Wednesday, March 01, 2023

trophy hunting lynx in sweden 2023, true story


Hello March, hello blogosphere, I wish I could write something positive, upbeat and inspirational today. But there is no way to get past the fact that today marks the day when hunters (absolutely vile humans all of them of course) are let loose to trophy hunt 201 redlisted, endangered lynxes in Sweden. 
No matter how many signatures on lists, no matter how many critical (to say the least) voices raised, we have a government of complete nincompoops in Sweden now, the hunting lobby continues to be strong and infiltrating all levels in our society and the same public authority, the County Administrative Board (Länsstyrelsen), that subjected me to a witch hunt for 1,5 years until I finally won in the court of appeal - but all that time, energy, money, will to live, lost during that time I will never get back - has signed off on this crazy, infuriating, soul crushing killing spree. 
As if the recent needless bloody wolf hunt in Sweden wasn’t enough of a disgrace. Now this. I seriously doubt it’s even legal.
I’m so deeply deeply deeply ashamed of Sweden. And these past six months since half of the Swedish voters decided it was really smart to vote for a racist right wing government, where the incompetence is mindboggling, things in general have spiralled downwards at a crazy never before seen speed, in Sweden. 
Of course a lot of the serious issues we’re experiencing now as a society have been allowed to fester for decades, and it’s a multi-layered puzzle of public institutions and politicians (all over the political spectra) not having done their jobs properly. 
And here we are in 2023. 
Gang shootings, predominantly in the Stockholm area (yes even in my, what I thought was a, peaceful rutal suburb) the threat (to us all) from a hateful miniscule madman in the East, a NATO mess (where non-democracies get a much larger voice than they should), the focus on producing weapons (this is so very distressing and dispiriting) while completely ignoring the climate emergency and biodiversity crisis.
As if 2022 wasn’t bad enough? And the pandemic, the isolation, how it affected us all, our brains, our mental and physical health. How can anyone feel happy, heathy and hopeful these days?
Of course I have my pockets of joy and moments of gratitude to help me through another day, week, month, but jeez it’s looking particularly rough and bleak now, life, doesn’t it?
How about you, how does life treat you these days? Do you live a life that feels meaningful and filled with purpose? Are you still hopeful humanity will change, come together, take responsability, create the greener, kinder, different, healthier, happier world we so desperately need to survive?
I would certainly love to hear your suggestions on how to feel that, to do that!
Until then, RIP to all the lynxes that will loose their lives to senseless, barbaric, bloody hunters. To all the innocent redlisted families that will be destroyed by this. And to even more biodiversity lost forever.
I’m sorry 2023, you have not impressed so far, not at all. M’kay?

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