Monday, March 26, 2007

sunshine and waffles

Today has been a day so sunny and warm that I can actually relate to the new daylight saving-time. The very first day of the year when we could enjoy lunch outside on the porch and having the door to the garden opened - immensely popular amongst the feline family-members!

Yesterday was the Swedish waffle day (Våffeldagen), which is an annual event on March 25th, Lady Day (Jungfru Maria bebådelsedag/Vårfrudagen). A day which means nothing to me in the more religious sense. And the funny thing is that perhaps the eating of waffles that day is sort of a mistake from the start, that the word Vårfru (= our lady/spring lady) has become Våffel = våffla. So the lady has become something that we serve on a plate and enjoy eating instead.

We didn't have any waffles yesterday, but for lunch today, in the sun, on the porch. With whipped cream (icecream is equally good), blueberry jam and apple/ginger jam. And tea.
The tea in this particular case deserves a few lines. I don't need to go into the fact that I'm a tea-aholic, again, but even if I buy and get a lot of tea in different shapes and brands I also tend to stick to my favourites and sometimes forget about the rest... The tins are always nice to have anyway, especially if they're bought on a nice holiday. And this was. But quite a few years ago, and the last day of consumtion was actually...09/2002...

The tea-leaf-tin from Reid's Palace, Madeira (afternoon tea) that had its last date in 2005 was tasteless and was thrown away. The tea from Gorreana, Azores (orange pekoe) that was far from last date, had the same problem and went into the bin also.

But apparently third is a charm, or perhaps it's that certain kind of German quality once again, and this Earl Grey tea from the amazing department store KaDeWe in Berlin (where I really recommend you visit the Le Buffet restaurant at the top of the store, both fun and tasty) was absolutely fine, even nearly 5 years after its last date...!

PS No kittens as yet. Apparently I've been more off than usual counting the days... DS

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