Wednesday, May 06, 2015

social media marketing for creative professionals

prosit ord & bild ab

Today Prosit and I held an inspiration talk on social media marketing for creative sole traders (artists, actors, directors, art directors, singers, musicians, dancers and alike) at the Theatre union. It was really enjoyable and interesting, for me too. Lots of discussions and views on different social media channels, preconceptions and very varied opinions depending on age and profession. Seriously fun and developing. Got lovely feedback and it was a nice boost, plus I see room for future change, improvements and fine tuning.

I had great help from certain clever felines and small sized woollies of course. The Power Point presentation used I later compiled into a slide share - in Swedish only. It's a lot of information and a synoptic take on different social media channels which makes better sense combined with a talk and discussions obviously, but it might be inspirational without that too.

inspiration talk on creative marketing in social media for creative sole traders, may 6, 2015

When I got home I thought a lot about how I myself can change my marketing and perhaps try new channels. By now it's obvious I'm no fan of Facebook, I may use it but not enthusiastically, I also do it as a part of social media management for clients but when it came to my own company page I created in March 2012 it wasn't published. Because I just couldn't be bothered with Facebook as a channel for my target groups and potential clients. And as long as my other channels work that's fine. I'm a firm believer you should use the social media channels you feel comfortable with and do best. And when you find clients and assignments that way it is a sign you do it right.

But today, after the vivid discussions about Facebook as a sometimes decent marketing channel for creative professionals I got curious and decided to go public with the Prosit Ord & Bild AB Facebook business page. But I don't see myself as being very active on it from here on, my three main channels are still LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. Though I will try it out, see how far it organically reaches (no boosting or advertising, that's so not my cup of tea) and if it possibly will send any new and interesting clients my way.

To me there are no universal truths or foolproof marketing strategies when it comes to using social media channels. There are however good advice plus common sense that give you the best prerequisites to success. And as most things in life, what's considered success is of course up to you, your expectations and needs and not what any "experts" and others say or think.

Try it. Embrace it, even love it or discard it. Go with your gut feeling. And have fun. Things do work much better when you're having fun. That IS an universal truth.

Tuesday, May 05, 2015

colourful candy dandy architecture stockholm

colourful architecture, frösundavik, stockholm, may 2015

Whenever we pass this colorful suburban business park / residential area beside the highway E4 into Stockholm city I wish I could take pictures of it. Something which alas is not doable from the car.

colourful architecture, frösundavik, stockholm, may 2015

But today we made a detour with a photo purpose. It's a lovely piece of sculture up close! The surrounding buildings and architecture isn't of a very pleasing kind, but the candy colours of the 'polkagris' candy cane art and two facades of two nearby buildings are amazing.

colourful architecture, frösundavik, stockholm, may 2015

colourful architecture, frösundavik, stockholm, may 2015

colourful architecture, frösundavik, stockholm, may 2015

colourful architecture, frösundavik, stockholm, may 2015

colourful architecture, frösundavik, stockholm, may 2015

colourful architecture, frösundavik, stockholm, may 2015

Stunning. Happiness instigating. Colours ftw!

EDIT: I just learnt from a local politician on Twitter that the piece of art is called Dandy. That it was inaugurated in August 2014 and that the German artists who made it tell the story of its inspiration in parts is the nearby motorway and in parts a snazzy saundering dandy in striped trousers. The sculpture is 15 metres high and the perception of it changes depending on the angle.

Monday, May 04, 2015

the blue tits bird craft

alsta gardens, örsundsbro, may 2015

On yesterday's visit to Alsta gardens I spotted some adorable birds in general - there was an art and crafts exhibition on birds and insects - and blue tits specifically.

So, do you think I could resist getting one of these adorable blue tits crafts? And if not, which one might I have gone for?

alsta gardens, örsundsbro, may 2015

Sunday, May 03, 2015

sunday windows with spring views

what a wonderful sunday it was! glorious weather, a fun roadtrip, an inspiring garden visit and to round things off some work finished.  

looking forward to the first week of may, it's going to be all sorts of awesomeness  i'm sure.

happy week to you too!

