Thursday, September 08, 2016

the 11th years blogoversary

Today its apparently 11 years since I started blogging. And how my voice, and my life, has changed since that first, tentative post. How much I have grown.

Of course this year has been completely overshadowed by the death of my life partner M, and my energy levels for blogging isn't what they used to be. But when I do blog I tend to want to write a lot instead. So who cares if it's pretty irregular posting these days, after all the only constant in life, and blogging, is that it changes all the time. The posting, the reading and not least the commenting.

That said, I spent this glorious Indian summer blogoversary day visiting a lovely art and design exhibition at one of my favourite museums in Stockholm, Millesgården (blogged in 2007). The Austrian designer/architect Josef Frank's amazing, famous fabrics for posh Stockholm design store Svenskt Tenn (Swedish Pewter) was on display and it was just such a wonderful, inspiring atmosphere. 

Being able to saunter from the Frank exhibition to the delightful, permanent sculpture garden and home of Swedish sculptor Carl Milles and back was both soul soothing, inspirational and not least energising.

I have a gazillion photos in the iPhone, but only a small handfull have been edited so for now, some highlights only.

Finished the day off with a rather late organic, vegan lunch (at 4.30 pm, living dangerously) and a dito icecream (passionfruit sorbet).

And a lot of walking in between. Nothing spectacular, just really lovely in an unpretentious, colourful and soul soothing way. The perfect, little celebration of the milestone that is the 11th blogoversary, if you ask me.

Happy blogoversary, dear blog readers, 

I'm so grateful that some of you have stuck around for a long time, reading my rants, about my ups and downs, letting me pour my heart out and along the way I've hopefully given you some laughters and inspiration in return - so, why not treat yourself to some cake and celebrate a bit too!


Elephant's Child said...

A very happy blogoversary to you.

John Bellen said...

I'm sorry this has been a terrible year for you. I would blog when you feel like it, blog for yourself. It's what I do: when I want to, when I have something to write about. Be selfish in your writing. Writing is, after all, rather an egotistical art, anyway. Indulge it.

Feisty Harriet said...

I miss the kind of blogging that was the norm 11 years ago. Not sure when I found you, but it was probably not too long after you (and I) put our first tentative posts into the world.

I hope this next year brings you some peace, comfort, and even joy.


Poppy Q said...

Good on you Miss Pia. We love your posts and your wonderful photos always make us smile. After your hard year we understand your need to go at your own pace!

Julie and Poppy Q

Beth Waltz said...

Congratulations on your tenacity, Pia! Poppy Q led me to your blog, opening a window to your world I find inspiring and thought-provoking. Shall go in search of a passion-fruit sorbet to join in today's celebrations!

Unknown said...

Congratulation on your Blogoversary! We have enjoyed your writing and sharing a bit of your life! We will be looking forward to the next eleven!

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