Tuesday, September 16, 2014

welcome perky nerdle and strawberry ruby

welcome nerdle and ruby

Yesterday was a little glimpse of the two latest arrivals to the Scandinavian bobbaloo settlement, Nerdle and Ruby. If I didn't know better I would say I'm trying to make up for 2013 being a zero-new-settlers year, but of course I'm not. Things just happen. Or rather bobbaloos call my name. And there is the well-known gaggle effect of course.

I have a little "collection" of ideas and bobs I'd like to welcome, all of them bobs are of course special, but some stems from ideas of mine and Kit always interpret those ideas in her one and only fabulous way. So when I saw purple/yellow Nerdle who called my name rather loudly I thought it was time to tell Kit about my dream of a strawberry bob too. Since obviously a bob can't travel alone!

I think she did an amazing, darlin' job with Ruby, wouldn't you agree? It was indeed very exciting to welcome them both yesterday! Yes we all got so very excited about the arrival, some went tad overboard in the welcoming procedure. In fact we had sort of a rerun of the curious incident with the cat in the daytime - only a new cat playing the villain.

welcome nerdle and ruby
Oh noes, this does not bode well...
Why haven't we heard about very big and quite likely lethal cats living in the Scandinavian settlement?

welcome nerdle and ruby
If I stand really really still the cat's eye won't notice me...
I will do my best not to wet my dotty birthday suit.

welcome nerdle and ruby
Ooops, this was most certainly not what I signed up for coming to Sweden...
welcome nerdle and ruby
Not really the welcoming committee we expected.
Where can we complain?

NB, not to worry, no bobbaloos were harmed in the welcoming procedure. And their resiliance to trauma is well known, nothing a chocolate cake or pastry can't cure. I wish we all could be so lucky.

Welcome Ruby and Nerdle, may you live long, happy, cake-filled lifes in the Scandinavian bobbaloo settlement without any more close encounters of the big bad cat kind!

Monday, September 15, 2014

the dirty business of politics and a bobbaloo that could have made a difference

welcome nerdle and ruby

If Ruby and her friend Nerdle (who will get a post of their own tomorrow and don't worry, no bobbaloo were harmed when this picture was taken!) had arrived a wee bit earlier she would have been the perfect good luck charm for the elections yesterday. Pink, red and green as her strawberry bob is.

Sadly she didn't and thus what a sad mess the result turned out to be. I'm glad to report there will be a change of government, not glad to not see the Feminist Initiative making a huge difference in the parliament and certainly not happy about the fact that the racist party The Swedish Democrats gaining even more influence in parliament and thus being a weigher.

The only way to keep them from being that weigher and causing an even more mess would be for a coalition to govern. The Social Democrats are the largest party, but without their own majority alongside the Greens and the Left Party (which they would have been if the Feminist party had gotten seats) they'll likely now try and form a government that Sweden isn't used to, namely the coalition rather than the Left-Right policy.

As far as I'm concerned the East-West policy is so outdated, it has been for a long long time. Unfortunately too few politicians (apart from the Greens I'd say) see that and they prefer to behave like petulant children in a sandpit. There are indeed reasons for disgust of politicians...

So now when more than ever it's so important for the environment, for all of us, in order to create a better world, a better Sweden and not let a rather horrific party of discontent get too much influence it would be flattering if the other parties would come together as a solid group.

But even at election night these, supposedly grown ups, we call (right wing) politicans thought it was much worse that a left wing party could possibly gain influence in the government than a racist party having grown so much during these past eight years of Sweden being governed by a right wing alliance. Acting like ridiculous prestigious cranky kids.

So very undignified a democracy.

Or we get the politicians we deserve.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

honey honey

local honey

Since I discontinued my use of dairy milk in tea (one of my best decisions ever!) I've become something of an amateur connoisseur of honey. I basically only use it at home and I only use honey from small beekeepers. Because like everything in this world I shy large scale production which always see the animals involved as production units and things rather than living beings with their own life value.

