Sunday, October 19, 2014

sunday snuggles

Because this hibernation thing is really cool. And especially during weekends snuggling up in sofa with cats, tea and TV is as close to hibernation as you can possibly come. 

When in the company of cats, sharing is certainly caring.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

first woolly project of autumn 2014

say hallo to the first knitting of autumn season 2014 - a pair of orange wristwarmers. made to order. as luck would have it it hasn't been cold enough for wristwarmers yet (at least not that i've noticed) so these will hopefully be handed over (no pun intended) just in time for the owner to get snuggly warm with them.

and obviously the knitting is done much more quickly with an orange trio if eager bobbaloo helpers.

Friday, October 17, 2014

first lucia bun 2014

It's madness, I know, but today I had (and enjoyed) the first lucia bun (lussekatt) of this winter season 2014/15. At least a month too early I'd say. Ack, what is happening to the world.

For some reason I thought about baking lussekatter the other week already. But I don't want to get tired of them before Christmas already.

Then today I had one anyway. Sorry world. But it was lovely.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

dear autumn, where is the sun?

zigne and i

Yes you are pretty with all your burning colours. Yes you are the time for new beginnings. Yes you are the perfect time of the year for an overload of cups of tea, book reading and cat cuddles.

book and cat

 old town stockholm


But to be honest, I do wish you could show your sunny side. Because these constant grey skies and rainy days... Believe it or not, there's only so much colours, pretty socks, happy shoes and bobbaloos can do for the mood under such circumstances.


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

once upon a time i painted pots

pia k stockholm painted pot

Those painting pots days seem awfully far away. I don't feel the least bit inclined to do such painting now. Back then I used to paint, sell and give pots in different sizes as gifts. I loved coming up with colour combinations (obviously) and details. The odd pot I kept for myself. One of my favourites from those days is still this one for kitchen utensils.

pia k stockholm painted pot

Though the impression of the pot clearly improves with a feline inspector posing with it.

pia k stockholm painted pot

pia k stockholm painted pot

pia k stockholm

Another favourite is the vegetables pot. It's been used and worn with time. But with a motive that still rocks my vegetarian boat.

pia k stockholm

pia k stockholm

pia k stockholm

And of course the old carrot pot!

A while back I discovered a couple of pots with a style that felt similar to mine. Turned out it was indeed my painting. I had forgotten about that lingonberry and apple pair. A rather sweet pair me thinks. After all these years.

flower pots

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

the prosit sisters proudly present laptop skin and case

laptop skin

The new laptop has now been dressed in what can most likely be described as the most awesome skin ever. The Prosit sisters as kittens.

The customized skin was ordered at Schtickers and I'm very pleased with the quality in general. But there are two details that glitch. 

A) The fact that you have to rely on eye measurement when you change the uploaded size of the photo. It looked fine on screen but irl it is visible (to me) that the sisters' heads are a bit too flat and squeezed together compared to the actual photo. The sizing procedure should be more accurate.

B) The second glitch is that the sizing of the corners of the skin isn't perfect. They need a bit of a trim. I thought I measured the flat surface perfectly, not sure it's my fault or not. And I suppose it's reasonably easy to trim myself.

That apart, a very high degree of adorable loveliness indeed.

P.A.P cases

The new laptop has also received a proper case. Or you could also say, little sister iPad case (made from recycled PET-bottles and wool) has now a big sister. 

For weird and unknown reasons the Swedish company P.A.P's laptop cases has been adjusted to MACs only. By which they obviously miss a huge potential in customers.

I'm just pleased my laptop apparently is of the perfect case size despite being a happy non-MAC. So the 15" size is a perfect fit. I love its simplicity, design and material.

Both skin and case have been paw inspected and approved. By both Prosit sisters. Apparently the cases are great scratching cases for cats too. Who knew.

P.A.P cases

Monday, October 13, 2014

all the pretty green shoes

green shoes

For years now I've had to do a photo session with all and the bobbaloos all in one photo. And possibly a cat or two too. In their natural inspector roles of course. You don't get a cat to pose in the way one little loaf did. Only if they wish so themselves. I'm glad they surprisingly often do.

When the idea rose I had a *slight* less amount of shoes. And bobbaloos. So for now I've had fun with taking photos of shoes in a certain colour. Or boots only. Or oxfords. Or maryjanes. And such. Doing it in smaller portions like that I also feeling *slightly* less like a crazy shoe lady.

Well, at least 95% of my shoes are of the eco friendly, recycled material, % of the price go to good causes kind. With every thing you buy you make a choice of what kind of world you want to live in. And that's certainly the kind of world I want.

Now if the shoes could be either recycled leather or vegan that would certainly be even better.

Today it was the green shoes collection that got their group portrait taken. Bye bye summer sandals, hello soon boots days.

By the look of Little Miss Inspector's face one might think I spend more time with them shoes than them cats her. I can assure you I do not.

I've now taken colour coordinated shoe pictures of the blue, winered/pink and green bunch. To be taken are that of the red, purple, black/grey (a few only obviously) and yellow/orange/brown groups. Such fun. In a possibly tad mad way.

All shoes from either El Naturalista or ART shoes. As usual.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

jeezly vegan cheese

jeezly vegan cheese
I've been sceptical about this vegan cheese that has been waiting in my fridge for some months now. Because a) as much as I want to find the perfect dairy/cruelty free cheese I've so far been disappointed about both flavour and texture of the ones I've tried and 

b) to be honest, despite the adorable design, packaging and intention of the Swedish vegan brand Astrid och aporna (Astrid and the monkeys) I've never enjoyed any of their products. 

Not because they're bad but because they're 'too meaty' ie too much of meat substitute in both flavour and texture. And that's not my thing. 

I certainly have no issues with the sausage, steak, balls shapes because clearly those aren't natural meat shapes. They're just convenient to cook shapes. It's when the vegetarian and vegan versions get too meaty, too much like animal flesh in texture and flavour I shy away. Everything I don't want to put in my mouth. Off putting. To say the least.

So I've been hesistant to try this Jeezly cheese. But with the due date coming up I tentatively tried it the other day.

And loved it! Fresh both in smell and texture, easy to use the cheese slicer on. The flavour reminds me of a very mild Edamer. Perfect for my tastebuds. If you want a strong taste cheese perhaps this is not your vegan cheese, but you can always spice it up yourself.

And the have vegan Cheesly too in different flavours. I'll try that next time. 

I'm so happy I've found such a great vegan cheese! Now it's just a matter of finding a decent vegan butter (tasty AND without palm oil content) and I'm all vegan at home. Finally.

Do you have a favourite vegan cheese?

Saturday, October 11, 2014

my book box


In my 3000nd blog post - indeed! - I want you to meet my box of books. 
All to be read ones. And it's still only a fraction of the to be read ones that have a room there.

I'm so glad the reading mojo is back! Something that will obviously get more room again in blog from now on.

Literary detail of the day - I was retweeted by one of my favourite authors, Arne Dahl / Jan Arnald. I can now die happy. Or at least it made my Saturday. 

Now, back to the books. And the reading.


Friday, October 10, 2014

the nobel peace prize 2014

a year ago

A year ago today I (re)tweeted this, a year later it came true. I think the Nobel Peace Prize laureates of 2014 are awe inspiring and well deserving of this recognition. If more people were so brave and dedicated to important causes like these two, what a fine world we would live in.

Congratulations to Kailash Satyarthi and Malala Yousafzai
and may all your good work to come lead to a more peaceful, kinder world.
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