Monday, June 27, 2016

quantum wellness

Seven years ago I bought 'Quantum Wellness' by Kathy Freston after seeing her on Oprah. She struck me as very inspirational, kind and full of good thoughts as well as having a practical approach with ideas for a better world for all. But as I'm not very big on self help books (understatement of the year), despite this one sounding so very good, I never got around to reading it.

Until now. When I rummaged through one of my big book boxes the other week for something light and feelgood to read, I picked this up and realised that actually being in a life crisis and in the process of redefining myself this would be a great time to finally start reading this bestseller.

And you now what. I'm so very glad I did. It's a wonderful wonderful book. Which has taken me on a meaningful journey from page to page. And I love how it in so many ways talk about views, values, things and facts I already live by - 

I can't begin to tell you how fantastic the feeling is when you read, talk with and hear about people who has the same approach to life as oneself! I get all soft and mushy inside, more than a bit teary actually. And given this book is a bestseller it must have touched many people's hearts with its kind wisdom

and at the same time show me new holistic ways to improve my lifestyle and way of thinking in order to move on, move up. Some chapters of course speak to me much more than others (and as an atheist I would have prefered less deity-references, but it's all done in a very kind-hearted non-pointer way), but as everything is connected - no pun intended - I chose to read it from page to page anyway. And yes, there are a lot of scribbles all throughout the book. I will go back and read those again and again and again. In the end of the book there are also a lot of recommended reading, books and research reports. Ie 'Quantum Wellness' is so much more than a simplistic self-help book.

For me personally, to be honest, these past couple of weeks have not been good. Despite fine things, experiences and people there are a lot of worries and brooding. Financial. Practical. Life choices. And sometimes there's only so much mindfullness and resilience can do to keep those worries at bay.

I'm so grateful I found this book when I most needed it. It has given me not only wisdom and kindness but also tools and thoughts on how to deal with this still ongoing emotional roller-coaster - and how quickly those ups and downs can come during one single day still surprise me... - after three plus months. Which I suppose is really no time at all, after almost 27 years.

The fact that the commuter trains out here are replaced by buses until August 8, which is very inconvenient and stressful, currently limits me when it comes to being tourist in my own summer city alas. So instead I'm doing a lot of well-needed pottering around the house and garden - money saving activities, hooray - thinking, planning, focusing (well sort of), walking, healing and reading. To be honest though, again, the downside is that it's very easy to become rather unsociable like this, thus I force myself doing a bit of socializing and actual see and talk with people (not only cats), not simply texting or emailing, now and then.

But so far I think, given all the different circumstances, summer has been good for my healing process. (Even if some days it really really doesn't feel like that.) Of course I would love to be in another emotional and financial place in life, but turning back the clock is not an option for neither. So I'm pondering, pottering, planning and slowly leaning into wellness and the future as I see it.

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