Sunday, May 08, 2016

the soft help of cat cuddles

The best remedy for everything sad and troublesome in life - cat cuddles.

Or time spent in the company with any kind of animals of course. But in my case the access to felines is of course easy and uncomplicated.

So how has the first week of May been? 

For me it has been a rather pleasing blend of busy and relaxing. The project gig has gone well, good workplace, good people and the work falls in the practical category of get things ticked off a list. Which is satisfying in its own way, if not something that get my creative juices flowing obviously.

But having to adjust to 9 to 5 days in an office, rush hours commuting, interacting with a lot of different people in various ways every day - it's exhausting. 

The good thing is that it certainly takes my mind of difficult thoughts, forcing me to concentrate on getting the job done well.

Also, as grateful as I am for this opportunity to help, meeting new people, learning new things, it also confirms that I'm not a person that thrives and delights at the 9-5 office life, every day. I may not love how unpredictable the income flow may be for freelancing, but I do love the freedom and opportunities with no limits it brings in other ways.

The weather has been absolutely glorious all week. With May came sun and hot weather. I do wish it would rain during the nights because this much relentless sun alone is certainly not good for nature alas. But for now, I've been enjoying the natural vitamin D. Good for the soul and body alike.

It had also been wonderful to have a long 4 days weekend, not doing much at all, pottering around, relaxing, simple cooking, trying to look forward, not dwelling on things I possibly could have/should have done differently in the past. I think I'm getting a bit better at it day by day. Even if still some days are better than others.

But the sun helps. So does plenty of soft cat cuddles. And life goes on, one step, one day, one weekend, one week at a time.


Elephant's Child said...

Cat cuddles are one of the very best heart balms I know.

Poppy Q said...

Cuddles are great and the furrier the better. Sounds like work is working out, and probably and good distraction for you at the moment.

I think of you often Miss Pia - good to see you are doing so well.

Julie and Poppy Q

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