Wednesday, November 26, 2014

it is the time of christmas cards 2014

new moo cards for prosit ord & bild ab
Only a little glimpse of the batch, wouldn't want to spoil the card surprise too much...

Just like last year this year's batch of fresh from the printer Prosit Ord & Bild AB's Christmas cards and such to be arrived on the 20ish of November.

And just like last year (like every year I enjoy them very much. Hopefully the receivers to be will too.

And on the receiving end can be you too! Just like last year (three's a magic number) I'd be happy to send you one fabulous Christmas card should you so wish, give me a holler in the comment or send me an email.

As I'm very fond of great, personal Christmas cards - and have very strong opinions on them - I would of course love it even more if you'd like to swap cards with me. That would be such fun I'm sure!

I will start sending them in mid December, depending on where in the world they'll head, so there's still plenty on time to let me know.

PS I've ordered my Christmas cards from MOO since 2008, it might have been quite a debacle back then, but I'm very grateful that got sorted and I haven't *touch wood* experienced any such issues when ordering since. DS

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

the rare bobbaloo hyacinth

bobbaloo hyacinth

This is my first hyacinth of winter season 2014. It's the rare specimen called bobbaloo hyacinth, as gorgeous in scent as it is in colour and natural appearance. Its scent have made me so very happy in the pink office for a couple of weeks now. Who needs scented candles or fabulastic body lotions and potions when you have hyacinths?

This particular pink colour and tint is new to me and it's adorable. The smell of hyacinth might be my favourite wintertime /Christmas scent. 

A whole lot of heart.

Monday, November 24, 2014

when george clooney helped prosit set new professional goals

well hello there

I'm currently seeing a coach. Not because I saw an imminent need for one but because an acquaintance of mine, who's an HR-manager, is taking a coaching course and she was looking for clients to practice with. Since it was four sessions for free and I've sadly been forced to reform parts of my dreams and goals this year I thought it would be a good thing for me too. What do I want with my professional life now and how do I get there.

There are probably at least as much charlatans in the coaching business as there are good and great ones. So I'm usually healthy sceptical whenever I meet one. And I've met quite a few, from really bad to really good. When they're good they're empathic and have a knack for asking the right questions, leading you to find the answers yourself. When you leave the session you feel totally inspired, the world is your oyster and the sky is limitless.

After three sessions I feel it's been very good for me. I've given myself tasks on the goal-reaching road after every session. First time there were quite a few but after I'd done them it turned out there were no obvious and appealing ways forward with those particular ones. Even if it was clarifying it was also rather disappointing.

It was good to talk that through too. And the insight that even if I felt I'd done very little, because the outcome was so unsubstantial, I had in fact done loads. And what didn't happen wasn't because of me but because I can not control how other people/organisations attitudes, reactions or actions, I can only control what I do myself. Which of course isn't rocket science, but sometimes it takes someone else to point such obviousness out.

Since I've been overloaded with work these past two weeks in particular I haven't been able to really dig into the recent tasks I've given myself. But they're still viable and important and without any due date of course. Instead of feeling I need to do them all at once, if I tick one of them off each day I'll get there soon. Today I've even ticked two off the list.

And today's session was a good one. Which made me laugh and think. About how my mind works and what pushes me in general and forward.

We did and exercise involving the Venn diagram to see partly what I'm looking for in a dream client, collaboration or assignment, partly what I'm "all" about.

And here's when Mr Clooney appears in the equation. Given the features and attributes I'm looking for in my dream client/cooperation partner the symbol for s/he/it is apparently George Clooney. I have no idea how that happened but it made me laugh and the insight that it does make really good sense is a revelation.

