Tuesday, October 25, 2016

happy birthday to me 2016

Another year has passed. And it has indeed been a milestone one. Which, to be honest, few years are. But this one has certainly been a wake-up call on loud.

The sudden, heartbreaking passing of M. Sorrow, pain and on top of that financial, practical worries galore. Life turned upside down and a lot of insights on people's behaviour (both good and bad), that I'm actually capable of a lot of problem solving on my own. But also the realisation that melancholy has forever moved into my heart.

A long long summer of many thoughts. And now autumn, October, another birthday even. 

Last week's trip was brilliant, I've seen, done and eaten so much lovely things! Not least realised that travelling on your own can be a pretty neat thing. Of course the trip will get a post or more of its own (you who follow me on Instagram already know the highlights). But for now, apart from all the loveliness, I loath Deutsche Bahn and its, to say the least, inefficiency and I'm also very happy to be home with the darling furries.

Today is a glum day in Stockholm, no gorgeous birthday weather. But really, a perfect day to inaugurate my fabulous, flowery coat and visiting the new Tove Jansson (the multi-talented artist behind Moomin) exhibition at Millesgården followed by a cosy fika with pastry. Looking forward to that!

And my wish, hope and plan for my new year is that it will be filled with love, kindness and many new, great clients for Prosit.

So, happiest of birthdays to me!


Poppy Q said...

Happy Birthday to you Miss Pia my birthday twin. Sounds like you had a nice day out too. For spring we had rain here but I took myself off to the movies and had a little day out and a quiet evening at home. Like you - there have been lots of changes in the past year for me too - more than any other year. But we change and adapt and move on no matter how slowly.

Big hugs.

Julie and Poppy Q

Elephant's Child said...

A year full of happiness to you. At least.

DahnStarr said...

Two of my favorite bloggers sharing the same birthday and my daughter having hers on the 23rd. No wonder I love October. My this birthday year bring you joy and peace.

Unknown said...

Wishing you happiness and all the good things in life. Having time away always gives us perspective of all we have at home. Enjoy all that you have, and what the future may bring!

Beth Waltz said...

Happy birthday, Pia! Some milestones are bigger than others, so we must climb over them, detour around them, or simply adjust to their presence in the landscape of our lives. You're a survivor, dear Pia. May the year ahead bring you opportunities and happy surprises!

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