Sunday, August 31, 2014

goodbye august

växplats nybyn

To be honest I'm glad to see you go. Since you've been a general disappointment. On a professional as well as personal level. Add to that on a weather as well as health level.

A prolonged cold leaving me feeling blah most of the month. A hot summer that was cut abruptly in early August and lots of rain (oh rain where were you in the heat of July?). Work related issues, friendship issues.

On the bright side - plenty of work, some rather decent food memories, a pair of shoes that turned out to be keepers and always sweet cat moments. Oh, and I did get my reading mojo back! And there was the annual flower picking, always soothing for the soul and my office window sill looks lovely again. For that I am grateful.

Still, overall far from the month I had hoped, worked and wished for.

So bye bye August, to be honest I can't say I'm glad to have met you. All your acting up on my behalf probably served a purpose, so far unknown, but it has made me sad and blue - unlike July - wistful and a tad weary. I need to refill the happy account asap. And I need to move forward, setting new goals. Because what may seem like a loss to me, is really much more a loss to those who chose to go another way. It's just the topsy turviness, the serendipity of it all that has gotten me out of balance.

I'm sure September will be a very fine month, I'm beginning work with something new and fab this week. I do hope for many days of Indian summer. There's the upcoming election which I have every faith will bring good changes. There's a great dinner planned with fellow yelpers. And by the end of the month I'm going to Gothenburg again, which is always a treat. And who knows how much awesomeness lies in between? It's a blank canvas of... anything amazing can happen!

Have a wonderful month of September,
may the magic be with you!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

from prison to flower field

växplats nybyn

it's been a day of contrasts. yelp turns 10 this year apparently and the stockholm party was held at långholmen prison (now museum - hostel - hotel - restaurant). 

10 years of yelp

10 years of yelp

so from being marched to prison, to having a light 'lunch' - only 2 of the 6 things served at the buffet were suitable for vegetarians, the flavours were lovely but i'm glad i wasn't hungry - in happy company of fellow yelpers.

10 years of yelp

10 years of yelp

10 years of yelp

10 years of yelp

to flower picking at växplats nybyn, the day has been full. and colourful. 

and shoe changing. though accompanied by my wistful mind throughout. 

växplats nybyn

Friday, August 29, 2014

the silly littering season

the animal party poster

Also known as election in Sweden-time. Gosh, I truly loath election campaign posters - above one not included in that hate though, it's the Animal Party's poster, it's darling and a much needed party in politics obviously. For all the innocent voices that can't make themselves heard.

But for the rest, here's my reasons for loath

the silly littering season

a) the ridiculous amount of money (millions) spent on them could have gone to something decent and world improving. It's about high time politicians and public sector employees in charge treated public finances as if it were there their own personal money. This devil-may-care attitude with vast amounts of money is both maddening and scary.

b) you will not get anyone to change an opinion or vote for your party due to campaign posters. For that they will have to be extremly clever and unique. Which brings us to the next point... >

c) the slogans and copy is most often of embarrassingly low quality. Someone has gotten paid for coming up with all this stupidity. Someone has approved it. Facepalm.

d) not only a complete waste of money, it's also a waste of paper AND littering of a blatant, appalling kind. Every election the same thing happen - apparently campaign workers who eagerly put the rubbish up haven't got the energy or inclination to take them down and put them in a recycle bin.

e) this year (especially from the right wing parties) there's a spiteful and predjudical tendency of playing the blame game with atrocity propaganda. Also on said posters.

Ridiculous and laughable, there are indeed reasons for disgust of politicians. Hey stupid, I'm not the least bit interested in what you think the other phalanx MIGHT do, I'm only interested in what YOU can do better. Newsflash: There's a vast difference between mindless mudthrowing and the meeting of arguments with facts in a debate. Yes, the foolishness of politicians can indeed be ungraspable...

If possible I would vote for the party that doesn't have any campaign posters. As if.

Can't wait for the election to be over (September 14).
Can't wait for a new government to step in after 8 years of abusive leadership which has most effectively dismantled the welfare society turning Sweden into a cold, harsh, uncaring society to live in. Can't wait for a more environmental and gender equality progressive, animal and human friendly government to be installed.
Because that's desperately needed.
Whilst campaign posters are not.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

summer cupcake with a view

sthlm eating

Sitting in this armchair, at this cafe, with this view, having this soy latte accompanied by a summer muffin - also known as cupcake apparently, the frosting was strawberry and the muffin itself bursting with lovely cardamom and almond flakes - was a simple yet blissful and comforting moment in one of the last shivering days of summer.

The last shivering days of a month that has been an overall, mainly disappointing and sadly lousy month for a whole lot of reasons. Which makes me really blue, for a whole lot of reasons. Some times it is difficult to hold on to hope and convictions, no matter how truly, madly, deeply true they are.

