Thursday, July 12, 2018

simply delicious vegan chocolate mousse

vegan food at home, may - june 2018 -

How about a lovely, super easy to make, dairy-free chocolate mousse? Healthy too. Only three ingredients - and topping of choice.

The average coconut milk is usually too liquid and not blended enough, so I always use the GarantSkafferiet's coconut milk in a box which has the perfect creamy consistency. If you don't live in Sweden I'm sure there's a decent equivalent in your country too.

Vegan chocolate mousse
2-4 servings

1 box of GarantSkafferiet coconut milk
2 tbsp cacao
agave syrup (to get the sweetness you prefer)
and topping if you like (eg raw cacao nibs, raspberries or other fruit)

Make sure the coconut milk has been in the fridge for hours so it's firm. I find that if you sieve the cacao into the coconut milk you don't even have to whip it together, stir it with a spoon is enough. Blend the three ingredients properly. Ladle the mousse into small bowls. Add topping of choice. Enjoy.

The mousse can be kept in the fridge for a couple of days.

vegan food at home, may - june 2018 -

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