Friday, April 08, 2016

misery loves company

Desperately in need of a cosy, hassle-free Friday. Instead I found myself spending most of the day worrying over Zigne who got an emergency neutering due to a uterus inflammation.

Worrying over the money I really didn't have for emergency veterinarian costs.
Yes, she has an insurance, but still the coinsurance these days is pretty hefty.

The silver lining in all this is that we have a new neighbourhood veterinarian, so I can walk there. And in my new life with no car access, this is really important stuff.

And they were really friendly and accomodating. Extra plus is that I can also order my cat food from them and pick it up there, instead of relying on friends with cars or travel by train with 10 kg bags. Another check on my how-to-solve-this-now-list.

The surgery went well and she came home on a crazy high from the drugs. She decided the cone of shame wasn't her thing, so this will be a bit of a struggle me thinks.

Upon arriving home her sister as usual believes the world revolves around her. That picture describes it oh so well. On top of the world, on top of someone fresh from surgery. Oh these tykes. They certainly know how to get me problem-solving.


Elephant's Child said...

It never rains but it pours.
I am glad you are finding the umbrellas to help you in the storm.

Poppy Q said...

Glad your sweetie is feeling better. How nice to have a vet so close - solves so many issues for you.

Thinking of you lots Miss Pia.

Julie and Poppy Q

Marie said...

Oh Pia, I'm so very sorry to hear about everything that has happened over the last few weeks. My thoughts are with you at this really difficult time. :(

On a practical note, my little dog had the same operation last August and she HATED the cone, so I bought her a post-operative suit and that worked beautifully to keep her from pulling out the stitches while the wound healed. It's one you will see here (I got a red one because that was all my vet had). Drop me an email if you'd like to have it and I'll pop it in the post - my dog (Chinese Crested Powderpuff) is "cat sized" at only 4 kg so the suit should fit your cat as well. It's the 28cm size. Here is Miss Sophie looking rather sorry for herself the day of her operation.

Elizabeth Gilbert said...

Oh, dear. That is the LAST thing you need. I'm sorry you've been having to deal with so much lately, but I'm very happy that the surgery went well and your kitty dear is ok (even if her sister doesn't think that's so important). I'm just curious if you didn't neuter her before because you wanted her to have kittens later? You've had such luck with cute kitten raising!

Cecile Hebrard said...

Dear Pia,
I've been reading this blog from France on and off for a few years now, admiring your sense of beauty, the lovely colours in your pictures, the wise things you said and those cute little pets, this little window onto your life somehow gives me the impression to know you a little, and I have always felt great delight at reading you, since it has always seemed to me that you were like a sunbeam, radiating light and joy and profound goodness to others and to the earth. I'm terribly sorry to hear about your loss, and send you all the best wishes for the future: on a rollercoaster, after the dreadful descent always come the amazing high!

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