Wednesday, October 07, 2015

how i learnt to love rooibos tea

Once upon a time I couldn't stand rooibos teas, I found the taste really off-putting. But then I tried it flavoured with fruit and berries or vanilla and found it was rather nice. And then I bought the tin to the left at Berlin department store KaDeWe in 2010 - rooibos raspberry vanilla - and I simply loved the round, distinct flavour. 

After that I slowly began choosing flavoured rooibos over black teas and found several new favourites. And these days it's pretty much always rooibos for me. Even without additional flavour sometimes. Now I love how you never have to deal with theine or tannin, unlike black and green teas the rooibos tea is always round and kind.

Unfortunately the tea flavour that made me love rooibos isn't sold by KaDeWe anymore, and the caramel cream I got last summer there isn't as good. But that doesn't matter much, I have so many other rooibos favourites now. And continue to discover more. Will forever be grateful for that raspberry-vanilla tin.

What's your favourite rooibos tea?

Tuesday, October 06, 2015

the blue-white keepcup

Who says you can't have more than one keepcup? It may have been a slightly impulsive move to buy another one with my tasty oat latte, despite having this awesome red-pink one, but that doesn't mean it was a bad one.

Because a) the large red-pink one is perfect for a large soy latte at Espresso House - I'm sure you could use it at any other coffee place too, despite the logo, but for me that's the only coffee chain / cafe where I know they can handle soy milk and always make a great latte with it.

b) the blue-white is medium sized and perfect for the oat latte I always get at just that place, Johan & Nyström - which apparently has been named Sweden's Best Cafe 2014 by Whiteguide and also Second best cafe in Europe by Alegra Awards. Not sure if I agree, because my kind of best cafes need to have reliable excellent service and always friendly staff (no matter if the guest is concidered to be of the *right* sort) plus be very much more cosy and quirky and less posh hipster. That said I do enjoy their oat latte, buy their teas often and is a rather frequent guest on my way to and from the train. So yes, I do recommend the place and enjoy lots of what they offer, but from that to The Best it's a long way to go...

Now I simply have to remember which way I'll take on a particular day so I bring the right keepcup, for the right coffee.

And yes, I find the blue-white colour combination rather dull - especially as Espresso House has lovely new, perky colours in their keepcups - but for some reason that's the only colour they have. However as they have a cafe in Helsinki now too the colour combo is very Finland befitting so that might be the reason. 

I do know that I'll not forget to bring this new keepcup with me to Helsinki when we got there in November. Can't wait! Even if the cup itself isn't the major reason for my excitement, believe it or not.

Monday, October 05, 2015

my favourite book by henning mankell

I was so sad to hear about the too early passing of Henning Mankell. A man so much more than a great crime novelist, also a human rights activist. 

Of course most known for his books about Kurt Wallander, but for me first and foremost (and yes I've said so before) 'The Man from Beijing' is the book you should read. Well-written, ingenious and  brilliant in so many ways. A book that will most likely blow your mind and make you a more well-informed and curious person. 

Do you have a favourite Mankell-book?

Sunday, October 04, 2015

world animal day

It's not only Cinnamon bun day on October 4th, it's also, and more importantly, World Animal Day.

For important reads/audio on the paradigm shift regarding our fellow earthlings I suggest you read/listen to the three pieces I've listed the other day.

And always choose compassion and kindness towards those who have no human voices but still have, at least, as much right as the human animal to live a natural, cruelty free and loving life.

happy cinnamon bun day 2015

This is still the best special day Sweden has come up with - Cinnamon bun day aka Kanelbullens dag.

Hope you'll have lots of lovely cinnamon buns today, whether you bake or buy them. Mine are sourdough courtesy Gamla Enskede Bageri (once the home of the Stockholm Super Semla).

And really properly snoopervised of course. They do taste even better with a paw of approval.

Happy cinnamon bun day, one and all!

Saturday, October 03, 2015

mmm, vegan cheese

The cats love the vegan cheese as much as I do - and as usual they obviously know that sharing is caring. They are actually more interested in the vegan cheese than they ever were in the dairy one.

I find it curious that they are absolutely crazy about whipped soy cream but they're not really interested in neither soy nor oats icecream.

Yes, this household is happy to leave the cow's milk to the ones it belongs to, the cows' babies.

Friday, October 02, 2015

hello there prosit sticky labels

Granted one doesn't send as many letters as once upon a time. But whenever I do, on behalf of Prosit, I always lack a nice address label. I haven't found the perfect supplier of these sticky labels yet - probably because of the above mention reason - but I gave MOO a try recently and these are the results.

I think they turned out lovely! Although not exactly good value for money - unlike the business cards which really are - and quite a bit of work to get the text right on every motif. Still, great result and worth it for those few and rather far apart professional Prosit letters.

Doubly paw approved by a distinguished pair of snoopervisors.

Thursday, October 01, 2015

sunflowers, pizza and pigs

Well, October, you certainly know how to kick things off the right way!

+15 C, castle park visit, sunflower picking,

one of the best vegetarian pizzas I've ever had in one of the most charming pizzerias I've ever been too - more of later -

meeting three adorable pigs - friends not food, right? RIGHT - and getting some promising emails.

Plus it was the World Vegetarian Day and even if it's going way to slow for the millions of suffering animals out there I do feel that a paradigm shift IS coming. That there are even more compassionate and powerful forces at work than ever before. Time to say goodbye to specieism. Have you seen these two articles?

The British shadow secretary of state for environment, food and rural affairs is vegan - can we get a WOW!

Mainstream media writing about how industrial farming is one of the worst crimes in history - second WOW! - "Tens of billions of sentient beings, each with complex sensations and emotions, live and die on a production line. The march of human progress is strewn with dead animal."

And the powerful speech by the fantastic Philip Wollen - Animals should be off the menu. "When we suffer we suffer alike." Be prepared with lots of tissues.

So how has your October started?

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

farewell september, welcome october

September has sadly been a very quiet and overall blah month. Perhaps it's the continuing of the runny nose and the health issues of August that caused it, perhaps there are other subconscious stuff. Whatever reason I will not be sad to see it go. It simply feels like a lost month to me.

Looking forward to October now, my (birthday)month and a time of the year I usually feel strong, capable and inspired. I hope this will also be true this year.

Happy beautiful October, one and all!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

dermalogica ultracalming skincare update

It's been almost a year since I first began using Dermalogica skincare. I know I've gotten a few recommendations of the brand before and I think it's a great company, with mostly vegan products and all cruelty free. Plus their foundation and social projects. I just haven't gotten around to buying any products.

Apart from the small sized bottles I got last year I've continued to use Kiehl's facial products, even though they do lack all the moisture my skin craves they've been "good enough". Until now, now I've invested in a few bottles and jars from Dermalogica instead. And hopefully this winter will be easier to cope with skinwise.

On the street in Berlin where dear Cafe im Literaturhaus is situated and the hotel we stayed in last summer there is also a Dermalogica flagship store. I went past it pretty much every day but I never had the guts to go in, it looked so big and clinical and somehow that is a bit off-putting to be honest, not inviting. Plus I thought that the brand prices probably doesn't differ all that much within Europe.

That said, not the bottles are bought. I'm *slightly* poorer from a monetary point of view, but richer when it comes to compassionate products and skincare. The skin does feel a bit softer and supple so far, not sure that will last when the weather will get colder. But at least it won't be worse than it has been these last few years. I use the ultracaling cleanser, serum and intensive moisture balance cream.

The small bottles are from a special gift you got when you bought two normal sized products, with microfoliant and recovery masque that will come perfect for the season.

Mmm, looking forward to a good skin winter.
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