Friday, August 22, 2014

indoors outdoors feline triptych

Should I stay or should I go, indoors or outdoors, that is the question du jour.

Outdoors one might have to share bench with sister red and that just would not do.

And indoors are you.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

on happiness, meaningfulness and colours

the importance of colour matching your food

Five articles with readworthy content. All revolving around happiness, meaningfulness and hope. All of which I think most of us can related to in one way or another. And of course learn and be inspired from.

:: Stop worrying so much and engage, real trumps perfect - in work and life both I'd say

:: There's more to life than happiness - not sure I agree with the conclusions in this article, I find them a tad strained somehow. For me happiness AND meaningfulness should go hand in hand. But I suppose that's what most of us strive for, and while working on that I do not see a problem with appreciating things and experiences in our everyday life that makes us happy. Inlcuding the silly, possibly superficial matters. Which the next articles talks more about...

:: Engage with life and happiness will follow - there's a difference between short-lived and long-term happiness, how to achieve one or the other

:: 11 ways young people have influenced the climate debate - so much hope here...

:: 9 things successful people will not do - or rather how emotionally intelligent people act and react

And yes, bonus information du jour - the importance of colour matching your food. Good food and good colours, that's certainly ALWAYS something to be happy about.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

leonard and the donut tower

leonard and the donut tower

When you're a small sized woolly it's a big big world. And a plate with donuts become an edible version of the Leaning tower in Pisa - or in this case, the Leaning tower at Pia's - and rather magical.

With bobbaloos in da house having a fika, having a donut, is never ever just eating something to satisfy a sweet tooth, it's a whole magical experience. If you allow yourself to see it from a bobbaloo point of view. Which I promise is very good for the heart, that is the seeing not the bobbaloo amount of donut eating.

And on the subject of bobbaloos, vegetarian food and sweet things, I hope you haven't forgotten that you can actually get a whole fabulous little book about small sized woollies and their eating adventures? Get your copy of 'food and drink with bobbaloos - vegetarian delights for small sized woollies' right here!

PS Best enjoyed with a cup of tea and something for the sweet tooth DS

leonard and the donut tower

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

organic hand cream etc


I, or rather my hands, enjoy a good hand lotion. But admittedly most likely I don't use it as often as I should for best caring soft result. On the other hand, equally likely, I probably use it more often than people in general.

These two bottles of hand cream and hand & nail cream with arnica I got as a gift a while back. Used it a couple of times, it's quite enjoyable and the scent is lovely. Organic ingredients and paraben free. I'm sure it'll be a good hand companion come the cold, dry winter months. Never been a fan of Yves Rocher in general, which I suspect has not so much to do with the quality of the products but more of what I've felt over the years is the brand's frumpiness. Would you agree or disagree on that opinion?

Talking about skincare and winter skin I've come to realise during the summer months that the Kiehl's skin rescuer (updated blog post now) that really didn't work for my dry winter face has been really wonderful to my summer face. And perfect as a base to the bare minerals original foundation which has been such a hit. Different seasons and different weathers apparently call for different skin regimes, something that hasn't been obvious to me, until now.

How's your relationship with hand creams?
Do you have a favourite?

And do your skin calls for different skin regimes depending on season/weather?
If so, what's your favourite summer resp winter product?

Monday, August 18, 2014

spread joy with fabulous colours and happy patterns

the gargoyle, the bobbaloos and the juice

Three years ago I bought the fantastic strawberry shirt. Which initially brought not only me but the people I met a lot of joy. It was a truly happiness instigating kind of shirt.

At least until it turned out the soft, stretchy cotton jersey fabric went inelastic after following the washing instructions. I know, I could should have made a complaint in the shop but I didn't. Instead I wore it very rarely, because it was simply too uncomfortable and restraining. Which was a pity since it's a beautiful happy garment that screams "flaunt me!".

So as much as it pained me I recently decided to sell it, preferably to someone considerably smaller than me so the shirt could flow like a tunic instead of a tight fitting shirt. It now lives with and is worn by the pug named Malte's owner and (according to my mum) she looks lovely in it. The strawberry shirt/tunic was worn to a birthday party recently which both children and grown-ups attended and everyone loved it. The grown-ups thought it was lovely and the children were borderline exstatic. Especially one little disabled girl who was completely mesmerized by the pretty, colourful strawberry and clouds piece.

This made me well chuffed to hear. As much as I miss having it in my wardrobe I'm not exactly lacking in the clothes to wear department, ahem. And hearing about it making both wearer and others that joyful, well it even makes me a bit teary eyed.