Saturday, May 02, 2015

blueberry sweet bread

you're going to have fika with a piece of this blueberry bun thingie? and you need a quality inspector before you dig in? no need to ask twice, i'm your cat for that!

sniff a little here.

lick a bit there. 

yes i do believe it's ready for human consumption now. glad to be of service. i can see you're really grateful for my help. you're welcome, no need to make a fuss and funny noises.

Friday, May 01, 2015

goodbye april, hello may

flowers and garden, april 2015

I know, I still haven't written that a year in 12 pictures post for 2014, and somehow it seems doubtful I ever will. Although I think it's a lovely thing to do, a way to keep track of progress, ups and downs, happiness and sorrow. And it's nice to sum up each month in one picture only. Plus a few sentences.

But I'll do a short summary of this past month of April instead, since it's been a rather full and fun month. And surprising.

:: I started a new longterm assignment. Which so far has been a blend of exciting, fun, interesting with a not unsubstantial part confusing and babel of tongues. I've used my knowledge and I've learnt new stuff. Including how very different Swedish corporate structures and hierarchies are compared to other countries. A how uncomplicated and smooth things could be if other countries and corporate structures were more like the Swedish. That's certainly an interesting firsthand insight. Things will of course improve and communication run smoother the better we get to know eachother. But after a month, the first month or many more, this is my impression.

:: I've discovered a fabulous grapefruit body butter, lemon and thyme bread plus a vanilla bun to swoon over (to be written about later).

:: I've baked some amazing pineapple pies. Droolworthy. Really.

:: I've had a wonderful pedicure. I think it has been at least 10 months since the last, my feet needed that. Because there's only so much an express pedi gadget can do.

:: I helped a poor butterfly with broken wings to a peaceful last few hours. It was the obvious and right thing to do. Perhaps there was good karma.

:: I discovered colouring books for grown ups and pencils, oh pencils...

:: I made an adorable (if I may say so) amigurumi donut.

:: And then I and the donut attended a lovely sustainability conference with such a nice and isnpiring ambiance and loads of good, likeminded people from mainly the travel, hotel and tourism-industry. Made great new contacts, some of which I hope to collaborate with in the future.

:: There have been two birthdays celebrated (M and my mum's) and I had such fun preparing their respective gifts.

:: I got more happy lights. Because you can't have too many of those.

:: There have been plenty of gorgeous cherry blossoms - although sadly I never got the chance to experience the Kungsträdgården ones when they were in full bloom. I'm quite disappointed that things turned out that unfortunate way.

:: I attended a big healing and seance. Yes really. Thanks to a quirky and inspiring friend of mine. Overall it was a huge disappointment, the thoughts on healing was interesting and I don't doubt this medium and others have certain features and abilities of communication that set them apart from most of us. But seriously, this is something that shouldn't take place in a large setting like that but on a more personal and intimate level with only a few attendees. This setting is clearly more hawking than caring. I'm also fascinated and surprised that there were obviously so many adoring hangarounds who attend this guy's every event. My friend knows his work well and has all his books, me I hadn't heard of him. And after that evening I'm admittedly not interested to learn more.

:: I bought a fantastic new zebra scarf.

:: I had great meetings, on both a personal and professional level.

:: The pug named Malte will make an international paw print.

:: Spring has most certainly arrived. There has been lots of sunshine, budding and blooming flowers. Chilly winds and warmer days. And on one of those warmer days I tried my first rice icecream and it was heavenly.

:: I gave you the chance to sign up for a lovely novella subscription with a decent discount - use it before May 10!

:: I said bye to a former favourite photo app and rekindled with an old one.

:: I'm now preparing for and putting the finishing touches to a fun inspirational breakfast talk on social media marketing for creative sole traders I'm doing on Wednesday. Such fun that will be I'm sure!

