

~ watching a cheesy movie, which despite its cheesiness is rather entertaining and so far has given me two new insights; 'dolce far niente' and 'ruin is the road to transformation'. only that makes watching it worth it.

~ my new tea love is rosehip. who knew releasing oneself from dairy in tea would be such a true delight?!

~ dreaming of spring, being healthy again, new projects, prosit work, making money and wearing shoes, gorgeous shoes.

do have a joyous, healthy, inspiring weekend ~

Thursday, March 14, 2013

oh happy pill days

i really really hate eating pills, of any sorts. because obviously the ideal situation is healthy. and happy, if possible.

sometimes life is more than a tad bit easier with pills though. and sometimes the simplest ailment can turn out to be a rather hellish thing. thus, i'm so glad the cold is leaving-feeling turned into a sinusitus from hell with inflamed root canals and jaw.

when i booked an appointment with dr feist on monday for today i didn't think it would get worse. but it did. the usual - don't like to take - painkillers didn't work all that well, i refused to go to the emergency room and i've basically lived on tears and fluids this week.

it was such a relief to finally see dr feist today and get medicine. i am now stuffing myself with penicillin and the odd painkiller. and a bit of food alongside the fluids. unfortunately the penicillin makes for a crummy tummy. but i do prefer that over the jaw pain. hopefully things will get better very very soon. please please please.

sometimes pills are better than no pills. and paw inspected pills are even better.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

budgie necklace


Saw this playful necklace in a museum shop last year, couldn't decide which one to get - there were hedgehogs, suricats, monkeys and such too - so I got none.

The first pets I had were two blue budgies - got them from a family friend that for reasons I can't remember couldn't keep them, an older, loving boy named Max and a younger female called My. In lack of better words she was a real b--ch and not of a very nice nature at all - thus the blue budgie somehow was the obvious choice.

When I later spotted the necklace in another shop I went for it. Such a pretty, perky, unpretentious thing. Since it's simply a little prefabricated Schleich plastic toy attached to a chain I wouldn't call the necklace a design and if one thinks about the copyright issue, well.... Be as that may, my necklace is from Swedish "designer" Caroline Byh, but I've seen similar necklaces in other countries and it's obviously very easy to make yourself, in other words not a very original but still a nice idea.


Tuesday, March 12, 2013

75 bugs to knit and crochet

this book is definitely on the top of my wish list, brimming with awesomeness! '75 birds, butterflies & little beasts to knit and crochet' by lesley stanfield.

and when i get it, the top one project is the bluetit. adorable, amazing work.

what's your favourite knit/crochet book?

Monday, March 11, 2013

three weeks later


Three weeks have passed. I think a lot about beings and routines so familiar, comforting at times, annoying at others (like we all are), but always loved, how they simply disappear, leaving an empty space, a vacuum, the surrealness of it all. Like some evil magic trick.

Of course I've lived through losses and sorrows before, with humans and other animals, I just believe I'm in a moment in my life where everything seems so fragile, that this particular loss brings out memories and thoughts of the omnipresent life and death circle. I think a lot, perhaps too much, but that's who I am.

At least this morning at 3.38 I wasn't awake ruminating over the call three weeks ago.
And shelter dog-thing is in motion. It will happen when the time is right. Now we can only wait.

We got the notice from animal hospital today that the urn containing the remains of the sweetest little loaf in the world can be picked up. When summer comes he will rest in the garden he enjoyed so much. And over him a white lilac will be planted, to watch over and commemorate.

Every small step counts.


Sunday, March 10, 2013

legwarmers in progress

leg warmers in progress

haven't made a pair of legwarmers since the crocheted pair some years ago. i know they're really good for those freezing winters we've had, but i still mostly end up wearing otk socks instead.

boot cuffs

i attempted a pair of crocheted boot cuffs, they turned out impossibly bulky and ugly. the model in question clearly only fits really skinny calves. thus i've unraveled the work and will use the lovely, sunny yarn for something else.

leg warmers in progress

the polka striped yarn will become legwarmers, adore the yarn but not sure about the needle size so right now i have three different ones in progress. when i've figured that out i'm sure it'll be a quick and satisfying work. ready, if not for this season but for next winter.

remember; an hour of knitting a day keeps the psychiatrist away.

how's your relationship with legwarmers?

Saturday, March 09, 2013

saturday fika

slow saturday. still with cold and a lack of proper taste sense. but a fika is of course called for. inspected. eaten.

Friday, March 08, 2013

women's day 2013

two paws, two shoes

Sadly, as with most things in this world, I find that this past year has not shown any progress as far as women's rights ie humans rights go. Instead rather quite the opposite, a seemingly neverending flow of anti-feminism, ungraspable hate, violence and scorn towards women by small-minded, stupid and afraid men.

It never ever cease to amaze me that so many men, people, can see women and feminism as a threat when in fact it's of course common sense and liberating for all, equal rights, equal power and voice, no stale gender stereotypes, for neither women nor men, girls or boys.

We live in a hopeless world. But I'm deeply touched everytime I see someone working towards a change for  a better planet. Me, I'm out of hope for that bigger picture, though I keep doing small kind acts, because kindness in daily life that is something I can still believe in.

Have a kind, heartfelt and caring Women's Day ~

Thursday, March 07, 2013

clever three

clever three

Keep having clever cat moments. From left to right Ågot, Siri and Sigrid aka from right to left grandmother, aunt, niece/granddaughter. Obviously very much related. Clever darlings. And pretty cute too.

-- more clever cat moments in brain trust triocuddle trio and crowded --

~ The second good thing today was that I finally feel like the darn cold is going in the right direction ie away. still lots of nuisance left, no sense of smell or taste, nasty cough and a runny nose (well, another kind of runny nose than the one i've had for a year i mean). Touch wood. Now it's M's turn to have a cold. And we all know how bad a man flu can be. Ah well.

~ We've also talked through the heartbreaking dog issue and decided to put a letter of interest at the dog shelter. For obvious reasons we can't take a dog with a problematic background, but there seem to be quite a few smaller sized ones with just bad luck and no tough history looking for new homes too regularly. Like the little fella the other day. I was so touched but what Julianna said the other day, "it's not a replacement but they heal us, they really really do". Just give love and get love in return. I've decided to go with that and it feels better to have put something in motion, even if it will take time for the right little dog soul to get here, but one day it will. Even if I will forever mourn the fact that little loaf went far far too soon.

I'm glad there are always clever cats for company and cuddle.

clever three
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