It also makes me think about the fact that so many too many people wear black and overall boring, unobtrusive colours, anti-colours - example of the kind of people I feel I'm living in a parallell universe to. When in fact that never make anyone happy, neither the wearer nor the people crossing its path. Spreading light and happiness in an unpretentious everyday way can be so simple, wear something colourful and smashing. And possibly with a fabulous pattern.

With the strawberry shirt now off to a new home I can at least be very very grateful for a grand kind of carrot cardigan to wear.

So what are you going to wear tomorrow?

Sunday, August 17, 2014

have a cup of tea served with wisdom

tea with wisdom

However did we find wisdom in life before teabags came with wise words? Two good things in one. To be honest though, when it comes to this organic tea from Shoti Maa called (brace yourself) 'Emotional detox' it was the pretty packaging (and not the name, mind you) that called my name. But it turned out to sadly be one of those times when the content isn't nearly as good as the packaging promises.

Not my cup of tea flavourwise. But I enjoy a bit of wisdom now and then - so here are the latest two quotes from my tea -
"Do first what is necessary, then what is possible. And then suddenly you manage the impossible."
"Your feeling at night is the fruit of the flower of the day"
Yes they're both a bit sappy. And clichés, still they ring a certain bell (like many clichés do). Wouldn't mind having them as guiding lights for the week to come actually. So much that need to happen now. And then I'm not only talking about saying bye bye to a certain persistent cold (seriously, enough now). Definitely more of 'well hello there awesome things, can I give you a hug?!'. Let the tea guide you.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

the secret smile of a cat

One of a gazillion reasons to love cats - their hidden smiles.

Another reason - they're a constant source to smiles.

Friday, August 15, 2014

how many bobbaloos fit in a biodegradable bamboo cup?

bio-degradable bamboo cups

Don't need any more cups or plates or glasses or bowls, my kitchen cupboards are overflowing (despite having cleansed them, and hopefully made charity shops happy). Still getting them as photo props now and then is of course essential. Or if something is really special, interesting and new, then a purchase is made.

Like if you find a cup made from bamboo, which's biodegradable and pleasing to the eye. This one I picked up at a museum shop recently. Enjoyed its caffe latte-cup design, colour and obviously material. From Danish company Nordal

Doubt I'll be having any hot drinks in it though, too small for my liking of tea cups, but the biodegradability intrigues me and it'll look great as a vase.

So how many bobbaloos does the cup have room for? Care to guess?

bio-degradable bamboo cups

Thursday, August 14, 2014

the colourful life of prosit

pink and orange at prosit

One thing I most adamantly practise everyday at work is the importance of surrounding yourself with beauty and inspiration. And that really doesn't have to be anything flash and grand - and living in a house that is very much more chaos than grandness overall, that's not even possible. But at least the office is a calm haven. And I need both - because the beauty is most often found in the details. Of course. But not obvious to everyone.

So today, on a day when I'm still in the claws of the cold - really, how much snot does one head contain? And is there no limit to the amount of coughs in one day? Plus, how long of a holiday have Mr Scent and Ms Taste decided to take? Not to mention, earblockage due to swollen membranes what is that good for? - but still needed to get work done, I enjoyed the small things of prettiness and colour. Like

  • a large glass of fresh ginger and carrot juice ie orange in pink
  • the fact that a new project system I'll be working with has a very pink name
  • that I found some pink paperclips in my pink office that are heartshaped
  • that when I was to sit down in my very pink, favourite garden chair to drink my juice and read the user guide for the new project system with a very pink name a prosit sister (red in genetics but orange/ginger to the eye) came to my aid. Because clearly you can never have too many helping paws
  • nor too much pink or orange in your life
  • or heart shaped matters
pink and orange at prosit

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

the shoes are keepers and other fine things du jour

cats dogs shoes

A week later I've decided that the shoes I discarded as cheap bling looking and not at all for me are indeed rather fine anyway. Because a) in another light they're not as shiny metallic as I first thought b) they're not bling in a tacky, tasteless (animal printsy) i wanna grab a millionaire bling but more of a summer fun dash of a bling like c) look lovely with a tan d) just as comfortable, cute and kind looking as their red siblings e) little miss redhead agrees. Ie they're keepers. Inaugurated today and de-lovely.

cats dogs shoes

fine things

A week later I also painted both toe- and fingernails in the same monochrome but perky colour (Essie Turquoise & Caicos) and left the house for the first time since the cold struck. Far from fully recovered, but still back on the life track one might say.

fine things

And it was for a dinner date and fika with my bestie fellow happy muse. Lovely dinner, lovely talking, lovely fika. Well hello there best soy latte in the whole wide world at favourite cafe it's been a very long time no see or drink!

fine things

The cooler weather, the being out in public again, the food, the coffee and most of all the company and the conversation left me really inspired and invigorated. A day of very fine things that made me most happy.

How was your day?
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