Sunday, April 18, 2010

red dotty bird feeder


On the how I spend my days front sadly nothing new. Draining days turn into weeks and when weekend comes I'm exhausted with frustration.

Past week was really really full, not only with bad stuff, definitely good too, but as far as social tenseness is concerned it was jackpot.

For the week to come it doesn't look better. A whole lot of meetings, a couple of birthdays and oh yes, I signed up for a creative crocheting class (which at the time some months ago sounded really great...). And now I have a sore throat and a dash of fever.

Did I happen to mention I do not get paid for all the work I do at the place I spend my days these days. This was surely not remotely what I had in my mind would be my life after all those years at university and work. I'm thinking it would be really nice (understatement of the century) to actually do get a decent pay for qualified competent work done.

On the wee bright side I stumbled over the cutest bird feeder ever yesterday. It came home with us and is now hanging in tree. It has cheered my garden up, if not all of my sad self. For that there is alas need for far more extensive and restructural changes than a sweet dotty bird feeder.



Poppy Q said...

Miss Pia,
your bird feeder is delightful and will be a bright pop of colour in the garden.

Sorry to hear that you are having a tough time - but hang in there. You are strong enough to make it through.

Thank you for the lovely parcel that arrived last week. The bookmarks are great, just what I needed as I have a pile of holiday books to read.

Hugs to you.

Julie and Poppy Q

aforkfulofspaghetti said...

Aw, Pia - sorry to hear you're feeling a bit low. Thinking of you.

Let the loaf doggy, cats, and dotty bird feeder do their bit to cheer you up...

Mike Hockham said...

Hang in there Miss .......

I hope the skies brighten soon.

All the best,


Lola Nova said...

Oh, such a happy dotty bird feeder!

I am so sorry that your days are still full of frustration. I am sending good thoughts your way and hoping that you find a more fulfilling work situation soon.

Take care!

Shaheen said...

Sorry to read your feeling lowly. Hopefully things will look brighter. At least your keeping the garden birds happy :D They'll Thank you in their own way.

Pia K said...

almost a year later, thank you kindly all, for leaving encouraging comments!! it's been a year with ups and downs all the way. i'm still adamant that 2011 will be a better one!!!

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