Wednesday, April 16, 2014

spy wednesday thoughts

it's been a colourful week so far, in many ways. which always is a grand thing. a lot of people seem to have easter holidays this week (schools are closed in sweden) or will have a long, glorious weekend from tomorrow thursday. (that is those of us who don't do brocken.)

myself i will spend most of easter weekend working, which i actually don't mind. important assignment with a deadline needs tlc and full attention. and the i can take a day off middle of the week-thing is such a treat anyway. so work it is. fun work.

i will of course have some easter weekend treats thrown in. because easter really is the best of all holidays. and this year there are two birthdays during the weekend too. so i'm sure it'll be a well spent weekend in many ways (although to be quite honest i'm already looking forward to next week...).

this week i also handed in papers and receipts to my accountant and can now move on to a new year, in a way. i'm not sure why, but every time i visit the accountant i get a distinct feeling i've behaved like a bad school-girl. 

there's just something quite uncomfortable with someone else knowing too much about my financial situation. could i have made things differently or better, why did i do that or is that cost really deductible. i'm so looking forward to the day i have my finances in great shape again. and not feeling like a misbehaving child when i visit the accountant. 

hey, 2014, let's make that happen!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

the cat photo bombing

cat photo bombing

We all love a good photobombing, right? Especially when it's done by animals. When what should have been a nuisance actually gives the photo a new and much entertaining dimension.

A pink bobbaloo + a fresh orange juice (carrot, orange, ginger) + a pink chair + a photobombing orange (red) cat = a rather fun capture.

No bobbaloo was harmed in the taking of this photo. It was a brief encounter, over in seconds and nothing like the curious incident with the cat in the daytime.

cat photo bombing

*feeling a bit bummed here*

Monday, April 14, 2014

organizing in flowers

prosit ord och bild ab

In my personal life I may mostly live by the undisputed fact that "any kind of idiot can live in order, only a true genius master chaos!" - when it comes to work I do like to keep things in order (which doesn't necessarily mean I don't procrastinate...).

And I truly believe that the mundane, boring must-tasks get a sprinkle of joy when they get done with beautiful office materials. Like these gorgeous binders, which filled me with lust at first sight. One for quotes, one for invoices. It's dull and uninspiring to keep them in files. The work Prosit does will from now on be touched by the magic of colourful flowers. 

Office organizing ftw!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

the hoptimist, the juice and the numbers

green juice and easter hoptimist

Having spent a good portion of my weekend doing the numbers for Prosit - taking procrastination to a new level one might say. Starting the new year fresh and promise to do it every month from now on. Really - which needs to be handed over to the accountant this week.

At least there've been sunshine (of which I've alas not been able to enjoy as much as would have been lovely) and good company. Like a perky yellow fella and awesome fresh juice. (And if I drink plenty of carrot juice the more susceptible to the sunrays I will be once I'm able to go out there and get some, win win!)

This green one was pear, broccoli and ginger. Not bad at all.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

shoes and cat meet cute

shoe per diem april 12, 2014

As a firm believer of "take every chance you can to make things special" I did so today. The special thing of the day was "the first day of wearing shoes not boots" and it was pretty awesome. I wore the lovely ART oxfords from last summer.

Though it was such a mild spring day it was also quite obvious the fabulous happy coat will have to go into summer hibernation any day now. And that will be a tricky thing, because I do not have any spring coats which are anything remotely as lovely as that one. Ah, such luxuary issues...

shoe per diem april 12, 2014

Shoes worn with rather smashing stockings, roses roses roses. And to be quite honest, I did go all flowery from top to toe. Which was really lovely. Just as lovely as to be able to wear shoes, not boots again.

The look got all paws up from a little red inspector. You can always rely on them cats to have awesome taste.

shoe per diem april 12, 2014

Friday, April 11, 2014

and there was chocolate

and there was chocolate
there's nothing quite like ending the week with chocolate. as in a lovely fika with a good friend. talking about life, love, work, human behaviour, relationships and the meaning of life.

especially if it's been a mad week. mad as in awesome news, disturbing news (but i do believe something good will come out of that too), lots of work, lots of meetings and lots of plans.

there's so much energy right now. the inspiring and dizzy-making kind. i'm so grateful for so many things and beings in my life. grateful for good changes.

the serendipity, synchronicity, magic of it all. heart.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

easter hoptimist inspection

easter hoptimist inspection

This unexpected gift today made me really really happy. Because I've been looking for an Easter Hoptimist for years, in vain. The model is sadly not available in shops in Stockholm anymore and every Easter just seems to happen to appear before I have the time to buy one from the web shop.

easter hoptimist inspection

This year I got one and just in time for Easter! Feeling all hoptimistically bouncy.

easter hoptimist inspection

The Prosit sisters did a dutiful inspection. All was well and they were able to give two x four paws up.

Easter Hoptimist will now join the Hoptimist family of two, Little Lime and Reindeer. A trio of goodness and fun, just in time for my favourite holiday Easter.

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

tea, quote and paws

hey universe

Dear Universe, I hope it's okey with you that
some of us also work to reach our dreams and goals?

I'm sure meditating on a regular basis is good for you.
I believe in the power of thoughts, energies and attraction.

But to be quite honest I don't think everything
you want and need will fall into you lap by only thinking and meditating.

Decisiveness and action are pretty powerful tools too, dearest Universe.

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

green was its name

green was its name

Some days one special colour seem to be a constant. Today was such a day, and green was its name. And in some ways it was a day connected with the grassy green one of last summer, which also was a special day in other ways.

green was its name

From Grass slipper nails to a lovely green lunch at a good place in good company.

green was its name

Followed by a soy latte seen against a pretty row of colourful houses (one was green) at my favourite train station (Karlberg).

green was its name

The daily juice was also very green, pears and spinach. It tasted heavenly. Like liquid icecream, but in a good good way. It helped me keep focused in order to finish an assignment and write a quote.

I might be a carrot girl, but I think I need to have more more green juices in my life.

Monday, April 07, 2014

a bowl of guacamole


I pretty much never eat tacos and I rarely eat guacamole, but I really enjoy it when I do. And I'm thinking I should eat it much more often after last night's simple but oh so tasty dinner consisting of a bowl of guacamole, a few tortilla breads and some corn crisps. The guacamole was heavenly. This is how it was made.


Awesome guacamole
2-3 servings

4 avocados
1 large red onion
1 large tomato
lemon juice
salt and black pepper

Chop the onion. Peel the avocado, remove the kernel. Slice the tomato, remove the seeds, chop the tomato. Blend everything together in a food processor (chunky or smooth is up to you, I prefer my guacamole somewhere in between). Add lemon juice, salt and pepper after taste.


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