Tuesday, September 26, 2006

In her shoes

In her shoes, both the name of a good little movie and a wish of mine, to be in, my shoes not hers I suppose. The shoes, or rather extremly stylish boots, I'm talking about are the ones in the pic. Too good looking to be true - and no they don't fit me any better than a year ago... I don't know why they fit oh so well in the shop, but not at home some months later...

A little trip to a shoemaker I guess is a good idea... But I want to wear them now, right now! And I don't want to have anymore blisters thank you very much, I had plenty of them this past, hot Summer. Is that too much to ask for? Shouldn't think so. But sometimes it's those seemingly small wishes that are the most difficult ones to get approved.

But I keep hoping that I'll be more like Cinderella than her ugly, mean stepsisters one of these days. Hope!

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