Saturday, September 22, 2018

the dangerous incident with the cat in the night time

different kind of apples, sept 2018

on tuesday night i slipped in a cat vomit - oh the joy - on the living room floor. unfortunately i fell badly and my left hand was caught under me. i really really desperately hoped it was only sprained. after 5 hours in a highly inefficient emergency room - which was far from full - the following day it turned out it was badly broken.

in such a complicated way they sent me on to a specialist hospital. which seemed slightly more efficient. still it was another couple of hours, with very kind nurses and doctors, with a very painful shot followed by an even more painful adjusting of broken wrist before getting a humongous plaster.

now i'd really like to write some less than positive words about the decline of the swedish health care system, which i blame a lot on the brain-dead decision to give profit-driven private businesses free rein to the health care sector in sweden. but i need to keep it arm restingly short.

i have follow up appointments at the hospital next week. and i seriously question how they've tried to convince me that surgery is a must. i'm firmly against it for many reasons. it's my body, i decide. i can listen to arguments, but at the end of the day, my body, let me heal in peace. period.

poor me 😱, sept 2018

after 9 hours without food (and that was a measly breakfast of two crisp breads an a glass of water) i finally sat down at a favourite cafe and devoured this before i headed home and had a surprisingly long and restful night's sleep (despite evening coffee).

as i've mentioned before, many years ago i slipped while bathing a cat and broke my right arm. which was complicated in another way since it's my writing arm. but then i had m to help, with daily things. now i have to figure things out myself, and ask my mum for some help with odd things.

how uncomplicated life seems with to working arms you usually take for granted. apart from the obvious awkwardness of taking showers, wash the hair and emptying litter boxes it's also a struggle to peel carrots, cut vegetables and put on a bra (ouch). and not least sleep in a position beneficial for the arm in a humungous plaster.

amidst getting used to this i had to pick up my new iphone, because my old subscription runs out soon. turned out it was a much more complicated process to switch phones and subscriptions than i had ever anticipated. but after screaming, crying and cursing (at home) and complaining and demanding (with the phone company support, that really needs to learn some basic stuff..., in the phone shop and in the end apple, which was the most pedagogical and helpful) i sorted it.

different kind of apples, sept 2018

really didn't need this hassle on top on everything else right now. but i'm darn proud i fixed it.

i'm also proud i managed to write this. with no upper cases. you're welcome.

sick leave is not on the agenda of course. just another setback to work myself through. onwards and upwards. i will miss my old iphone model, it played a very important role at a difficult time in my life. but it's time to say goodbye and let it fly off to new adventures. and hello to new ones of my own.

different kind of apples, sept 2018


Poppy Q said...

So sorry you had a rotten experience Miss Pia. One of my friends broke her wrist a few years ago. She had 6 weeks in plaster and then still needed surgery. Although it is not my idea of fun either, I think if the orthopedic surgeons recommend it, I would follow their advice as often patients will have a better overall outcome, as the fracture can be reduced properly. It would be different if you were 80 Miss Pia - not as young as you are and you know I know your age!!

Anyway good luck. I am sorry that you will still be healing for the big birthday this year. When my friend broke her wrist, I helped her with doing the dishes and washing for her, so don't be afraid to ask for help. If I lived closer I would pop around and help out.

Julie Q

Beth Waltz said...

That first glimpse of your arm beneath the apple....oh, dear, Pia! That cast is nothing less than humongous, indeed!

Be proud of yourself that you've coped so well so far -- but may I second Poppy Q's suggestion that you not be too proud to ask for help. Be as kind to yourself as you would be to others.

Pia K said...

thank you, julie and beth, for your kind and encouraging comments!! <3

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