Thursday, February 04, 2016

the original creamy vegan sheese

I've recently discovered the delightful vegan cream cheese from Bute Island Food Ltd and I'm absolutely charmed by it! The Sheese (as its called) is a solid proof that you most certainly don't need to use the despicable palm oil (and sorry, how things work right now I do not trust the so called certified sustainable palm oil either) in creating a great vegan cream cheese. Hooray!

I think the company has a lovely little story of artisan food to tell too, even if they now do so well that they've moved into big production and of course something as charming as a really decent, animal free cream cheese stems from Scotland.

I've only tried the original unflavoured sheese yet, but they have several flavours that I'm looking forward to try. Plus slices and not least feta sheese, how awesome and new isn't that latter?

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

meet the orange toaster

Five years after its purchase - which I had a lot of thoughts about... - the red toaster has started to act up. It doesn't toast that well anymore, either too little or too much. And it smells a bit funny from time to time. Really, five years, was that all there is in terms of quality? *I'm talking to you Bosch!*

So the other week M (again) came home with a bright orange toaster. It's very very bright. If it was a car it would most likely be a very very fast car.

Haven't used it yet - my toasting habits are very irregular, much like my breakfast habits where I find that variety most certainly is the spice of breakfast life and I regularly crave a change - but it'll be fun when I do, there are some interesting buttons there which I'm eager to push. When my toast cravings reappear next time.

Tuesday, February 02, 2016

two green smoothies

food at home, january 2016 -

I felt it was time for a really green smoothie. Or two.

Since I've never really warmed to the texture of cooked and prepared kale I thought it would be an excellent idea to use it in smoothies instead. So I bought a big bag and put in in the freezer. ANd for one smoothie I usually use one big leaf.

Green smoothie 1 is made of bananas, avocado (frozen avocado is THE new black!), kale and a big splosh of oat or almond milk.

Even greener smoothie 2 is made of bananas, avocado, baby spinach and a big splosh or oat or almond milk.

Both are definitely instant perk-me-ups! And I adore the colour green in a glass.

PS. Even if you don't really have to match your nailpolish with the smoothie for a great experience, it does add a bit of magic. OPI My Gecko Does Tricks was my green choice of polish du jour. DS

Monday, February 01, 2016

oh where did all the hair go?

So I cut my hair today. And it turned out to be very much shorter than usual. And currently I'm in a state of slight shock. Right now it's more loss than liberation, compared to the September cut and the July one before that. 

On the one hand I think it's quite nice and refreshing, all the sun bleached bits are gone and I'm all ready and set to continue with the "make love not war with the grey bits" transformation.

On the other, where did all the hair go?! And wow it's short, I'm not a shorthaired kind of gal, is this really me? When will it be shoulder length again? And granted, this length does seem awfully far away...

On the one hand I love the short bangs. And it will be fun to play with styling products, it will be so much curlier! I will save shampoo and I don't have to be annoyed about tangled bedhead styles in the morning.

Perhaps I spend time somewhat hiding behind my hair? Maybe this is a great time for a new start on many levels?

But two things are for sure right now:

I'm very much out of my hairy comfort zone. (Which was not one of my personal goals for 2016...)

The haircut will grow on me. Every pun intended.

And hey, what a symbolic way to kick off the month of February!

Sunday, January 31, 2016

first tulips 2016

Behold, my first tulip purchase of 2016. Stockholm produced, climate compensated. A sweet little way to round off the dreary month of January.

Complete with bobs and Little Miss Lenslouse aka Zigne. And Waldemar, who is far too interested in eating them.

Have you bought your first tulips yet?

Saturday, January 30, 2016

hello apple tv

I've always prefered watching movies and TV-series on a big TV-screen and I absolutely loath watching them on the computer or iPad - the experience with a tiny screen is poor plus it's crap for the eyes. I so prefer the HD-recorder before every play-app or online experience available.

