Tuesday, August 22, 2017

grey hair i don't care

I wish I could wholeheartedly say that was true, that I didn't care about the grey hairs. But I do. 

My father's hair went grey in his 20ies, my mum's in her 50ies and I was *blessed* with it in my 30ies. Ever since then I've coloured and highlighted my once natural rich, red chestnut colour. But for partly chemical reasons partly it's really in vain-reasons I stopped doing it in 2015. Decided to work with not against the greys.

In April this year I suddenly realised it was so grey I could probably go into retirement. And this past year of sorrow and struggle has not exactly helped either. Luckily I neither look nor feel like a little ol' grey haired lady. But still, it's kind of a struggle to come to terms with the fact that it will never be that chestnut colour again, unless I colour it. I won't be the brunette that's me. Ever again.

It doesn't really matter if friends say it looks cool and intended. To me it looks like my hair is covered in cobwebs (very age befitting). It doesn't matter that I think women my age or younger look supercool and stylish because they actually don't care about their hair going grey. Or if they even colour it grey - and yes I've made Instagram albums of cool grey haircuts and styles to be inspired by. Not sure that works very well so far though.

I definitely find it much easier to accept my wobbly bits than those grey hairs.

Used to visit my hairdresser every 10 weeks or so. Now I haven't been since January. Partly because I'm in the mood for it to just (scarecrow) grow - and I know she'll want to put scissors to it. Partly because I don't really trust myself to not be talked into doing something about it when I feel miserable in those always unflattering hairdresser mirrors.

At the same time I'm defiant. I won't be one of those ridiculous persons who fight age in unnatural ways, instead of simply enjoying life and having a healthy lifestyle in general. With or without grey hairs. I will not let something as natural and superficial as my hair colour define me.

But the struggle is real. Especially with a looming birthday in October. Other's have made it past it and survived. Strangely enough. And it does scare me. Age is just a number. But it can be a rather scary number.

Currently I have a decent tan and natural sunbleached highlights, that will most certainly change in the coming months. And it won't feel glamorous and natural at all. But maybe coming to terms with this new me is also a part of redefining myself?

I'm also thinking about how I want that looming, dreaded birthday, with lots of grey hairs to show for it, to be. I have no interest whatsoever to *celebrate* it with a party, partly because I have little or no interest in parties as such, partly because I don't think it's anything to celebrate. 

I've always prefered to travel somewhere for a long weekend trip on my birthday. But then we've always been two on that birthday trip. And as much as I actually loved my Schwarzwald trip last October and how great it was to be a solo traveller, I'm not sure I'm really ready to solo travel for my birthday. Or perhaps I just think I'm not?

But I really love good irl conversations on my trips too, and talking to myself and random chats with strangers isn't what I call good and meaningful conversations. 

In my head I see myself having one of those amazing breakfasts at Café Im Literaturhaus in Berlin on my birthday, and dinner at a fancy vegan restaurant. But then again, Berlin is so much connected with our lovely trips over the years and I don't think I'm ready to just go there alone for my birthday. I think it's better to spend that dreaded birthday in a yet unvisited city where I can create my own memories only. I suspect it will be a bit sad anyway. To meet it on my own. But I also think it would be even more sad to stay at home and not travel anywhere, so far destination unknown.

What's your relationship with your grey hairs? And age and birthdays, especially your own dreaded ones? The former just is what it is I suppose, something to come to terms with. But any great suggestions for the latter much welcome.


Beth Waltz said...

Here in the States, Pia, "little old ladies with gray hair" find themselves unemployable. When I do retire, I'm planning to go full Tiki, wearing muumuus (woolly ones in winter) and gray hair down to my waist -- with flowers. Until then, it's a matter of supporting the local salon's team of colorist, masseuse and make-up consultant.

Perhaps it's the word "celebrate" that scrapes against the nerves? May I then simply offer congratulations on the annual observation of your natal day? Do hope you treat yourself to fresh flowers and something special in a glass: Here's to surviving!

Poppy Q said...

Miss Pia I hear you. I went to the hairdresser this week to get my hair coloured again. I always thought that I would not consider keeping it grey until I turned 50, but with that looming up next year I am still not sure what to do. It would almost be easier to shave it all off and let it grow out.


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