Tuesday, April 22, 2014

three sweet things

cherry blossom sthlm 2014

Today I thought I'd just share three fine kind of things ~

:: A while ago I learnt about the awesomeness that is El Naturalista's new vegan shoe line - many lovely models and colours there. I do believe the Sila summer sandals are screaming my name, they remind me so much of those lovely purple cork oak sandals that broke some years ago. And I have been looking for another pair of peep toe sandals ever since. Colour combo unknown. The red with black sole is nice, but so is the black with pink sole. And the pink with white sole. And the green with black sole.


:: Did you know that the gorgeous Marimekko Unikko (poppy) pattern celebrates its 50th anniversary this year? Unfortunately the link to the story and celebrations doesn't seem to work but you can always pop over to the website and check out the Unikko line. I think it is very much still going strong, such a timeless and happy-instigating design. One of my most treasured Unikko pieces is my umbrella. Glum rainy days get a sprinkle of magic in the company of it.


:: And finally, a precious story about a cat adopting motherless ducklings. Unfortunately I can't seem to find the long version of the clip someone posted on Facebook, but this wee clip is pretty grand too. There's always room for a bit of awww any day, wouldn't you say?

Monday, April 21, 2014

in the company of suncats

suncats sisters
under the sunbed was a ztina

On the last day of Easter - the weekend flew by in no time! - I spent a couple of glorious hours in the sun (+20C today, folks, believe it or not!) in the company of sunscreen, suncats and music. Feeling blessed with the company and the generous amount of the natural, fantastic source of vitamin D.

suncats sisters

suncats sisters

And then I worked, just as was planned, so the Prosit sisters were with me all day one might say, outdoors as well as indoors. As was the garden feeling, since that's what my current work project is about. Loveliness on many levels.

suncats sisters

Having lots of grateful feelings for good things in my life right now. As well as for all the things I'm looking forward too. All and all a grand, unpretentious round off to the Easter-weekend of 2014. Thank you kindly for that, Universe.

suncats sisters

Sunday, April 20, 2014

cherry blossom stockholm 2014

cherry blossom trees 2014

It's that ol' pink magic time of the year again. Almost a month earlier than last year due to this unusually mild winter we've had. I don't think I have anything to add to the gorgeousness that is cherry blossom trees in bloom, so let's the photos do the talking. I took DSLR photos too, but haven't downloaded them yet, so the iPhone snaps will suffice.

cherry blossom 2014

As everything is connected I just learnt via my current work project that in Japan the brief weeks when the magic cherry trees are in bloom reminiscence of the short but wonderful (?) life of the samurai.

Me, I fail to see the connection between the beauty of short-lived peaceful flowers and the violent lifes of certain humans. But I can see the brief blossom as a reminder that life is shorter than most of us realise and that we should make the most of it, more of it, as often as possible, live life to the fullest.

That is for me the magic of pink during a few weeks of cherry blossoms in bloom. Make good use of your life.

cherry blossom 2014

The littlest cherry blossom photographer

cherry blossom 2014

Chubs in a tree - or a rare case of prunus serrulata bobbalooensis

cherry blossom sthlm 2014

cherry blossom sthlm 2014

cherry blossom 2014

cherry blossom 2014

cherry blossom 2014

cherry blossom sthlm 2014

cherry blossom 2014

Saturday, April 19, 2014

easter yellow

fabulous yellow and orange yarn
a very yellow easter eve has contained fabulous yarn - a yarn store is truly like a mesmerizing candy store, better for your health if not for the wallet... i didn't get any of this particular yarn, but i did get some other for a particular project i've decided to begin when i've finished (sigh) the tulip sweater.

easter breakfast
a special breakfast at a special place held a delightful peach pie,

easter shoe per diem
blue and yellow, granny square boots and yellow handbag is back in use! such things that makes it easier to cope with hibernation for the fabulous happy coat...

fox theme
foxy fox cushions,

easter bunny
an easter bunny in a window and

easter candy for two
a little bowl of easter candy for two.

hope your easter eve has been a sweet one!

Friday, April 18, 2014

the guardians of the ufo pizza boxes

ufo pizza

eating pizza is a very rare thing for me. neither body nor mind appreciate the kind of greasiness and lack of long-lasting satisfaction a pizza in general brings.

but today the body felt like trying a new place. and pizza. turned out to be the largest pizza i've ever seen. a pizza ufo.

alas it wasn't very good. thin crust but too greasy, too much cheese and the vegetables from a jar. it did its best to keep me from having a pizza again in a long long long time.

ufo pizza

best thing about the ufo pizza was that the boxes were immediately claimed by self-appointed guardians. go guardians.

ufo pizza

Thursday, April 17, 2014

speckled egg nailpolish

speckled egg nails

This spectacular nailpolish actually shows the power of social media. Albeit a more superficial part of it, but still. Hadn't I seen a fabulous snap of it on Instagram I would never (probably) have known there was such a grand thing a speckled egg nailpolish.

