Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Outings on a sunny October Monday

After my regular Monday morning appointment the other day I met my mum for lunch. We thought about Seaside café in Hammarby Sjöstad, but since we've been there quite a lot we opted for another, new place this time.

- I can really recommend a visit to "the Seaside" though, especially if the weather is good and you can enjoy your coffee and generous feta-cheese sandwich outdoors. Take the bus or the Tvärbanan and get off at the end station, then walk about 500 metres. -

So we took the Saltsjöbanan to the end station Saltsjöbaden.

- and at the same time I re-lived some of my high-school memories taking that train. I used to attend the Nacka high school and travel that way with either Saltsjöbanan or buses 5 days a week for 3 years - in the stone ages... -

There we headed for conveniently situated Stationshuset (The Stationhouse) restaurant/café/shop, owned by the well-known Swedish chef Renée Voltaire. On offer was many interesting ingredients and food "solutions" and it was difficult to choose what to have...

But in the end I took the broccoli and lentil soap, with sallad and bread. The soup in itself was very tasty and creamy, though it looked like something in a baby's nappy... The bread too was very good, though the hoummus on top was so strange and tasted like grass. The sallad was very ordinary and it tasted of far too much lemonjuice.

For dessert we shared a cinnamon bun with pistachio nuts and a banana-chocolate cake, unfortunately non of them can be recommended. The bun was very small, tasted of yeast, had no sweet cinnamon flavour at all and hadn't been in the oven the proper time. The cake looked very tasty but was very doughy (and no, a banana cake doesn't HAVE to be like this!) and the dark chocolate was very bitter and all of it lay in the bottom of the cake strangely enough. The caffe latte was nice though. The prices were very high and even if the atmosphere and personnel was nice I don't really recommend a visit.

A pity when flashy ideas and innovative thinking just end up with: "what meets the eye isn't matched with what meets the palate...."

No blog without a Pia K-photo - and what can be better than a lovely, warming mohair shawl now when the chilly Autumn has begun creeping up on us here in northern Europe?!


Anne said...

Nähä, inte visste jag att du gick i Nacka gymnasium. :) Och superfina sjalar.. du är så HIMLA duktig. :)

Pia K said...

Jajamensan, på den tiden enda alternativet - efter mycket tjafsande med intagningen:(( - om man ville läsa både spanska OCH ryska.

Men du är ju så HIMLA duktig på att laga mat och göra vackra hemsidor och hålla kolla på allt möjligt:-))

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