Sunday, April 11, 2010

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Is the way I spend my days still a struggle and a nuiscance? Unfortunately the answer to that is yes, yes and some more yes. Sigh.

I have applied for several jobs - have you heard that one before - that all sound really great in their very own ways. Still awaiting the said last day of application.

I constantly pull at strings here and there and everywhere that I hope might lead to something good.

Most days there's not much energy left when I get home. Others there's a reasonably reserve of it still there and I'm able to do the musts, shoulds, possibly a bit of craft and fun and even enjoy the bits and pieces of beauty around me.

The bits and pieces of beauty in shape of blogs I'd like to read, comment on and enjoy but can't muster the energy to really, really do has left me with a very full reader. I don't have the heart or the wish to mark all as read just like that, so hopefully one of these days I will pop by again and say a few words. Just like that.

But for now. A few words here, a few photos of things I've hearted. In my world. As lately.


The sun shone, som raindrops fell and the snow melted quicker than one would have expected. The garden still suffers from one loaf's little... visits past winter, but when everything has dried it will be reasonably easy peasy to make the whole of garden presentable, walkable and totally enjoyable again.


For now I settle with hearting the snowdrops, followed by a multitude of tulips and grape hyacinths buds and the lovely sight of


the first signs of rhubarb already (March 29)!


I celebrated Easter week with wearing yellow nailpolish. Even if the fantastic blue hue was more my kind of polish I think it kind of rocked that week (even without a tan). And as yellow is one of few colours that very much do not work for me in garments I'm no stranger in opting to wear it any other way but close to complexion.

Yellow is after all, in a very obvious way such a happy, sunny, moodlifting colour and I have been trying, consciously as well as sub-, to surround me with a lot of it lately.


I also celebrated Easter (my favourite holiday) with something of a personal newish tradition, a new kitchen table waxcloth. I love the colours of all the butterflies!


There was one particular food thing during the yellow holiday of Easter that made me (and my palate) especially happy, the homemade, rustic and sunny peach cream cake at 'the in-laws'. Simple and perfect in one peachy spoonful.


I think it's about high time I clean out my kitchen cupboards for real and give away more than I possibly bring home. But one always need happy mugs. Pretty mugs. And therefore I decided it prudent to invest in three more perky ones just like the two I have at-the-place-I-spend-my-days-at-the-moment. Meet apple green, lavendar and crushed strawberry.


Yes I have a thing for lavendar too right now - close to the last endevour, but I've decided not quite the same... - and have been nurturing a newish found passion, the repainting of bits and pieces of furniture (which I do plan to write and show more later). The charity shop chair (aka moo chair) has been transformed into a lovely pale lavendar piece. Through brush strokes by yours truly.

As usual paw approved.


Finally I managed to finish the very last magical socks, for self and others, now I'm officially all socked out for the season (more of that later too). Moving on to lighter projects. Other projects. As painting furniture and such.


Despite me now and then being able to see the finer things in life in a sunnier light, now and then again, there are undercurrents of melancholy more often than I would like. I share that feeling with this bird pair of sorrow. I adore these hairpins and thank the creator for making them...

I will however end this post on a lighter non-melancholy note. That being the moodlifting combination of new shoes (a yellow simply swoonworthy gift), loaf and the seasons first pansies. I heart them all so very, very much, on different levels of course. But they are all highly loveable. In their very own ways ~



pärlbesatt said...

And the pins' maker adore your stuff too! :) And wishes you all the best, regardless of it's concerning work or not.

pärlbesatt said...

I do like the pansies too, and the loaf. Pansies not only thanks to their lovely colour but because their french name means thought.

I think it's a nice name for anything, whether it's a flower or something else (like the swedish cookie named dream).

Poppy Q said...

Miss P, I love your yellow shoes and pinks and purples. As we change into all of our greys and blacks here in the Southern Hemisphere, you are a pretty reminder of bright colours to brighten our day.

Don't worry about feeling down, sometimes it strikes all of us, for a day, months, or a week or two. Especially as the seasons change.

Ohh and Miss P, a parcel arrived in the post for me and pretty Poppy Q today. How exciting!!!

Hawk and Weasel said...

So much lovely stuff all around you! Hope all the the colors will color your mood as well.

Heather said...

I hope your days get sunnier, although I find myself in a funk more than usual lately as well. Sometimes it festers a while before it can be shaken off - even if the cause hasn't been resolved.

Thinking of you! Give the loaf a scratch behind the ears.

Pia K said...

tad late, but thank you for sweet comments, pärlbesatt! and i agree of pretty names giving a special meaning to flowers, cookies or whatevers:)

ah well, i think my "blues" have been going on for quite too too long now and has more to do with fundamental things (ie the jobhunting in vain), julie... i hope you enjoyed your little gifts from my world (yes i think you have said so in another comment, but i'm quite behind in responding...).

thank you, pernilla, i do try and see those glimmers of good stuff, yes i do.

thanks for sweet comment, heather, nope no resolving yet, but i try and try and try to shake the funk off. but i do hate it and it always sneak up. loaf gets lots and lots of scratches!

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