Since I most certainly don't belong to the Apple cult (but enjoy the iPhone very much and the iPad reasonably so) I've never been very interested in all their other gadgets. To be honest I am a bit of a not-so-closet technology antagonist in general, even though obviously I can be smitten by its vast opportunities and potentials too.

That said, apparently the Apple TV is a nifty li'l thing that changes all that. It's actually more useful that I imagined. And the resolution is vastly superior to the TV and HD. Suddenly watching movies and series via the different channels online-services is so much easier and satisfying.

I haven't explored the possibilities a lot yet, but apart from a few missed series easily catched up on without having recorded them, I think it's great fun that you can enjoy a screening of your own pictures both via the iPhone but also via Flickr on the TV now.

The more technical savvy bobbaloos think it's a fab gadget. In fact they toppled over in excitement.

Friday, January 29, 2016

a little piece of original art

It's not every day you get a little piece of original art in the mail. With a delightful message on the back. 

My friend the potter has - the one I had a bit of collaboration with a few years back - moved on from ceramics and found/rekindled with new ways to express her creativity. 

And I'm happy to be on the receiving end of that.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

the return of the x files

The X Files is definitely one of my favourite TV-series ever - and not only because I once upon a time found David Duchovny very... drool-worthy. Some of those old episodes haunt me still.

So needless to say I was really excited over the return of the series with new episodes. Today was the day the first two ones aired in Sweden. To be honest I'm not sure what I think of them. While it was great to rekindle with Mulder and Scully I felt the start could be better carved. Or perhaps I could have used a rekindle with the last old episodes before I watched these ones. Or maybe I was just a bit too tired to grasp the story.

Still, looking forward to next week's episode.

And in the meantime - here's a fantastic book tip (which I was certain I'd already blogged about, but apparently not) by the above once upon a time drool-worthy David Duchovny - Holy Cow. It's a fantastic eye-opening book about animal rights and the food industry told from the mouth of the cow Elsie and her animal friends who travel around the world to find a good place to live in peace. It's an irresistable blend of humour, tears and quirky world-play. It's a weird little book, but also very very read-worthy.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

one tooth to go

My dentist saga was to continue next week, but yesterday I was offered a cancellation-time for today. And since the upper jaw tooth with its deep cavity was quite a nuisance I thought it was a good idea to get it done as soon as possible. 

Now it's done. And it was not a nice hour spent upside down in that dentist chair. In fact I haven't felt as dissy and nauseous after a dental appointment as I did today. I think it must have been a reaction to the anaesthesia, I rarely use any kind of medication so my system was probably a bit in shock. Plus the upside-down position (really, when did dentists begin with that awful practice?) and the unexpected pain. 

Yes, the pain. Because even if we hopefully managed (finger crossed!) to get to the cavity before it reached the dental pulp there was sharp shots of pain during the end of the procedure. I'm so glad it's over and I just truly, madly, deeply hope the tooth will be fine now, with no root canal in sight, please.

In a couple of weeks we'll take on the lower jaw tooth and hopefully it will work to create a new tooth instead of having to remove it or root filled. Even if it doesn't bother me painwise it is a nuisance to have a crumbled, old tooth that doesn't work properly from a chewing point of view.

Ah well, after the dental trials and tribulations it's at least good to know that there's a decent cafe for lunch and treats nearby. Today we enjoyed a heart mushroom soup and a delightful bobbaloo sized semla. Just what a dizzy head and a poor tooth needed.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

the power of body language

I stumbled over this TED talk a while back and while there are a a lot of great talks out there I just don't have the time to listen to many of them. But once in a while I click on the play-button and sometimes it's a really worth while-listen. For felines and humans alike.

This one is with social psychologist Amy Cuddy and how we can 'fake it 'til we become it' by using the right body language. And it's not faking your knowledge or skills but about how you can boost your confidence and even success rate by power posing. Which can apparently affect the testosterone and cortisol levels in your brain.

It's an interesting and multi-layered talk that makes you think. And learn.

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