Wednesday, August 30, 2017

excuse me, may i adopt you?

This will be a post of very, very random reflections.

In April I posted a photo on Instagram of my mother and I under the cherry blossom trees. And for some reason that prompted the comment "You two should start a YouTube channel!" - I found it hilarious. We would certainly fill a gap. But none of us are the least bit keen on being in front of the camera (unless it's under cherry blossoms obviously) and even less in front of a video camera/phone. 

It would have to be in Swedish. And what would we talk about? Food? Wind forward a few months, I've done the grief recovery process which obviously has opened up a veritable flood of emotions and I've spent a good portion of the summer of reflection talking the ears of said mother about relationships, life, love and human behaviour. And every time, just before her ears might have been ready to fall off, she replied with a simple, thoughtprovoking comment that (almost) shut me up.

And that made me think it would actually be pretty neat making a podcast instead. It's a really tiny seed of a thought still. And the emotional flooding has been a part of my grief recovery process and redefining myself, it's very likely it's a stage that has passed. Not sure if it's material enough for it anymore. Although I suppose when it comes to human behaviour and relationships there's always new material to dig from. 

It's just that I think that this summer of so many reflections have been so so full of insights and it would have been nice to make something more... substantial of it. Just a thought.

Maybe we could even discuss the weirdness of internet dating - which will never ever happen for me, I've kept my carefully crafted profile at the first site, but it's just a weird, creepy, uncomfortable and desperate world. I would never ever be comfortable giving my phone number or last name to anyone I'd met on a dating site. Which really says it all. And if you can't even spell your name or your job title right (!) do not bother to flirt me, mister. It obviously makes for good, little stories to giggle and sigh over, but really it's like a parallell, artificial universe. At least I can now say I gave it two months, but I know it's just too creepy and unnatural for me and soon is the time to just delete my profile - how to combat Weltschmerz, or how many cats you can employ before you're considered a crazy cat lady? I'm a great listener, but I'm pretty good at talking too.

Talk about talking. Even if I've always talked a lot with the cats it was only until I went to Schwarzwald last October and spent my solo week there I realised how inclined I was to make small talk with myself even in public. Embarrassing, I know. And how chatty I've become with shop clerks, something which I've always found a rather annoying trait. 

I had pre-booked a taxi when I landed at the airport late on Saturday night and I saw myself chilling in the backseat with the iPhone. But instead I was so grateful to finally have someone but myself to speak Swedish with again, starved even, that it was completely natural to sit in the front passenger seat and chat constantly for 45 minutes with a taxi driver I'd never met. It was surreal.

Something else that feels surreal right now is that suddenly a lot of things seem to happen on the job/new clients front. When it rains it pours. Nothing is signed as such. But several things feel very promising. And exciting. Old and new. I suppose if it's anything to the law of attraction notion this is certainly the time for it, with me being where I am in life. With emotional burdens I didn't even realised I carried to that extent having been lifted.

A friend I hadn't met for many months said I ooze a special kind of calmness now. And that my current charisma is fantastic. How about that for a fabulous compliment? I can't stop marvel about the fact that I feel more grounded, calm, comfortable and yes, happy than I have been for many years. It's a strange and exhilarating feeling. And very welcome. Very welcome indeed. And what I feel on the inside might show on the outside. To be in The Zone is a great thing. I've seen the light. In a very atheist way of course.

Another strange feeling I had recently, very unlike me, who basically never had the urge to adopt anything else than small, furry animals. But I met such a delightful, grown-up person that was so cute I got the strangest idea it would be perfect to adopt said person and possibly carry around as a feelgood, good luck charm. I can't remember I've ever had such an urge before. Maybe this is an in The Zone side effect? 

Be as that may, paws up for groundedness and bubbly feelings.

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