Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Afro coffee

One of the things I really, really missed in ZA was a decent cup of (latte) coffee. The ones that were served everywhere was pretty bland and barely drinkable.

Finally I did struck gold though, close to returning home I got this more than slightly sensational ice coffee at Afro Café in Cape Town. Omg, taaaastyy!! Strong, creamy with hints of spices, heavenly.

Afro Café also goes hand in hand with a nice little African Art shop - where you can buy the funky fabrics and kitschy recycled art work that's used in the café.

I myself opted for a really nice big weekend bag with Nelson Mandela on it - I'm so happy about it and I can say that the security staff at the airports were totally mesmerized by it. They actually caressed it fondly and gave thumbs up! - and some minor stuff.

If ever in Cape Town and want to have some heavenly coffee - and I bet the food is as funky as the coffee - head over to 48 Church Street for some Afro coffee!

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