Last year I even visited a small scale beekeeper and learnt more about the production and the short life-span of the busy bees. Honey is indeed a precious product, with many lives involved. One tea-spoon actually equals one bee-life. Fascinating and rather sad I'd say.

In my neighbourhood there seem to be quite a number of small scale beekeepers, mostly they have the beehives at their country cottages it seems, so it's fairly easy to buy local honey. Although I've also come to learn that not all honey tastes good. The different tangs of course come from respective bees environment and plants. So whenever you open a new honey jar it's fingers and tastebuds crossed for a nice flavour.

In the case of the jars in the pictures, well above jars from two different beekeepers both taste lovely. The below three jars from the same beekeeper not so much. So I'm glad I have a honey-addicted mother who isn't nearly as finicky discerning as I am.

local honey

Saturday, September 13, 2014

green dinner happiness

swedish vegan brand anamma makes awesome vegetarian/vegan healthy protein products, mince, balls, sausages, filets and such. the sausages are a very recent product and i'm happy to report they're very tasty indeed.

today i served them with broccoli gratin. which made for a very pleasing, green dinner. and the special, excited guest got to lick the plates. happiness for all.

Friday, September 12, 2014

a full weekend fridge

Behold a fridge with a pretty fine blend of vegetarian delights. Since my fridge is rarely this full, I'm not sure what happened. The carrots take up a lot of room, but still, when did the rest of the edible stuff move in? 

A good thing it happened in time for the weekend though, as it'll be filled with work and reading - I'm guessing there'll be a bit of cooking too. 

So all set for finishing work assignments, books and plates of food. (Also plenty of food for the rest of September I suppose.)

Happy, good eating weekend to you too!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

election sweden 2014

swedish election 2014

Having done my bid for democracy and pre-voted in the Swedish elections today. In the perfect colour combination of course, pink and green (like in the May EU-election). Gender equality and the environment are the two most important matters to deal with now (alongside animal rights of course) for this planet's wellbeing.

I have every confidence that we'll finally see a change of government on Sunday (official election day). These past eight years have been hell for the lesser fortunate, for schools, the care system, the unemployed and sick. Not to mention the environment and animals.

The current government is incredibly cynical, profit hungry, without compassion and interest in equality and environmental issues. They've basically done their best to dismantling a wellfare society (that needed updating) while lining their own and friends' pockets via dirty business deals and corruption.

swedish election 2014

Having done one's bid for democracy also calls for a celebratory fika aka a vote-pastry. Not the pastry I had planned for but the chocolate cake was a reasonably nice and rich treat just the same. And the weather was rather glorious and summerish.

Now I'm just looking forward to Sunday when the election campaigns will finally be over. And the litter will be removed (hopefully...). And a new, more compassionate, environmental friendly and clever government will be in place.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

cinnamon crispbread

cinnamon crispbread

Crispbread (knäckebröd) must be one of the most Swedish food items there is. In my opinion best enjoyed with a spread of butter and a slice of cheese. And a pile of cucumber.

And I'm not much for fancy schmancy new flavours and textures when it comes to crispbread, I like them plain and I enjoy the ones with poppyseeds. So when my mum was all delighted about the cinnamon flavoured ones I was really sceptical, but she insisted that I tried them. So she got be a package and when opening the packaging the scent of cinnamon was really lovely, but it left me still sceptical. Really, smells more like gingersnaps than bread.

Looking at the ingredients list I gathered that the second largest ingredient was sugar. Not impressed, more than a tad bit appalled actually. If we're not talking buns, cakes and biscuits bread should not contain added sugar. Period.

So when I put a spread of butter on the first (and what would most likely be my last) piece of cinnamon crispbread I was not looking forward to having a bite of it really.

Turned out it was rather, ahem, addictive from the first bite. Too sweet of course, but oh the crispiness and all that cinnamon, with butter and cheese it's pretty delightful. It would have been even more so if the sugar was omitted though. And even if I enjoyed the package - yes, admittedly I did finish the whole roll - I will not buy it myself. Because of the unnecessary sugar content.