And when that's the case it's also hard to be open to other paths and opportunities. As well as seeing the good things that have happened too. Right now, at this moment in time, blue is the colour. That too will change, this too shall pass. And there will be rainbows and silver linings, there will be pink roses and probably unicorns too.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

the stockholm quiz


A pretty nifty book (in Swedish only) which is in fact a quiz on Stockholm, by photographer Jeppe Wikström. "Stockholmstestet, 2500 frågor för dig som har koll på stan" - The Stockholm test, 2500 questions for you who knows the city. Or rather think you know the city, because there are plenty of tricky questions about things I have no idea about. After reading/quizzing one does know more though. Good for the all-round knowledge in other words, always a great bonus!

The book makes for a good quiz-night, or rather many evenings, with friends. It has a little built-in and very noisy counter that you can use if you play on your own, with a friend or in two teams. But it's perfectly fine to just read the questions and skip the noise of course.

A book much appreciated by cats too. Obviously.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

colourful bird clothespins

birds clothespin

It's a well-known fact that Sisyphean tasks are much easier to perform with fun tools and great products involved. In the case of doing laundry I'm now well chuffed to report that I have a bunch of very sweet bird clothespins from fabulous, colourful Danish interior design and accessories company Rice to spice the laundry thing up. I've been oogling them for years but never gotten around to the purchasing. Now I obviously have. At last. And they make me smile. Like colours and sweet things always do.

Which is all the more important when you have to face those routine there's-no-escape Sisyphean challenges.

birds clothespin

Monday, August 25, 2014

the prettiest of beans

the prettiest beans

Got these pretty beans from my sister who grows plenty of vegetables at her country cottage. I have yet to taste them, but I'm thinking a salad with wild-rice and other colourful vegetables would be perfect for them to play a part of. I'm sure they'll taste great, how could they not?

the prettiest beans

Especially after having been thoroughly inspected by another pair of pretty sister beans (bet you haven't heard about my purrfect inspectors with a special license to paw before, huh?).

Somehow nature and animals have a habit of always coming up with new fine things and never disappoint.

the prettiest beans

Sunday, August 24, 2014

why movies are better watched at home

movie inspector

What begin as "let's go to the movies and watch 'The trip to Italy'" ended with a weekend of movies on DVD/TV. Because when it rains it pours and with not being in the best of moods at the moment I prefer doing movies at home, in sofa, with snacks and as many cups of tea as I want. And toilet breaks. And cats present.

luddkolt's british shorthairs

So from snacks inspecting - you know the rule, if you eat plenty of carrots you can eat any snacks of choice, right? Right -

luddkolt's british shorthairs

to leg warming - why have only one clever leg warmer when you can have two? - and

luddkolt's british shorthairs

your own private human tummy kneading servant - the perfect way to excercise the snacks away I've heard - 

'American Hustle' - good actors, makeup and costumes but all that cleavage galore as well as entrapment completely blown out of proportions and a lifestyle that really doesn't interest me it was just a blah movie as far as I'm concerned. Only 2 of 5 thumbs up.

'Prisoners' - oh the greyness, the completely depressing settings and mileus plus one of those plots where you see how everything is connected well before the characters makes for a rather annoying experience. Another 2 of 5 thumbs.

'Blue Jasmine' - haven't watched it yet actually, but this I'm so looking forward too watch. Will update post with my views then.

luddkolt's british shorthairs

And of course, one always need a special are-you-awake-still inspector so you don't miss the impawtant bits of the movies.

You simply do not get any of this if you head to a cinema salon. Why movies are better watched at home. In general.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

last chance saloon

I hereby proudly admit to having finished a brick of a book in a couple of weeks. So so many years since that happened. Too many years. The reading  mojo might indeed be back.

The book in question was neither Pessl nor Rowling, because those two do not get me in a good mood for a decent night's sleep. But read through they'll be, one of these days.

No the book I finished was one of the gazillions I pick up in thrift stores regularly, to read or to leave for Bookcrossing. Seemed like a light read, haven't read a book by Marian Keyes in ages. Outgrown that kind of chiclit perhaps. Plus I remember weight obsession always played a rather substantial part of her stories and that's something I find hugely irritating. And a vast amount of alcohol being consumed, equally annoying. But hey, why not give it a go, maybe it wasn't so bad?

Admittedly I was about to put it away after some chapters due to that weight obsession showing its ugly head, and all the drinking, taking the fun out of the reading. But somewhere along the way I was drawn into the story just the same.

And the more I read, the more I saw features from myself in the two main characters, Katherine and Tara. Mild features, yet features I'm not very proud of. Features that would do well being improved on. So I couldn't stop reading. And smiling and even laughing on the odd page. 

It was an enjoyable read, even if it had been even better with less weight issues and alcohol naturally, a little dose of Keyes now and then will be alright. I think I already have a bunch of thrift books of hers to get my easy read fix.

And first brick novel in ages, for me, hey that says something! Welcome mojo ~

Friday, August 22, 2014

indoors outdoors feline triptych

Should I stay or should I go, indoors or outdoors, that is the question du jour.

Outdoors one might have to share bench with sister red and that just would not do.

And indoors are you.

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