Monday, October 01, 2018

goodbye september, hello october

årstiderna organic vegan food box ambassador, september 2018 -

it's world vegetarian day today. united nations have now declared meat production the biggest environmental issue.

please be kind, be a true, smart environmentalist and go vegan. for the animals, for the planet, for your health and for a kinder, more compassionate world.

broken arm, september 2018 - new environmental friendly, biodegradable plaster made of wood

how about my poor broken arm? well, i had a dt scan on wednesday - 8 am, in the middle of rush hour, so in order to beat it i left home at 5.40 already and arrived at the hospital at 6.45. and yes i had to wait until after 8 to get my scan. which took the whole of 2 minutes - on thursday i had an appointment with the orthopedic surgeon. i didn't even have to argue for not having a surgery, he just asked if i had changed my mind about it. if not i'd get a better plaster, that i had to wear for 5 more weeks and then a lot of physical therapy.

not happy about 5 more weeks in plaster - and oh my, how i dream of a proper, long shower with lots of bubbly soap... - but so relieved about no surgery. the plaster will come off on november 1st, so yeah, my birthday will be plastered this year. literally.

broken arm, september 2018 - new environmental friendly, biodegradable plaster made of wood

the fascinating thing about my new plaster is that it's made of wood (aspen), environmental friendly and biodegradable. very light and easy to wear compared to the previous hummungus one. and i don't have my elbow fixed anymore.

a very odd and quite annoying thing with the re-plastering process - the nurse (male) kept talking about how smelly it is to have cats. 'no it isn't if you use good cat litter and clean the boxes properly' 'oh, i've had cats myself i know they smell'. seriously. he was good with the plastering, but clearly not very competent when it came to social skills and small talk. and one would think that health care staff should be aware of the fact that pets mean the world to a lot of people (even when one slip on their vomit and broke an arm), and are important for recovery processes. plus really, humans doesn't exactly smell like roses either using their equivalent to litter boxes.

pelle svensson, cream british shorthair, 13 years old, september 2018 💛

i've scheduled a neutering for pelle this week. i should have done this ages ago, but he's such a doll and very easy going for a non-neuter. but since i'm now unable to give the pill to my still fertile girls with this plaster i'm really worried about unwanted kittens. and the easiest thing is to neuter him. he's 13 years old, so i feel guilty i haven't done it earlier, but it is how it is. hopefully he'll have quite a few more happy years with us all. his punishment for throwing up and me slipping in it, broking my arm one might say.

broken arm, september 2018 - new environmental friendly, biodegradable plaster made of wood

when it comes to finances everything is figureoutable, they (the illusive they) say. i'm working hard on figuring out my predicament. ever since m's death i've done that, but what i've thought would be sustainable long-term solutions have so far just been short ones. and the nasty let down didn't exactly help. i'm proud of everything i've accomplished, how much i've grown, but i'm also getting exhausted, so very tired, of all this seemingly constant problem-solving and short-term solutions.

for everything i'm grateful for having, having had in my life, i'm also sad that this is where i am financially. at a stage in my life where i really had expected i would have the perfect blend of both freedom and security. life decided differently. to work hard to find creative, great solutions while fighting the panic that's seeping in through the cracks - that's not only where the light comes in -, is not ideal.

and now i'm doing it with a broken, very blue arm. seems befitting somehow.

i do have a few interesting job interviews and possible gigs lined up this week though. may the perfect long-term solution appear soon, very very soon. dear, october, you are my birthday month, so that's not too much to as for as a perfect birthday gift, right? right.


Shaheen said...

Hi Pia,
I sincerely apologise for not coming by in a while, I have been following you on social media, but many blog reads have been neglected. I am sorry to read about your arm and hope it heals. I followed one link that led me to you slipping on cat vomit and breaking your arm, then another link and then another, and learned of your partners passing suddenly in 2016. I am truly sorry to read this. I have no words. I wish you the best with upcoming job interviews and a good Birthday - October, its my husbands birthday too. I like October.

Pia K said...

Hi Shaheen, Many thanks for your kind and thoughtful words! <3

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