But if the maker Wasa one day sees sense and makes a cinnamon crispbread without sugar I'll be the first to buy it, I'm sure.

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

crafting a life map

Remember the 'Storytelling for change' class I signed up for last week? Time has come to finish the first assignment tomorrow and it's a life map. To be honest I've never made a life map before, have you? And this one is suppose to revolve around a social cause one is really passionate about. And we should spend about 45 minutes to craft it. How anyone can construct it in a creative, qualitative, plausible and convincing way in such a short amount of time beats me. I would not be able to do it.

For me that is obviously animal rights. So now I'm trying to trace my way to the beginning and to where I am today. I refuse to do it in an obvious born - school - university - work way and instead I begin where my convictions begun with stops along the way and the way my mind and thoughts work.

I think I'm done with the words now, tomorrow I'll think some more about appropriate pictures to illustrate my journey. And then upload. If I had had more time I would probably have done it differently, elaborated some more. Although, elaborated I have, perhaps a bit more than life maps usually do. Ah well, it's my life map and this is my cause.

And please remember -

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way in which its animals are treated” – Mahatma Gandhi

Monday, September 08, 2014

happy 9th blogoversary to me

drottningholm castle

One might think that on a day one celebrates such a mighty event as the 9th blogoversary it would have been all fireworks, cakes and party party party. Instead it has been a quiet, uneventful day. A day of thoughts and contemplation. And evening rain.

So what has happened since last year?

:: My life revolves very much around my work (in a good way, well, mostly) and work opportunities these days I may not find the time or energy to blog as much as I used to. But I still blog (obviously). My love for blogging has not been diminished.

The way I write and publish may have changed, I may not write as much as I used to, but I'm adamant to post something every day. If only a cat snap (as if there's anything "only" about a cat!). Consistency is good.

:: I think most of us long time bloggers don't read as much blogs as we used to anymore. But since I've recently gotten my reading mojo back (hooray!) I might get my blog reading mojo back too, who knows. I also knows that what goes around comes around, visits and comments have plummeted. I'm alright with that. It's simply a case of I blog therefore I am.

:: It's almost 10 years (!) now since I began blogging. So much has happened. And pretty much everything have some way or other ended up in this blog. But I never name names. Because personal is one thing, private is another matter. A no no matter.

And you should know that every single comment you leave is always much appreciated.

:: There've been quite a bit of blah regarding things that I feel very passionate about these past few months, people can really be truly disappointing and odd. But it's also been a test of my resilience. I'm happy to report that despite deep disappointment I know things will be alright. Because things just are. And I am too.

Happy 9th blogoversary to me and my world on the internetz,
I hope we'll have many more creative years still together!

wenngarn castle

Sunday, September 07, 2014

the amazing bobbaloos and their magic castles

for this weekend i was very much in need of refilling my happy account. it has been a topsy turvy week, in unexpected ways, both good and bad and with far too little sleep. thus happy account as well as good sleeping needed refill.

i do believe the mission has been accomplished. yesterday was sunflowers and good. today we enjoyed the last day of toy car outing 2014. and the summer weather lingered on. plus we made the bobbaloos very happy. they got to rub shoulders (and pick nose) with royals - though of course, like me, they only enjoy castles for their fairytale charm, certainly not in any monarchy or hoity toity way.

and castle spotting. not only one, but two. it could have been three but i fear that would indeed have been too much excitement for small sized woollies to bear. (besides they did get to visit a castle yesterday too, the one with the sunflowers galore.)

svartsjö castle and drottningholm castle (a bit of versailles in stockholm).

and we had a pretty great apple-astic brunch too. at favourite place äppelfabriken (the apple factory). all and all a fine round-off to the toy car season. and the weekend. and the bewildering week. all set for a week of many splendid things to happen now.

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