Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Wash & care

Here are five questions to ponder:

* Why do the washing and care instructions in most bras - and delicate underwear - state handwash or delicate washing - when there´s absolutely no way to get those type of close-to-the-body-worn things clean at such temperatures? It's completely disgusting!

* Why do so many people yawn in public without holding a hand over their mouth? A nasty and rude habit, I don't want to know what you've eaten for breakfast or, in the worst case scenario, have the "pleasure" in having to deal with your bad breath.
* Why don't people care more about their feet? Having to stand yet another summer with those utterly repugnant cheese rind-feet far too many people like to show off in sandals is probably more than I can bear. I hope and pray for the ultimate Easter egg gift to be a foot-file and some nourishing foot-cream.

* Why is it so difficult to find nylonstockings with long enough legs if you're over 1.75 and don't wear size 36? I'm sick and tired of having to wear them half way down to my knees. And when the legs are long enough the nylons are too big = they get that nice wrinkly elephant-legs look. And if, by chance, you find the perfect nylons. Well, of course, they'll soon get out of stock and end up just a bittersweet memory.
* Why does the soap get bedsores in the soap dish?

Anybody got an intelligent answer or two?

PS I too want a fairy godmother and a vanilla chiffondress like Cinderella DS

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