I'm looking forward to May, 
there's excitement in the air, 
possibilities unknown and 
there will be the lilacs time of the year ~

flowers and garden, april 2015

Thursday, April 30, 2015

bye bye snapseed, hello ps express

these past few years my number one favourite photo app has been snapseed. it had great features and filters that set it apart from other photo apps. it was easy to understand and navigate.

sadly after the latest update all the great key features have been removed, now it's simply an average photo app like so many others. and not very user friendly anymore. the update reminds me so much of when flickr drastically changed for the worse and completely lost its charm.

but as with everything in life, when something is lost, another door opens. in this case i rediscovered ps express, an app that used to be average and quite boring but which has apparently also been updated. for the better. 

i absolutely adore its varied filter options, how easy it is to tweak the photos and the high quality and sharpeness of the end result.

from a real colour punch or soft and dreamy to eerie inverted or wistful black and white.

having so much fun, again, with the iphone camera! in fact it's like a new camera. so from the sadness (in a luxuary problem way of course) of losing a fabulous and reliable photo app i'm in love with an old, once boring now exciting one. looking at the magic achieved with the app, wouldn't you agree?

i use other photo apps too, but none has been as reliable as once snapseed. i'm glad i've found a new favourite. it may not have every advantage of former snapseed, but it has loads if others. obviously.

what's your favourite photo app? 

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

the vegan icecream season has begun

food and drink stockholm

Remember I wrote about the lovely Yelp ice cream testing a few years ago? Well the tiny organic icecream parlour 18 smaker (18 flavours) how now moved to new fresh digs. Just around the corner from their old ones. Room for more guests. And more icecream flavours.

food and drink stockholm

The drawback is that you now have to enjoy the excellent icecream with a less than excellent view - the heavy traffic of Hornsgatan. But I suppose that's a small price to pay for being able to enjoy the best (vegan) icecream in Stockholm! Because it truly is the best, even if you don't chose the vegan options - even if you should - they're all organic, flavourful and less sweet than your regular icecream. Which is great, less sugar, more flavour, winwin.

food and drink stockholm

They had at least 12 different vegan options when I had my first icecream of the season the other week. And it was über-tricky to chose the perfect two flavours. I do love their chocolate soy icecream though, so I pretty much always chose that. And then I had to have the saffron rice icecream. First time for rice icecream for me. It was very fresh, the consistency a blend of icecream and sorbet. My friend chose the raspberry sorbet to go with the chocolate. Flavour thumbs up!

food and drink stockholm

One thing that makes 18 smaker so great is that their flavours are so Swedish, not overly complicated and not overloaded with sugar, thus all the flavours come through. Apart from the usual flavours like vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and such they can be forrest berries, liquorice, strawberry cheesecake, saffron, cardamom, apple-cinnamon, rhum raisin, hazelnut, pecan, coconut, earl grey and mint sorbet, kiwi sorbet, pear and ginger sorbet, lemon sorbet, blueberry sorbet, orange, banana, apple sorbet, polka. Every day different flavours, so you're never sure what you'll get.

food and drink stockholm

I'm thinking icecream made of coconut milk would be perfect for making a very creamy vegan icecream. Perhaps they'll have that one day too. Or I could try and make some myself.

What's your favourite vegan icecream?

food and drink stockholm

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

do you want to sign up for a novella subscription?

norberg, sweden, april 2015

My friends at Novellix publishing company - which I wrote about on World Book Day - got in touch with a fun offer for my friends - and that of course includes you, dear lurking blog readers -

If you sign up for a novella subscription before May 10, 2015 and use the code "prosit" when you check out you will get 50 SEK discount! All books are written in Swedish, a subscription costs 99 SEK for 3 months (and you only have to subscribe for as long as you want) - and you will get new short stories written by Hans Gunnarsson, Ann Heberlein, Jonas Karlsson och Khashayar Naderehvandi.

Free P&P within Sweden, 59 SEK for the rest of Europe. You will find more details (in Swedish) at the Novellix website.

I really recommend these novellas, for all the reasons I previously mentioned. I'm also thinking they would be great little reads for anyone who's studying Swedish. And who knows, maybe you'll find your new favourite writer in the subscription?


PS. The subscription packaging is simple, unpretentious, just like a little paper bag full of sweets for grown ups! DS

Monday, April 27, 2015

are you coming?

are you coming? the pug named malte off to make an international paw print, april 2015

It isn't the first picture I've sold via the photo app Foap. But it's the first one which got a shout out on Instagram. And there's something extra sweet with the notion that this quirky little pug fella, a friend of little loaf, will make an international paw print somewhere. 
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