This doesn't mean, however awesome that would be, my new goal is to actually have George Clooney as the dream client to work towards. It just means that I've refined qualities for new possible dream collaborations and goals. Thank you for that Mr Clooney, much obliged. Your next coffee is on me.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

happy 12th birthday, sigrid ~

luddkolt's british shorthair

What can I say other than I'm struly sorry I missed saying happy birthday to you on your actually birthday yesterday, November 22nd. Apart from being the oldest of the cats in this residence now you're a gentle soul, kind and quiet. You've been a superb caring, sweet mother and grandmother. And I think you've enjoyed sharing home with us, the rest of the feline herd as well as all those years with loaf dog extraordinaire. May you have lovely years to come, with lots of snuggles of all sorts

s-kull 386

three is a lucky number


luddkolt's british shorthair

Happy tad belated birthday,
dear Sigrid!

welcome sheldon and dymphna

Saturday, November 22, 2014

creamy pasta sauce with asparagus and vegan ham

creamy vegan ham and asparagus pasta

I don't each much pasta but recently I've become very fond of this easy, creamy way of doing pasta sauce and just put whatever veggies and vegan proteing you have at home in it. It's delicious whatever you chose to add to the sauce. Today I went with vegan ham from Astrid och aporna (Astrid and the monkeys, same brand that makes my new vegan cheese favourite Jeezly) - not that I usually enjoy meat substitutes that imitates animal flesh in texture and flavour, but this is a rather nice product to vary the usual soy and tofu products with -  and green asparagus. It was such a great flavour and texture combination and I really need to eat more asparagus on a regular basis!

The sauce is made with Oatly oats milk - like in the green pea soup - a bit of flour for thickening, salt, pepper and whatever spices you might enjoy, left over Jeezly, let it simmer until thickened, add the vegan ham and asparagus (or whatever vegan proteinn and veggies you enjoy) and let it boil for a few minutes. Serve with pasta of choice.

Not much of a recipe I know. And I really don't work with any specific amounts of the ingredients when I do this sauce, but you get the idea and hopefully it'll inspire you to an easy peasy awesome animal friendly pasta sauce.

astrid och aporna vegan food products

Also happy that Swedish vegan food products now is fairly easy to find in food stores all over Sweden - this is Astrid and apornas soy steaks, Jeezly and top right the vegan ham I used called "strimlad sk*nka" (shredded h*m) - congrats to the consumers, the animals, the health and the environment!

Friday, November 21, 2014

little miss lens louse presenting ~ the november 2014 bath & body works batch

little miss lens louse and the bath & body works batch

There's something about Ztina. Whatever one's doing she's there within seconds taking it for granted she's a natural part of everything, everywhere in this residence. I strongly suspect she's a cat version of Little Loaf. Just more agile.

I will from now on call her Little Miss Lens Louse, as Little White, Sister Snow and such doesn't really capture her essence somehow.

She even, apparently, has a way of capturing a whole blog post which was suppose to be about the content of the special scent delivery the other day. Typical lens louse behaviour!

the lens louse and bath & body works

That said. I adore every single scent I got. Of which all was new to me and I had just hoped they'd be great given the descriptions on the Bath & Body Works website. And they were. I've only tried one so far, the one I had most looked forward to; Twisted peppermint. So much fabulousness in one bottle! If there was ever such a thing as heaven around Christmas this would surely be the smell of it. A body cream with strong and distinct scent of peppermint rocks (or polkagris as we call them in Sweden). Heart.

Of the six bottles two more are winter season / holiday traditions scents; Winter candy apple (body cream) and Sugar plum dream (body lotion) and the other three are summerish; Oahu coconut sunset (body lotion, similar to the Maui hibiscus beach one I adored last time), Pure paradise (fragrance mist, very Pia in scent as M puts it) and Endless weekend (body lotion). I have been saving on the Maui body lotion, but now I see, if not endless but many months of being swept in delicious fragrances before me.

And even if the weekend may not be endless, it is very welcome. Never mind I will spend some time working during it this time around too - because oh how I'm looking forward to the upcoming invoicing! And who knows how long this particular flow will last, even if I'm very much looking forward to working with stuff that makes my creative, compassionate heart truly sing I'm also immensely grateful for opportunities to pay bills/have fun and do something I do very well namely writing and copywriting. Now I'm just looking for that extra fullfillment and joy in my work.

So it's going to be a good weekend I'm sure. And above all, a very sweet-scented one.

