Monday, September 12, 2005

A day without koala-bears

Today I rose early - hadn't slept well at all due to a Swedish crime novel I couldn't stop reading. Actually I don't find it all that good but easily read... When I finally put it aside and turned off the lights I couldn't stop thinking about the book though, therefor I'm quite tired *yawn* today - for a doctor's appointment.

I was then suppose to go and see the cute koalabears at Skansen - only visiting for a limited time - with my mum and my older half-sister. But after having lunch at a pizzeria at Timmermansgatan, Ricardo's (does superb thin pizzas! I'm not much of a pizza fan, but when it's done well, either very thin or a good pan-pizza it's yummy:-) I just felt like going home sleeping... So alas the koalas didn't get a visit from me today.

But I'll be sure to see them before they are returned to whatever zoo they come from, I've loved koalabears for as long as I can remember. They seem to be of such sweet nature, that slow pace and cuddly nature - and of course their adorable looks!! - really does appeal to me.

When we were on our fantastic holiday to Florida last October I had the opportunity to see live manatees, and they appeal to me the same way as koalas do, apart from the size and cuddly-factor then, their gentle, slow nature combined with being vegetarians. Inspirations for a better world perhaps?

Finally at home again I was met by my very own sort of koalabear - my cuddly, friendly but not so slow natured Norfolk terrier, Malte (and for sure not vegetarian, though I wish...). After having played with his toys in the guestbed beside the computer he's now fast asleep looking simply like a cuddly toy:-)

In the picture above you can see him posing in his red-white striped D-shirt (D=dog), in badly need of a fur-cut...

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