Saturday, June 04, 2016

flowery solar lights

So. I ventured out to IKEA - not my favourite place, with few exceptions - yesterday to get some solar lights for a particular dark corner of the garden. Unfortunately the model I wanted is completely sold out, so I decided to get the flowers instead. Cheap looking, but better than darkness. 

I'm happy to report than after only a few hours of sunlight - as opposed to the 12 hours stated on the instruction sheet - the lights lit up at night. All prettiness, all good. 

However I decided to get only 12 flowers instead of 24 for the lights, looks alright in the dark but silly in daylight. So I have to venture back to IKEA soon again. Not a happy bunny, it was absolutely exhausting, people, mass-production, cheap stuff, I spent a good portion of today sleeping. 

Still, very pleased about my new solar garden lights that light up dark corners so nicely. A little bit of magic. Friends of the birds, the sun and the apple.


Sienna Smythe said...

They light up the dark spaces nicely. We may as well put the sun to good use. We are too wasteful with what we have!
Keep the JOY in your life!

Poppy Q said...

Your lights look sweet, but another set or two would really fill in the space.

Miss Pia - could you do me a favour? I have a good friend coming to Stockholm for a day or two in a month. Could you do a post and recommend some things for her to do?


Julie and Poppy Q
(PS - we are jealous of your summer weather - it is getting chilly here)

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