A UK brand not sold in Sweden (yet) called Models Own, very affordable prices though alas Boot's doesn't ship to Sweden. But the gal who sported the nailpolish on Instagram helped me find the Models Own webshop which does ship overseas. At a rather hefty price I might add. But if one order with other nailpolishtas the price gets reasonable of course.

speckled egg nails

The most fascinating thing about the order was that I placed it on Saturday evening and on Tuesday it arrived with FedEx already...! I am so impressed, that's much quicker than if you'd order something in Sweden to be shipped in Sweden... I'm so happy it actually arrived in time for Easter.

speckled egg models own

Less impressed with the unfortunate thing that one of the bottles was broken upon arrival. The package reaked of nailpolish and it was a nervous thing to open the parcel. But I'm grateful it was only one bottle which didn't make it. Hopefully that issue will be sorted asap.

It's a lovely polish irl too, the effect is quite magical I have to say. To actually have nails looking like tiny pastel speckled eggs, who knew that was even possible?

speckled egg models own

And needless to say, one can always rely on them bobbaloos to be colour matching to anything fine that arrives to this household.

Have a lovely lovely Easter one and all,
speckled egg nails or not!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

spy wednesday thoughts

it's been a colourful week so far, in many ways. which always is a grand thing. busyness and slowness due to the fact that a lot of people seem to have easter holidays this week (schools are closed in sweden). though most will have a long, glorious weekend from tomorrow thursday. (that is those of us who don't do brocken.)

myself i will spend most of easter weekend working, which i actually don't mind. important assignment with a deadline needs tlc and full attention. and the i can take a day off middle of the week-thing is such a treat anyway. so work it is. fun work.

i will of course have some easter weekend treats thrown in. because easter really is the best of all holidays. and this year there are two birthdays during the weekend too. so i'm sure it'll be a well spent weekend in many ways (although to be quite honest i'm already looking forward to next week...).

for the accountant

this week i also handed in papers and receipts to my accountant and can now move on to a new fiscal year. an overall new year, with new beginnings. and ends. 

i'm not sure why, but every time i visit the accountant i get a distinct feeling i've behaved like a bad school-girl. there's just something quite uncomfortable with someone else knowing too much about my financial situation. could i have made things differently or better, why did i do that or is this cost really deductible. i'm so looking forward to the day i have my finances in great shape again. and not feeling like a misbehaving child when i visit the accountant. 

hey, 2014, let's make that happen too!

el naturalista red

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

the cat photo bombing

cat photo bombing

We all love a good photobombing, right? Especially when it's done by animals. When what should have been a nuisance actually gives the photo a new and much entertaining dimension.

A pink bobbaloo + a fresh orange juice (carrot, orange, ginger) + a pink chair + a photobombing orange (red) cat = a rather fun capture.

No bobbaloo was harmed in the taking of this photo. It was a brief encounter, over in seconds and nothing like the curious incident with the cat in the daytime.

cat photo bombing

*feeling a bit bummed here*

Monday, April 14, 2014

organizing in flowers

prosit ord och bild ab

In my personal life I may mostly live by the undisputed fact that "any kind of idiot can live in order, only a true genius master chaos!" - when it comes to work I do like to keep things in order (which doesn't necessarily mean I don't procrastinate...).

And I truly believe that the mundane, boring must-tasks get a sprinkle of joy when they get done with beautiful office materials. Like these gorgeous binders, which filled me with lust at first sight. One for quotes, one for invoices. It's dull and uninspiring to keep them in files. The work Prosit does will from now on be touched by the magic of colourful flowers. 

Office organizing ftw!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

the hoptimist, the juice and the numbers

green juice and easter hoptimist

Having spent a good portion of my weekend doing the numbers for Prosit - taking procrastination to a new level one might say. Starting the new year fresh and promise to do it every month from now on. Really - which needs to be handed over to the accountant this week.

At least there've been sunshine (of which I've alas not been able to enjoy as much as would have been lovely) and good company. Like a perky yellow fella and awesome fresh juice. (And if I drink plenty of carrot juice the more susceptible to the sunrays I will be once I'm able to go out there and get some, win win!)

This green one was pear, broccoli and ginger. Not bad at all.

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