Happy weekend one and all ~

Thursday, November 20, 2014

bread for different occasions

bread goodness

Searching for older blog posts about bread it seems I've written quite a few. I'm glad to report though that since the one I wrote in 2008 Sweden is swamped (at least in the big cities) with great (sourdough) bakeries. And I'm certainly not the only one who never buys bread at the supermarket anymore.

bread goodness

This dark rye bread with walnuts and sea salt I got the other day. I don't think I've bought anything from small bakery-chain / cafe Bröd & Salt (Bread & Salt) before but given the awesomeness of this loaf I will certainly return. Jam-packed with flavour and texture it tastes great with a dollop of butter and Jeezly vegan cheese for breakfast! Although, gently removing the sea salt before eating is essential, otherwise it's like eating a spoonful of salt straight up.

bread goodness

My CEO (ie me, myself and I) used to treat me to a soy latte/week or every second week. Since that's now a very rare thing the new treat is that I should have great bread for breakfast and most importantly; at least once a week I should have something really decent to look forward to when I take a fika break at home. Like a very nice bun or cake waiting for me in the freezer.

These two hit the spot on two different occasions this past intense work week, from one of my favourite bakeries Petrus, a sugar bun and a mumma (puff paste bun rolled in cardamom). It's important to have a bit of the health for the soul too.

What I don't use much these days is the ever popular breadbaskets. Looking at the old pictures of their immense feline popularity I might have to put them out for cats instead of bread again.

What's your favourite bakery/bread?

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

a little glimpse of sunshine

kungsängen train station

Welcome to the blog which seems to be a bit weather obsessed at the moment. Which isn't difficult to grasp given the gloom and doom of Swedish climate at the moment alas.

But today there was proof that there really are blue skies above all that dull greyness we call sky. And there was glimpses of sun. In other words euphoria.

And even my suburb train station - which I really don't like for many reasons - was a little bit pretty. Given the right light and the right mood.

borgs bageri

The "discovery" of a "new" cafe which was cosy, cute and with a fabulastic array of bread, cakes and buns teamed up with a great chat - ie the best illustration of the Swedish concept fika (I realised I hadn't created a lable/tag for that so better late than never now there is one) - also made for a really inspirational day overall.

And walking to the train home, at one of my favourite train stations, if not THE favourite, the late winter afternoon Stockholm was so very pretty, soaked in magic light. And life was more than alright.

karlberg station

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

a bag of happiness

a bag of happy

This is the special delivery of my day - a true bag of happiness. In the shape of the most deliciously scented lotions and potions from one of my favourite skincare brands Bath & Body Works. Which sadly still isn't available in Sweden. So I have to rely on kind souls from overseas bringing the bottles of goodness.

Every single bottle is of a different scent. And they all smell absolutely fantastic. I will reveal the content another day.

The special delivery person, who happens to be vegan, and I also had lunch at Falafelbaren as well as fabulous rawfood fika at little organic shop/cafe 8T8 - I think you can tell how delicious these chocolate treats were from the picture alone...

stockholm vegan

And she got the beanie. Despite the continous lack of sun it was a day of a very fine sort. It was a day to be grateful for.

Even if there's no hedgehog around to endorse the bottles of sweet scented things, like past summer.

bath & body works delivery

Monday, November 17, 2014

two hours of sun

wenngarn sunflowers

It's official. The month of November has so far only offered 2 whole hours of sun in Stockholm. Two. Hours. Sun. And not even cohesively. Although in this case I'm not sure that would have been better or worse.

The lack of sun and natural vitamin D was an issue in October already. It's really really bad for the mood and the overall well-being. And given I'm eating vitamin D supplements and other stuff plus overall decent food I'd hate to know how it'd feel if I wasn't. Another depressing effect of climate change.

Two months ago the sun was still generous. Not to mention four glorious months ago... Everything feels better with a reasonable amount of sun. There's sadly only so much cat cuddles and good cups of teas can do for the overall mood when the body and soul scream for sun.

How do you survive reasonably intact during this time of the Scandinavian year? Or wherever you might live with similar dark, glum weather?

wenngarn sunflowers
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