Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Cape L'Agulhas, where the Atlantic meets the Indian

Contrary to popular belief, Cape of Good Hope IS NOT the most southern point of the African continent. That little tip is actually situated quite a bit further to the east. I bet this was news for you? Maybe even the most exciting piece of news you got today?

Anyway, of course we went to Cape of Good Hope too and Cape Point, which both are situated in the pretty vast area of Cape of Good Hope Nature reserve. The Hope and Point being both crowded and touristy - two of my least favourite things, on holidays or otherwise.

The actual southern tip, Cape L'Agulhas, was anything but crowded. On a sunny day in February with mild breezes and a temperature showing around +40 C one might be as content as above, with being just in the middle between the Atlantic Ocean and the Indian Ocean.
I bet you can see how happy my little, faithful, orange companion Elvira is too? She was actually THE perfect companion, not only because she could carry so many things for me, but also since so much of Africa is colour, and especially the colour orange.

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